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Politico is reporting that House Speaker Ryan doesn’t have the votes to cave to far left Democrat pressures to gut the Second Amendment.  From

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has dismissed the Cornyn plan as a “toothless NRA bill that will do nothing to keep our communities safe.”

But hard-line GOP conservatives came out against the leadership bill amid concerns about due process rights. The House Freedom Caucus on Wednesday said it would vote as a bloc against the proposal unless it’s amended. That forced leadership to postpone consideration of the bill, which was slated to hit the floor this week. Ryan and McCarthy hoped a conference meeting would assuage members, but they still don’t appear to have the votes needed, sources say.

In a Thursday whip meeting, leadership told senior lawmakers they wouldn’t be able to take up the bill this week because they were still working through the disagreements with the far-right flank.

“Far-right flank” is “progressive” speak for the vast majority of Republican voters. Those Second Amendment supporters see no reason for Ryan to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. The Republican bill would put due process in jeopardy, make it appear that the Republican leadership once again caved to squealing and irrational Democrat demands, and failed to do their job against old media pressure.

What is not stated in the Politico piece is the obvious. To many astute political observers, it is the primary challenge in Speaker Ryan’s home district.

According to a recent poll, Ryan’s support is down to 43%.  Ryan’s home district is a safe Republican one.  A grass roots conservative challenge is being waged by a popular outsider candidate, Paul Nehlen.  The Speaker knows that one good way to get primaried is to appear weak on Second Amendment issues.

There is no reason for the Republicans to waver on Second Amendment votes. The anti-second amendment numbers are tiny, and will not vote for a Republican anyway; Second Amendment supporters have long memories and are willing to work hard and open their wallets. This is not seen with anti-Second Amendment activists.

Ryan made a big mistake when he agreed to bring to a vote an ineffectual proposition for no good purpose.  Why snatch what looks like defeat from the jaws of victory?

Backtracking now can help. Will it be enough to keep Ryan from being primaried?  We will know in a month.  The Wisconsin primary is on August 9th.

©2016 by Dean Weingarten: Permission to share is granted when this notice and link are included.

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  1. I’ve had making a small donation to Nehlen’s campaign on my to-do list for the last two months. Thanks for this article as it served as a nudge. I just donated $30.08 as a hat tip to his 2A position – would love to see Ryan knocked out of office over this issue.

    • We traded one Boehner for another…Ryan needs to go.
      Boehner looks really good about now as compared to Ryan.

      • I don’t know seeing a spray tan drunk Herman Muster talk for the republicans that had sell out even to his marrow or Ryan want to be a democrat hipster.
        Both suck but I liked the tv show and would get made every time I saw a spay tan drunk ruin my tv memories.
        I would rather Ryan because he is less entrenched and easier to send packing.

  2. Paul Ryan, meet Eric Cantor. Maybe you two can have a drink together and cry in your beer. There are several Mexican brands I’m sure you’ll absolutely adore.

    • We can only hope that Ryan meets the same fate as Cantor. Both are squishy, open-borders, pro-illegal RINOS.

    • Cantor rolled himself into a high paying lobbyist job. Perhaps Ryan with cat lick Rep Guz…something from IL and bus, fly or walk more illegals into the country

  3. Due process is radical and right-wing extremism to Democrats today.

    Good to know.

    • “due process is what’s killing us right now”

      –Democrat Senator Joe Manchin, 16 June 2016 on MSNBC ‘Morning Joe’

      So yeah. They hate due process. It stands in their way to harass or outright jail whomever they want whenever they want.

  4. “2A voters have long memories”….NO kidding, I know folks who still will not buy a Ruger product because of old man Bill’s attitude towards black rifles back in the 90’s

    • My forgiveness came in the form of buying an SR-556 and a 10/22 takedown. I may get another 10/22, and a Ruger Precision Rifle or a KTM series Hawkeye in 6.5 Creedmoor would be pretty sweet.

  5. I would get as much happiness out of Ryan being primaried as I would out of Hillary being defeated. Which is bunches.

    • The left protects their own. We eat our young the moment they show a smidge of impurity. I bet you’re a never-Trump-er, too.

