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“I don’t know anybody in their right mind or otherwise who would build a gun. If it’s not done correctly, it won’t work. It’s not something that is going to be on the DIY Network.” – Texas State Rifle Association legislative director Alice Tripp in Despite ruling on 3-D-printed guns, it remains legal to make your own gun at home [via]

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    • maybe i missed it. did she say you shouldn’t be allowed to? I thought she just said she didn’t understand the desire to. Don’t most people feel that way about reloading ammo?

      • I don’t reload for my own reasons, but I understand and support those that do. That’s the difference.

        Maybe one day when I run out of room to put spent brass I will consider reloading, but for now the economics work against it as I’m pretty shrewd when it comes to getting ammo deals.

        • I reload all my calibers because in the long run the cost is about half that of commercial ammo, especially the large calibers. Single stage press so equipment was under $150 initial investment. Plus an average of $35 for each die set.
          I’ve been reloading for about 5 years now. I buy powder and primers in bulk whenever there is a reduced or free HazMat deal from the reloading companies. Graf’s, Midsouth Shooters, etc.
          I reload 9mm. for about 13 cents, 5.56 for about 21 cents, .308Win, 30-06, 303 British, 8mm. Mauser, 7.62X54R for about, well, never calculated them, but less than 50 cents a round.
          My latest is .458 SOCOM and it’s a $1.63 for the first load with new brass, and 75 cents on reused brass.

        • Geoff,

          I’ve been running the same RCBS single stage presses for decades. They were hand-me-downs from an uncle, and he and I have been using them together since I was in kindergarten. Those same presses are over 40 years old, and have made many tens of thousands of rounds.
          When we talk about the economy of reloading, it is on a generational scale.

        • I bought an RCBS rock chucker new in 1976. Aside from some scratches in the paint and some grit in the nooks and crannies, it’s still the same press as it was then. If it doesn’t get thrown away, buried, or dropped onto concrete from a height I can see it still loading ammo in 2976. Aside from rust or abuse I can’t see what might hurt it. Reloading stuff lasts forever. Except for dies(I’ve scratched the inside of a few of those) and scales, OFC.

      • She said she didn’t know why anyone “in their right mind” would do it. The implication is that anyone that wants to DIY their own gun is bad, crazy, wrong, etc.

        That in and of itself speaks volumes, regardless of her desire to ban it or not.

        • Yes, the way she put that is good grist for the civilian disarmament rhetoric mill. If she had said, “It doesn’t make sense for most people to make their own when they can buy a well-crafted firearm for a few hundred dollars” it would have been simple truth.

        • I don’t understand why anyone would want to participate in unlimited class benchrest shooting and I think they’re crazy (or at least have a serious case of OCD).

          I’m not going to crucify her based off of a single response she apparently gave to a question we don’t know in an interview for which we don’t have a transcript.

      • “None” is correct, she never said anything about a law. You guys be nice, Alice is good people, her column is most all I read of the TSRA newsletter. There are plenty of people here that will tell you that nobody in their right mind would buy a 9 mm when .45 acp is available, does not say you should not be allowed to. And BTW, she does not work for state govt, Abbot has no say in her employment, get over yourselves.

        • “does not work for state government”

          I think the Abbott comment was a reference to the lady who was recently fired from the Texas GOP for failing to toe a RINO party line.

        • Larry….. Years ago I met Alice Tripp at a friends of NRA meeting and the then retiring Senator Phil Graham was there also. I was an admirer of Senator Graham and was able to speak with him and Alice Tripp. Alice Tripp was on the committee that was tasked with formulating suggestions about school shootings. The gun control groups were represented and gave their usual talking points and recommendations on ” gun violence along with more gun control laws that they wanted. Alice Tripp debunked their lies and said straight up that we would have none of this foolishness in Texas. I have high praise for her work and her opinion on why someone would want to build a gun instead of buying one is an honest opinion and works for her. For myself, I have machine shop and mechanical experience and the idea of building one is interesting to me. Same as one person would buy a dog kennel and another person would build one, neither is wrong. To each his ( or her ) own. Also I am a TSRA life member and am satisfied that she is our lobbyist.

      • You’re missing the point. Here, how about this from TSRA’s own website under the “About” section:

        “Regardless of whether you own a firearm or not, if you believe in supporting the U.S. Constitution and supporting the rights of legal, law-abiding citizens, then the TSRA is for you. Since 1919, TSRA has served Texans by:

        Protecting the lawful possession and use of firearms
        Providing gun safety training
        Supporting the shooting sports, hunter education and wildlife conservation efforts.”

