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Andrew Yang (AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell)
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Former Democratic presidential primary contender Andrew Yang recently announced that his Forward Party has merged with two groups of former Republicans, forming a new version of the Forward Party. Or Forward Together. Or just Forward.

On the surface, a new viable third party sounds like a good idea to many people. Personally, I’m not a big fan of today’s Republican vs. Democrat politics. Instead of having, say, a half dozen parties to choose from like other Western democracies, we have only two real choices (sorry, the Libertarian Party doesn’t count as viable), and there’s no way only two sizes can really fit us all. I think that Yang is right that the system is broken, and leaves many Americans feeling like they have no real voice in government.

But this new party is shaping up to be a poor choice for gun owners, and perhaps a actual threat to our gun rights. To see this, we only need to look at who ran the groups that just merged with Yang’s to form Forward, the Renew America Movement (RAM) and the Serve America Movement (SAM).

Andrew Yang’s Insane May-Issue Federal Gun Owner Licensing Scheme

While Yang and the Forward Party have been pretty quiet about guns (probably because they’re trying to recruit more Republicans), let’s not forget Yang’s long, long list of anti-gun campaign promises he made in when running for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2020.

You can find that here, but this a screenshot of just one small part of it . . .

That could have been substituted for Joe Biden’s own gun control platform and no one would have noticed.

RAM Stocked With Gun Control Supporters

Let’s take a look at RAM, a group of Democrat rejects and never-Trumper Republican Party refugees. A look at its about page (which will probably disappear soon with the merger) includes such luminaries as Bill Weld, a former governor of Massachusetts with a history of gun grabbing who briefly pretended to be Libertarian, and Christine Todd Whitman, who as Governor or New Jersey frequently expressed her avid support support for heavy-handed gun control (“I support 2nd Amendment, but…”).

RAM co-founder, Evan McMullin, supported  the “Bipartisan gun package”:

RAM’s other co-founder, Miles Taylor went out of his way just before the election to assure Americans that Joe Biden is no threat to their gun rights.

We all know how that turned out, don’t we?

The RAM Twitter account supported gun reform gun control on several occasions. Here’s a recent example (screenshot because it’s probably going to go away soon, too):

SAM Openly Supported Gun Control

According to the organization’s about page, Serve America Movement’s executive chairman is former Congressman David Jolly. Here’s what Jolly recently had to say on the subject of gun rights:

There’s plenty more where that came from if you click here.

I know some will argue that the executive director’s positions might not reflect that of the organization, so here’s some Twitter receipts (before they go ‘poof’) to disabuse people of that notion.

Bottom Line: The Forward Party Can’t Be Trusted on Gun Righs

While there’s some small chance that Forward, Forward Together, the Forward Party (whatever) could end up being officially neutral on gun rights to burnish its centrist image, I’m not optimistic at all that they would remain that way given who’s running the operation. The parts that make up the new whole all looked very favorably on “gun safety” and “gun reform” (read: gun bans, confiscation, and rights limits) to various degrees. We probably don’t want to see what happens if the whole ends up being greater than the sum of those parts.

Don’t get me wrong: the United States needs more political options, but we need parties that seek out win-win solutions to political issues while defending everyone’s rights. All of them.

The only thing Forward appears to offer is a Caspar Milquetoast centrist party that carefully positions itself half way between two wrongs, and the calculated average of two wrongs is still just as wrong. The only thing they’ve proven is that taking some of the worst castoffs of both legacy political parties gives you a new organization that’s just as bad, if not worse than the two-party system from which they all came.

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    • Forward = ‘Progressive’.

      What else is progressive?

      Cancer… 🙁

    • Third parties rarely if ever are good for republican candidates.
      Democrats for the most part toe the party line and vote as directed so third parties don’t hurt them much.

      Third parties tend to draw independents and unhappy republicans, reducing republican votes and handing elections to the democrats (communist party USA).

  1. Yang is a Chinese CCP communist that exists to propel the Chinese CCP in to absolute power over the UN and secure the final implementation of the UN 2030 total domination and world control program. My wife claims he is a CCP spy and provocateur that was sent to the USA long ago for such a purpose. She has said this for years as being from Vietnam she knows how they operate. I agree with her more and more every day.

    If you look closely Yang’s gun control agenda it very closely matches that of the UN goal of disarming the masses and only allowing that for a select politically-aligned few. It’s proof all over again the average totalitarian communist party supporter is an ultra-paranoid and corrupted individual that seeks nothing more than to be a part of a political party that operates no differently than an organized crime family.

    • My wife claims he is a CCP spy and provocateur that was sent to the USA long ago

      Unfortunately, Yang was born in Schenectady NY, ran for POTUS which requires natural born status. That does not mean he can’t be a ChiCom spy, it just means they did not SEND him.

      • You have far too much faith and confidence in alleged birth records of such states. NY is no better than HI as I’ve been told.

    • Yang’s parents are from Taiwan, the little island that’s been holding out against the communists since 1949.

      • So you say. I don’t trust a damn thing any of them say to include NY, CA, HI, and the rest of them. I know exactly what Taiwan is as I fly through there once a year going to and returning from Vietnam.