      • Ryan has given us nothing but fully funded Obama budgets since he lost in 2012. He is not one of our own, he never was. I didn’t swear fealty to the Republican party, it swore fealty to us. I am not a serf living on their indulgence, we owe him nothing.

  6. I tossed Nehlen a few bucks. Ryan is a squishy POS. My own Republican Congressman is, too, but no one would primary him.

  7. Don’t get your hopes up. This polls is likely an outlier. Breitbart is very selective in which polls they report on.

    Here is the situation on the ground in Southern Wisconsin. Ryan is safe. All local Tea Party groups have put their support behind Ryan. Wisconsin often goes against national trends. It’s a quirk of we cheeseheads.

    Paul Nehlen isn’t popular except with the ultra liberal radio hosts like Sly Sylvester. Sly is the guy that said our female Lt Gov only got where she is because she gave sexual favors. Neither Nehlen or Sarah Palin or Michelle Malkin or any other national pundit or local Nehlen volunteer have done any doors in my neighborhood.

    Also, google WISN Dan O’Donnell’s piece on Nehlen’s so called small business that he owns. It appears to be a farce. Ryan may be no prize, but Nehlen appears to be a trojan horse. No one here knows him or remembers him when we were under progressive siege during our Act 10 union power recall fights of 2011 and 2012.

    Thanks to the freedom caucus for standing up for common sense. Donate to them or donate to Ron Johnson so you don’t have Russ Feingold back in the Senate taking Schumer’s voting orders.

    Don’t shoot the messenger unless you need to indulge your feelings over logic ie progressivism.

    • I met Paul Nehlen and the above references are not correct nor complete. Mr Nehlen supports national cc. His views on trade and immigration align closer to Trump. I used to support Ryan, but I knock on doors now for Paul Nehlen. He is the real deal.

      • How is Dan O’Donnell’s radio report on Nehlen’s small business not correct? There are no public records of tax filings, no clients named and no revenue reported anywhere. Dan is pretty thorough in his reporting. Do you have those records? If so please forward them so Dan can correct his record.

        The radio record is clear. Nehlen has been on Sly Sylvester’s show repeatedly and not once on Belling, McKenna, or Weber. I listen daily and the podcast so there is a record. How is this not correct?

        All 4 area sheriffs, the Racine area Tea Party, Wisconsin Right to Life, and National Right to Life all refused to endorse Nehlen.

        61% over 65 years old. We’re more aged, but that is ridiculously misrepresentative of state let alone the area.

        So apparently he is doing doors. That’s good. Hasn’t done any in my neighborhood.

        Facts not feelings. Wendy Davis said she supported Open Carry and Campus Carry when she was running for governor. Did you believe her?

  8. …and we have posters on this website who think Ryan is defending our 2A rights.

    • I’m assuming yo mean me and thank you for proving me right on feelings over logic. “If it saves one life…….we must do something.”

      First, I wrote that we have the Freedom Caucus to thank, not Ryan or Nehlen. Your attempt at the classic strawman implies because I don’t blindly support Nehlen, I must blindly support Ryan.

      Second, Wendy Davis could claim everything Nehlen is claiming, that doesn’t mean she’d be conservative. You didn’t believe her when she said she supported open carry did you? Why was that? She had a history of actions. Well, so does Nehlen.

      Third, we’ve been through this primary challenge many times. We have strong conservative radio that finds the conservative when seats open up and in some cases, incumbents are challenged. See Glenn Grothman’s path from State Assembly to Representative.

      Fourth, Nehlen’s action and in some cases, lack thereof, indicate he is a scammer. There is zero record of his support, financially, rhetorically, or even voluntarily of any our conservatives like Gov Walker, Senator Johnson, any state senator or assemblyman. No one remembers him during the recalls and the siege of Madison or any other Tea Party group locally. His small business appears to have no named clients, billed no revenue and filed no tax reports. Homer Simpson’s CompuGlobalHyperMegaNet seems more legit than Nehlen’s Blue Skies Global.