        Being able to build your own firearm is a constitutionally protected right. We don’t need the legislative director of the TSRA, the one whose fulltime job it is to work toward advancing our firearms freedom, to go running around disparaging an exercise of that right.

        What she should have said is that “Firearms enthusiasts and 2A supporters are a varied lot, as you would expect any collection of a 100+ million people would be. Some are interested in home production. Others are not. I prefer store bought, myself, but to each his own. It’s their right and we fight for that wvery day at the TSRA.”

        Better yet, she can just keep her FUDD trap shut.

        • I cant believe it took this long to get to someone calling FUDD. I get from the comments and her title that she’s pretty pro gun…but that is fudd by definition and so obvious that it’s really difficult to believe she misses it herself. Even if I felt that way (I dont) by the time that was half out of my mouth I’d know I was either about to fudd, or had already fudded and needed to go into damage control mode, and I don’t work for a gun rights organization.

          I’m freaking triggered over here! In this day and age for someone in her position to utter that kind of fudd…and now I have to hate myself for being triggered by a micro aggression. I’m going to my safe space, I cant actually fit in there with all the guns, but looking at them is soothing.

      • If she doesn’t understand and makes a statement like that, then she is against it. The tone of that statement screams tyranny. Time to clean house. Especially to remove the FUDD’s.

    • Likely a NRA member to boot.

      Wake up folks! Join GUN OWNERS OF AMERICA! Wayne, Chris and their leg humping followers (like her) can piss up a rope. GEEZZZZZ.

    • She’s merely describing her own incompentencies and does not represent the rest of us when she says:

      “I don’t know anybody in their right mind or otherwise who would build a gun. If it’s not done correctly, it won’t work.”

  1. If it’s not done correctly, it won’t work.

    Sounds like a woman who has never tried, learned or done anything ever.

    • And even that Elmira Fudd has got wrong. Firearms will almost always “work”, that is: go bang. So long as something hits the primer a decent blow, the round will explode, even if it isn’t in a firearm at all. Mythbusters built a black powder cannon out of duct tape and sandbags, for crying out loud!
      If she knew anything at all, she would know the problem is in safely containing that explosion and directing it properly to do useful work. But what else can one expect from a politician? In my experience they only understand one thing, how to stroke enough voters/authorities so as to get elected/appointed.
      Someday, the sheep will wise up to that, and then their days of bilking the unsuspecting public will be over…

  2. Ya, let’s not try something new and learn anything.
    Let’s stifle creativity and the exchange of new ideas. 🙄

    • That got me chuckling. But then it got me sad. Austin is really becoming California in Texas.

      • It’s the way of all State Capitols. The same thing exists here in Montana. Helena is as bad as the Flathead Valley, where all the transplanted californicators settled after they crapped up their own State so bad they had to move on to destroy someplace new. Like a locust swarm.
        I think its because in the Capitols almost everyone works for the government, one way or another. So, being government dependents, they just naturally worship and defend those they depend upon. They’re such children. Helpless infants, really. Pitiful.

      • It is probably because of all the impressionable young students who tend to reside in the area afterwards, or never really leave “student” status. I have known many. Also, city living seems to generally appeal to liberals for whatever reason. High taxes, lack of yard work, espresso barristas within walking distance, etc.

  3. For the $2500 it would take to buy the machine and materials to make the POS firearm, you could buy 50 POS factory made plastic AR 100% lowers or 25 nice aluminum AR 100% lowers, or 4 complete rifles. Why bother ?

    • A) it’s fun;
      B) it’s a heck of a learning experience;
      C) it’s an expression of rights; or
      D) all of the above.

      • True, but I already did all that by buying a stripped lower and parts kit, attaching a complete upper. Making hugely expensive plastic shit does not make me feel warm and fuzzy. If I were to put out the bucks, it would be for the “ghost gunner” CNC attachment and a half dozen or so 80% lowers.

    • Freewill? Freedom of choice? Because I can and I want to do it?

      Does any of that ring a bell? No justification required.

    • You can get a 3D printer that will print in ABS plastic for ~$250. A spool of ABS is ~$20. You can make lower receivers that work for at least several thousand rounds, standard cap magazines, as well as custom firearm accessories.

      The Liberator is more of a symbol than a practical weapon. Just like the original.

