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Hickok45 is a better shooter than I’ll ever be. He knows more about guns than I’ll ever know. He gets more YouTube hits than I’ll ever get. But will someone please give the marksman something better to do with his time than video these Annie Oakley routines? Yesterday, he was shooting whilst dribbling a basketball, with a ironic intro that lasted four-and-a-half weeks. Today, he’s clearing snow with a shotgun. What’s next, trimming bonsai trees with a 1911 from a unicycle? [NB: that was a joke.] I’d like to see the YouTube star invest in some measuring equipment and do some proper gun tests. Or install some moving targets. Or some damn thing that taps into his tremendous talent, rather than demeaning it. Enough shtick already. Just sayin’ . . . [Click here for his reply.]

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  1. I’ve been following his videos for some time, and it’s pretty clear he has no interest in doing any bench test type gun reviews measuring group size. He just likes to shoot, and share his fun with others. I’m glad he does. Moving targets would be a lot of fun though.

  2. He’s doing what most of YouTube does – pander to the lowest common denominator. I too would love to see something substantive from this guy, but that’s not his audience.

  3. Sign that guy up to be TTAG’s gun-video-review-guy. He’s got the talent, the ability and I’ll bet he’s got a couple room’s full of cool stuff that we’d all like to see him break out.

    I agree with RF though, I think some of his stuff has been a little long winded, maybe directed at family members? Dunno, but it’s pretty damn obvious the guy knows his way around a trigger. Those shotgun shenanigans of his were pretty cool.

  4. He’s just a good old boy who loves to shoot his firearms, I can relate to that. I’d like to see an occasional accuracy test as well.

  5. He’s shooting his guns, with his money, on his time.

    If someone wants to provide him ammo and testing gear and pay him for his time, cool. In the meantime, he is spending his money for our entertainment, and I think that entitles him to use his talents however he darn well pleases.

  6. He looks and sounds a a great deal like Tom Knapp, though his routines are not nearly as polished. Good shooter though, no doubt.

  7. I knew I was wasting my time with that foolish snow blower, I should have busted out the 500’s.

  8. John found the this site and sent me the link. I’m not sure where I am, but I’m sorry there are people who know more about what I “should” be doing than I do. 🙂 I’ve been having fun with guns since I was a teenager; worthless benchresting of handguns and such will never be anything I care much about. See my “Accuracy” video.

    The gun rags are full of that boring stuff. I must get about 30 messages a day from people who thank me for showing that guns are a legimate sport that is fun for regular people. Teenagers swamp me with messages. All this seems a bit more important to me right now, as we attempt to perpetuate the sport, than measuring little groups on paper that represent the shooter’s skill more than the firearm.


    • You misunderstand me sir. I’m not asking you to squander your considerable talent on dry tests. I am asking that you bless us with something more than shtick. Surely someone as talented and created as your good self can devise some more relevant yet still entertaining tests, especially for those of us interested in self-defense. Given your fame and presumed firearms-related income, how about some new target systems? Ammo types? Penetration of . . . stuff. Shooting in low light. Something more educational, yet still fun. C’mon. Stretch yourself as an artist!

  9. We have lots of stuff we’ve not done yet, but I have no desire to copy half the stuff I see on shooting shows and in the magazines. For one thing, it’s mostly us hard core shooters who even care about alot of that stuff, and about half of it doesn’t matter nearly as much as just learning to shoot well. The best tactical add-on, as we all know down deep, is 10,000 rounds of practice ammo. 🙂

    I do have some videos planned on ammo types and such, but most people who take bullet and caliber choice as a religion will probably not like what I have to say. In fact, I have that on my short list.

    The cool thing about YouTube is that anybody can start a channel and put up anything that floats their boat. I do what I do, and other do what they do. I recommend others do the same and fill any gaps they perceive in what all of us are doing. There’s room for more good channels; that’s for sure. All it takes is a camera and Internet access.

    We will continue to try new things and new guns as we’ve been doing, but my primary focus will probably always be on the newer shooters and on showing the world how much fun and how inocuous the hobby is for 99% of us. Our image is one of our biggest problems when it comes to gun rights and pulling in those people on the fence.

