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Mossberg’s unveiled its entry into the tactical .22 market with a product cleverly called the Tactical .22. From the press release:

Mossberg International introduces the Tactical .22–an alternative firearm for those shooters and enthusiasts who want the look and feel of an AR-style .22 rimfire with an affordable price.

Mossberg knows its target market: price-driven firearms buyers. It’s a bit surprising that they’re so late to the AR-style .22 game. Even slow-mo Smith & Wesson’s tapped the AR gestalt with the M&P15-22. The Smith clocks in at around $500 – $600 bucks. The Mossie costs roughly half the price. Right answer . . .

With the rising costs of centerfire ammunition, the new Tactical .22 rimfires are a great choice for recreational shooters, as well as those searching for a cost-effective training platform.

Ain’t that the truth. Well, maybe. While an AR .22’s trigger and general ergonomics would help sharpen a shooter’s full-size AR skills, there’s nothing like the recoil. In fact, you wouldn’t even call it recoil, and managing recoil is the Big Kahuna. Also, baby ARs weigh less. So . . . it’s not really the same is it? There’s no substitute for training on the weapon you’re going to use with the ammo you’re going to fire.

While .22 is as cheap as it gets, and Mossberg’s audience is into cheap, there are a lot of handgun-caliber carbines hitting the market at the moment. They’re a far better choice for less than 5.56 protection; you’d have to hit a human exactly in the right place or many times with .22s to do any damage.

The lightweight and fast-handling Tactical .22 parallels the look and feel of today’s AR-style rifle while being built around Mossberg International’s reliable .22 autoloader. Taking cues from their proven 702 autoloader, the Tactical .22 matches an 18” barrel to a quad rail forend allowing the operator to fit the rifle with lights, lasers or other tactical accessories.

Now we’re getting closer. It’s a toy gun that’s not really a toy but it is but it isn’t.

Two stock configurations will be offered in this series: a six-position adjustable and fixed stock. The six-position polymer stock adjusts the length of pull from 10-3/4” – 14.5” accommodating youth and smaller framed shooters up to adults. The fixed position stock has a standard 13” LOP. The Tactical .22 is integrated with an A2-style carry handle and an adjustable rear sight aligned with a front post sight.

Another smart move. No question: the Tactical 22 will be THE ultimate Christmas Story gift for an entire generation of young boys. I reckon that’s an extremely price-sensitive market, and Mossberg nails it.

The Picatinny handle mount is included, allowing versatility in scopes and other optics while providing the clearance necessary to utilize the AR-style sights. Other features included with the Tactical .22 are sling mounts and a ten round magazine.

The 10-round capacity sucks. A Henry Repeating Rifle holds 16 .22s. But the Henry’s a heavy old thing and it doesn’t LOOK like an AR (Western vs. military). You can’t put lights and lasers and cup holders on a rifle that you use from a horse. It’s only a matter of time before someone offers a 30-round mag for this bad little boy. I wonder why Mossberg didn’t do it straight out of the gate. Lawyers. Bah.

MSRP:  $276

There’s your headline attraction, although one wonder just how “cheap and cheerful” this product will be. If it’s a piece of junk for that price, well, who cares, really? Beggars can’t be choosers, even if they’re armed.

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  1. It’s only a matter of time before someone offers a 30-round mag for this bad little boy. I wonder why Mossberg didn’t do it straight out of the gate. Lawyers. Bah.

    No, not lawyers, bean counters (making a 30 round mag would not increase Mossberg's liability in any way I can see.)

    Besides, you answered your question before you even asked it: If this rifle is popular, the aftermarket will do that just fine without any cash needed from Mossberg.

    That MSRP almos looks too good to be true. In my observation MSRP represents roughly 125 – 150% of what you'd pay at a typical 'big box' sporting goods store (Sportsman's Warehouse, Gander Mountain, Cabela's, Bass Pro, et al) then this rifle could come in as low as $200 – which would put it within range of Ruger's ubiquitous 10-22. I may start saving my pennies now…

    • He called it a toy? It’s a lethal weapon, it only takes one shot. The writer is a fool and a disgrace for not respecting this weapon as a lethal firearm. Disgraceful. The writer should be fired for such an inaccurate and irresponsible interpretation of this deadly weapon.

      Seriously!! Someone fire this fool!!

      • Put your panties back on – it’s a blog, he doesn’t get paid, and he founded it. A hammer can also be a leathal weapon, so can a kitchen knife. This is not a serious firearm, it’s one step up from a BB gun and most serious shooters, including me, look a this particualr rifle as a novelty and yes, a toy. Not a childs toy of course, but not a serious firearm.

  2. Academy is selling SIg 556 Swat patrol rifles for 1200.00, so the big box stores don't always jack up the prices.

    • No, my point is that they usually don't jack them up, in fact they often sell quite a bit below MSRP. For example, I think the S&W 642 revolver MSRPs around $600 – 650 or so but I've seen them for under $500 at big box stores.

      That's why I posted what I did. If this thing MSRPs at $276 then the actual OTD price at a big box is likely to be a lot closer to $200.