      • The 250 printers will not print abs reliably, even with a heated bed, however they will print pla reliably. For abs you want an enclosed box for the printer so temps stay hot and stable with a good heated bed (preferably glass)… a good printer for that will run you around 800, a good slicer program will be another 100.

        If you want a good 3d modeling program if you decide to make modifications to the gun, that’s another 1-200

        Just to be pedantic 🙂

    • $2500?
      Try $450. That’s the total cost of all tools to build a high quality AK47. After that, every AK costs you about $400. I’ve done a few now.

      • JWT, I think the point you neglected to mention is whether those guns are written down in a bound book somewhere, ie, were they sold to you as “guns”, with your name and 4473 attached. With the Ghost Gunner”, all other components are mail order without a BGC. No record at all. Another way, were those AKs serialized?

        • Dude you can build those all from scratch. Stamp metal no serial receivers. Barrels and triggers, don’t come with serial #s.

    • Also, it doesn’t take a mill or 2500 bucks. The jigs and tooling to finish an 80% lower are about 150 bucks. All you need above that is a drill and a dremel tool, and even without those it can be done with just files, if one has enough patience. If really on a tight budget, a $20 horrible freight drill will suffice for the dremel, and be a lot easier than a file.
      A quick search just found this one for $75:
      Understand I’ve never heard of this company, and recommend nothing and no one. Merely pointing out that there is no need to give somebody $2500 to finish an AR lower.

  4. “It is unclear how many DIY guns are made each year, because many of them are not registered and most parts do not carry serial numbers that would enable tracking.”

    Can I get an Amen to this?

    • TESTIFY! Stand up with the Authority of the living Christ!
      (Whew, the Southern Baptist jumped right up in me.)

      • I don’t know squat about making guns. I’m buying DDs cnc machine as soon as they’re available and doing just that anyway. My way of sticking my thumb in the eye of the government, the antigunners and other enemies of the constitution and the republic which I took an oath to defend.

        • The new technology called the Slide Fire stock that so many people on TTAG refused to support, also is not serial numbered.

          I said it before TTAG and I’ll say it again. There are a lot of people in the gun Community who have a problem with new gun technology.

          Is this because there are too many old fat white women and old fat white men in charge of these different gun support groups?????

          The gun rights groups did not support the slide fire company. And it’s interesting to see the lack of support that Defense Distributed is not getting from these other so-called gun rights groups.

          Why do I need Smith & Wesson, Ruger, Daniel Defense, or any other of these big gun manufacturers when I can make my own guns in the house????

          This is about big money being given to big gun companies as well as big so-called “gun rights” groups.

  5. Another of the “I can’t imagine why…” crowd. Lady, it’s not about you or what you can imagine. It’s about the freedom to choose. Supporting freedom means letting people make their own choices even if you can’t imagine why they would make that choice.

  6. I think she was just trying to convince the muggles that homemade guns are a non-issue by claiming that nobody makes homemade guns, and if they did, they’d be less useful in ‘gun violence’ than factory made quality controlled guns.

    In a way, she’s got a point.
    The numbers are so small as to be totally irrelevant, so the only reason to attack these few hobbyists is because you hate freedom.

    • By that reason, the 3% of the population that supported the American Revolution was ‘so small as to be totally irrelevant’; but without them we wouldn’t have freedom today. And it most likely less than 3% of the population today that keep our freedoms from eroding, day-by-day, year-by-year. Not irrelevant.

    • Be careful with this line of thought. There are only a small / irrelevant number of any manner of segments of the firearms community; IDPA shooters, USPSA shooters, suppressor owners, machine gun owners, destructive device owners, AOW owners, punt gun owners, black powder owners, reloaders, gun makers and the list goes on. All of these subsets of the gun community are being picked off, one by one because of this sentiment. “I would never do that, so nobody in their right mind would”

      when you can no longer make the guns, the next step is no longer being able to modify them. when you can no longer legally modify them, the next step will be rationing. When you can no longer own more than 3 guns, lockup requirements will become law. When all 3 of your guns must be locked up at all times without permission slips from the government, ammunition rationing will take effect. When your 3 guns can only have 25 rounds in the same building and must be stored and locked separately, the next step will be insurance requirements that the peasants cannot afford. When there are so few wealthy people left who can afford the insurance, the remains will be confiscated.

      • I’m saying there are too few homemade guns out there to have any measurable impact on ‘gun violence’, so there is NO REASON to waste any time trying to control them.

        And I hope that’s what she was getting at, but I don’t speak for her.

