Missouri Governor Mike Parson
Missouri Gov. Mike Parson (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel, File)
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By Jason Balsamo, AP

The Justice Department is warning Missouri officials that the state can’t ignore federal law, after the governor signed a bill last week that bans police from enforcing federal gun rules.

In a letter sent Wednesday night and obtained by The Associated Press, Justice officials said the U.S. Constitution’s Supremacy Clause outweighs the measure that Gov. Mike Parson signed into law Saturday. The new rules penalize local police departments if their officers enforce federal gun laws.

Acting Assistant Attorney General Brian Boynton said the law threatens to disrupt the working relationship between federal and local authorities, they said in the letter, noting that Missouri receives federal grants and technical assistance.

“The public safety of the people of the United States and citizens of Missouri is paramount,” Boynton wrote in the letter.

President Joe Biden has made gun control laws a priority of his administration, and the House has passed two bills requiring background checks on firearms sales and an expanded review for gun purchases, though they face a tough road in the Senate. But states, including Missouri, have increasingly worked to loosen gun laws, including abandoning requirements that people get training and pass background checks to carry concealed handguns.

Missouri’s law would subject law enforcement agencies with officers who knowingly enforce any federal laws to a fine of about $50,000 per violating officer.

Republican lawmakers who worked to pass the bill have said they were motivated by the potential of more restrictive gun laws in the Biden administration. But state Democrats have argued the law is unconstitutional and have predicted it would not pass a challenge in the courts.

The Justice Department argued in the letter that the state lacks the authority to shield any Missouri businesses or citizens from federal law or to prevent federal law enforcement officials from carrying out their duties.

Boynton said the bill “conflicts with federal firearms laws and regulation” and federal law would supersede the state’s new statute. He said federal agents and the U.S. attorney’s offices in the state would continue to enforce all federal firearms laws and regulations. He asked that Parson and Eric Schmitt, the state’s attorney general, clarify the law and how it would work in a response by Friday.

Six states have passed legislation removing or weakening concealed-carry permit requirements this year, most recently Texas, where Republican Gov. Greg Abbott signed a bill Wednesday. About 20 states now allow people to carry concealed weapons without a license. At least three other states have passed legislation banning police from enforcing federal gun laws, a preemptive shot at any new measures passed by Democrats.

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    • “Missouri receives federal grants and technical assistance.”

      This practice of the Federal government – giving money to states and municipalities – has a pernicious effect of undermining our federal system of government.

      Consider two Nullification movements: immigration; and, marijuana. It’s perfectly clear that the Feds have jurisdiction over immigration. And, it’s perfectly clear that the states have exclusive jurisdiction over public health, safety and morals; and, horticulture. (So, if a person grows pot for her own use the Feds have no tax, commerce or other power to intervene.)

      Come now a Federal subsidy to a state or municipality. If the state/muni doesn’t want to be a tool of Federal policy – Constitutional or not – the Feds withdraw the cash. We are all taxed to provide this cash to the Feds to carry out their policies on the states. We in our state may agree/disagree with the immigration or pot policies of another state. Doesn’t matter, we are being taxed to give that other state money – or withhold it – to further a Federal policy.

      Granted, the Feds really DO have the power to control immigration. Yet, they do NOT have the power to mandate the use of state resources. One state may feel overwhelmed by illegal immigrants’ children filling their schools. A different state may value those immigrants’ contribution to the labor pool to process the produce (e.g., agricultural) of that state.

      If the Feds can – in effect – “buy” a state’s resources (e.g., schools, police) by “giving” a subsidy to the state – and then withhold it for lack of cooperation – then we become a centralized republic (as is France, for example). Our system of dual-sovereignty with distinct spheres of authority is undermined.

      On balance, this seems incongruent with Federalism. Whether or not illegal immigration or pot is a good/bad idea, it is a still more important principle that we conform to our Constitutional framework.

      We ought to discourage our Congress-critters to use the Federal power to subsidize (and therefore, to withhold subsidies) states.

