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For 2015 Heckler & Koch will be offering a few new firearms as well as new finish options on a couple of its existing pistols. I’d definitely like to take the new USP9 Tactical out for a suppressed spin, and HK is going 3-gunning with a Competition version of its MR556A1 (complete with OSS BANNAR Alpha). Another photo and HK press release follow. . .



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HK Adds HK45 Colored Variants

The new HK45 and HK45 Compact models are special colored frame/colored slide variants. A choice of an olive drab green or desert sand Cerakote™finish is applied directly to the HK pistol slide, preserving the original HK hostile environment nitro-carburized protective finish underneath. The color of the polymer frame matches the slide. Cerakote™ceramic coatings outperform other firearms coatings and have been extensively tested by the U.S. military. All the standard HK45 series features are present on the Cerakoted models.


USP9 Tactical Model New for 2015

An enhanced version of the USP, the USP9 Tactical brings all of HK’s tactical pistol features to the 9 mm model for the first time ever. A threaded barrel with an O-ring, match trigger with adjustable trigger stop, and adjustable target sights make this the ultimate 9 mm “spec ops” handgun.

Like all full size HK USPs, the 9 mm Tactical uses a modified Browning type action with a special patented recoil reduction system. The USP recoil reduction system mitigates recoil effects on the pistol components and also lowers recoil forces felt by the shooter.

By using a modular approach to internal components, the control lever function of the USP can be switched from the left to the right side of the pistol to accommodate left handed shooters.

Like all USPs, the USP9 Tactical can be converted from one type of firing mode to another. This includes combination double action/single action modes, double action only (including HK’s acclaimed “Law Enforcement Modification”). Well-suited for personal defense use and a wide variety of security and civilian/commercial applications, the USP9 Tactical can also be used with a variety of sound suppressors. Please note that use of suppressors can void Heckler & Koch’s limited lifetime warranty for commercial/civilian customers.

The USP9 Tacticals are engineered with the famous long-term durability that make all HK products especially cost-effective when subjected to total life cycle cost analysis.

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HK’s MR556A1 Competition Rifle

On the long gun side, the MR556A1 Competition Model, announced earlier, is now shipping after being in short supply for most of 2014. The Competition Model is a customized version of HK’s MR556A1 rifle, the semi-automatic model of the company’s legendary HK416 carbine.

The ideal gun platform for competition matches -especially 3 gun competitions -the Competition Model is equipped with the extended 14-inch hand guard produced by HK’s Newington, New Hampshire manufacturing facility. A Magpul CTR buttstock replaces the standard stock and an advanced compensator developed by OSS (Operators Suppressor Systems) supersedes the conventional MR flash hider. A larger magazine release is also a feature.

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    • Yeah I was disappointed at bit as well. I definitely dig the colored guns but I was hoping for a VP9 Compact or VP9sk. I’m really hoping HK makes a single stack 9mm sub compact either hammer or striker. I want something small for hot weather days. I have an XDS9 and I like it but I’m an HK fan.

  1. Just in time for the NRA to announce its newest sub-division: National Association for the Advancement of Colored Pistols.

    • Yeah…IMO the only H&K guns worth the money right now (on the civie side) are the VP9 and the USP. The USP only because it is so damn dirt cheap now with the P30 coming out.

    • Beat me to it, F.W.W.

      I was going to say that it resembles baby poo run through a Pla-Doh Factory. Don’t ask me how I know what that looks like.

  2. Why pick the HK45 of all guns to do this to? You trying to get the MHS contract H&K? you really think a sand colored gun is gonna get you there?
    I would have been MUCH happier to see them add the colors to the USP, P30 or even better the VP9! The VP9 is your effin sleeper uber popular pistol and you do nothing with it at the biggest US firearms show…shame on you H&K, proving yet again you hate us because we suck.

    H&K VP9-Compact, VP40, VP40 compact, VP9 FDE, VP9 “Pro” (extended barrel). Seriously; H&K should be focusing a lot more on the VP9, by all accounts it has been very successful and should be the corner stone of their handgun market in the US going forth on the civie side.

      • I know Germany has some kind of firearms show, usually its like in March or April? I have seen SIG, Walther and H&K make some major announcements there. I think thats where H&K announced the VP9 in the first place if memory serves. So all is not lost, we might just have to wait for the kraut version of SHOT show.

        • The show you are talking about should be the IWA(Internationale Waffen Ausstellung)/(International Weapons Exhibition), held in Nuremberg from 06.03.15 – 09.03.15.

        • I don’t agree with you that HK hates us. I don’t buy into that nonsense. I’m sure you can find a story or two of bad customer service but if they hated us, I don’t think they’d have made the VP9. I got mine for a STEAL and it’s the LE version, brand new. I think if they had contempt for us, the VP9 would have been another $1000 polymer gun aimed at the military and LE.

          I will say I totally agree that a couple new colors shown at shot show was very weak. If they want to be the leaders in the hand gun arena then they need to step it up.

          If history has taught us anything it’s that I think we can expect a new VP or another handgun spring/summer like last year with the VP9. I’m expecting a whole range of weapons based of the VP in the coming years.

  3. Wow, HK never ceases to amaze me. They actually think that colored variations of their existing pistols qualify as “new” firearms worthy of announcing. Give me a break. I love HK firearms, but a colored variant of an existing handgun is not new. It’s just a cerakoted gun. LAME! HK’s product development organization never ceases to underwhelm. Get it together HK, it’s time to put your ‘big boy pants’ on again. Where is your innovation? When did mediocrity replace innovation as your corporate philosophy? Yet another epic FAIL from H&K.

    • In the eyes of the BATFE, changing the color of the plastic resin probably amounts to a major “redesign” – until it doesn’t.

      • Nuance
        1. A subtle distinction or variation.
        2. Sensibility to, awareness of, or ability to express delicate shadings (as of meaning, feeling or value).
        3. A concept as far from the grasp of “John Smith” as East is from West.

      • I sympathize with your apparent autism, but I assure you I meant to say it that way. Had I quoted the line verbatim, people may have gotten you and I mixed up.

  4. Someone needs to pay closer attention to the color matching between the polymer and the slide coating. Fugly. With duracoat and cerakote being relatively inexpensive (and infinitely more diverse), this is a real failure on their part to introduce some “new” product.

  5. I agree with most that making THIS big a deal about color is underwhelming.

    It’d be interesting for someone to offer, as an option, the ability to specify your own color for special orders. Want one in malachite green? Hot pink? Burnt umber? Day-glo orange? Sure (for a bit of extra money)!

    Of course H & K couldn’t do this without making the gun world faint at the unexpected change in attitude.

  6. Damn you HK, release stuff the people really want!

    VP9 compacts, experts, tacticals, and VP45s! (the VP40 can suck it 🙂

    I’ll forgive you for failing the G36 release, IF, you lower the F’n price on the MR556A1 and make the barrel, piston assembly removable so us garage armorers can replace worn out barrels whenever we want!

  7. What, no bright green zombie slime offerings? Seems a little bit late in the game, doesn’t it? The Olive Drab isn’t too bad, but that desert color is god-awful. A buddy of mine bought a USP many years ago just to brag that he owned an HK. Luckily he let me fire it so I could figure out I hate the trigger before ever having to drop the dough on one.


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