  3. Re: 30 round mags. The real reason the 10 rounders come in the box is the 30s are illegal in NY and CA. That would dramatically effecting the price point if they had to change packaging for different states.

    • Bought today with a 25 round clip at Cabelas here in Washington state for $225 plus tax OTD.. Problem is that the ammunition sells out by 9:30 am….. Lol

  4. Christmas present is right. My son spent his Xmas money on an airsoft rifle last year, and spent more than $276 in the process. This might have been preferable. Assuming it's not junk. I assume, Robert, that you'll be first in line to test it out?

    BTW – my boy loves his Henry, might much. Chose it over a 10-22, hands down. So sometimes the cowboy groove strikes home.

  5. Any idea when this thing will be available in the stores? I've been looking but can't find it anywhere.

    • I bought one yesterday here in Saskatchewan Canada, all round pretty good gun, a lot of plastic(expected for the price. I paid 289 in Canada so it will be cheaper in the United States. If your looking for a cheap gun for target practice or rodent hunting this is a great gun, 8/10 accuracy up to 70 yards. I got a 20 round clip for it that mossberg sells seperately

  6. My brother and I bought one each,good little gun for the money .
    But there is one problem.When you have a scope or red dot mounted you can not use the regular sight.
    We removed the scope and the red dot and even by rasing the rear sight all the way up the shot is low about six inches at 25 yrds.
    I wonder if any one has had this problem?

    • It should have a weaver rail on top of the handle, thats where i mounted my red dot scope then just mount any other toys on the sides and bottom of the quad rails.

    • yes I did but all you have to do is adjust the front sight it screws up and down but you will need ar front sight adjustment tool. just remember when you adjust front sight it is opposite of back sight if it shoots low you must screw the front sight down not up…….

    • I cant get ghost ring to line up with crnter of front sight fron will not remove. Back does not go high enough. There is one sacrew I saw that may lower rear but seems to not fit. IREALLY want iron sights. Maybe turning ghost sight upside down and aligning with top of frony sight might help. I’m buying a red dot for it and a lazer and light. I should not have to. If you call remington and get answer pls let me know. They will tell us we need to move our heads back opr some BS…very disappointed.

      [email protected]

  7. After handling this weapon it is a cheap version (Made in Brazil). A bit sloppy made of all cheap plastic regarding the upper and lower receivers. Although the for stock is really nice for a quad stile rail. The rear site is adjustable for windage and elevation there is no clicks to them. (Sort of cheesy)!

    The butt stock is from ATI and the picininy rail on the carry handle is made by Tapco, which is respectable in the market today. Although the 25 round clip is a bit flimsy as I only could get 20 rounds in it with ease, even with the loader they included. It has a very loose fit from side to side and vertical action.

    Dollar for dollar it's not too bad, but I will have to take it to the range and if it's as accurate as I think it will be no harm done!

    As far as spending money on a site, forget about it for now. I did a couple of zero based thinking sighting and it was dead on!

    After my review I must shoot this weapon to make a final decision.

  8. I bought the Ruger SR22. Plenty of high cap mags and plenty of after market accessories.
    More expensive than the mossberg, but it has a history of reliability.

  9. I just purchased a Model 702 (adjustable stock) with 10 round magazine at Cabela’s for $199.00 on their Christmas special running through the end of the day on 12-24-10. I have not had a chance to shoot it yet.

  10. U can get the mossbreg w/ a 25 roung mag. I just got one 37204 while it is mostly polymer u really cant beat it for the money..

  11. Does anyone know where u can get extra 10 or 25 round clips?
    Mossberg doesn’t even show them on their site.

  12. Jam, jam, jam. My grandson and I shot about 200 rounds today and it would jam and bend the cartridge at least one time per 25 clip. The clip is really hard to install and remove. I know it is a cheap gun, but it is cheaper made than I expected. I am disappointed.

  13. I just spent the weekend shooting the Mossberg tactical 22, and after over 1000 rounds of winchester wildcat 22 ammo, there was not a single feeding, stovepipe, or any other failure. The accuracy at 50 yards was promising from what I thought was going to be a cheap crappy rifle. 10 shots into 1.5 inches with the factory peep was good for any factory 22. The 2 problems I have with it are… 1. the magwell is not well thought out. its sloppy and hard to fit the mag in smoothly. and 2. the mag release is cheap, and feels like it will be a source of breakage, or malfunction. its a plastic lever, and sometimes needs force to release the mag. Besides these two things, this rifle was a hoot to shoot, and functioned flawlessly which I didnt expect. for under 300 bucks, its cool factor and reliability which i experienced alone should make it a good seller. I did not try the 25 round mag as we only had the factory 10 shot mag. it outperformed my factory ruger 10-22 this weekend which was a surprise.

  14. I just got one earlier today with the 25 round mag. It does feel a bit cheap but it is made of all plastic so thats what I expected. I shot 125 rounds through it today and didnt have any problems at all. I wish they would make a several hundred round barrel for it, that would be fun.

  15. i have been thinking about selling my 22 for around 200 it has a 3×9-40 scope on it and bsa laser and light combo its a mossberg 702 plinkster with a 10 round clip i shot it around 70 times and its practically dead on at 50 yards .any body interested??

