WTAQ talk radio reports Green Bay (Wisconsin) police called “time’s up” on a local pet owner’s labradoodle Dudley. And how.

A passer-by spotted Ray Hawley’s [runaway] Labradoodle close to a bridge on Interstate 43. Officers said they spent over an hour trying to capture the pet named Dudley by using food, a snaring pole, pepper spray, and a Taser stun gun. But the dog continued to threaten going into traffic on the busy bridge. So officers shot Dudley four times with a rifle, saying they didn’t want the dog to cause an accident. Hawley said the officers should have checked to see if the pet was missing – and they could have avoided the whole scenario by calling him so he could pick the dog up.

There is some irony here. Wisconsin is home to “Vest-a-Dog”: a program that provides police canines with bullet and stab-proof vests. I kid you not.


  1. Why is it ironic? I support the idea that stations issue doggie vests. Dogs are expected to chase down the worst of the worst and a $500-$1000 vest on a dog that cost ~$10000 to train seems like an investment


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