      Lastly, if Nehlen is so conservative, why is he avoiding Mark Belling’s, Vicki McKenna’s, and Jay Weber’s show like the plague and running to uber Madison liberal Sly Sylvester? They’d love to have Nehlen on, he doesn’t want any hard questions so he’s never appeared. I’d like yo hear from him. So far all I can get is vacuous radio ad trope that means nothing and inflated claims of being a small business owner. This would be the first time Wisconsin progressives tried to mess with a primary. See Segway boy Jeremy Ryan.

      Something does not smell right here. Nehlen is no Bratz. Spend your money more wisely.

      • He is not Ryan, and that is all that matters, Cantor, Boner, Then Ryan and McCain, the the turtle and then Graham, no RINOs, no more cucks.

        • Proven right again. So your feelings of frustration override your logic in being willfully obtuse to the evidence that Nehlen is a “cuck” or worse. You don’t become Sly Sylvester’s favorite if you’re a conservative. Add on top of that, he appears to be lying about his small business credentials and conservative activism, this guy is not the primary challenge you’re looking for.

          But, I get it, “we must do something” and “if it saves just one life.”

          I realize those hundreds and thousands of miles away from Wisconsin don’t understand us here, but this feelings over logic lashing out has to stop. No wonder we can’t beat the progressives.

  9. Wasn’t it the buckling of the Freedom Caucus that paved the way for Ryan in the first place? Glad to see they have a new temporary spine.

    • Yep it was, whatever he promised them was not enough.
      Glad to see the spin is solidifying again.

  10. You missed the best part.

    From Nehlen’s website:

    “The National Firearms Act of 1934, the Gun Control Act of 1968, the government’s current regulatory war on lead—these are just three of many prominent avenues by which government has worked to restrict your access to tools that allow you to protect the most important things you have—again, your life, your liberty, and your property. […] We also need to chip away at existing, unconstitutional laws that infringe on the 2nd Amendment—laws that should never have gone on the books in the first place, a handful of which I’ve already mentioned.”

  11. The Politico author is an idiot. We won this fight, for now anyway, because I and a whole bunch of other like-minded people called, emailed, or wrote actual letters to our Senators asking to either fight this cancer or not ever come back to their respective constituencies. And that’s a fact.


  12. I wrote Paul Ryan and advised him that he won’t get another dime from me since he went against the 2nd Amendment. I’ll do more research and see if donating to his opponent is worthwhile.

    Meanwhile my current contributions, other than the FPC, Calguns, and the NRA, or going to Rand Paul and Donald Trump. Having Trey Gowdy as AG would be a vast improvement.

    • Look just above you. Even the most allegedly pro-2A Republicans currently there won’t name the beast that is the NFA and GCA.

        • I’ve donated to Fred Costello (primary candidate for my district of FL-6, have a signed letter of him supporting repeal), Paul Nehlen (says it very clearly on his website) and Dr. Ward (Have her communications manager say she supports it and she got rid of NFA mirroring laws in the state house, plus McCain is especially scummy) . Organization wise I donated to the Gun Owners of America.

  13. Is this that liberal I always see on TV agreeing that wanting the wall is racist? And that telling the truth is “inciteful?” I thought he was a BLM activist…

  14. Let’s face it…It really isn’t DemoCRAPS, or RepubliCONS any more…Our fight is with the “Globalists/EU-NWO/ One-World Global Governance types…”Those EU types that have invaded the American Government. Using your “elected representatives” to engage in 5th Column activity to destabilize America. These people have been attempting to break-down the US Constitutional-Bill of Rights *(in the false claim of public safety, national security, and the public good.)* .Targeting our codified liberties like the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 10th, and 14th amendments…Because our freedom to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness stand in their way….We the people need to take a stand …And fight for our American freedoms…And remove all Globalists from our Government…And our country…Definitely, Fight the future…Unless you like one of our elitist Supreme Court judges telling all you folks that you should be happy with a “Rewritten, South African style of Constitution…A Bill of Privileges from the Government that reads like an employee handbook …”

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