  16. I bought one of these Tactical 22 rifles from Mossberg and have 4 25 round clips and it shoots great, fires fast and very accurate. I put on a Red Dot scope and a front grip. There was a problem getting the 25 round clips but now there are everywhere, you will love the gun it’s just fun to shoot. I fixed the semi loose 25 round clip with some rubber tape on top of the clips and it works just fine, got the Idea from U tube. great gun, lots of fun! The larger clips solved the release problem with the 10 round clips.

  17. i just got the little mossberg on sale at Gander Mountian $230 .. and i couldn’t wait to shoot it…SURE WISH I HAD MY MONEY BACK…i could only get 15-20 rounds in the 25 round clip… i shot about 250 rounds through it and just gave up…this thing jammed like crazy …about every 10 rounds (FEDERAL) it jammed i oiled the crap out of it and the clip…the clip is VERY LOOSE it moves around in the chamber…i think that is the problem….going to send it to mossberg and see what they can do…if you want a semi auto just stick with the Marlin 60 or the Ruger 10-22…and dress it up… IF ANY ONE HAS ANY IDEAS ON HOW TO FIX MY PROBLEM MAIL ME… “FASTSR71@YHO”…

    • Take a look at the manual for recommended ammo. I used Winchester X ($18 for 500 rounds at Big 5) and had no problems.

      • just got mine this week. bought a 525 round box of federal .22lr . had ejection and jamming problems we also had about 50 rounds of another brand ccx that shot without any problems

  18. I hope everyone that’s complaining about feed reliability has tried more than one type, weight and velocity of ammunition. All guns can get picky about what ammunition they shoot. As cheap as 22lr is you should try as many different manufacturers, weights and velocities as you can to find the sweet spot for your rifle.

    My 10/22 is particularly happy with one brand, weight and velocity, my Mossberg 702 likes something completely different, my handguns all like different 22lr ammunition as well. When I pick up my Tactical .22 this week I expect to test 5 or 6 different variations to see what it likes best.

    If yours works great, please post what brand, weight and velocity works for you. If yours doesn’t work, please post what brand, weight and velocities you’ve tried!

    Mike (from behind the new Iron Curtain – California!)

  19. I bought one of these last weekend at the local firing range and ran about 200 rounds through it, it shot extremely well. I tried the remmington 36 grain hollowpoint 22LR rounds and got about 4 jams per 100 rounds.

    I then bought some ammo from the range, which was CCI mini-mag 22LR 40 grain and I didn’t have a single jam. The stock is cheaply made compared to the colts, h&k’s, and sigs, but those are also 2-3x more expensive. My only complaint is that the magazines feel a bit sloppy and the release even sloppier, but for around $260.00 I can deal with it. Great rifle for the price, 4/5.

  20. This was my first rifle(I have fired many though), and I have to say, It is the most dead on Semi I have ever fired. It is more accurate than my “Savage Mark 2” bolt action. This gun does how ever have one very bad problem that almost cost me my hand. I was all sited in on a sitting clay getting ready for hunting season, I pulled the trigger, the round fired and ejected, but then it tried to load the next round but jammed it in at a 9o degree angle and fired it straight out the side of the slide when the it tried to close the slide. It scared the crap out of me but I came out of it untouched. All around, I would say it’s a real good gun, It does jam alot, but your gona hit what ever you point at.

    • This is your first riflr, but you have fired many , but you have a savage…WTF ??? And how could it fire out of the side ? Think about your answer…remember the savage.

  21. I am a 58 year old first gun buyer. (Teacher) I spent about 3 hours in the blazing heat
    of the San Diego backcountry trying out my new Mossberg .22 Tactical. I took one of
    my long time buddies who knows his way around guns out for my “rookie run” and basic safety instructions. Very valuable to have somebody with gun experience and to dial in the sights. Out of the box the sights did need some tweaking to get right.
    What a blast! Shot about 200 rounds of Winchester X, no jams, (ok only the first time
    when I didn’t release the slide all the way) no misfires, no problems. My veteran buddy was very impressed with this gun.
    This is a gun that I will teach my wife to shoot and the adjustable stock will allow both of us to use this gun.
    Added a BSA Huntsman “RGB” and am excited about trying out that addition soon.
    Next I will add a Foregrip. I am very satisfied with my choice for a first time rifle.
    Don’t forget to clean the barrel before first use! Read your manual for ammo choice!

  22. i bought the mossberg tactical .22 and so did my dad. We shot side by side for hours his functioned flawlessly yet on a whim mine would stovepipe. This would be fine from time to time then just all of a sudden do it again, in the start,middle or end of the mag did not matter.I have the 25 round mag and am wondering if thats the problem or maybe the claw extractor not sharp enough? Anyone with a possible answer don’t hesitate to email me it would be greatly appreciated. I don’t like my kids new gun not working properly. [email protected]

  23. Can anyone tell me what brand of 22 rimfire they were using when the “jams” happened?
    I am thinking about replacing my ruger with the mossberg for tactical shooting at my club.