        And NO; I’ll think for myself and rely on my own discretion. Sounds like he very easily impresses you so you believe what you want.

      • And are his parents still there holding out against the commies? Because technically except for the ones on the island, the Chinese Nationalists had a pretty poor record against the commies and against the Japanese as well.

        Americans working for airlines and freight companies in SE Asia tend to schedule flights passing through Taiwan because there’s a Costco there, and you can get American food in Costco.

  2. HMM Wait…asian…move forward? OH Yeah Great Leap Forward in Chicom land 1958- 1962 Famine ike between 15 and 55 million deaths….Yeah Ukraine Nazi Chicken Littles…the Chicoms make Hitler look like a piker.

    Google it gang its rather entertaining

    • The optics, geez. They’re obviously working on a shoestring budget and couldn’t afford a consultant to come up with a better name. They’re already failing.

    • …………do they have some kind of rule where they have to refer to previous implementation in what they are trying to do?

      • Answer: (Chinese Proverb) … “When it comes to revenge, 10 years is not too long to wait”.

        This is the CCP mindset. Every country in Asia will attest to this.

        • But apparently it is TOO long to remember who saved their asses from Imperialist Japan. If not for the US, Chinese people would all be slaves working in rice paddies and coal mines at the behest of their Japanese overlords… Too bad they didn’t have the foresight to kill Mao and deny the Russians occupation of Manchuria, China would be a very different place today.

  3. Sounds like a new Progressive Left scam to “divide and conquer” the Republican vote to keep the Left in power. Andrew Yang is a Progressive and any Republicans associated with him and his organization are pure RINOs. Beware the wolf in sheeps clothing.

    • That’s exactly how Evan McMullin became a household name. The uniparty paid him to try to keep Trump from winning some electors. The propagandist media did their part by promoting him for free. So this theory makes perfect sense.

      • Here is to hoping it just gets the “moderate” democrats to split off as the main party descends into crazy land.

      • The propagandist media did their part by promoting him for free.

        Well, he got what he “paid” for; this is the first time I’ve heard his name.

        • Heard about him because of my work adverse coworkers who were loud proponents for UBI for one election or another re democrat primary season.

    • How about “Leftist Scum™”?

      [borrowed from Geoff PR, all rights reserved – lol]

      • The esteemed Mr. Haz can use that anytime he wishes… 🙂

  4. “Instead of having, say, a half dozen parties to choose from like other Western democracies, we have only two real choices (sorry, the Libertarian Party doesn’t count as viable)…”

    If the Libertarian Party isn’t viable on a national level at this point, then neither will any other third party. The two party system is here to stay. There’s too much existing infrastructure and power to make a true third party possible. That’s why we need to take what we have and reform it. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel.

    Love or hate Trump, his presence at least made people aware of how evil both parties are. Trump was a candidate chosen by the people instead of the party and the power players. Those guys put all of their money on Bush, remember? That fact that their own anointed one didn’t make it to the general infuriated both parties.

    Reform is possible. People are becoming more aware of how bad the current leadership is. The “RINOs” need to be taken out in their primaries, one by one. If they aren’t taken out, then I’ll still take them over a Commucrat. As bad as McConnell is, he held the line on “moderate” SC Justice nominee Garland. As bad as Lindsey Graham is, we need every Senate vote possible when it comes down to a party line vote, and one party is better than the other. It’s time to grow up and stop throwing votes away on nonviable candidates.

    • An honest objective and realistic view of both the situation at hand and issues to come……….yeah you are going to get flamed. Great post and happy to see others with this viewpoint.

    • The reason the Libertarian Party isn’t viable is because people have a problem with one point or another. If people would even check out the party they are voting for, they will see other things they don’t like.
      We have to accept that there are people that truly believe that firearms are dangerous and do not trust others to carry, just like there are people that cause car accidents because they are scared to merge into traffic.
      Right now, there are people in both parties that support the same things. A Dem from a state that has no huge metro areas might have supported the 2nd, until the party made an issue of it. Republicans in years past were the voice of gun control(and I suspect many are still pulling the strings) – they really don’t want the public to have guns in case they are turned against them.
      As an example, farm state representatives from both parties want subsidies, these things are local going to Uncle Sugar to make happen.
      Look at what your party really wants and you will see that they have been bargaining for years to make things happen and it is a stalemate.
      A 2 party system is just going to become more polarized as time goes by, so pick your poison.

      • The Libertarian Party will never be successful because they do not support private property rights for the individual. But they do support government-funded sex change operations. They support Government-funded safe injection centers. They don’t support having a military. Unless that military is forced to accept people who want to have sex change surgery.

        And they will always trade a citizen’s right to keep and bear arms for Citizens protection by the government to urinate and defecate in public. Or for the citizen to be protected by the government so they can have sex in public. Guns are very low on their list of priorities.

        • to Gipper’s Ghost
          Libertarians by Nature are liars by omission. For decades that have simply been dishonest about who they really are, by not talking about it in public. I’m actually glad that they have come out on stage for everyone to see them. “Completely naked” so to speak. Finally because of the internet their message will get out to a much wider audience.