      The effect is less pernicious when the Feds subsidize individuals. E.g., the Earned Income Tax Credit or school lunches. (Might still be unwise to subsidize anyone; but that’s a distinct issue.) The effect is most pernicious when subsidies serve as a lever to coerce the application of state power on its residents.

      Nullification seems to be a peaceable means for the People, through their respective state legislatures, to push-back on Congress’ instinct to color outside the lines of Federal authority and invade the domain of state authority.

      • Rats turn a blind eye to states not enforcing pot laws but insert firearms and here comes Big Rat Brother with their panties in a wad.

        They don’t come right out and say Gun Control, they sugarcoat it as Public Safety. That’s along the lines of the Public Safety aspect of the military wing of the democRat Party known as the KKK whose job was to look out for Public Safety by terrorizing and confiscating the firearms of Black Americans.

        What the Party of Jim Crow Gun Control has demonstrated they want to do to the Second Amendment makes their complaint null and void. If their words and deeds were not a factor Missouri would not have moved to protect the 2A. So Sit Down and stfu you despicable Gun Control public safety democRat Party ratbassturd KKK nazis.

        • I was thinking the same thing. The Justice Department is the parent to the Drug Enforcement Administration, as well as the ATF, yet they didn’t go after CO and WA when they legalized recreational weed.

          Whether you’re in favor of legal pot or not, it’s currently against Federal law. This nonsense of selectively enforcing laws leads to a diminished confidence that laws are being enforced fairly and equitably.

      • “Our system of dual-sovereignty with distinct spheres of authority is undermined.” Not just undermined; pretty much gone at this point.

        • Yes. When the Feds pick and choose which laws to enforce based on political considerations, they have been doing for decades, then, screw the Feds and local standards prevail

      • I think what it would take for all of the corruption of the federal government to end peacefully, is for one state to indemnify and protect their states citizens from all federal taxes. First one state, then the majority. Then when the feds try to print their way out of there endlessly growing budgets, refuse to accept or use dollars. Return to real money That right there would the end of all of the unconstitutional federal agencies, the end of the empire abroad. Etc.

        • “Way too long
          Did not read”

          Zackly. If a thought, concept, analysis, legal argument cannot be expressed in no more that a four sentence paragraph that reinforces my thoughts and feelings, I have no interest in reading about it.

          Think soundbites, folks; 20sec, max.

      • “it’s perfectly clear that the states have exclusive jurisdiction over public health, safety and morals; and, horticulture. (So, if a person grows pot for her own use the Feds have no tax, commerce or other power to intervene.)”

        They got around constitutional limitations by signing an international treaty, same as they did with migratory birds. The controlling case is Missouri v. Holland.

        You may wish to search and read information about the “Bricker Amendment,” a short, common sense statement that “A treaty shall be effective as internal law in the United States only through legislation which would be valid in the absence of a treaty.” The swamp fought like hell to ensure it was never passed, and it never was.

    • that response sounds like Garland-speak…apparently they’re concerned about lack of cooperation…didn’t seem to bother them at Waco, though….

  1. Then the DOJ needs to be consistent with their use of the supremacy clause. Sanctuary States and Cities need to follow the same guidelines with illegal immigration.

    Consistency is keeps respect for law. Inconsistent policies erodes that respect.

    • And also the marijuana “decriminalization” crap. Without legalization at the Federal level, it’s nothing but a trap.

      • Stretches the feds thinner and thinner until they can’t maintain any control.

    • Inconsistency is the watchword of the age, personally, culturally, legally, people roil in cognitive dissonance and if you point it out, you’re a hater, an extremist, whatever.

      Perfect example is the whole “super straight” thing — the left claims that there are untold numbers of genders, they’re all valid, etc. some kids started a joke that their gender identity is “super straight”, and the left collectively lost its mind, “that’s not a real gender! You can’t just make up genders!”

      That situation is a microcosm of society. Pointing out the inconsistency between how the DOJ treats 2A sanctuaries and immigration law sanctuaries won’t be worth a bucket of warm spit for those who have ATF agents show up at their door.

