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By Lee Williams

The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence will soon receive a second taxpayer-funded PPP loan of $579,530, which was approved by the Small Business Administration just last month. Last year, the gun control group received a PPP bailout of $695,000.

As soon as the funds from the current loan are disbursed, it will mean the Brady Center has cost taxpayers more than $1,274,530.

The multi-billion-dollar Paycheck Protection Program, or PPP, was launched by the federal government to help small businesses and their employees who were hit hard by COVID-19. Although technically a loan, the PPP offers 100% loan forgiveness if the business adheres to basic spending criteria.

Brady spokesman Liam Sullivan did not immediately return calls or emails seeking comment about whether these funds will be used to support anti-gun candidates. However, according to SBA documents, Brady said it will use the money to pay its 56 staffers.

According to SBA: “On the PPP application, Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence reported intending to use the proceeds of their PPP loan for the following expenses: Payroll: $579,529.”

According to their most recent IRS from 990, from 2018, the Washington D.C.-based nonprofit claimed more than $7.5 million in total revenue, and paid its president, Kris Brown, more than $283,700 in salary and other compensation.

The Brady Center is not the only anti-gun group to help themselves to taxpayer money.

Last year, the Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence received $349,700 from the PPP, which it told the SBA it would use to pay its 16 staff members.

Other lesser-known anti-gun groups have cashed in on PPP funds too.

A partial list includes the following:

  • The Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence, based in Washington, D.C., received $279,992
  • Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence, based in Washington, D.C., received $248,900
  • Christians Against Gun Violence Endangering Our Children, based in Garland, Texas, received $85,000
  • CT Against Gun Violence Education Fund, based in Fairfield, received $59,430
  • New Yorkers Against Gun Violence Education Fund, Inc., received $57,680
  • CT Against Gun Violence Education Fund, Inc., based in Fairfield, received $48,700
  • Women Against Gun Violence, bases in Los Angeles, received $14,652
  • North Carolinians Against Gun Violence, based in Raleigh, received $13,285
  • States United to Prevent Gun Violence, based in Chicago, received $6,800
  • Rhode Island Gun Violence Education Fund, based in Kingstown, received $5,248

“The vast majority of Americans do not support these groups or their anti-rights efforts,” said Second Amendment Foundation founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb. “Therefore, American taxpayers should not be asked to help keep them afloat.”

None of the country’s major pro-gun organizations have applied for or received PPP funds, including the National Rifle Association, Gun Owners of America and the Second Amendment Foundation.


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This story is part of the Second Amendment Foundation’s Investigative Journalism Project and is published here with their permission.


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      • Now now…Those nasty nice democRat Party Jim Crow Gun Control Zealots desperately need the money for new sheets, pointed hats, torches, nooses, whips, chains, concentration camps, gas chambers, Swastikas and all the despicable things that are confirmed to be tied to Gun Control. What Filth.

  1. The problem with the PPP is that the small businesses that needed the most help, don’t have the lawyers and accountants to work the system. I’ll bet most of the money was fraudulent. Pay you taxes yall, so we can fund our demise.

    • Yep. Much of it was fraudulent AND completely unnecessary. The individual checks were a distraction so you didn’t notice the massive transfer of wealth from the middle class to the upper class.

    • Difference is that the gun companies and retailers pay taxes.

      The gun grabbers getting bailout are profit free organizations that pay zero taxes. I prefer we bailout those who actually pay taxes.

      • To Jethro the High school flunk out. Wrong guy and wrong university. Quite playing on the computer and go milk your cows.

        • quote—————Wrong!

          QUOTE————–I never dropped out, I was expelled.

          Not the same thing at all.————quote


        • quote—————dacian June 18, 2021 At 18:38
          Yes jwm, will you take me on… MAN to MAN?

          I would like that.————–quote

          Another fake post by our troll pretending to be Dacian.

        • To jwm

          Sorry for calling you the pejorative “Jethro”.

          I flunked out of High School, and it’s now a raw subject (like my ass on a Saturday night).

          The real dacian.

    • Both links contain a lot of disinformation. With the obvious lies they put in the stories, not a lot of credit can be given to anything else.

      A objective story, without the normal bs presented by everytown and the trace may provide something more worthy of investigation.

      Do you have a real source? Maybe the documents for the loans? Or anything else of real value?

      • quote—————Both links contain a lot of disinformation. With the obvious lies they put in the stories, not a lot of credit can be given to anything else.——————–quote
        Every time you receive info from an accredited news source you call it lies if it does not agree with your agenda. I suppose your favorite Fox News never posts propaganda.

        • alfred e. newman wannabe…Nitwits like you who trip over themselves to regurgitate what they assume is a “gotcha” are a dime a dozen.

          I do not object to borrowing money to operate a factory, etc. Furthermore pencil neck, if you cannot produce and deliver product you do not get paid so the amount of back orders is not relevant.

          And furthermore I object to seeing a dime of taxpayer money going to fund any shape, matter or form of Gun Control simply because history confirms Gun Control is rooted in racism and genocide.

          The question for you is, Would you object to seeing taxpayer money spent on slave shacks, nooses, chains, whips and things tied to Gun Control? If no then why would you point fingers and ignore funding going to a Gun Control org. that is carrying on a democRat Party kkk Jim Crow Gun Control Family Tradition?

        • Everytown and associates are not credible at all. Fox is slightly credible as is CNN. MSNBC is outside of any credibility.

          Try something credible. Try showing documents even proving they lied.

  2. “None of the country’s major pro-gun organizations have applied for or received PPP funds, including the National Rifle Association, Gun Owners of America and the Second Amendment Foundation.”

    They bloody well should !!

  3. I think the whole point is that when somebody makes a post attacking the Brady Organization for taking money by pointing the finger at them they have 3 fingers (and more) pointed right back at themselves because as you can see a multitude of criminals in the gun industry all applied for ppp loans when they were making record profits and had no justification for applying for the loans.

    What is enraging is that the Feds who persecute poor people when they apply for welfare and make them bring in an entire bag of paperwork and then give them nothing then turn right around and give businesses millions in free money. It proves that when the stingy far right uneducated Morons scream about poor people getting welfare they fail to realize that this money is dwarfed by the millions that are given to Corporate Welfare. Example: Trump’s tax rape bill that gave the super rich 2 trillion in tax avoidance while giving nothing to the working class and driving the National debt up in trillions. Corporations like Amazon made 2 billion in profit and paid zero income tax making the working people pay all the taxes to run the country. Next time the gangster Criminal Republicans scream we cannot afford a National Health Care Plan just remind them they stole trillions with Trump’s Tax Rape Law.

    • Remember the pet projects of the Democratic Party that cost billions in PPP loans.

      There is a lot graft at taxpayers expense.

      Yet you have not proven those particular gun companies were in the wrong.

      Non profits taking taxpayers money, while profiting is concerning since they pay no taxes .

      Amazon should be taxed, no argument.

      • Yes I have proven it. You never bothered to read the article on the ghost gun company that spelled it all out in plain English as they lied every step of the way.

        • alfred e. newman…You are an easy sell for marxist manure. You buy it, you try to sell it and when it doesn’t sell you show your behind and then you ask to get it kicked man to man. From what I see you need a diaper change and a long nap.

        • Bring out some credible sources instead of a scandal rag tabloid or Bloomberg’s propaganda wing.

    • So you are against wealth redistribution of any kind? Because I am. Governments should not be loaning or giving money to individuals or corporations. This is what happens when you have federal income tax.

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