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Hugh Jackman has been telling interviewers that his marvelous new film Logan will be his last portrayal of Dirty Harry. Sorry, Wolverine. In this clip, Wolverine demonstrated the fine art of the shotguns disarm and then snaps the local’s scattergun in two. I rate it predictably over-the-top. Still, after 17 years of playing the character, Mr. Jackman knows the drill: Wolverine’s anger issues take center stage. The film’s director cites Shane as one of his inspirations. Here’s hoping there’s some actual gunplay.

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  1. Didn’t he cut a shotgun up with those slicy stabby thingies that go up from his hand? There needs to be a law. Won’t someone think of the children?

    • Shotgun? Must be a different video I’m watching. The gun in the one posted above looks like a Ruger mini-14 with higher cap mag. Don’t see a shotgun anywhere.

        • One of the best scenes in the entire franchise. When he cut the shotgun he did so right at the chamber. He cut through the shell which is why you can see the powder fly in the air.

          Why is it celebrities so often live up to their name? Hugh Jackman is literally jacked!

    • I want to see him take those slicy stabby things and go to town on the shoulder thing that goes up.

  2. He kind of has to quit. I would think that Wolfman’s amazing ability to heal would mean he wouldn’t age. So it is either that Jackman is aging and can’t keep up the physique the role requires, or Wolfman is mellowing with age.

    • In the comics Wolverine’s healing factor only slows aging rather than preventing it.There is an eight issue Wolverine focused series by the title of Old Man Logan. The story is set in a dystopian future where the various meta human villains of the marvel universe have taken over and killed every hero but Logan. Title isn’t bad, although as dystopian futures go with an aged Wolverine, this one prefers the New X-Men miniseries title Here Comes Tomorrow.

      Anyhow, point is, let Jackman go for several years and age like a fine brick of cheese, then bring him back to play Old Man Logan or Wolverine in a movie based off of the Here Comes Tomorrow miniseries.

    • I never read comics when I was younger but according to the movies he and his brother are effectively immortal and have fought in every US war since the Revolution.

      • I seem to recall that his brother went over to the dark side and Logan took a moment to use those fancy claws to slice his head off.

        • IIRC his brother was Sabertooth and they both have the same weakness, you have to do enough damage to them all at once that they can’t heal through it.

          In effect they’re kinda like the elves in TLOTR. They don’t die of old age (effectively immortal) but can be killed. In this case the rapid healing makes that hard but decapitation or, say, an artillery hit can get the job done. Small arms won’t.

          As I said, my knowledge comes from the movies because I never read the comics and don’t care about X-Men lore.

        • Right, but since Logan/Wolverine got his who skeleton coated in Adamantium, decapitation is difficult.

          In the Origins movie he was shot in the head with an Adamantium bullet. The massive brain damage healed, but he lost his memories.

    • He lost his immortality in the Movie The Wolverine. He also lost the metal but I see in the trailers that he has that back. If this follows the comics, he dies on the end of the film.

    • Wolverine ages, but does so at a slower pace than regular humans. The character was born in 1888. So Jackman could still play him, they’d just have to set the movie around an older, more grizzled Logan like they’re doing with the new one.

  3. Of course it’s over the top, he has super powers. Personally, I think the only good to come from the X Men franchise has been Jackman as Wolverine, and they are finally giving him the R rating the character deserves. I am cautiously optimistic.

      • Not a big shotty fan, but I’m pretty sure you don’t rack the slide on a Mini-14 to load the chamber.

        • No but you do pull back the tab on the slide assembly and let it go forward if the chamber is empty. It is definitely a wood-stocked Ranch Rifle and it looks like the bolt is forward when you see the rifle so the sound is correct but “enhanced” to be a bit louder.

          I don’t think my polymer stock would break that easy.

        • Based upon the magazine sticking out the bottom, the operating handle and the fore-end… that’s a pretty odd lookin’ shotgun. Last time I saw anything like that it was a Ruger Mini-14 hanging on the wall.