      I would also note that while the MO law would prevent MO LE from enforcing federal law, I don’t think it would protect anyone from federal LE enforcing federal law.

      All the people commenting “feels so good to live in MO! ATF has no power here!” Wrong. ATF jurisdiction is what it is. Do they think MO LE are going to show up and tell ATF agents to go somewhere else?

      • More like ask them nicely to go somewhere else, then escort them to the jail so the state can make some money if they don’t.

      • “Perfect example is the whole “super straight” thing — the left claims that there are untold numbers of genders, they’re all valid, etc.”

        If ya can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

        Therefore, I am *proudly* a lesbian trapped in a man’s body… 🙂

        • After sitting a while in a bar listening to what this woman would like to do with this other woman I decided I must be a lesbian too.

      • ATF depends heavily on referrals from state and local authorities…cut that off and it hampers them considerably….

    • THIS. Screw them if they don’t think this game can’t (and won’t) swing both ways.

  2. Federal gun control law violates the Constitution. So it is void and has no effect. Texas just passed a similar law.
    DOJ is just a crooked agency in a crooked socialisy regime. Come And Take It. Or try. You will see what real patriots are made of.

  3. Anyone remember when Trump was sworn in into office in 2017 and left wing states were busily passing laws banning police from working with federal officials? Yeah that. See it was a teaching moment for the democrats, it comes around full circle. We all learned that states can snub their noses at federal laws. So there we have it.

    • “Anyone remember when Trump was sworn in into office in 2017 and left wing states were busily passing laws banning police from working with federal officials?”

      Preach it.

      I wonder if the DOJ sent a similar letter to the states that de-criminalized weed possession laws?

      {The Sound of Crickets Softly Chirping…}

  4. Missouri LEO: Did you see any illegal stabilizing braces here?
    Other Missouri LEO: Nope

    Ok carry on… Nothing to see here.

    Yup we can IGNORE federal gun laws.

  5. It’s totally cool for state and local law enforcement to ignore federal drug and immigration law though, right?

    The DOJ has no credibility.

      • Fortunately, though, they are reliably completely incompetent, so they will do it all wrong.

    • “It’s totally cool for state and local law enforcement to ignore federal drug and immigration law though, right?”

      Let’s see if any news media ask press secretary Jen Psaki this question –

      “The Department of Justice sent the State of Missouri al letter warning them they cannot nullify federal gun laws if the chose to do so.

      Did the DOJ send similar letters to the states that have de-criminalized federal Marijuana laws?

      Jen? Any comment?”

  6. The Federal government ignores and/or refuses to enforce Federal law on a routine basis. It was an art form under Obama. When government entities begin picking and choosing what laws they will and won’t enforce the rule of law is no longer in effect, all government becomes meaningless, and anarchy reigns.

  7. How is what Missouri is doing any different than California or Colorado Legalizing Marijuana with the Passage of State Legislation?

    Federal Law still states Cannibas recreational selling, trafficing, use and possession are illegal.

    • “Federal Law still states Cannibas recreational selling, trafficing, use and possession are illegal.”

      Because Marijuana is like, natural, man. And anything that grows is good compared to a gun that hates all living things, man…

      (C’mon, man! Is a sarc tag really necessary, here? 😉 )

  8. “…noting that Missouri receives federal grants and technical assistance.”

    Well, *that* didn’t sound like a thinly-veiled threat or anything, yeesh.

    • As I recall, when Trump tried to deny federal money to the immigration sanctuary cities, the courts blocked him. Would be funny to see that happen to Biden.

  9. If state or local police arrest federal jackboots violating the constitution, the feds aren’t going to enforce squat.

    The states are trying to enforce SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED, which is aimed at all agents, officers, employees and operators in government. The Constitution overrides the DOJ.