    • I have shot about 2800 rounds from my Mossberg Tactical .22 and have used all different kinds of ammo and the only time my gun JAMED was if while holding the 25 round mag and almost pushing it up into the gun further than it is supposed to be. Now that is only with my gun but every time it JAMED it seemed that I was holding onto the 25 round mag and as I said it was almost like I was pushing it up into the gun further than where it likes to be sitting. The same thing did also happen with the 10 round mag in also. I tried it to check and I made the same thing happen every time I pushed the mag further up into the gun than where it wants to be sitting. Please if anyone has had the same sort of problem then please let me know.

      Thank you Jamie.

      • That is the exact problem I have Jamie. I tried resting the rifle on the mag for long range target shooting and it jams everytime. I have put a small ruber spacer around the end of the mag to fix this problem. Hope this helps.

  24. I received my Mossberg tactical .22 last night. From all the research I’ve done it got mixed reviews I was under the impression that the carry handle is permanent and iron sights front and rear as well. I opened the box and my weapon had no carry handle, and the sights were only screwed on. I was extremely happy … first thing I did was remove the sights and attach a 23x33mm 4 reticle style sight. Bought a box of Federal ammo, jam after jam after jam I noticed the federal ammo has some sort of coating on it, possibly wax. I switched to CCI ammo and put 200 rounds through this weapon with NO problems.. This is a wonderful weapon for the money.. I give it thumbs up..

    • Even my S&W at twice the price jams with Federal. Im guessing its intended for bolt-action or something. I too switched to CCI products (everything from 1070 fps to 1235 fps) and have NEVER had a problem. I was going to mention this to the few above who mention jamming problems but they never mention what they fire in their posts. It seems as though tactical guns prefer CCI’s!

  25. I just bought my Mossberg tactical .22 with 25 round clip this weekend. I already own a Colt AR, Rock River Arms AR, an SKS, a Ruger Mini-14 with a tactical stock and a ton of mods….but bought this rifle for “cheap” range days. 250 rounds + and no major issues. Next to no recoil and very tight groupings. Already mounted a red dot scope and put on a one point sling. Impressed right out of the box, especially for the price! Love it. Great little gun.

  26. Great gun! Only issue is that when I chamber the first round after reloading the clip, the round comes up a little short and needs to be forced in to the barrel a little extra shove of the bolt. Anyone else have this problem. The gun fired 100+ ronds flawlessly aside from that. No jamms.

    • its the ammo. this happens with mine every time if i use federal and other cheaper ammos. if you use CCI it goes in perfectly smooth you dont need to push the round in at all where as before i had to force it to chamber the round and sometimes it would just jam.

  27. If you’re willing to shell out $200 for this mossberg piece of garbage, you may as well buy a ruger 10/22, that is 10,000 times the rifle the mossberg is, and drop another $125 or so on an archangel kit and have a much better looking and working rifle. We sold 35 of these rifles where I work, on Thanksgiving, and have gotten approximantely 25 of them back because they are JUNK! FTF, FTE, INACCURATE! You name it, I’ve heard that the mossberg does it.

    • damn i was sold reading the other reviews but yours set me back… might look into the ruger, the mossberg certainly feels cheap.

    • Most of those people probably loaded those rifles with Federal ammo which is a huge no-no with the Mossberg. Feed it the good stuff or leave it at home. Just because it is a cheap rifle doesn’t mean you can get away with crap ammo. Treat the gun right and it will treat you right.

      • I have fed almost nothing but federal 22 through mine and have had almost no probs at all. fun little gun.

      • Federal seems to be a “no-no” with any tactical gun. My S&W 15-22 cant fire Federal consistantly either. For that matter my Ruger 10/22 cant either. Seems like CCI is the way to go.

  28. the weapon does feel cheap overall but from the posts on here and other sites its just a raging battle over reliable and junk. and iv seen posts of getting a ruger instead, and the only problem with that is it is kinds costly for just a plinker, and by time the mods are set and ready to rock then you have spent way more then the one cost of a decked out rifle ready to go from the box. Im thinking about buying one of these rifles for sport, plinking, target ect… but the only model i can get my hands on have a ten rnd. clip. Now is there any way a 25 rnd mag. can be put right in to replace the ten, or do u have to buy it from the company with the stock 25 rnd. mag.

  29. Fun Gun and cheap but the mags suck and if you could get by the stovepipes it was a shooter. Make sure you let the bolt close at full force when starting a new mag or it will jam. If you can get 25 rds in the mag your doing better than I could maybe 20 or so and needs to be tuned by Mossberg before they sell this. Fun Fun and when it works it Nice and I use the Red dot on top

  30. “you’d have to hit a human exactly in the right place or many times with .22s to do any damage.” How about you ask the families in Ohio how much damage a .22 can do? That kid that just shot up the school in Ohio fired 10 rounds of .22lr and hit 5 people, killing 3.

    Whoever wrote this article is a disgrace. “It’s a toy but not a toy.” No its a weapon. Its a gun. Its a firearm and it is capable of killing a human being. It’s attitudes like that that fuel people to be anti-NRA, and anti-second amendment.

