Spree killer Nikolas Cruz (courtesy latimes.com)
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Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students have been all over the airwaves and the internet with a great point: it’s not their job to stop mass shooters. After all, they are kids. They have to be taken care of. They should be focused on learning. It’s not their job to keep themselves safe. They can’t be expected to stop the shooting . . .

The teachers have made it clear, it’s not their job to keep the students safe from mass shooters. They are teachers, not police. Their job is to teach kids. They can’t be expected to stop the shooting.

Local police have made it clear (by their inaction) that it’s not their job to deal with mass shooters. They are overwhelmed.They don’t have the resources or the training. It’s too dangerous for their officers, and they can’t be expected to be there in time to stop the shooting.

Federal law enforcement has made it clear that mass shooters aren’t their problem. They don’t have the jurisdiction, they can’t be everywhere, and they can’t be expected to follow up every lead. They certainly can’t be expected to be there on scene to stop the shooting.

So if it’s not the students, teachers, police, or feds job to protect our children, to stop the shooting, whose job is it?

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      • Everyone EXCEPT the students, and by “students”, I mean anybody in high school or lower.

        It’s like herding cats to maintain order in a pre-collegiate classroom sometimes. Let’s not add armed angst ridden emos to the mix.

        • Even students, down to 4th grade, should take an active role in trying to survive and stop an attacker. The younger the student, the more their focus should be on surviving of course (which usually means escaping). Nevertheless, even a classroom full of 6th grade students could put up a fairly significant defense against an armed attacker IF they pile up all manner of obstacles (e.g. desks and chairs) in the doorway and position themselves on either side of the door with anything they can throw at an attacker who tries to navigate the “minefield” of desks and chairs.

          At the recent attack in Florida, one high school student instructed approximately 60 students in his vicinity to employ ballistic resistant panels and move away from the doorway while he and another student positioned themselves on either side of the door — one had a fire extinguisher and the other had a substantial bludgeon.

          It goes without saying that armed adults should be the lion’s share of protection. That does not exclude children from participating at the maximum level of their ability — which is greater than many people would realize.

  1. I love asking this of a new, often nervous, customer: when you watch the news – who are the First Responders? The police? The paramedics? The firefighters?
    Nope. Wrong answers. The correct answer (pointing at the noob) is YOU. You are the one actually there on the scene as the emergency is occurring; be it a fire, a car wreck or a criminal act. So tell me, nervous noob, what is your first response going to be? Are you prepared to respond at all?

  2. You are just supposed to die.

    Government will not protect you, and Government will not let you protect yourself.

    • Correct.

      That is the underlying message in “you dont need a weapon to protect yourself”.

      Much, much easier to show up and count bodies, then wag your finger and say more laws ( less liberty) would have prevented it.

      Then push for more money for more cops because you will need to count more bodies.

    • The powers that be consider us mere civilians as “acceptable collateral damage”.

      Under progressive ideology, the true victim is the perpetrator who is a victim of an unjust society and we as members of this society need to be punished. In their minds, we are getting what we deserve.

      • Holy crap! 🤦 That second paragraph compelled me to do a face-palm from the extremely convoluted “logic”, then I immediately realized you are EXACTLY correct: that really is what these mentally defective statists believe. Thank you for the epiphany of clarification.

  3. My solution for large schools would be a remote piloted drone that actually has armament.. teachers instructors with just hit a panic button…. would be guided by a human law enforcement person at a remote location… smaller schools with less money simply need secure windows and doors.. with an armed law enforcement person always within a half a mile of the school… ISIS and similar groups are watching these events and will try to mimic what they have been seeing.

  4. It is everybody’s.

    No passing the buck on this one.

    The school failed.
    The community failed.
    CPS failed.
    Police failed.
    FBI failed.

    Not just a bog standard failure either, every one of them ignored clear warning signs for their own selfish reasons.

    • I’ve not been following it very closely, but I can hardly imagine how failing at your job helps you. Can you tell me how their failures were selfish?

      • OmnivorousBeorn (how were failures selfish?): Were any of the Sheriff’s personnel casualties like the children/ teachers they were protecting inside the school?

