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“Did you know that 35% of the new customers entering the shooting sports are women?” a SHOT Show seminar asked. “Women shooters are the single fastest growing category in our industry not to mention that women are highly involved in purchasing decisions for the household.” Increasingly, the question for ballistically curious women is not “if” or “when” but “how”? Which also involves “what”? A small gun, usually. (Hence much of the excitement surrounding the new GLOCK brand GLOCK 42). I’m one of those who believes all Americans should pack the largest gun they can comfortably carry. Here’s a solution for women who agree: the Can Can Concealment holster sold as The Big Shebang! Now women don’t have to holster a mouse gun, or complain that they can’t if they choose to. Nor do they have to be the gal with the one gun that everyone’s afraid of. In fact . . .

Although the video above shows a model secreting a gun, knife and magazine, she could, instead, holster three guns. (For those of you who just had an image of the rabbi wearing one of these, my sincere apologies.) Now there’s no excuse for a woman not to carry a “proper” gun.

OK, maybe there is. Comfort. TTAG’s securing some samples for test and evaluation. Most of us are manly men (amongst men doing manly things), but I can think of at least one crew member who can give it a go. Watch this space.

UPDATE: We’ve secured three samples for a giveaway. Contest rules tomorrow.

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  1. CCW is tough for the ladies, I’ve been having the other half try on my handguns trying to see what she can conceal. Even the shield prints in many cases IWB and with a belly band. Its either a smaller gun, or a whole new wardrobe for her to dress around it.

    • No getting around the fact that most female clothing is designed to feature what’s underneath. It attracts guys and annoys less attractive women, which are the two whole points. Hard to conceal with though, you’re right about that.

      • I think that was the whole reason for the “Armageddon Purse” … though I’ve never heard anything particularly good besides about off the body carry.

        • Considering that a lady having her purse snatched is a much higher likelihood than an unexpected physical attack or rape, as clever as purse-holsters may be, they are hardly a secure way to retain your weapon.

          I strongly recommend Constitutional Carry or Open Carry for the ladies with a drawer full of her favorite EDC pistols in various colors to match her wardrobe.

  2. Interestingly, I’ve observed that often half or more of the people shooting at the range I go to in Sarasota are women of all ages.

    • yeah, my local private range has nearly as many women coming in as men, this is very, very good for the 2nd amendment as a whole.

  3. I don’t carry but I’ve heard that small of back carry is discouraged because of possible spinal damage in a fall. Is that not true?

    • Yes, that’s true. Which makes me wonder if there next model, the Hebanb for, uh, guys, might not work out.

    • I have carried SoB for years and had no problems, have fallen flat on my back on ice no few times. I have gotten bruises on the front of my thigh carrying in front pocket, though, carrying lumber one time and shingle bundles another.

  4. I can’t be the only one who finds this kind of arousing. A surprise you’d actually like to find in your date’s pants.

    • Definitely not alone C. 🙂

      Also, my wife spent 45 min obsessing about this holster and now I know what to get her for Valentines Day. So that’s a win for them… And me!! Yowza!

    • Since I’m around armed women often maybe it doesn’t effect me but I don’t get the drooling over a woman with a gun… you know, the non-magical self-defense tool we talk about as not being a penis-replacer?

      • I dunno about drooling, but you have to admit it’s definitely a point in her favor to own a firearm and know how to use it responsibly.

      • It isn’t about the gun. But I suppose if you’re an LEO, you have a practical reason to give people a visual once-over for concealed firearms. Now if you look a bit too long in that direction, like the camel-toe obsessives above, you have an excuse: “Just checkin’ for a Shebang, ma’am. Nothin’ untoward intended.” Of course if she hasn’t heard of the Shebang holster, that’s going to sound a bit awkward.

  5. I am a tall and lanky dude, and I love the belly band. It enabled me not to have to change my whole wardrobe, which in turns means I carry more often. Given that there is no solid trigger guard protection on these things, I prefer to carry hammer fired da/sa guns.

    • I had wondered about that. I’ve been obsessive about this specific belly band for about 2 days now and stumbled into this “discussion”… had wondered since I have a double safety how it would work with the shebang, but common sense tells me it would potentially be an issue…

  6. I prefer to carry on the body but finding a holster was quite literally a pain not to mention expensive. I have a bag full of rejects. I am currently using something similar but I am intrigued with their product and will give it a try. Thanks Robert for thinking of your female followers!!! I will share this my ladies gun club that I shoot with twice a month. This is just the kind of thing we try to help each other out with.

  7. Just a note for the guys. Between belly button & hip is a natual hollow spot if a woman is skinny or a soft spot that sinks in if pressure is appled, if not so skinny. Good place for a gun inside waistband to “disapear”. If trigger finger is indexed along frame of the gun like it is supose to be, no risk of unintended discharge. I wore something very similar in that spot around my husband all day, he did not detect it, until end of the day, I pulled out unloaded gun. His response was ” I want one of those”. Will order the “shebang” holster, looks promising with proper placement. No such thing as too much stuff for your guns or too many pairs of shoes if you are of the female gender. Always nice to read an article useful for lady shooters. There are a lot of us out there,

    • Recently bought their ” hip hugger “…..great concealed holster! Another thing I want to mention about the company….if they do not offer the size you need, whether it be larger or smaller, all you have to do is send them your measurements and they will make one just for you!

  8. We bought two “Bushwacker” chest holsters, one for me and one for my wife. She absolutely loves it. It feels great, and disappears nicely.

  9. I am a big fan of SoB or under the arm, slimline shoulder rigs. Or as I carry my Beretta, in pocket. These belly band type systems just don’t look especially comfortable, and if it ain’t comfortable people stop using it. The options available today are hell and gone better than just a few years ago, lots of manufacturers making all manner of gear, so finding what works is the big thing. Glad that TTAG, The Trigger Jerks, MilspecMonkey, BreachBangClear and others are actively reviewing items and getting the word out.

  10. Personal opinion, but perhaps more women should take up open carry and be that gal with a gun everyone is afraid of. If you think she might shoot you, would you harass her on the street, follow her to her car at night or try to take her purse? Additionally, she could pack a more powerful gun rather than sticking to the easiest to conceal.
    More people in general should open carry, provide some exposure therapy for hoplophobics who worry and fret about the mere image of a gun printed on a small sticker.

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