    • I could’nt agree more. I gaurantee I could a kill “human being” hitting them once with my gun and kill them. A basic knowledge of anatomy and guns will take care of the rest. Hell we have these Old West targets of gunslingers coming out of a bar set up at about 20 yards, my wife put one bullet in one guy’s eye, one in his chest dead center, two in the next guys heart with the bullet holes overlapping and on the third guy she put one in his chin and one in his gut. These are guys that at that range appear at about 3/4″ and this was with a “toy”. If SHE can pinpoint like that at that distance imagine someone in her house. I forgot to mention she’s a nurse, she’d know where to aim. I would’nt want to get hit by her with a .22. Personally I have a 12 & 20 gauge, and another .22 on my side of the bed. Ive had inner debates as to what I’d grab “in that situation” obviously the 12 gauge would win out but it certainly is’nt because the .22 is a “toy”.

      • I should mention, neither of us have any intention of killing any human beings unless our lives are endangered first, lol.

  31. I purchased the carry handle model with adjustable stock and 10 rd mag. I absolutey LOVE this rifle. It is reliable and accurate. In 300 rounds I have only had 1 stovepipe. I was a little unsure of it at first due to the “plastic toy” feel but this definately is NOT a BB gun. Believe it or not these are a great weapon. You can pick up a 25 rd Mag online for around 20 bucks or so. I’ve got a Red-Dot sight and a Harris Bipod on mine and can knock out 1 – 1 1/4 inch groups at 50 yards all day long. I’d take it over my 10/22 anytime

  32. Santa brought this for my 9 year old daughter and myself… a veteran shooter. Installed is a BSA scope. It was very accurate out first time shooting it yesterday. But… we had at least 5-6 rounds out of the whole 25 round clip jam in the chamber. Rather than ejecting the brass, it gets wedged between the top side of the chamber and the “Next Unfired Round”… this prevents the gun from firing. We were using Winchester M-22 ammunition. It’s a 40 grain 1255 fps black copper plated round nose cartridge. Should work fine, but there is something obviously wrong with the gun. It’s going back tomorrow. What a disappointment.

  33. I own a Mossberg AR 22 and my biggest problem with it is cleaning. How do I clean this rifle do I take it apart?

  34. I just bought one of these with the 25 round magazine and it jammed every 2nd or 3rd round. The problem is definitely the clip. Mine had one side of the top a bit longer than the other, there was a little nib of extra metal there. Once I filed it down lightly to get both sides even, it has now shot 200 rounds (CCI, and a few various Remington cartridges) without jamming ONCE. I didn’t even have to file much, but it was just enough to cause FTEs. It has been a great gun ever since.

  35. Owned this gun for almost 8 months. I love it, and everyone who gets their hands on it won’t put it down. Several have gone out and bought their own after shooting mine.

    I’ve never cleaned it. We’ve shot over 3,000 rounds and had only 1 failure to eject (using all kinds of bulk ammo). Throw a red dot on it and you’ll wonder why it took you so long to pick one up.

  36. I bought it, put more than 2000 rounds through it. Put on a red dot sight and zeroed it in on hollow point .36 grain, raised sight to accomodate .40 grain bullet had just a few jams maybe a dozen caused by clip being new and not broken in. I love it. I meet people at my front door carrying it, don’t have to worry about being broken into again when I am home. I’ll empty a 25 round clip is seconds. Yes, I have more than one clip. I hate loading those buggers, always sticking while loading.

  37. Heya i’m for the primary time here. I found this board and I to find It really useful & it helped me out much. I hope to give something again and aid others like you aided me.

  38. I have one and really like it. A little trick I found when loading the mag, when you get to the point that you have 10 to 12 rounds loaded, hold the lower part of the mag (the plastic part) in one hand and tap the metal part on the palm of your other hand 2 or 3 times. You can load 4 or 5 more rounds, then repeat. I have not trouble getting all 25 rounds in the mag. I have 3 magazines, and it seems to work on all of them. Also, don’t try to force the rounds in with the plastic loader that comes with the mag. You will bend the little tab in the middle, and it won’t work any more. Hope this helps.

  39. I don’t know that much about guns, but my husband does. I wrote this letter to Mossberg today and thought I would share it with you. Perhaps more of you will save some money by not investing in this gun.
    June 7, 2012
    To Whom It May Concern:

    We would like to bring it to your attention that we bought this Mossberg Tactical 22 rifle as a Christmas present this past year for our then 9 year old son. He has had an avid interest in shooting, and has excellent marksmanship for his age. In addition to the rifle, we invested in an annual membership to the gun range at a cost of $750 so he could go a few times a week after school. Unfortunately, the gun has been an utter dissappointment and has failed to work on more occasions than it has.

    The first time we sent the gun back to you was January 12th. This was due to the bolt failing to operate. The bolt became jammed and would not open after less than 50 rounds. At the time we were using Remmington bulk ammo. We have never in the past had any problems using Remmington ammo with any of our other guns, but we were told when we picked the gun up after repair that the reccommended ammo was in fact CCI MiniMag, and that we would continue to have problems with the gun if we didn’t switch ammo. It had taken approximately a month to receive the gun back… although this may be due more to the incompetence of the shop that sent it off.

