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There really is no wine so sweet as the tears of a gun-grabber. Milwaukee Journal-Sentinal columnist Eugene Kane stamps his feet and holds his breath while admitting defeat as Wisconsin is about to become the 49th CCW state. And as so many left-leaning Badgerites have shown in recent months, taking the loss with grace isn’t in the cards…

Kane drags out as many tired reasons any right-thinking human (read non-troglodyte, mother-humping knuckle-dragger) should be against CCW as he can while kicking, screaming and pounding his fists against the floor.

citizens…can now feel free to summon up their inner Clint Eastwood on demand

[Blood running in the streets, OK Corral-style shootouts…]

(it’s) difficult…for a regular citizen – even with the required training – to use a handgun in a confrontation with a criminal

[People are too stupid to safely handle a gun.]

people would face more danger of having the weapon taken and used against them

[No really. I mean it. People are too damned dumb to handle a gun.]

If you talk to (police) officers – like Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn – you’ll learn many of them are opposed to concealed carry…

[Only cops and the military are qualified to handle firearms.]

concealed carry law turns every traffic stop, public event or encounter with an angry civilian into a nerve-racking test

[Oooh, Chicago-style…it’ll be too dangerous for police officers if law-abiders have guns.]

*yawn* Come on, Eugene! Is that really the best you can do? Regurgitating talking points from the latest Violence Policy Center press release? Dig Eugene, dig! We know you have it in you!

He just has to rally at the end, though. Right?

For them, it’s another victory for their side during a time when keeping score seems more important than anything else. So Republicans – and some Democrats – in the Legislature may have their victory. But I believe it’s a hollow one, considering all the more pressing issues they could have addressed. At least for now, some people can pack all the heat they want and pretend it really makes a difference.

Wait. Never mind. He’s done as dinner.

Proggies in the havarti haven haven’t taken the consequences of losses at the ballot box well. And the fact that a fair number of Democrats voted for CCW doesn’t make it go down any easier. But the fact that Wisconsinites will soon be able to more effectively protect themselves and their families make it all worth while.

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  1. It looks like Wisconsin will be number 41 on my list of states that will let me carry a concealed weapon, and they will even allow stun guns. This link answers a few questions about their new law. Now I need the NRA to force the remaining nine COMMIE states that continue to violate my second amendment rights to allow every law abiding citizen to carry.

  2. I can see his point: There’s been shootouts on the streets of Tombstone EVERY DAY since we passed Constitutional Carry here in Arizona.

    Staged shootouts for the tourists, done by actors with prop guns firing blanks, of course, but why let a little detail like the truth get in the way of the narrative?

  3. Remember when the hated “Double Nickel” was repealed by Congress? The leftwing loonies were screaming that Congress would have blood on their hands because driving at 65 would result in carnage on the highway. So what happened? Highway fatalities dropped. Whenever the social engineers on the left decry legislation that expands an individual’s autonomy they get hysterical about the carnage that never occurs.

    • Like the sun rising in the east. More freedom just means more ways for the dumb plebes to hurt themselves. They must be guided. Controlled. Told what they can – and more important – can’t do. Plus all that regulation and enforcement is a great jobs program.

  4. Plebes are freshmen at one of the United States military academies. I am a pleb or plebeian. I am not, however, a prole or a proletarian.


  5. Kane is like a radio shockjock. I don’t know if he believes even half the stuff that comes out of his mouth, but it sure does get him attention.

  6. An interesting point in the law here in Wisconsin–a business does not have the right to keep people from storing their guns in cars on the business’s property (they can, of course, prohibit guns from the business proper). Two issues, to me, at least:
    Should CC rights over-ride a business owner’s property rights, and how are people going to secure their guns in their cars?

    • The property right extends to carry on the property. You do not have the right to CC on someone else’s property agains their will, but they do not have the right to make it impossible to carry after you leave work. I think it is a nice balance of the two rights.

      Securing in the car is up to the gun owner. I have a console vault. Others use car safes that attach under the seat. Some people have safes attached to the floor of the trunk.

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