  4. The new Jackman opus looks like a major downer. For GUARANTEED gunplay go see John Wick II. Saw it yesterday (wife’s treat!). 4stars for mayhem …I need a Benelli M4 now:)

  5. If gun play is the desire, then The Punisher is the Marvel comic anti-hero to desire. Other than Bishop, Cable, Phantomex, Deadpool and Maverick, there aren’t too many firearms users in the X-Men franchise. Most guns used aren’t even realist representations but rather futuristic tech anyhow.

    • Deadpool is my fave for Marvel gunplay. But then I like comedy…

      As for the “Over the top” stuff… Meh, he’s a super human instant healing, claw having, freakshow. He’s got adamantium bones. so he could break anything over his knee. It’s not like he’s going to shatter his patella.

      • Indeed, Deadpool comics are always entertaining as they take slapstick to a whole new level. Granted, Marvel had to separate Deadpool’s character somewhat from DC’s Deathstroke, giving him a personality more sardonic than even Spider-Man and mixed with a hint of insanity was a nice touch. Plus Guns!!! always sell.

        Regarding adamantium, this no doubt makes Wolverine a force to be contended with when going up against the ordinary characters and the lower tier super villains. Kinda funny though how it makes him even more susceptible to the classic X Men foe Magneto. Although in his more OP forms, the Master of Magnetism has control over all four fundamental forces(not just electromagnetism) and is more than a match for many of Marvel’s OP heroes such as The Sentry, Blue Marvel etc. So it’s really not a fair comparison.

        • Also Deadpool, like Logan, is Canadian. In fact he’s from Regina, because Regina is the city that rhymes with fun!

          Yes that joke has been around much longer than Deadpool has.

  6. Yeah at about :23 you can see the mag. Looks like he broke the stock off something? I like the Wolverine stories better than the rest of them.

  7. It’s a movie – sound effects don’t have to match visuals. Racking a slide is a very recognizable sound that editors employ even when it’s the wrong gun type or when there (theoretically) was already a round in the chamber, and even worse, when an actor just raises the gun – k, maybe that was TV.
    Point being, it looks like what old guy is holding is a rifle to me, the sound means little.

    • Doesn’t look my edit made it in time, but if you look closely at video, the guy’s right hand is working the action up at the receiver, while the left holds the gun steady at the foregrip. Coupled with the magazine the only way this is a shotgun is if it’s a Saiga-12.
      Sound effects of that sort are rarely picked up clearly by the mic, especially at that volume, so it’s put in afterwards often with liberties taken.

    • My favorite is when they pull glocks and thumb the slide release (on a closed slide) to take off the safety with a nice big click.

      • Or when the hammer is prevented from falling by a group of self-sacrificing ants.

        Still a very funny movie, and my kid’s favorite movie from the MCU, I just wish they had used a Sig.

  8. He only broke the stock off of whatever the gun is, that’s fully within Wolverine’s power no matter who the writer is.

    • Hell, it’s even within Hugh Jackman’s power. Adamantium laced bones and claws, however, not so much.

  9. who would win in a fight, Wolverine or a pro-gun democrat?

    ok, ok, that’s not exactly fair. there MIGHT actually be a pro-gun democrat hiding somewhere.

  10. Makes sense to me, his bones are made out of an indestructible metal and his healing factor is basically more beneficial than the greatest steroids available. Guy could just do strength training for a year straight and be super strong compared to average humans.

  11. In the Logan movie a plague was released by the government to kill all the mutants. That is why Logan is one of the only ones left. The plague has wreaked havoc on Logan too, his healing factor is having a hard time keeping up with it.

  12. Grew up with two older brothers who collected all the Marvel titles in the early sixties and had the origin issues of most of the characters. Those were great comics.

    Marvel now puts out comics about super heroes who are left wing SJWs. If I want to be preached to I’ll start going back to church.

    I boycott all things Marvel and DC.

  13. Please stop making the title of your post “Just Thought I’d Leave This Here” It was funny the first time. Please stop.

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