    • No it doesn’t–at least, not in the REAL world. In the magical, perfect world in which some fantasize that they live, the Constitution has meaning and power; In the REAL halls of power, which includes the DoJ, however, it means what our Betters interpret it to mean.
      In a political system wherein a judiciary can discover an unfettered and affirmative right to kill unborn children hidden between the lines of a portion of a legal document affirming the right of citizenship and equal protection under law, it is blatantly obvious that even greater hidden meaning can be found in the few short words of the 2nd Amendment.

      “Shall not be infringed. . . you keep using those words; I do not think they mean what you think they mean.” –United States Department of Justice, 2021.

  10. States all over this country ARE ignoring federal law. That’s why the 2020 election is such a fiasco. Nevada ignores federal law with its weed laws. West Virginia, California, Illinois, and others ignore federal law with respect to the 2nd Amendment. There ARE laws that get completely ignored for Hillary Clinton and her email server. This is a long list of grievances.

    Some of these violations are pursued while others are dismissed. We are either going to have laws or we aren’t.

  11. They force states to enforce gun laws but some reason they can enforce immigration. Interesting

      • There is. If you check the first block of the three below your identifiers choosing to save your identity, you will then have a few minutes to edit or delete your post.

      • There is an edit function but, to enable it, you must check the box for “Save my name, email, and …..” before posting your comment. Then, you have five minutes to make changes.

  12. First of all I have not read these new Texass laws. That said, no state law can nullify a federal law. But that’s not the point. The point is the state is saying if they believe a federal law is in violation of the state or federal Constitution, then in that event no state level or lower level law enforcement may be involved in the enforcement of the federal law under contention.

    That’s not nullifying. It is saying that Texassicans will make up their own minds on whether or not to aid in the enforcement of federal gun law.

    To nullify the state would have to be saying they would directly interfere with federal officers enforcing federal laws.

    As the state is not saying any such thing, it’s all noise.

    Also, currently, there’s near complete agreement between state and federal gun law. So in the here and now there’s not actually anything to argue about.

    Maybe later.

  13. A historical reference that Gov. Mike Parson might make use of.

    “December 22, 1944

    To the German Commander,

    N U T S !

    The American Commander”

  14. It is almost like the DOJ is having a different conversation or talking about a different law. Why has no reporter asked “ have the courts not repeatedly ruled you can not force states to enforce federal laws ?” The answer is really clear. They give these vague answers About the supremacy clause but ignore the anti-commandeering doctrine. The feds lost this battle on guns once already. They lost on immigration and they lost on weed.

    They actually lost on booze too. By the time prohibition was repealed several states had decided to stop enforcing the laws or helping the feds.

    • True, but they feel they can just keep on spending our money trying the same thing over and over.

      • they drew a wash in la. you can be handed an open container in the sportsman’s paradise, but the feds have withheld highway funding.

  15. It’s nice to see States standing up and saying enough is enough. Unfortunately the Federal Governement still does what it wants. Until they run the Feds out of town it really does nothing.

    • I disagree. When is the last time you had an interaction with a Federal “Law Enforcement”(sic) officer? Now how about local/state? The Feds don’t have the man-power to do a lot. They will make some examples for show, but in reality they are useless without the locals help.

  16. Laughable political posturing for the mid term elections. The new gun laws are largely meaningless as Federal gun laws trump state laws. No gun manufacturer or gun dealer would dare violate Federal gun laws.

    The Feds control the money they give to states and the states that suck up most of the Federal tax dollars are poor red neck states kept in poverty by the Republicans who refuse to fund job retraining programs, infrastructure repair, access to high speed internet services , child care for working mothers, health care, or family leave programs or a “livable wage” as all other civilized nations have had decades ago.

    Poor Red Neck states pay the highest payments in welfare and the majority of people on welfare are white not black even though many hold down as many as 3 worthless part time minimum wage jobs that have no benefits, no overtime pay, no full time pay, no holiday pay, no vacation pay and of course no health insurance this is modern day serfdom pure and simple. None of this enslavement is tolerated by civilized nations in Europe and even the far East

    The U.S gets first place as the number one shit hole of all the industrialized nations to live in and ranks 27th in health and educational benefits. Its also the most violent and unsafe industrialized nation to live in among all the industrialized nations as its lack of workable gun vetting laws and safe storage laws prove it compared to all other civilized nations that have had them now for decades.

