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What this has to do with holiday season consumerism I have no idea. Something to do with being cheap I think. Anyway, I’m glad onshoulders got this done [just] before the New Year so we can distract you from all the Year in Review recaps, which somehow place more importance on What Does the Fox Say? than New York’s SAFE Act. Go figure.

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  1. I always have the same problem every time I get close to buying a 3D printer. I save up about $800 and I buy a gun instead. Maybe with the next $800 I can afford a brick or two of .22lr (if I can find any that is).

  2. Heh, it’s “for the children.”

    This seems like a step back from a Colt .45 automatic. It still looks like oodles of fun though.

  3. I think somebody has WAAAYYYY too much time on their hands, but I like it!
    How about a semi-auto 3D printed slingshot gun?

    • Shooting guns at the range is such a damn waste of time. You’re loser.

      Seriously, shut the hell up. You have hobbies, he has hobbies, what is wrong with his hobby?

  4. If you really want to get some miss-informed folks mad at you, you could re-design it so it would take detachable 30 rubber band clips!

  5. I had a gun that worked just like this made of wood and plastic over 20 years ago, except it did not require a built in rubber band and it held much more than 6.

    • I gots me a 9-shot rubber band revolver — sits right here on my desk right next to my computer.

      My Springfield XDm compact high-capacity assault clip handgun thingamawhatsit sits here in a CCW holster on my hip, ready to repel any incoming badsters with 13+1 rounds of 9mm, while the high-capacity rubber band gun sits ready to destroy any spiders that dare enter the sacred confines of my little home office.

      Just hope I don’t forget which is which when it comes time to take out a spider. Or a very bad human. 🙂

  6. I had a lot of fun with my repeating rubber band gun as a kid. Too bad it broke bit by bit till it was a single shot, and then muzzleloaded…

  7. Parents banned rubber band guns when were kids. Would find them in our rooms and take them away. We would just make more out of popcycle sticks and wooden clothes line pins.

    We even played with them at recess on the playground at Catholic grade school we attended. Nuns would yell “you are going to put someone’s eye out with that” Never did, we were smart enough to never aim for the head (unwritten rule) We were all tanned skinny kids from chasing each other, back then!

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