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If there’s anything different about the post-Parkland call for gun control, it’s the very public lobbying efforts of teenage students who survived the massacre. Gun control advocates have placed the kids’ angry condemnation of pro gun rights politicians front and center in the media’s thinly veiled (if at all) support for civilian disarmament. The teen-flavored #enough campaign will culminate in a National School Walkout on March 14. My teenage daughter is . . .

happy to take a day off from school for any reason. But she’s going to class that day.

Yes, I’ll be “forcing” her to go; turning her back on her education in the name of restricting citizens’ civil rights is not an option.

If your brood includes a teenage child, does your support for freedom of speech include letting your kid bunk school to lobby for gun control?

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  1. On Pi day? That’s sacrilege. No school, no dessert. It’s that simple. Is it that obvious I’m an engineer?

    • Maybe it’s better that they don’t attend a school that manipulates kids to hate their liberty? Wouldn’t they be better off staying away from bad influences? Why send them to a school that’s full of communists that won’t protect them? How about home school or private school?

      “The man who never looks into a newspaper is better informed than he who reads them, inasmuch as he who knows nothing is nearer to truth than he whose mind is filled with falsehoods and errors.” ― Thomas Jefferson

  2. These are your children, America. Stupid, entitled, ignorant, brainwashed twits. Are you happy?

    The only thing sillier than the children in this “crusade” are the children who supposedly raised them.

    • If they want to go crusading, we can always round them up, and ship them to Iran, see how that works out for them.

  3. I asked my oldest son if he knew anything about any walkouts at his school. He had no idea what I was talking about, and laughed at the notion that anyone in his school would participate.

  4. Not that I have kids but if mine wanted to take a day off because the rest of their classmates were not going to be learning that would be fine, assuming their grades during the semester were good (hell I played hooky too many times to count myself and still got straight As, although I would call the office and impersonate my father to “excuse” myself…).

    However, if they planned to join their classmates in bitching about the freedoms they are so lucky to enjoy and that brave men fought and died for, well let’s just say there would be some “re-education” going on in my household.

  5. If they March on the 14th they don’t get to March in their graduation ceremony. There have to be consequences for illegal actions. Period.

  6. Robert, as your daughter’s teacher takes the class outside, your daughter may be forced to join them. Don’t think that teachers will all necessarily tolerate dissent. There will be peer pressure, disapproval, and outright orders to go along.

    Remember, this is the left we’re talking about. And, they’re in full “emote, not reason” mode.

    • Ordered to a field trip without the parents consent?

      I would bypass the school and go straight to the board of education.

      • We’ll see what happens. I suspect that some kids will be cajoled, intimidated, or forced to go along. Later, some parents will be outraged. There may even be freedom of speech lawsuits. Many of us believe that some teachers will pressure students to adopt “the correct position” though. But, we’ll see how it plays out.

  7. I no longer have any school aged children, but if I did, they’d be staying home with me that day so that I could continue a real education on the subject of firearms. Any parent who allows their child to be exploited by this leftist nonsense should have their parental rights terminated. This is just another form of child abuse for young pre-adults who’s brains are still developing, and are ripe for indoctrination. Shame on any parent who allows their child to be used like this!

  8. Don’t have any teens yet, but I’d give them a choice: Either go to school, or spend the day doing nothing but manual labor. And when I mean day, I mean from sunup to sundown.

    Hell, by the time March 14th rolls around, most of these dummies won’t even remember why they’re walking out of class.

    • You’d be better off keeping them home that day so that they couldn’t be forced by leftist school officials to participate. Don’t think that won’t happen in many Democrat/Leftist centric areas .

      • Maybe counter with a “Stay-in for Firearm & 2nd Amendment” discussions with your children at home, or even an organized event at a neutral location. Lots of topics and counterpoints to teach your kids. Firearm safety, environmental/situational awareness, etc., to counter the brainwashing in their schools. Just a thought.

  9. Seeing as I work in the industry, I will take my son out of school that day and bring him to work so we can shoot together and then have him help me around the lab.

  10. I have had my teenage child miss one day of school in order to assert her First Amendment rights at a pro-Second Amendment rally at my state’s capital.

    So, no, I will not be excusing my teenage child from school to lobby for the abolition of our Second Amendment right.

    • Some might suggest that in both cases you are blocking the child’s right to speak by dictating which speech is acceptable to you.

      Others might just call that “parenting”, which we all know is a filthy, dirty brainwashing tactic used only by non-liberals to viciously control children who would otherwise obviously use their full autonomy to go protest with the left instead.

  11. Here’s an idea: they want to ditch school that day? Fine. Take them and an couple of their friends shooting that day.

  12. Who is paying for all these protests? Who is organizing them? It has the stink of Soros or Bloomberg.

    This is a perfect example of the Rahm Emanuel line, “Never let a crisis (tragedy) go to waste.”

    • No question, the pinkos were ready for this one. Pressing school children as activists. Brilliant.
      Probably leased the buses 6 months ago.

  13. Teachers who don’t show on that March 14 should be fired. No, if my kid was young enough to still be in school, she would be in school.

  14. I’m going to take a wild guess and say this event will be mainly in blue states, but the media will do their best to make it look like a nationwide event.