    If you want to keep the U.S. in the dark ages with a nation of troglodyte worker slaves the Republicans have proven they can do it and they, not foreign countries, are the biggest enemies of America’s working class population.

    • “U.S gets first place as the number one shit hole”

      LEAVE. Our Southern border is WIDE OPEN. GO.

      • Yes dacian, please leave… I believe that you can get a mouthful of Soros jizz regardless of place of residency.

        • AND HOW

          Soros is a supporter of progressive and liberal political causes, to which he dispenses donations through his foundation, the Open Society Foundations.[18] Between 1979 and 2011, he donated more than $11 billion to various philanthropic causes;[19][20] by 2017, his donations “on civil initiatives to reduce poverty and increase transparency, and on scholarships and universities around the world” totaled $12 billion.[21] He influenced the collapse of communism in Eastern Europe in the late 1980s and early 1990s,[22] and provided one of Europe’s largest higher education endowments to the Central European University in his Hungarian hometown.[23]

          His extensive funding of political causes has made him a “bugaboo of European nationalists”.[24] The New York Times reported in October 2018 that “conspiracy theories about him have gone mainstream, to nearly every corner of the Republican Party”.[25] Numerous American conservatives have promoted false claims that characterize Soros as a singularly dangerous “puppet master” behind many alleged global plots.[25][26][27][28] Conspiracy theories targeting Soros, who is of Jewish descent, have often been described as antisemitic.[29][30][31]


        • I wish…. the colossal waste of tax dollars thrown at the public ejamukashun system should be declared immorally contributing to the delinquency of minors. So your hero who “was instrumental in the collapse of communism” throughout Europe wants to be behind the downfall of Democracy here. Got it. By the way, still waiting to hear where the 1.3 million felons busted by 4473 violations are incarcerated at, and also, footnote citations would be nice, since you have no qualms about wasting internet ink.

      • quote—————–neiowa “U.S gets first place as the number one shit hole”

        LEAVE. Our Southern border is WIDE OPEN. GO.———–quote

        Wrong. It is you who need to leave and people like you because we Socialists are going to stay and fight for a better America, a Socialist one. And we are winning the young over and as the old Nazi Neanderthals die out each year and the Republican party becomes more and more bizarre we Socialists become stronger and stronger. By 2030 white privilege will be over and whites will be a minority in the U.S.

        And we Socialists are in control of the government now so enjoy the ride. Once the filibuster is done away with every bill we introduce will pass the legislature. It will be rather strange then to actually live in a civilized and safe America with affordable healthcare and affordable education and the filthy rich paying their fair share of taxes.

        • “It is you who need to leave and people like you because we Socialists are going to stay and fight for a better America, a Socialist one.”

          That’s a good one!

          Son, you don’t realize it, but there is a wall with the names of Leftist Scum like you on it.

          And you will go meekly, thinking your ‘peace’ signs will save you… 🙂

        • To Geoff. quote——————–And you will go meekly, thinking your ‘peace’ signs will save you…————-quote

          The Red Army did not beat the White army with slogans but no matter
          unlike you we have the firepower of the Feds behind us now, we can just sit back and let the Feds take care of you once and for all just like they took care of the Nazi’s that tried to storm the capital. That went over like a lead balloon. Go threaten someone else hill jack you cut no ice with me. This Nation has no room for Nazi’s like you.

        • get your drift…but dumping the filibuster might have some interesting outcomes after 2022….

    • Dacian- Fascinating theories you have. Please post a location and time where I can meet you in person to discuss. DYING to meet you.

    • “the majority of people on welfare are white not black”

      Look up “base rate error.” Learn it. There will be a makeup test.

      • Tried editing that — the editor locked up. Reposting:

        “the majority of people on welfare are white not black”

        You are comparing absolute numbers of two sub-populations with a very different prevalence in the total population.