    As I often say, I have to be in the mood to do a video. For example, we’ve had an old engine block lying twenty yards from the range for about five years. One day, I’ll be in the mood to do some penetration tests on it for YouTube. I’m sure a lot of people would like to see that, but I just haven’t gotten around to it.

    I have a pretty comprehensive series planned on “Conceal Carry.” Because of my teaching profession and student-parent viewers, I’ve shied away from this to some extent, but recently I decided I have too much experience (over 20 years of concealed carry) with concealed carry issues to keep ignoring it.
    Anyway, sorry if I jumped to conclusions. It’s just that I’m already employed and the YouTube thing is just a hobby. If it gets too much like work, I’ll lose interest. I spend at least four hours a day just answering comments and messages, communicating with viewers, so I need to have fun with the videos or I’m in jeopardy of really getting burned out.

    Take care,

  10. It’s Hickok’s channel, and it’s his ammo. He can do what he wants with it. I certainly hope he doesn’t become a boring fact splurting commercial like you want him to be. If you want some test’s done, do them yourself. If you want to some light hearted humor with guns then go to Hickok45. Now quit being such a hater and a fun-sucker.

    If Hickok knows more than you, (which he does) maybe he knows that there’s more to guns than ballistic testing and grumpy bloggers. Rock on Hickok45!!!!!

  11. Mr. Fargo,
    I believe I can help with the confusion that I sense after reading your comments about Hickok45. Sometimes we all encounter a very human condition, and usually we do not even realize we are under it,s grips. It has been around since the beginning of time. It causes much damage whenever it rears it’s ugly head. I already know that you will deny this, but what it looks like is “good old fashion jealousy”! When you stated the following: “Hickok45 is a better shooter than I’ll ever be. He knows more about guns than I’ll ever know. He gets more YouTube hits than I’ll ever get” you kind of exposed it with those statements!

  12. Really? This is a joke right? Who are any of us to tell a grown man what he should or should not do with his property with his guns or even criticize him for it? I for one am very entertained as well as value and respect his opinion. The guy obviously knows what he is doing. Proper gun tests? Seems proper to me. Real tests…the type of tests and fun that WE will have with a gun. There is plenty of scientific data available on line. I like to see it applied. Keep up the good work…I mean FUN Hickok45.

  13. I understand Mr. Fargo’s point, but……
    To me, Hickok’s videos are informative and entertaining just the way they are. And I admire his being true to his own style, and lack of apology for making fun videos. At the same time a valuable lesson prevails throughout his videos: Given enough practice, almost any gun can be shot with a reasonable degree of accuracy. Of course some are better than others, and which ones are better or worse can be deduced from his presentations without the use of hi-tech measuring instruments. If his light-hearted approach seems like “pandering” to his audience, that’s fine. Better that, than pandering to the manufacturers.

    As someone else mentioned, Nutnfancy covers the technical aspects rather well, if that’s your bag. They each have their own audience and for good reason. I don’t mind watching them both to get all that I’m interested in. They’re each more likely to offer us the greatest amount of quality content if we encourage them to work the way they see fit.

  14. Hickok I love your way of doing your videos. If I watch sootch, NTP and Tn9 for the speed and accuracy stat test. They are just awesome
    Aswell, but they all have their way.
    Hickoks is shooting off hand and doing more
    Shooting off hand is what I wanna watch. I don’t have benchs to rest on, I don’t have traps to test velocities, so I resonate with Hickok, I just wish I had access To the forearms he does!!!

    Keep up all the good work Hickok!!!
    (of course FPS Russia is great for laughs as well!!!)

  15. Actually, this “article” is silly nonsense. I take Greg’s videos for what they are …. FUN, and sometimes quite informative. If you can’t see the larger good picture of Hikcock45’s messages, and you don’t like having shooting fun, or you have nothing to learn about anything concerning firearms, you do have the official power and license to not get yer dander up by watching. Blog posts like this just feed the liberal left fires. Please stop it.

  16. can someone please give mr farago something better to do like a job at mcdonalds

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