    Meanwhile, the teachers who complain they don’t have enough money or resources to properly educate our kids won’t see the irony in wasting a day on this pointless event.

  15. I have a feeling a lot of kids won’t be attending school that day all across the nation…

    …mostly because it’s Spring Break for a lot of kids, so school is out, anyway.

  16. I don’t have kids but if I did the deal would be that they could skip that day if by 6pm the night before they provided me a 10 page paper on the BOR with a two to five page addendum on why one right (their choice) is more important than the rest or why not.

    If that was done to my satisfaction then we could do something else. If not, then they could go to school or rewrite the paper.

  17. Yup, we’re going to the range to shoot our high power unobtanium armor piercing bullets assault weapons with the 30 round magazine clips, flash-silencer, semi auto-auto, auto-auto super burst crank bump trigger, with the shoulder thing that goes up!. black rifles matter!

  18. Obviously, no one that regularaly reads this site will allow their kids to skip school to participate in an anti 2A rally. That’s equivalent to asking The Trace readers if they would allow their kids to skip school and attend a pro 2A rally. Not gonna happen, although they might allow them to skip school and protest the event.

    • No, they’ll keep their kids at home to send harassing e-mails to Optics Planet over some imaginary slight Robert has convinced them actually happened via irresponsible and dishonest reporting.

      That or studying the picture of the Silver Ford Escape with the SIG and baby Groot wearing headphone stickers on the back window on the highway in Texas trying to figure out what’s wrong with it.

  19. My kids aren’t teens. Both of my younger sons attend college but I guarantee they won’t do this stupid shite. My grandkids are homeschooled and I doubt they’d do this BS. BTW we had walkouts in HS protesting Vietnam…1970(?)

    • BTW we had walkouts in HS protesting Vietnam…1970(?)
      We did?
      I remember getting out for bomb threats by flavor of the week liberation army.

  20. All my kids are now adults and beyond school age. But, if they were younger, I’d leave it up to them. The USA has a long and deep tradition of protest as part of the First Amendment, so I’d give them that opportunity to taste the rights that come with citizenship.

    Of course, I’d also make sure they know that I’d be selling any firearms intended for their use should they participate in this protest. Because I would want them to learn that if you’re going to be in, you’re going to be 100% in.

  21. My kids are grown, so it is not an issue. When he was in HS, my son was very into guns, so back then he might skip school, but not to attend a protest. At 27, however, he was extremely upset by the Florida slaughter, and despite the fact that he started to collect the parts to build an AR 10 (pre-world trotting with gf), and that I have an AR 15 that he has shot, he aggressively argued the “No one needs an AR 15.” He became so irrational he had to walk away from our discussion of the subject in order to gather himself, and ultimately my (anti-gun) wife made us stop “arguing.” Yes, it was all “feelz,” and his “solution” (which I pointed out was entirely impractical and unconstitutional) was to ban all AR 15s so it couldn’t happen again. I guess we are going to have to revisit the subject when my wife can’t overhear.

  22. If the school admin were smart, they would give everyone the day off, let them protest as they see fit. Then add an extra day at the end of the year like you would a snow day. Basically, if the kids feel strong and really want to protest, that is fine with me. They make their choice and pay the price for it, its a win/win situation.

  23. Take the wind out of their sails. Demand your congressmen pass a bill that actually enforces real, true school safety. They can get that done before this stupid march even takes place.

  24. Our school has armed staff and was trained by the creator of the ALERT response system. Teens here watched the covereage and wondered why the school wasn’t better prepared. I seriously doubt local participation will be high. Mine won’t be staying home.

  25. Ah, yes. The ‘Children’s Crusade’. If memory served they happily climbed aboard transport ships to participate ins an awesome adventure that would change history.
    They were disembarked in the slave markets of Istanbul if I recall.

  26. Will You Let Your Child Off School on March 14?
    Kids are out of school and are working.
    Next Question?

  27. Hmm, I guess I will never vote for another school spending bill again. I will also make it a point to campaigne against these indoctrination centers where ever and whenever I can. Time to home school kids or start our own schools. Perhaps starting a military academy may be in order. Our kids could use a good lesson on ethics, honor, freedom, self sufficiency, and many other traits that public schools don’t teach anymore.

  28. Like many others have said, if my son (he’ll be 18 by then) were to skip school on March 14, it would only be to go to the range.

    I’m pretty sure if it were suggested to him to ditch in support of the #enough ‘movement’, he’d chuckle. He wears a 5.56 dummy round on a chain around his neck (tucked under his shirt because that kind of stuff is frowned upon at his school).

    His mother works at the school and holds compatible points of view (on skipping and firearms).

  29. If my child demonstrates a desire for innocent people to be punished for the actions of random criminals, then I am in a position to make that happen.

    I’d probably go to jail for depriving a child of internet, phone, games, computers, and basic cutlery, but there you go.

  30. My kid isnt a teenager yet, but HELL NO!
    School is important (even if CA has shitty teachers) and he already understands that this virtue signalling nonsense is just that, nonsense.
    The wife and I are pretty sure we’re homeschooling next year because the shit he tells me his teacher says on a daily basis is starting to really grind on the nerves.
    And then I wont have to re-teach him morals or math!

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