      • Follow the money. The school district gets big bucks for reducing reported crime. The local Sheriffs department is highly politicized and partnered with the school district to cover up and not report crimes in order to meet harder and harder targets regarding crime figures. This is a direct result of Obama’s ‘feel good’ policies because apparently racism was the reason for school age minorities being incarcerated at a greater rate than non-minorities. So, it’s not neglect, negligence or stupidity that the shooter ‘fell through the cracks’, it was deliberate.

        I’m not sure where the FBI fit into all this, they were warned a number of times and once again failed to act. I cannot believe that this was neglect, negligence or stupidity but was something more nefarious.

        There are some awesome articles on The Conservative Treehouse on all of this.

        • Okay, trying to drive down reported crime rates makes some sense. And 2004Done’s explanation gives a reason for the deputies who didn’t go in. Thanks.

        • If what you describe is true and it appears to based on documents presented, then every officer involved should for charged with falsifying police records, accessory to all crimes that were covered up and accessory to murder. All school officials should also be charged and anybody else that knew of this including parents. I wonder if the same thing is not being done Chicago, would explain a few things. As for street gangs using teens commit crimes, that has been going on forever, just more organized based on your research.

    • Add the courts that as he had been in front of a judge on several occasions for violent behavior, but nothing was ever reported to NICS.

    • Everyone failed. All systems fail. The final failure point is the teacher in the class room. The ones that put themselves in the line of fire to “save” the children should have been armed and they could have really saved lives.

  5. The NEA and AFT do not speak for all people in education. You would be surprised how many school personal will carry ( concealed) if allowed. There are school districts though out the country who permit their personnel to carry. Utah allows it in all districts . Faster Saves Lives will provide the training for cost. Many concealed carry instructors will provide the ccw training for free. My wife works at a school and she would carry if allowed.

  6. The school administration, oh, um….
    The Sheriff’s department, no, wait a sec, I’ll get it…
    The FBI! No? Well, I give up then.

  7. If it’s no ones responsibility then review and remove the policy that indirectly creates students killing students.

    Here’s the policy collusion between BSO and Broward County School board.


    These policies exist and aggressively defended across the country by state attorneys These are THE underlying reason students are murdered. No Black Ops, no deep state, no CIA, just federal monies available showing a downward trend and what administrators do to get it. The end result is a few dead kids for a room of dollars. In the mind of school district administrators money trumps lives.

    Its not about guns people.

    No one can intellectually provide a work around of this information, if one does, they cannot claim planting any flag on the moral high ground. If you want to reduce (cause you cannot end it) school shootings, harness cold anger on your school boards, county sheriffs and congressional elected representatives. End the policy of collusion, demand they provide funding for schools without incident reductions, insist on law enforcement doing their job.

  8. Well, really, it always has been the responsibility of parents to protect their minor children… If they choose to do that by proxy, then almost inevitably, that protection is going to be 2nd rate. Sending your kids into the maelstom that is a large, urban, public school and expecting that your children will be safe, from all threats, is kind of stupid; always has been.

  9. It’s no one’s job. It’s self preservation.

    And it’s very apparent now (to the uninformed) that restricting accessibility to life saving tools to a few is criminally irresponsible and unethical particularly if those few entrusted with peacekeeping are incompetent, susceptibleb to cooersion, or corrupt.

  10. ANY teacher that does not buy into the responsibility of “taking care of’/protecting the children in their charge OR who is not mature/stable enough to be allowed to do so should not be allowed within 100ft of a kid.

  11. Really? Stop a “Shooter”????
    Why isn’t this “Stop a Murderer at a school”? You are focusing on the gun by calling out shooter.
    The “stop” has to be for all methods of murder, ie machete, molotov cocktail, poison gas, etc.
    Why do the people of the gun keep falling for this nonsense from the left by only addressing shootings instead of addressing murders.

    • Stop murderers: bull’s eye!

      The reasons why so many Second Amendment supporters use the language of gun-grabbers is because:
      * no one told them any better yet
      * humans are innately mimic-machines
      * repetition builds memory; and the mentally defective known as liberals make sure to use COPIOUS amounts of repetition to embed their deceptive terminology into everyone’s minds, until using their terms becomes fully automatic (pun intended).