        True (and meaningful) statistic: The PERCENTAGE of the white population that is on welfare is smaller than the PERCENTAGE of the black population that is on welfare.

        Look up “base rate fallacy.” Learn it. There will be a makeup test.

  17. Missouri law trumping federal law? Someone tell those knuckleheads the Confederacy lost.

    • they often share the load…sawed-off shotguns, for example…are often prosecuted at the state level…while machine guns usually generate an automatic call to ATF….

    • Considering the Civil War started in Missouri, I’m thinking somebody hasn’t studied history.

      BTW, have you read the Governor’s reply? Parsons was previously the elected Sheriff of Polk County, and I’m thinking he was aligned with the Sheriffs in NY state when they replied to the SAFE act which got passed in the middle of the night by their legislature. Over 90% of the Sheriffs signed by name they would not enforce those provisions. Well, State law trumps county regulations, right? Show me where they enforce that law. By and large its toothless without enforcement. Only the Metro’s attempt it.

      Gov. Parsons has stated Missouri will defend the 2d Amendment “tooth and nail.” Is it posturing and hot air? Wasn’t the Attorney General’s? Or do they plan some kind of demonstration of their authoritay? Waco II? Anything in the way of a large public exercise is hard to plan and execute in complete secrecy.

      Remains to be seen, sure. Of late, tho, it’s come out the FBI is the actual instigator of most of the recent shootings and riots nationwide. It’s public knowledge now. If the Governor needs the “militia” to show up and reinforce local authorities I have no doubt hundreds will respond.

      And by the way, Bundy is running for Governor in his state. Exciting times.

  18. Here is DOJ/USG corruption on display. As noted in the comments, the feds are not willing to take on a state over drug laws, nor immigration enforcement. But, when the subject is firearms, the feds display their fear and corruption openly. One has to wonder why?

  19. A LOT of progtard trolls here today. Is this due to the new phoney ass Burn/Loot/Murder “holiday”? The welfare offices closed?

    • Spoken like a true Nazi Racist. American does not need people like you or want you. Learn to accept multiculturalism or leave.

      • Those of us who do leave will have no peace – as evidenced by your pathological stalking follower posts.
        You’re just another disruptive, insulting pest to be ignored.

        • Rebuttals which you so obviously fear (instead of following the party line) is merely speaking the truth in regards to history and science and does indeed disrupt falsehoods, propaganda and blind allegiance to authority. It is called enhancing your education in regards to controversial subjects, something you will never get when everyone follows the herd mentality and again the party line.
          Critical thinking is the great destroyer of ignorance.

          Reading posts that only agree with your own prejudices and pre-conceived notions keeps you trapped in a fantasy world devoid of all reality and that is were a Conservative feels most secure as they believe there is only one truth written in stone or shown only in black or white with no varying shades of grey in-between.

          Burning down great libraries like the Library of Alexandria in an ancient times may have indeed temporarily stopped people from following science but in the end it was only temporary. Science always wins in the end assuming the world survives global warming by defeating it before it is too late.

        • @dacian You tiresome little troll, I worry more about the world surviving you and the rest of your moronic ilk. You post is the very epitome of irony.

      • Dacian -Diversity is our downfall, you self hating moron. You and your pets should get the wall ASAP.

        • Best definition of diversity I’ve ever heard:
          Diversity: they misguided belief that adding weak links to a chain make it stronger.

        • quote——————–Truth Hurts
          June 19, 2021 At 07:14
          Dacian -Diversity is our downfall, you self hating moron. You and your pets should get the wall ASAP.—————-quote

          quote————–avatarCam June 19, 2021 At 11:46

          Best definition of diversity I’ve ever heard:
          Diversity: they misguided belief that adding weak links to a chain make it stronger.—————–quote

          The legacy of the Trump years made racism “cool again” and many like you two wear racism as a badge on your shirt.

          Your lack of education makes you unaware of the fact that DIVERSITY WAS AND IS THE KEY COMPONENT TO THE PROSPERITY OF THE U.S.

