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Dear neighbors,

There have been a rash of six break-ins on the East Side within the past 36 hours, two of which were on President Avenue. My own house was broken into a noon yesterday while I was in the house.  The intruder broke a first floor window with a brick and cut the screen with a knife. This morning, REDACTED was broken into at 8am. There have also been break-ins on Taber, Weymouth, Doyle and Loring, all between the hours of 8am and noon. The police want us to spread the word to as many neighbors as possible. In half the cases, people were in their homes during the intrusion. The police are very concerned about this and will be increasing patrols.

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  1. Gotta watch your six, the BG will always pick the time & place…..hopefully your local PD is ok with "stand your ground" and "castle law"???

  2. why does the US media consistently omit the race of most violent perps?

    even down here in 0zz, we know what’s happening with yr violent crime wave!

    almost all yr violent perps are of one, particular “colour”….and, it ain’t “white”!

      • When a stranger offers to help you change a flat tire, or hands you a twenty that just fell out of your pocket at the checkout stand, there's no such thing as a 'White Samaritan" or a "Black Samaritan" or a "Latino Samaritan" or a "Gay Samaritan." They're just good, and that's all that matters.

        When you talk about bad people, the same rules apply. There's no differences between "rural bad people" or "protestant bad people" or "left-handed bad people." They're just bad; that's why we worry about them. If there's a dangerous criminal on the loose and the police have a good description of them, THEN the medis will tell us their skin color, because THEN and only then is it relevant to our safety.

  3. How is that relevant?

    if you don’t under-stand how that’s relevant, then, yr a damn fool, m8!

    here’s how it’s relevant: you’re MUCH MORE LIKELY to be attacked by a non-white, especially a black, than a white… don’t believe that?….then….go check yr own DoJ/FBI stats!

    wake up to yr-self!….no good having Second Amendment-type rights if you don’t know when and where they’re most appropriately utilised!

    sheezzz!…..some of youse Yanks are THICK!……they must indoctrinate youse in “politcial correctness” from kindergarten on or sumthin’!

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