    We bought the special ammo and brought the gun with us on a trip. Our son was able to fire approximately 30 rounds before the gun jammed again. The problem was identical to the first issue we had. Apparently it was not correctly repaired. We sent the gun off again in April. We received it back in May.

    We took the gun to the range to test before allowing our son to get his hopes up this time. After fewer than 50 rounds, we were again encountering problems. This time the gun stovepipes after every other round, but at this time, the bolt has not yet jammed. As you can imagine from looking at the chamber, we are tired of digging out malfunctions from a gun that is brand new and has already been repaired twice.

    Our confidence in your ability to solve this problem for us is low. We have seen plenty of YouTube videos and read countless posts regarding this gun, and most seem to agree that one ought to be able to fire no less than several thousand rounds without issues such as we have experienced. At this time we would like to request that you resolve our problem in one of two possible ways. Either send us an identical(working) new gun, or refund the money that we paid for this “gift”. Being that we are a family of moderate income, you should understand that spending $250 on a gun, $100 on equipment, and $750 on range membership for a child’s Christmas gift pretty much maxed the boy out for presents. This has been his Christmas gift… a worthless hunk of metal and a card with his name on it. You have successfully taken his interest in firearms and turned it into a fading dream. Perhaps by this Christmas, he will have a gun that works.

    Furthermore, we will need another shipping label sent out for our Mossberg 500. It is a duty weapon and it fails to feed. It doesn’t extract a loaded shell when pumped. It ejects the empty shell but is taking 6-7 pumps to load the new one, and as a duty weapon, this could mean the difference between life and death. We would have sent in both weapons with the one shipping label if we had a box big enough to fit. Mossberg as a brand is certainly diminished in our eyes after all this. Please, do what you should to make this right.


    Leo and Jennifer Norris

  40. Bought one yesterday, my Grandson and I put 70 CCI rounds thru it today without one malfunction and without cleaning it prior to shooting. It kept my grandsons interest and allowed him to better understand what I was talking about with sight alinement and sight picture and trigger control. For me the downside was keeping from taking it from him so I could plink more (he shot 60 rounds). I’m going to try the red dot but I like the idea of the open sights. I will use a white paint stick to maintain an idea of windage/elevation adjustments
    BTW, I paid $0 for range fees.

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    • He called it a toy? It’s a lethal weapon, it only takes one shot. The writer is a fool and a disgrace for not respecting this weapon as a lethal firearm. Disgraceful.

  42. My mossberg 22 tactical is unbelievable , I’m hitting 4 inch clays at 300 + yards .with a 10 by 40 by 60 scope. since april over 11,000 rounds ,only shoot remington gold tips

  43. Bought the 715t yesterday and have had complete hell getting it sighted in with rear sight,The sight doesnt raise enough,all the way up and it still shoots 4 inches too low.I bought the cci tatical ammo and hasnt jammed once.Would absolutly love this gun if i can get this thing sighted.Anybody had the problem with rear sight?Please let me know what you did to resolve problem.

  44. Could not get the rear sight adjusted so I put on a cheap red dot and works fine. Cannot load the 25 mag so put no more than 15 in at a time. Now the magazine is dropping halfway through so I have to extract the round and reinsert the mag. Purchased at Cabelas for $199 during their Christmas special in 2011. Been shooting Federal specials, some stove pipes but nothing I can’t live with.

  45. I got one of these and I read all the reviews 1st.. What I found is most pple who get this gun are 1st time gun owners. Alls I can say is clean the weapon before you shoot it and dont buy cheap ammo! Guns come gunked up brand new and need cleaned. If youve never done this find a friend who knows how to or go to a local gun shop to have em teach you. I myself love the 22.. Its fun to shoot, I have a red/green dot scope and I can use it and the iron sites at the same time. I dont understand Y others cant? Rear site does adjust left and right, try that? Anyway, or those who think the 22 isnt powerful your mistaken. Example, my buddy is a hick with a washing machine in his back yard.. We shot it with my 22 and his 380.. Both rounds went in making bout the same size hole and went thru the washing barrel but neither made it all the way thru. I was using hollow points, he wasnt. BTW, more pple are killed in the USA with the 22 than any other weapon. Y? The round bounces around inside you.. Round can go in your leg and ride the bone to your chest. Its very deadly. Plus rounds are cost effective. CCI Stingers are what I like. No Jams. Stay away from federal!!!! I like mine a lot, and am looking forward to shooting it for years.. Btw, for long range get a bipod, pressing up on the mag does get it to jam.. Just fyi

  46. This is an absolutely atrocious article. As others stated above, it’s FIREARM. Not a toy, a weapon that is capable of killing someone. Writing that a gun is a ‘toy’ is foolish and encourages poor gun safety practices.

    Shame on you Mr. Farago, shame on you. Did you even FIRE the weapon to test accuracy or reliability?

  47. “They’re a far better choice for less than 5.56 protection; you’d have to hit a human exactly in the right place or many times with .22s to do any damage.”

    Really? Tell that to the thousands of people killed by a single .22 caliber bullet, other rimfires and airguns! This article should be taken down or at least edited as it promotes the idea that some smaller caliber guns are merely “toys”. A dangerous and deadly assertion that will be welcomed by many fools who already behave as such.