      While I am on the topic, for the last time: it is not a f’ing “assault rifle”. It is a self-defense rifle. Or a sporting rifle. Or both.

  12. Any LEO that will NOT go into that situation should quit NOW. Any LEO that fails to do so needs to lose his pension, be fired for cause and if someone dies, should be charged with aiding a murder.

    We need to send a message NOW. First responders need to know going into the job that they may have to lay down their life, if they have a problem, do not go into LE

    • Unfortunately, the Supreme Court has determined that they are not required to place there lives in harm’s way or even respond if they chose. There have multiple decisions on this subject since the mid-1800’s. Their main responsibility is to the state (i.e. government) not the individual or group.

      • Well, for once SCOTUS got it right…according to the law. But failing to intercede in any murder in progress is cowardly and immoral. In my mind it makes you an accessory to murder.

      • The position that the cops are under no obligation to protect you from murderrs or madmen is what led to the CCW movement.

  13. Well fortunately for us the statists are out in force to save us all. Through the ineffable power of legislation.

    We are so screwed.

  14. Imagine, instead of fire sprinklers mounted on the school ceiling…….claymore directional fragmentation mines linked up to a live feed that can be remote detonated from a control room. Any shit that happens in that institution will be met with a blast and storm of shrapnel. The school would become a death trap for any would be assailant. Anyone other than the shooter caught in the blast is merely collateral damage. Damn kids would then know true fear, DEATH FROM ABOVE!!!

    Like one of Arcade’s setups from Marvel Comics.

    • Actually, your idea isn’t that bad, without the fragging part. Just trip the sprinklers! If the water doesn’t melt the special snowflake doing the murdering immediately, the confusion, water, and all-round nastiness just might hinder the murder efforts.

      Further, I’ve yet to see any news reports where those stuck in a school locked-down with a shooter inside tried to use fire extinguishers or a hose as improvised weapons. Wait till the little shit comes around the corner and blast him in the face with a firehose. Pop his eyeballs out and see how well he aims then!

  15. According to the long-standing legal principle of in loco parentis, it is the responsibility of the schools and their staff to protect the children. That means teachers, too. This is a concept any teacher in the classroom or school administrator is familiar with. If a kid has a medical emergency at school, school personnel escort them in the ambulance (and approve medical treatment) if they can’t get ahold of the parents in time. If they do something bad, they have the ability to punish them within district approved guidelines suitable with their position. If a kid gets injured due to negligence of the school, the school employees at fault can be held criminally liable, and the district civilly. I fail to see how this concept, so beaten into educators’ heads in college, is tossed out the window when the proverbial feces hit the oscillating turbine in an active shooter situation.

    As a former teacher, there were kids I absolutely LOATHED. There were also kids I would’ve adopted if needed. I would’ve taken a bullet for any of them. That’s what you’re supposed to do. Not because it’s in the employee handbook, but because it’s the right thing to do. This whole “we aren’t paid to protect these kids” nonsense is just that. It’s the most feckless, dismissive statement to come out of this incident.

  16. Peterson froze because he was not mutually supported by comrades in arms. He knows what a rifle will do and locked up. His mind was not thinking a student murderer but someone knowing how to deploy a rifle. Same with 3 other BSO officers awaiting instructions shows the officer yoked to a task complete mentality instead of observation, initiative, correction. In addition Peterson was far removed from everyday police work and assigned to be a political officer assessing behavior and writing reports that nulled Cruz’s actions. In effect allowing criminal behavior to go unpunished. Better crime statistic’s brought more federal dollars to the county. This was Peterson’s primary mission. ONLY when other LEO’s, not yoked to a set policy’s was the murderer advanced on.

    EVERYTHING ELSE, Bullet size, leadership, communication, cameras, rifle vs. handgun, democrat vs republican, what students ate for breakfast, CCW carriers…IS SPIN.