        • Too few to be worth controlling is exactly why they are an easy target to control. Plenty of 80% builds floating around. You can make epoxy receivers for $2.50/ea and have them good for 50-300 rounds. Probably more with the right reenforcement and lower pressure loads.

      • Also said in poem by Martin Niemöller:
        ” First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—
        Because I was not a socialist.
        Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—
        Because I was not a trade unionist.
        Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
        Because I was not a Jew.
        Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”
        Its also called “Divide and Conquer”, and its been a favorite of the Nazis grabbing power for centuries. Today is no different.

  7. More fucking stupid-crazy from your stupid assholes who needed a job (your government) and those who get paid to influence them. With friends like this [TX] you’re better off going it alone.

    I don’t know why anyone would GAF why anyone else might care to build their own firearm (even badly) UNLESS THEY WERE A TYRANNICAL communistic PIECE OF SHIT MOTHERFUCKER.

    As soon as we rid the world of them, we can get on with . . . looking for the next batch that satan shits out.

  8. The best write-up I’ve read on this subject is this piece from techdirt:

    Very educational:

    “The 5th Circuit ruling in early 2017 was problematic, because it effectively pushed aside the prior restraint/First Amendment concerns by just saying “well, national security trumps that issue.” But, that’s not how the First Amendment works. There is no “balancing test” for the First Amendment. There is a very small and very limited set of exceptions to the First Amendment, as set forth by the Supreme Court. They do not conduct a balancing test. Indeed, in United States v. Stevens, the court explicitly rejected the idea of a balancing test.”

    In this case, the 1A protects the 2A.

    • Shockingly, and I mean jaw on the floor shockingly, NPR has done two good reports on DIY and printed guns. The takeaway was “they’re already out there, they have been for years, and this is not a concern.”
      I listened to both stories a couple of times. The tone was accusatory sometimes, and they tried to call Cody a racist and named him a “shadowy figure”, which is pants on head retarded.
      But for the issue itself, several non-so-gun friendly folks I talked to came away thinking, “printed guns are no bid deal, free speech is” after listening to it.

      • I assume those NPR reporters and social media interns will be replaced for the unforgivable sin of leaving the reservation. Leftists will have to remind NPR who provides their funding just like they did to the ACLU.

        David Burge
        ‏ @iowahawkblog

        1. Identify a respected institution.
        2. kill it.
        3. gut it.
        4. wear its carcass as a skin suit, while demanding respect.

  9. Most of my Firearms are “Frankenstein’s” weapons, that with the exception of the Breech are almost entirely all replacement parts…

  10. “Texas State Rifle Association legislative director Alice Tripp” Really, Alice? REALLY? There ought to be an opening in the Texas State Rifle Association for a new legislative director toute de suite. If not, the folks who run that Organization are definitely “not in their right minds”. Many of the “Quotes of the Day” are laughable…this one is super, mega, colossally laughable.

  11. I’m laughing softly to myself. Some people just don’t know what they don’t know.

    Here’s a very talented young lady who made a single-action revolver… from scratch. Damn impressive work, IMO:

    • I’ve seen that, and it is quite impressive.

      She didn’t need DD files either. And she made the Peacemaker because that’s what she liked. There are plenty of more modern weapons she could have made with less time and more easily workable materials.

    • “Here’s a very talented young lady who made a single-action revolver… from scratch.”


      I sure hope she keeps her hair up if she uses that lathe while working alone :

      “Yale Student Killed as Hair Gets Caught in Lathe”

      “Mr. O’Rourke said the machine shop in Sterling Chemistry Laboratory, which he also uses, always had a staff member present during daytime hours. But many students use the shop at night; Dr. Levin said that other students who were working in the building found Ms. Dufault’s body and called the police.”

  12. Wow, I did not see her say you should be banned from making your own gun, just that she (being a Texan, who can buy guys all day, every day, and get a discount on Sunday), doesn’t see the appeal. I have seen people post on this site who “don’t get” one of the following: lever action rifles, AR-10s, Mini 14s, revolvers, rifle caliber pistols, pistol caliber rifles, open carry and why they make you read boring Russian novelists in school. If all she meant is “why would you do that?”, I am sure someone at TSRA (good group, of folks, but a touch “geriatric”) will explain.

    • I think the issue is more that she was stating that, in her opinion, only people not in a “right mind”would want to build their own gun because they couldn’t get it right, seriously it may not be on the DIY Network but it’s not exactly hard to find out how to do it. She’s projecting her own hang-ups on others.

