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Is there some unoccupied space in your gun safe? Do you need a good plinker to use when training new shooters? Fear not. Our friends at Florida Gun Supply are giving away a brand spanking new Walther P22. All you have to do to enter is click the image above or make the jump to log in through Facebook or using your email address. Finding ammo, though, is up to you.


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  1. Just as a side note, these are fun little pistols. But RTFI before you take it apart for cleaning.

  2. Holy crap this is like the 5th time this has come up. Please don’t let ttag degenerate into some reposting, ad-harassing POS

  3. I’ve seen this ad several times, and every time I think to myself,
    “Why own a gun that you cannot shoot because the ammo no longer exists?”

    That being said… if there was drawing for 5000 rounds of 22lr, I would enter early and enter often!

  4. I figure you guys have the advertisement sidebar on the page for a reason. Maybe this should go there?

    (the reason is so I can block your ads)

    • What is this internet advertising you are talking about? That’s so pre-AdBlockPlus…

      • yeah, but there is still blank space there if have ABP enabled. these intra-site “ads” would still show up there even with ABP turned on.

    • if a advert was just a simple text and image banner, I would not feel a need to block them. but if they move, flash, video or sound, count me out.

      Since these add generate revenue that pay to keep the lights on and the magazines loaded, I would be very happy to support this site better by disabling ad-block but the 4 rules of Ad safety must apply: No movement, No Flashing, No Video, No Sound.

      • well I’m not an internet marketer, but my understanding of the ad revenue is that simply seeing the ads on your screen isn’t doing anything to help – you need to generate clicks. if you don’t click the ads, you’re just wasting everyone’s bandwidth.

        I never click ads on sites, so I might as well block them any way.

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