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Next Post has secured a recording of the 911 call made to the Madison police re: The Wisconsin Five. The employee of Culver’s restaurant sounds about as upset as she’s be if she’d seen a deer outside the door. [Click here to listen to entire call]. The call contradicts Madison Police North District Capt. Cameron McLay, who previously claimed that his officers acted appropriately considering the 911 caller’s concern that something might happen. In fact, Ms. Phyllis Micke tells the 911 operator that the guns were in holsters, and that “there’s no problem . . . [the men are] just sitting there extremely relaxed.” The dispatcher explains that open carry is legal unless the men in question are threatening or disturbing people, Micke says “there’s no problem and it’s no emergency . . .

I feel bad then, if they’re not doing anything wrong then it’s my mistake.”

Actually, the real mistake was made by the police who responded to the call, and the police chief and DA who backed them up.

Meanwhile, will all of Wisconsin’s Culver’s ban open carry? I wouldn’t go there if I were them . . .

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  1. Well, what do you know… the police are lying to cover for the actions of other police violating citizens' rights? I am shocked… shocked I tell you!

  2. Excellent follow ups to this story. Most people would have let it drop by now but this is what good reporting is all about. At this point the brown stuff should start flying in the form of suspensions, formal apologies and even lawsuits if all else fails.
    Since an officers word is worth more in court (even though its not supposed to be) every lawyer now has ammo (with an open enough judge) to question the truthfullness of the officers testimony.

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