    Cruz killed his fellow students, polices enabled him to do so. Here’s why, because most schools fall under county jurisdiction, School District and County Sheriffs are mutually supported and on the same overall team, it allows collusion to cook the books. Separate and fund city PD over county sheriffs to break the collusion and enforces accountability. I can tell you from first hand experience city counsels do not have good working relationships with school boards.

  17. So let’s say that they do hire ‘officers’ to patrol the school buildings during school hours. 1-2 for most sized schools. Figure $100,000 per officer per year= $200,000+ . Are they then unionized and part of the school district or are they county sheriffs?
    New part, when the school district asks for a new contract and more money and then that is rejected and they have to ‘cut’ their budget, do they cut a teacher or a resource officer. Of course this is when the parents say “No, I won’t play any more in taxes. Cut your budgets even tighter!”
    And it’ll begin all over again……..

    • I suggest an increase in property taxes across the board with that money set aside for the *exclusive* use for school security…

  18. Community volunteers. There are plenty of retired vets and gun owners out there that would gladly donate time and weapons to protecting our schools.

    Staff and teachers that aren’t comfortable with guns on campus should seek other employment.

  19. Security is an onion with many layers, not an egg with one easily broached shell.

    Parents need to teach their children love, community, self worth and keep off damn social media.

    Society needs to value the traditional family unit.

    Some teachers, willing and able should be allowed to conceal carry a handgun. Imagine if a few random teachers had a .38 tucked away, no school shooter would like those odds!

    Schools shouldn’t be fortresses but some easily implemented security wouldn’t go amiss.

    School cops shouldn’t be political operatives who cower in terror when the sh*t hits the fan.

    School districts shouldn’t cover up crimes committed by students to make their stats look good and to garner them huge amounts of federal funding.

    Various law enforcement bodies should investigate credible threats and prosecute them. 39 911 calls, plus 20+ other calls to the police plus direct, specific warnings to the FBI shouldn’t have been ignored.

    The state and federal governments shouldn’t promote policies ensuring funding to school districts that cover up crime reporting year on year.

    The media shouldn’t be glorifying and sensationalizing these killers, copycatting is a thing.

    Kangaroo courts (i.e the CNN ‘Townhall’) set up in a heartbeat to control the narrative, deflect blame and to wave the bloody shirt should be outlawed.

    I’m sure there is more but that’s enough to get going with!

  20. Whose job is it to stop a school shooter?

    Whose job is it to MAKE a school shooter?

    No one’s?

    Then how come we have tax dollar funded institutions generating them, such institutions that can’t, also, cr_p out enough students that will qualify for even lax college entry status?

    You’d think, maybe, that all their hand-holding, hand wringing, give everyone a trophy with their Mrs. Ohole’s balanced lunch, sh_t would make for some happier more balanced kids, but our school shooters have multiplied since the incarnation of the food pyramid.

    The education system has just done a gender reveal on another of its outstanding group of failures.
    Whose going to stop the next school shooter? Your government has already stated it can’t, unless you give up your guns. AND WHEN YOUR GOVERNMENT TELLS YOU IT CANNOT DO SOMETHING UNLESS. . . , DON’T WAIT AROUND FOR THE SECOND HALF OF THEIR STATEMENT. Just say “we know, now pack your sh_t and go to the house.”

  21. “Whose Job Is It to Stop School Shooters?”

    The answer is simple, it’s a gun’s job of course. According to Liberals/Progressives (Democrats) guns not the shooters themselves are responsible for all the school shootings so it goes to reason that it’s a gun’s “job” to stop the other gun. If a gun doesn’t stop a school shooting it’s to be considered a “dumb” gun, guns that do stop school shootings are “smart” guns. There are remedial classes available in all school districts where “dumb” guns can become “smart”.

    • There are no dumb guns. Every gun gets a trophy – no exceptions – and all smart guns will be held back until the challenged gun catches up, so the playing field is always level.

      (in case anyone misunderstood, this was a sarcastic joke using the mentally defectives’ own defective ideas.)

      If you think what I said above is beyond ridiculous, you have not met Common Core yet – this really is what happens.