          That is unfortunate for them. Because the mainstream news media has been hiding who they really are, for a very long time now.

          The Libertarians will always be able to attract “the San Francisco crowd”. They’ll have plenty of members for their perfectly legal sex orgies. And be able to shoot up crystal meth to improve their sexual experience.

    • I’m starting to agree with you. I’ve patted myself on the back more than once for refusing to vote for the lesser evil. I still don’t think that voting for Republicans will fix anything. But prying Democrats away from power is an essential and urgent first step.

      I fear that at this point it might only be possible to slow the decline, but that’s better than this all out race toward global neo-fascism (which seems uncomfortably similar to feudalism in many ways).

      • In the end tyranny is tyranny it’s just a question of where the central power is located and how many peasants need to die off to maintain the status quo.

    • He told us he had so many ideas for helping the country, but then after he lost, we barely heard from him again. Why was that? With all his money he couldn’t promote those ideas without being in the White House?

      • Bill Clinton’s administration was the most devastating to the military ever…They can say that Biden and Obama was the worst…. but Bill Clinton forced many early outs and purges…. Clinton’s decommissioning was completely obvious within one year of him being in office…He made Oceana, Little Creek, Dam Neck and Norfolk ghost towns very quickly…

  5. Real solution is a purge of RINO’s in the Republican party and a purge of marxists in our country which would protect our Republic and also clean up the democrat side.

  6. I’m thinking the Democrat party is going to destroy itself. Hopefully, that will happen before they completely destroy our country. But I’m not going to hold my breath. And of course, we’ve got to hold the Republicans feet to the fire.

    • That right there.
      I have a good friend who is a registered Dem, only for his work is union.
      Looking at what the Dems are driving, he is like, WTF????

  7. Controlled Opposition to deflect discontent with the Establishment Party and further corral a populace that is pushing back.

    Also note how many of these folks are previous Intelligence Operatives, i.e. Evan McMullin.

  8. My guess is that “Forward Party” wasn’t their first name choice… but names like “Marxist” and “”Communist” and “Democrat” were already taken.

  9. Andrew Yang is just as racist and Anti-civil rights as Bull Connor. The difference between the two of them is, Andrew Yang has a better disposition. And he smiles a lot more.

    So I’m supposed to feel differently about an Asian who wants to take away my civil rights? Instead of a white person?

  10. Oh he!! NO! Yang is a Leftard. Forward is backward. How you stand on guns & babies is everything to me. They may siphon off a few Dims & tree huggers which is ok by me.

  11. It is amazing that most of what these people propose is in total disregard for the Bruen decision by the Supreme Court which struck down not allowing people to own firearms by putting arduous processes in their way. How is some Federal agent any different from a Sheriff or Police chief who doesn’t think the public should own guns? These people are lunatics.

  12. The system itself is not broken, except that it let government get too big.

    The more government intrudes in peoples lives, the less control people have over their own lives, the more they see the collective everyone else controlling their lives, and the more it makes sense to try to push government rather than mind your own business.

    The problem is government size. It cannot be reduced by political means. See Ronald Reagan for an example. Where this will lead, I cannot imagine, other than NOT being revolution, because too many people get too many benefits from government.

    He needs a free helicopter ride and I have a pilot that’s willing to take him up!!

      • There are those who live on Taiwan who are CCP sympathizers, Jennifer… 🙁

  14. Parliamentary multi-party systems have the same problems, just in a different way. You often get “tail wags the dog” situations where a super-minority party gains disproportionate influence by being part of the ruling coalition. They can get their pet policies implemented despite only a tiny slice of the voters actually wanting those policies.

    But I would support a ranked voting system if only because it would take away the tired “muh throw away vote!” argument against third parties.

  15. “Bottom Line: The Forward Party Can’t Be Trusted on Gun Righs”

    Oh, they can be trusted — trusted to infringe your rights. There’s absolutely no doubt about that.

  16. If the gangster criminal greed monger founders of the U.S. had all been hanged like they should have been we in the U.S. would now have a parliamentary government with multiple political parities which must form a coalition government to rule.

    We would also have a much more democratic government as well.

    • See my above comment on the “tail wags dog” problem of parliamentary government.

      Also, duck season!

  17. Thank you for this article. I was curious about this party of misfits. Unfortunately, no gun control party will not get my support.
    So we now have two parties who are openly hostile to our gun rights and one who uses them for trading material. Wonderful.

  18. It doesn’t matter what they stand for. They’ll be systematically snuffed out just like every other option outside of the red/blue options. People are stupid.

  19. This doesn’t say why the Forward Party is no friend of gun rights, it only says that it is. The reason they are no friend of gun rights is because many are foreign born and have no history with firearms.
    They wish to bring the same government to the US that their parents left when they were children.
    I question their motives, as all Americans should.

  20. I’ve been a one issue voter for over 40 years. That issue has always been and remains the 2nd Amendment. The candidate’s stance on the 2nd decides my vote. If none of the candidates stand for the 2nd, then I’ll leave my vote uncast or write in Mr. No Confidence.

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