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Last week, I visited Georgia for a first hand look at BPI‘s operation and got the opportunity to put hands on Bergara’s new HMR.  In the flesh, the rifle matched up with the hype from their press release. Unfortunately, my visit was only for a few hours so I didn’t get the opportunity to shoot the HMR while I was there. Thanks to the 2017 SHOT show, I’ve rectified that problem.

On hand at the range, Bergara had examples of the aluminum mini chassis that provides a portion of the structural rigidity that makes a precision rifle precise. The mini chassis isn’t a new concept, but it is one that makes a lot of sense for those who want the structural rigidity that comes with a rifle chassis and the ergonomics of a traditionally stocked rifle.

As I was one of the first people in line to shoot the rifle, I got the opportunity to adjust the cheekpiece to my liking and get settle behind the rifle. The adjustments were easy and once locked in place held tight. 

Three hits at 960 yards confirmed that this rifle is a shooter, and I’m more excited than ever to have my tester in hand before a precision rifle class I’m taking in March. BPI’s Ben Fleming expects that real world pricing will be, “$999 all day long” putting this rifle smack dab in Ruger Precision Rifle territory.


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  1. Yet another nice bolt gun that would be in the running for me to buy if it was out a couple months ago and had a 2″ shorter barrel.

  2. This or a Tikka CTR…. choices, choices. Honestly at this point the out of the box compatibility with AICS magazines might tip thing in the favor of this new Bergara.

  3. Which one did you shoot, the .308 or the 6.5 Creedmoor? (Inquiring minds want to know.) And I thought the initial review of this rifle had a suggested MSRP of $1150?

    Last but not least, between this and a Ruger, I’ll take this.

    • I shot the 6.5 CM. No way I’m hitting 960 with a .308 WIN in anything stiffer than a gentle breeze.

      MSRP is $1150, but they’re certain that street price with dealers will be @ $999, just like the RPR.

      • Just got the HMR in 6.5CM, it shoots well but having issues with factory ejector. Extractor is fine, but either ejector rod or spring problem. Haven’t had time to mess with it yet. Also PMAG that it is sold with doesn’t seat very well, lot’s of play in the magazine well. Heard anything about that from anyone else? Can’t find any other forum posts with that problem.

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