  22. There is a difference between fault and responsibility. It’s not local LE’s fault that this kid choose to be a school shooter, but it is their responsibility to serve and protect (despite Heller vs DC). It’s not the schools’ fault this kid bought a gun and brought it to school, but it is their responsibility to see warning signs in students and prepare (and it SHOULD be their choice to have the best tools to stop shooters, ie, guns). It’s not other students’ fault that their school is getting shot up, but it is their responsibility to barricade doors, get under cover, perhaps even use a backpack as a shield and charge the shooter.

    I know it’s unfair to require teachers and students to defend other children from and with lethal force. But unless you give them the ability and the option, their only choice is to die by the lethal force brought to them.

    • “but it is their responsibility to serve and protect” LOL. Stop falling for that crap! Those words are meant to sooth and pacify the ignorant sheep; It’s absolute utter nonsense at best. Educatate yourself about the truth, stop being a slave.

  23. it’s not their job to keep the students safe from mass shooters

    Is it their job to keep themselves safe? As far as liberals are concerned, abdication of the most basic human instinct seems to be endemic. I guarantee that given the choice between a cell phone and a gun, every single one of these morons would pick up the gun when faced with imminent death. The real issue is they refuse to accept reality. Which is why liberalism is a mental disease.

  24. Responsibility? Beats me…I’m happy they have rent-a-cops at my kids college. Will they step up? Dunno’. My grandkids are home schooled and doing very well. My son is a combat vet fudd so all is far from optimal. I quit lecturing…

  25. It is a perfect job for the Militia of each state. Volunteers, armed with their own weapons, posted inside and outside schools each day. We could stop school shootings TOMORROW if all governors would activate their militias. Everyone would THEN see what AR’s AK’s and etc. are meant for, Individuality and independence from government would be fostered, and kids would get a favorable view of personal weapons and see the 2d Amendment in action K-12.

    • Honest question, is it the Governors place to mobilize militias? I thought they could mobilize the National Guard in times of emergency. I thought a militia is a private thing, eg a few neighbors on my street discussed organizing a small group the day before Hurricane Harvey hit. No one at the time knew how serious it was going to be, how much flooding there was going to be, how long the power would be out for or whether there would be an influx of undesirables looking to loot. And yes, the discussed weapon of choice was the AR-15!

      • “Honest question, is it the Governors place to mobilize militias?”

        Here in Florida where I live,the plan is for county sheriffs to vet, train, and deputize people for each school.

        The ‘deputize’ part is the key.

        In Florida, that makes them on equal standing with law enforcement, with regard to the federal ‘gun-free zone’ law…

  26. It’s every adult’s responsibility. Men first, and then women. If there is a mass shooter, and no one is armed, everyone is in the same boat. They can choose to be victims, or they can act.

    Now, as far as being armed goes, they can all take it upon themselves to vote out the garbage and replace them with constitutionalist who will give citizens back the rights and means to defend themselves.

    • “men first” MY ASS. That is feminist rhetoric. And feminists are by definition Marxist liberals.

      Women are every bit as capable of operating a firearm as men; better in many cases due to their more even vertical weight distribution.

      Please get some MGTOW education and clean that garbage out of your head.

  27. If it’s not the cops or the feds jobs to keep the kids safe from mass shooters, why are we paying them then? I say give me back some of my tax $ and send them to the unemployment line.

  28. It is the school’s job to keep students safe, the students are in their care. It is the teacher’s job, at a minimum as adults, to keep themselves safe.

  29. Two remote controlled robots operated from the Principals office on lockdown. After all doors in the building are remotely locked the bots with shotgun tube, taser, disabling drug dater, and CS gas dispenser kick in and go directly to the threat shoot it repeatedly until it’s down, taser it on the floor and drug it heavily to completely immobilize it. It simultaneously sends its location to the police and sets up video feed from inside the location. Not #2 proceeds to clear the building with video feed unlocking doors one at a time and providing audio instruction to survivors. Two drones on the roof activate at the same time to video perimeter of the school and neutralize any additional threat with .308 rifle tubes while providing video feed and audio instructions to survivors. Two bots, two drones, done. Of course you will need armed officers to prevent bad actors from getting in at all but in the event they are killed or run away your covered still.