      I just finished my NaG 19 a couple days ago from a Polymer80 frame and while it came out about $150 more than buying a factory Glock 19 I had a lot of fun and personal think it came out pretty cool. I haven’t been able to test fire it yet but, even though it is largely a Frankengun, it feels just as solid as my Glock 17.

  13. If you don’t let assholes and organizations like this run the show on “protecting your rights” whose going to fuck you like you (obviously) really like it?

  14. I don’t know anybody in their right mind or otherwise who would build a gun. — Alice Tripp

    To that I reply: I don’t know anybody in their right mind who would knit their own blanket.

    Wow, disparaging other people is so liberating!

    Just as knitting a blanket is fun, relaxing, and rewarding for some people, making your own firearm is fun, relaxing, and rewarding for some people. Come to think of it, making anything yourself that captures your interest can be fun, relaxing, and rewarding.

    Who knew that a fun, relaxing, and rewarding activity means you are not in your right mind?!?!?

  15. Ms Tripp’s statement sounds like a typical FUDD attitude. What about all those folks who build their own muzzleloading rifles, pistols and revolvers at home? IMHO, it’s small-minded attitudes like this that divide the gun community so the evil progressive leftists can conquer each segment separately. We should all hang together, or we shall certainly hang separately.

  16. She reminds me of certain folk at the ILLinois State Rifle ASSociation and ILLinois Carry. Braindead fudd. I doubt I’ll build any gun but damn!

  17. I’ve built a few. The only thing keeping me from an original design SMG is the NFA or dare I say even the Hughes Amendment. If the Hughes Amendment didn’t exist I’d be working towards the stamp already and looking to buy a lathe.

  18. Considering the source, I’ll wait for confirmation that Ms. Trip used those actual words in that actual sequence before passing judgment. Don’t forget the hit job that Katie Couric and her “documentary” team did on the Virginia Citizens’ Defense League (among others) with deceptive editing with Under the Gun.

    As a former Texan, I can say that TSRA are good peoples.

    • There are a number of those types of projects out there.

      One of the more interesting ones uses Harley cylinders-pushrods bolted up to a CNC machined crankcase and crank…

  19. “If you don’t do it right it won’t work.”
    Lady, that’s true of literally every DIY project.

  20. “I don’t know anybody in their right mind or otherwise who would build a gun,” said Alice Tripp, legislative director of the Texas State Rifle Association.

    Uh huh….And you’re the legislative director of the Texas State Rifle Association?….Really?……Rifle as in firearms type?….Huh….Pretty sure you’re not the right person for the job..

    • Not the “DIY” association, the RIFLE association. Not all pilots think it sensible to build their own airplane, either.

      • Having worked in the aviation industry I can tell you that home built airplane kits have been around since the 1970s.

        And there are many airline pilots who have built their own aircraft in the garage of their house.
        I suggest you Google the name Burt Rutan and see what pops up.

  21. Why would anyone not want to just be happy with what the establishment spoon feeds them, why ever think outside the box, or for oneself.

  22. The AR-15s my wife and I built 8 yrs ago have worked fine so far. Guess I’m supposed to be afraid to take them to the range, now!??!

    • Did you “assemble” them, or construct the parts to assemble? “Built” covers a lot of territory. The AR my son and I *assembled* around 15 years ago also works fine, but I have never built a gun.

  23. “I don’t know anybody in their right mind … “

    Not surprising. Just so you know, it’s not them.

  24. Well for a long time one of my favorite hobbies was rebuilding broken and incomplete guns. The only thing that really kept me from branding out into custom fabrication was the lack of time to brush up on my machining skills. I specially took as much machine shop classes in high school and I both enjoyed it and was quite good at it.

  25. Let’s see, my only AR is an 80%. Gonna do another one because I already have the tools so why not? The reason is that at the time I was working graveyard shift 6-7 days a week for by that point a year and a half. I like to build things anyway, do my own car repairs, etc, and I could get everything I needed through the mail so that I didn’t have to waste my very little time off going and dealing with the hassle of a brick and mortar gunshop.

  26. So Mrs. Tripp, are you saying that the common phrase “Lock, Stock and Barrel” evolved from a bunch of people not in their right mind?

  27. Who cares. She is entitled to her opinion.

    I personally have built a few guns. I have a friend that built a semi-auto sten.

