Winchester SX4 – SHOT Show Range Day

The Winchester SX4 is an update of their popular SX3 auto gas gun with a smaller fore-end and pistol grip. It has a larger bolt handle and bolt realize too, which makes for easier gloved operation. They’ve moved the center of gravity forward, too, making for a smoother swing when you’re tracking those crossers.

I shot the three-inch chambered Waterfowl Hunter model which features a larger, softer butt pad than the SX3 for less felt recoil even with larger, heavier loads (the gun’s also available with a 3 1/2-inch chamber for launching heavy artillery at Canadian Geese. The best part: the SX4 runs about $250 less than the comparable SX3 model. Boom.


  1. avatar Kris says:

    I wonder if FN will continue manufacturing those sweet, sweet Belgian chrome-lined barrels for the SX-4

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