  48. i just bought the mossberg tactical 715T mind you i am from canada mine came with a 25 shot clip it is a great little gun with a 3-9×40 scope it makes shooting this little gun extremely fun and hard on ammo i just ordered 3 more mags for the range and recently made a few shots out to 200 yards with winchester super X 22 LR plated hallow point HP 40 grains high velocity 1280 FPS it is unbelievable the difference between cheap ammo and more expensive ammo i can’t waite for a nice day with absolutely no wind i will be firing CCI stinger 22 LR 32 grain copper plated Hp 1640 FPS just to see how far a .22 long rifle can reach and i will be filming it and posting it just to show people it is possible to hit targets beyond 200 yards with a .22 long rifle

  49. I just picked up one of these suckers for $200, my friend bought it shot it a couple times and put it next to her desk and never used it again, When I originally bought it she thought it was a S&W MP 15-22, Which I own and love, when I got there I saw it was a mossy, I figured an AR style gun for $200 in this day you cant beat it so I went through with buying it, Now I have not shot it yet But you can see why the S&W is a much higher priced gun, The gun while not rickety feeling Dose not feel as well put together as the S&W MP 15-22, Also its not as comfortable to hold (but I have no put a grip on it yet) I also Do not like the Mag, The M&P mag is an actual double stacker AR type mag where as the bottom of the mossy looks like a regular mag but when you drop it, the top covered portion looks like a mag out of a .22 handgun, You are going to get what you pay for out of the both of them but a firearm for $200 especially one that is on nobamas sh*t list that will hold 25 rounds per a mag is still a pretty decent deal, Id say in comparing the 2 if you can only afford the mossy its not a bad rout but its worth the extra money for an M&P15-22

  50. This only applies to people wanting a cheaper alternative to the price of 5.56 ammo… For $279 or less, ther are a variety of quality .22 caliber uppers you can put on your ar-15 with no tools in no time… You can shoot .22 ammo, while still practicing with your ar trigger and basic feel… Much better option than buying a dedicated .22 wannabe

  51. I bought this at a local Walmart for $229. After reading countless reviews ranging from 5 stars to 1 star; about half with complaints about endless jams. I decided to buy the gun based on the price, the fun of the style, and because I have another Mossberg gun and have liked it.

    I took the gun completely apart (at least as far as the manual suggests) and thoroughly cleaned and re-oiled it before reassembling it. I would suggest that you find a youtube video and watch it first (there are some inaccuracies in the manual).

    I am very impressed with the gun and have no regrets! I would highly recommend it. Please note that thus far I have only shot a bit more than 100 rounds (three different shells–some old shells that are about 15 years old, others were CCI regular velocity and finally CCI high velocity). Absolutely no jams!

  52. AS far as an entire AR upper for lest than 279, I would like to know where… As cmmg has a bolt and mag kit that is 220. If you can get a gas chamber and barrel for 50 you are the man…. Plus you get all the contamination in the gas system, it is not recommended to run .22lr in a AR chassis if you plan on using the .223/5.56 upper and barrel. I have had to repair many AR’s that have faulty gas systems from guys running just a bolt change.. Plus the 1:9 or 1:7 twist in the AR is horrible for accuracy in a .22lr which should be closer to 1:16 or so. The 715T is great for what its intentions are. A budget firearm with tactical looks. With the 702 inners, this gun should prove to be a solid performer.. BTW I run nothing but CCI and have not a single issue with over 10,000 rounds fired. I run a bore snake after every outing and thats all thats been needed..

  53. This gun is a lot of fun for the money. 4 tips to any beginner’s happiness with this purchase:

    1. Take it down and clean it before first use to remove any factory grease and to get familiar with it. (The Youtube videos will help you with this.) Do NOT over-tighten the screws when re-assembling or you may strip the plastic they go into! Just snug is just fine.
    2. Use CLP to clean it, but keep it pretty dry. As with almost any gun, over-oiling will gunk it up and cause feeding problems.
    3. DO NOT rest the gun on the magazine while firing. Seriously, don’t do it! That is what bi-pods or wrist rests are for.
    4. Break it in by firing good ammo for the first 100-200 rounds. My local gun shop recommended CCI 40 grain high velocity. After that, Remington Thunderbolt is good enough, and you can get a 500 round box at Dick’s Sporting Goods for around $24 (if you’re lucky enough to find it in stock right now).

    Besides over-oiling, resting on the magazine is the main cause of FTFs, FTEs and stovepipes. Avoid these two habits and you will be quite pleased with this purchase. I know I am with mine. I have followed these tips and NEVER had any misfire issues. After trips to the range, I take mine apart and clean it and leave a light coat of CLP on it, just enough to prevent rust. Have fun and be SAFE!

  54. The feed problem is simple, you just have to pay attention to the 25round mag. The 30 round AR 5.56 mag and every other high capacity mag “excluding drum mag’s” is curved from top to bottom. This mag seems like they took the10 round straight mag and put half a curved section on it. Of course this is like trying to load a mag with 45 degree angle in it so of course it will bind. This will cause load and feed problems no matter the quality/brand of ammo. The fault probably stems from a mag designed by someone who has never loaded a AR mag in his life. Solution: deal with it. Small price to pay for a reliable .22 rifle at a good price. Or get a 80 round drum mag from cheaperthandirt.