          It was the son of a Syrian immigrant who invented the cell phone which brought millions of profit to the U.S. economy. Further back in time it was George Washington Carver who invented well over 100 new uses of the peanut that brought more prosperity to the peanut famers both black and white alike. Jimmy Carter would not have made near the amount of money on his peanut crops
          otherwise. I could give many more examples but to the unwashed it would be a waste of time.

          And dear racists I am sure with a wave of the and you will ignore the fallen military minorities at Arlington Cemetery comprised of Muslims, Indians, American Indians, Chinese, Japanese , Latino’s, Blacks etc. etc. etc. You racists will scream they do not count, rather only we members of the master white race do.

        • Dacian- I’m educated enough to see through your tansparent lies and propaganda. You communist scum who hate America and white people use the false claims of “racism” to fuel the current communist revolution that you filth are attempting in the US. I wear your accusation of being a racist as a badge of honor. I hope you join that POS Steve Jobs in hell soon, and enter painfully.

    • just another excuse for the feds..[and liberal locals]…to take a paid holiday…reminds me of a comment I once heard about MLK day…”I think it’s great!…maybe they should shoot more of ’em”……

  20. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the law passed does not attempt to nullify Federal law but prohibits state workers from aiding Federal agents in enforcing certain laws. For example, if BATFE want a local sheriff to search their records to see if a certain firearm is in their possession, that department cannot do the work for them. They can say, “There’s the inventory book. Happy reading!” and that’s it.

    • “…the law passed does not attempt to nullify Federal law but prohibits state workers from aiding Federal agents in enforcing certain laws.”

      Exactly what California told Immigration officials…

    • Technically true at least in the beginning. But the Feds control the purse strings and big money talks and bullshit walks. Also the feds could drum up a hundred charges or do a hundred investigations into a State officials background if he does not cooperate and most of the time come up with plenty of legitimate charges to imprison him for a long time and they all know it or will know it once the Feds make an example out of someone who does not cooperate. There is an old saying “you cannot fight city hall” and even God cannot fight the Feds and win (my comment)

    • Actually, my reading of the law would be that they can’t hand over access to the state records either.

  21. “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

    Sanctuary cities/states for immigration are unconstitutional because Article 1, Section 8 of Constitution delegates authority over immigration to the Federal government.

    Sanctuary cities/states for firearms are constitutional because the Constitution does not delegate, and actually prohibits, the Federal government from infringing on the right of the People to keep and bear arms.

    • “Sanctuary cities/states for firearms are constitutional because the Constitution does not delegate, and actually prohibits, the Federal government from infringing on the right of the People to keep and bear arms.”

      This is why “the Commerce Clause” (Article 1, Section 8, Clause 3 of the U.S. Constitution) troubled the founders greatly. If one reads from the base document, then to the BOR, it is possible to conclude that because the BOR does not specifically address an individual clause, federal law controls. If one reads from the BOR, one can conclude that BOR precludes any and all related clauses in the base document. Either way, you end up with “rights” and/or “powers” in conflict, which always requires federal courts to determine which “power”/”right” supersedes.

      IMHO, “the Commerce Clause” is a tool that can overturn the Constitution in its entirety.

        • “is that the intent of that silencer thing?…”

          Not sure I understand.

          The Texas law cannot protect anyone from a charge of violating “the Commerce Clause”, which has been used to force individuals to sell the fruits of their labor in/on the open market. It was considered as a justification for the individual mandate on Obamacare (but Roberts rescued the legislation by claiming the mandate was/is a tax (apparently, now a tax of $0.00 dollars remains a tax).

          As noted, a simple toothpick placed The Heart of Atlanta Motel under federal jurisdiction because the toothpicks used in the restaurant were transported from one state, into Georgia.

  22. The Feds rule no matter what the Constitution says because as Mayo Zedong once said “power comes from the barrel of a gun” and the Feds have the most guns and firepower.

    • You are a laugh a minute oh self appointed oracle… “Mayo Zedung”, is that a spread for your bullshit sandwich ? Mom must be really proud of you… she was probably worried about where you would use your advanced degree in theoretical basket weaving, but just look at you now !!!