  30. I believe it’s Shannon Watts’ responsibility. Every time a shooter appears in a school situation, either Shannon or Gabby should be parachuted in to face down the killer. After all, they are both a lot smarter than us deplorables, and Gabby has even been shot once, so that should make her an expert on the topic. Right?

    • So if it’s not the students, teachers, police, or feds job to protect our children, to stop the shooting, whose job is it?
      Parachute in Michael Bloomberg and George Soros. The Dynamic Disarmament Duo.

  31. Not only is it OUR job to protect the children, it is OUR job to educate them. We’ve trusted other people with our children for far too long.

  32. It’s not a job. If an armed individual is present in a building full of defenseless cchild, especially with his own kid , he has opportunity and ability to stop.it. obligation is debatable, only you and your conscience can make that choice.

  33. It’s your own job to look out for your own life. I think children are a special case — as not yet adults it is adults job to look out for kids’ lives.

    People have different opinions about how much one is responsible for looking out for others. Myself, I think there are times when doing right requires you to choose to kill or die in an instant. If you have taken on looking out for someone else, like kids, well, then that’s your job, because you volunteered.

    Poor Servants

    So, it’s our job to stop school shooters. Sometimes we sub-contract this to agents. When schools, administrations, detectives, “resource officers”, sheriffs, and the feebs fail at the responsibilities we’ve given them 1) it is always our prerogative to pick up where they dropped the ball, and 2) time to look for better servants. The only honorable thing, having chosen our agents so poorly, is to do everything we can to correct our mistake, right now.

    They have no right to claim that only they can address school shootings, or anything else. “The safety you deserve is what I say it is.”, I will freely translate for Sheriff Lyin, there. No. You failed.

    They don’t decide what’s important, or what’s good enough. They are our agents. It is never theirs to decide that it’s time for us to just die for their convenience. Even less so defenseless people we’ve contracted them to protect on our behalf. People they’ve made defenseless, well, that’s a special kind of evil. People in schools with only their courage and resolve to face a gun, because our hired protectors insisted the protected have no means. That’s evil.

    The coach made himself a bullet catcher. The 15 Y O kid died holding a door so others could get out. Another kid isn’t dead yet, with 5 bullets in him, taken getting other people out. The scared, ineffective, crazy, violent, gun-nut kids on the jROTC marksmanship team — anyone who chooses to touch guns is these things, I’ve been told — kept their heads under fire, knew their task to be protecting other students, and did well. We should all do half as well, should the need come.

    The designated protectors, the ones we hired, and empowered, who even more proclaimed that they know best, well, they didn’t do so well, did they? 17 people dead. 30-some casualties. You had one job…

    Does no-one know the admonition: “Come home with your shield, or on it?” You were hired to protect them. You took the job. They’re dead. You’re not. Sheriff Lyin is on the TV proclaiming how he’s such a great leader. Someone with any honor at all would be hiding in a hole, hoping, begging, and praying to find an opportunity to redeem his failure, sometime before he died.

    These people who stepped up are citizens of a republic, all. Their (and our) poor servants weren’t up to the standard set by the “amateurs.” We got to see what these citizens are made of. And their (our) poor servants.

    Why are the spineless running to a scripted 2-minutes’ hate, and counting rounds? The contrast is nearly too much to bear. Some kids died, knowing it. At least one is still in the hospital, still struggling to live. If they can do that, we can step up, and look at the contrast square. “Heroes” doesn’t cover it. Neither does “crap-weasels.”

    These citizens owned their own lives and chose how to spend them, including on behalf of someone else. Some died. It is nobody’s “job” to “stop” school shooters, or anybody else, by nominating someone else to die. It is anybody’s job, and everybody’s to stop school shooters, or any other murdering whack-job, if that’s what they choose to do. The people who’ve taken the job of stopping school shooters on our behalf. Do your fracking job.

    Why is this even a question? The weasels have infected all our brains with their slimy excuses and flaccid lies. They have made our lives less, even if we survived this onslaught, or survive the next. We’re civilized. We don’ stand self-proclaimed “protectors” up against a wall when they let their charges die. Yet, in some sense, that’s the only question. “Those kids are dead. You are still breathing. What’s your excuse?”