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  56. These are now in sale at for $199.99 (e.g. $200). Comes with 25 round magazine. It is essentailly a 702 Plinkster wrapped in a plactic housing/stock and uses the same mags but by supergluing the follower down to the srping, I got my 25 rd’r to work fine. Otherwise, spare 70 mags will work.

    This is a great little rifle for $200. I would not pay much more for it. I got mine after Black Friday from classic and for some reason, they threw in a cheap Allen sling too that works just fine. Maybe they’ll do the same for you.

    At $200 – I think it’s a great starter or upgrade for anyone who just likes to practice or “plinking”.

  57. Selling my mossberg 715 tactical with 2 25 round magazines and a vertical grip for 300. 561-339-3508. Only 50 rounds shot through it. Gun has been cleaned. Cousin wanted a diff gun. Down here in florida. Has all the stuff including the box.

  58. I have the Mossberg ar 22 and cannot get it to take the round from the magazine unless I hold my hand under the magazine forcing it up . it has a space between the magazine and the acceptor. I have read several complaints about this issue. one man said he tapes each magazine over the barrel so it works. I have bought 5 magazines from 5 different companies and all will not feed. I am retired criminal investigator and x cia handling weapons in central south America and never had a weapon that would not feed except the original m16. I think you should recall all weapons or make a magazine that fits and let everyone get two for free. you are taking a beating in texas with faulty shotguns 22’s etc.

    thanks ronnie

  59. This gun is cheap and you get cheap stuff from cheap things this gun nothing but problems it jams every other shot and it’s new gun I put 200 rounds thinking it just need to be broking in and still the same I field strip and gave a good cleaning and it’s still the same I regret buying this gun

    • Agreed – I eventually sold mine. At a loss. If I could post an update to my earlier submission I would. The magazine can be fixed ad it will work reliably once that’s done. However, the repair doesn’t last – and then you’re back to the same failure problems before.

      A far far better solution to your plinking desires is to just save another $50 and go with a Ruger 10/22.

  60. He called it a toy? It’s a lethal weapon, it only takes one shot. The writer is a fool and a disgrace for not respecting this weapon as a lethal firearm. Disgraceful. The writer should be fired for such an inaccurate and irresponsible interpretation of this deadly weapon.

  61. HA HA…. let me tell you… Mine is deadly!!! I can put 10 rounds in a 4inch circle with a 4 power scope in low light conditions at night at 100 yds.. trust me, this thing shoots awesome!

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  63. I bought a Mossberg 715T at Rural King right before Christmas right after the San Bernardino shootings. It was on sale for $175. I bought it because I was having problems with raccoons. Due to the shootings the week before, the Rural King where I bought this rifle was overflowing with people buying guns. I have a concealed weapons permit but still had to go through clearance. The store told me it would take several hours, it took two days.
    After taking the rifle home, I followed advice I had seen on the Internet and thoroughly cleaned and oiled the rifle before firing it. It came with a large capacity magazine, but since I read on the Internet part of the jamming problem was due to the large clip, I picked up a 10-round magazine.
    Ready to rock, I loaded up the 10-round magazine and went out to adjust the new 40X scope I bought for this rifle. This is a semi-automatic rifle, but it would never automatically load a shell into the chamber after firing. After each shot you had to pull back the mechanism to eject the spent shell and inject a new one. After I fired this rifle eight times, it jammed. I checked the Internet, where it said to gently pull back on the bolt and at the same time, lightly press the trigger and it would release the mechanism–no luck.
    While some articles like this one, said to go in and alter the rifle to fix it, I did not feel capable of doing this, and did not want to void the warranty in so doing. I talked to the Rural King manager and he said to bring the rifle into the store and he would have one of his employees, who knew a lot about rifles, check it out.
    The manager said he could not offer me a refund on the rifle because their license only allowed them to sell new weapons and they could not resell them after they were used. The Rural King employee took the weapon and test fired it and I was told he got it working, but, when he continued firing the rifle it jammed up again.
    The manager called me and said they were sending the rifle to Mossberg to repair. Rural King was very nice about giving me an even better price on the rifle. Refunding a percentage of the cost of the rifle, and what I paid for the scope. Now it remains to be seen if Mossberg can make the weapon function properly.

  64. I can’t stand the morons always claiming 22lr is not deadly or it’s a toy. I guarantee none of those idiots would ever volunteer to prove it. Anyway. I bought a Mossberg 715t because the 5.56 for my Bushmaster AR-15 is too expensive to waste. The 715t is perfect. I can shoot it all day and practice. And yes it feels about the same as my Bushmaster. Except I catch myself sometimes grabbing for the fake plastic charging handle. Other than that it is a perfect training rifle for the AR. Or if you just want a cheap reliable rifle for hunting or home defense. This is perfect. I guarantee a few 22lr rounds fired from it will stop any intruder in their tracks.

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