        • Waiting for what? For me to agree with your ignorance, fantasies and rejection of history and science. Do not hold your breath.

      • I post reality you post fantasy. Remember Mayo won out against Chaing. But never mind it’s over your head you flunked history classes.

    • actually we far outnumber them…something they’re aware of but would rather not confront….

    • Dacian = It only takes ONE gun to deal with garbage like you. ONE. It’s not the number of guns on a side that matters, it’s what’s actually done with them. I like our odds against yours. Molon Labe, cuck. Make sure you’re in the front of the stack.

      • Threatening people on line is what got the AR15 forum taken off line permanently. I know playing keyboard commando makes you think your penis is of normal length but hey go get a hooker if you are that hard up.

      • quote—————I like our odds against yours.—————-quote

        I remind you that your fellow Nazi storm troopers at the capital were turned in by their own relatives and many are now in prison. Yeah, your idea of starting a Trump far right dictatorship went over like a lead balloon.

      • quote———————Truth Hurts
        June 19, 2021 At 19:44
        Name the time and place, coward.——————–quote

        Ever heard the expression “dumber than a rock”. First “Truth Hurts” calls me a coward and then he blocks my response. This is just too easy but I am sure this is all way over your head.

  23. I think you mean ” MAO “, fuckwit… I guess you skipped all of your classes, probably got someone to give you the answer key for a few “favors”, right ?? ( wink, wink)

    • Feeling superior now??? Sorry dim wit but this fked up forum does not allow you to make corrections after a few minutes when you post. Sorry try again you lost

  24. If Biden & the Dems would stop violating our basic Human Natural Rights FROM GOD Millions of Times codified in the Constitution these actions would not be necessary!

  25. Really? I’m pretty sure there was a war over states ignoring federal law (the fugitive slave act) and the side saying you could ignore the federal law won.

    • Nanashi- Leftist garbage like you always perpetuate the lie that the Civil War was fought for slaves, even though written documents prove the South was encouraged to KEEP THEIR SLAVES if they remained in the Union. The War was fought over FEDERAL TYRANNY. The tyranny gets worse every day, and the wrong side won.

      • What is Federal tyranny if not the federal government openly and purposefully ignoring the law to favor one group over the other?

        • “What is Federal tyranny if not the federal government openly and purposefully ignoring the law to favor one group over the other?”

          Ziiiiiinnngggg !!

          The founders would have never tolerated the regulatory state. Yet, here we are, participants in Kubuk; the government ordering us to believe only what we are told, not what we see.

  26. …noting that Missouri receives federal grants and technical assistance.

    The next step is for Missouri to stop enforcing federal tax laws. If the money doesn’t get sent to Washington in the first place, Missouri doesn’t have to bow the knee to get it back.

  27. Illegal immigrant sanctuary cities. Trump admin says, “You can’t do that.” Judge says, “Hold on, Trump. You can’t make them enforce federal law.”

    Second amendment sanctuary cities. Biden admin says, “You can’t do that.” I await the judge who slaps them down.


  28. I am waiting for the Texas answer for the Interstate Commerce insanity to be held up in a court.

  29. Well here’s a thought Mr DOJ man… You’re out numbered… by, like, a lot. Just in Missouri alone. So how about you should your damn mouth and get back to doing things that you’re supposed to be doing. Like fighting human traffickers, stemming the flow of Chi-Com fentenal, and arresting corrupt politicians. And not eyeing privately owned firearms.

  30. The SCOTUS ruled that Arizona could not enforce a state immigration law that the state copied word for word from the federal statute. So the precedent is set, and no state should enforce federal laws. Let the feds go enforce drug, guns, tax, alcohol, EPA rules, etc. by themselves. Aside from things like kidnapping and bank robbery, what is it in the states’ interest to help the feds?

  31. “state Democrats have argued the law is unconstitutional and have predicted it would not pass a challenge in the courts.”

    Funny… when it’s a Democrat law, they never care about that.

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