    They need to understand, and we do. We don’t stand them up against a wall and shoot them only because we choose to forbear. “Deserve’s got nothing to do with it.” Well, this time, it does. Yet, even now, they — Sheriff Lyin, Loopy Larry, the Feebs, Corrupt Nudgnik Network, and the rest of the cast of despicables (*) — still don’t get that. Jackholes.

    (*) Rumor has it that Sheriff Lyin there was to be appointed FBI director after Herself won. And they still can’t wrap their heads around why people chose even an orange-painted reality star with permanent verbal diarrhea.

  34. There is one, and only one, way to guarantee an END to school shootings:

    Ban schools.

    Get rid of these outdated monolithic horrifically expensive government indoctrination camps. It’s only a matter of time anyway; schools are going to go the way of shopping malls and brick ‘n’ mortar retailers. Online learning, home schooling, and private schools are the future.

    Want to know how to protect your kids from a school shooter? Don’t send ’em to school. You shouldn’t be sending ’em to school anyway. Raise your kids, teach your kids, and teach ’em to protect themselves while you’re at it.

    • Of all the impressively lucid posts I read so far, only Mr. TexTed gets to the REAL ROOT of the problem.

      Bravo, Mr. TexTed. Bravo.

    • Schools are a very important socialization learning tool. It’s where you learn about teams, the opposite sex, social structure including its unfairness, other cultures, drugs & alcohol, street survival, and many other important things not offered in the standard curriculum.

  35. we dont have to arm anybody at these schools

    we have to stop DISARMING them

    then they will ARM THEMSELVES

    JUST LIKE THEY ALWAYS WOULD HAVE had it not been for uncle joe “big fuckin deal” bidens gun free school zones act of 1990

  36. It’s the job of the students to keep themselves safe. It’s the job of the teacher’s to keep students safe. It’s the job of the guards to keep bad people out of the school. It’s the job of the police to find people planning evil events and keep them from occurring and, in the worst case, stop the evil events in progress using all force available/find the culprits and ensure that they face the court.

    We take our children and place them in the hands of the schools/teachers with the understanding that the students will be safe in their care. And then we tie the teacher’s hands from using all means that they are comfortable employing to ensure the safety of the students.

    Is it their job to “hunt down and kill mass shooters”? No. But as the designated adult, should a situation arise, it’s their duty to protect the kids in their care. ie. close door, get kids away from doors/windows, and prepare for the possible entrance of an evil madperson.

  37. You should be responsible for your own safety.

    You cannot rely on others. No one is obligated to risk their life to save yours. Police can volunteer but they won’t. And that’s understandable, they have their own families to think about. That’s why gun rights are so important. So we have tools that are adequate for the job.

    • Well if they take the job they owe period. I think the police cars in some states say, to serve and PROTECT if they take the job on then do the job….

      • court has already ruled on that. it is NOT the duty of police to protect you. doesnt matter what it says on the car.

  38. Who? Anyone who arrives on scene with the means and the will. Everyone is a “first responder”…

    Damn thing is, were I to come across this and ran in with my little Glock 43 and ended the problem, I’m fairly certain the Broward Co Attorney would try to prosecute me for having a firearm on school property and possibly press some sort of 2nd/3rd degree murder charges.

  39. I kinda think it is the parents responsibility to protect there kids… Lets see, its against the law to punish your kids with a spanking, uh You cannot carry a gun in a gun free zone, uh body guard can’t be used he doesn’t love your kid like you do, hmmm. I guess home school it is? If my kids were still in school they would have to protect themselves maybe? just saying! Me, I would take the asshole on and just shoot him, period. Half of these assholes are chicken s_ _t anyway. My only answer, for now…. Peace with all! Oh and all of my own have ccw permits and don’t depend on anyone.

  40. It’s nobody’s JOB.
    It’s everybody’s duty as a citizen.
    The problem is that by thinking it is somebody else’s job, many think they don’t have a duty as a citizen.

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