  28. I seem to recall this same hue and cry about the Glock.

    Those plastic guns can go anywhere. Turns out they were right Glocks pretty much went everywhere

  29. To answer the question… Any real American should have the right to make their own firearms. I’ve made 6 of so AKs from parts kits and various receiver configurations from flats to pre bent 80s. It is fun and will teach you a whole lot about guns. I’m a geek so I love making my own things. I will make my own guns… Period.

    • There’s a change which would be fun for all! Why can’t I make my own select fire weapon? Never for sale? Where does the Constitution say I can’t?

  30. It is easy enough to build a single shot shot gun with common hardware parts. The ammo might be a little harder to get in some countries, but black powder blasters are easy enough to figure out. Anyone building one of these for nefarious purpose, won’t be hanging on to it, so it would be broken down and disposed of.
    Basic instructions to build one of these and make black powder wouldn’t be to hard, a place to try it out with low amounts of powder would get this to a working primitive firearm. I would think that a 10 year old, given enough reason to do so, could cobble something together that would work at least one time.

    How would you stop that?

  31. I contacted TSRA this morning and received a call back from Ms. Alice Tripp.

    Per our conversation, her words were used out of context, as expected, by the Washington Post. Her conversation with the reporter concerned the Undetectable Firearms Act of 1988. Her comments were made in relation to someone printing a 100% plastic firearm, not the release of the design files to the public. She has no issue with the design files being made available to anyone.

    Furthermore, her comment related to “I don’t know anybody…” was her attempt to show the reporter how much easier and more cost-effective it would be to purchase a gun than to manufacture one at home.

    I wanted to make sure that our commenters understood the context of her remarks.

      • Who, TSRA? This is very much in character for them. The org has similar stances to the NRA (identical, actually) and the NRA has also come out against plastic guns & the free flow of technical data. Either that or Trump is making up stuff about them agreeing with his position on the matter.

    • That’s hedging, and we all know it. Why shouldn’t we be able to make non-detectable guns?

      Sorry, I don’t buy the part about the context, that sounds like spin or back-pedaling. Her language was very forceful for simply making a point about practicality.

    • She made the remarks about only plastic guns? Really? That’s her excuse?
      OK. How did the remark relate to plastic guns? Was it only if its printed and the steel weight is left out illegally? Does it include XDs, Glocks, etc.? What was the question she was answering, exactly? Does she have her own recording of the session? Will she release it for all to hear? If not, WHY not? Has she never heard of the Curric debacle? If not, why not? She’s got a large organization. Not a ONE of her staff has ever heard of “Under the Gun”? That alone should be incompetence enough to remove her from her position.
      I’m guessing that despite your claim of personal contact, you have no answer to these questions…

    • Could be, I suppose, but in the past year they managed to get us campus carry, car carry, and open carry, for the first time since reconstruction, I believe. What did your state association do last year?

      • They very nearly queered OC, and are the reason cops can harass people for simply open carrying. They represent cops first & foremost if you look at the leadership, which is generally okay since Texas cops outside the cities are generally pro-gun.

        But gun making scares cops, and therefore it scares TSRA

  32. “..I don’t know anybody in their right mind or otherwise who would build a gun.”

    That’s nice dear. Now if you will excuse me I have to go check the progress of my 3D printer.

  33. I built a zip gun when I was ten, which was 60 long years ago. It worked exactly the way it was supposed to work. The only problem I had with it was getting ammo.

    I’m not sure that I was in my right mind when I built it. Then again, I never took it to school for show and tell.

  34. Who wants to build their own guns? People who protest peacefully on the streets and shot in broad day light by their own government.
    People who have to watch their children murdered by the government or their thugs.

  35. Is this another one of those instant experts that get positions based on other than experience?

  36. with these FUDD-o-rama hoplophobic 5th Columnists in our midst, whoTF needs Bloomfuckpansyberg and his useful idiot commies??

    oy veh.

  37. It was an off the cuff comment. She is one of use. Cut her some slack. I do see why gun owners have a knack for getting their butts kicked legislatively. They tend to eat their own.

  38. Not IF, but WHEN the SHTF in this country, I am going to want people who are experienced in the art of producing firearms and reloading ammuntion. NEVER allow anyone to restrict or prohibit American citizens from accessing the materials and polishing their skills in armory and warcraft.

  39. Strikes me as strange, sad too, that an official of a State Association would be so technically ignorant in addition to being so ignorant of human nature, aka human curiousity.

    • Not so strange. The intelligent have noted this human tendency to choose the biggest fools as their Grand Poobah’s for centuries:
      “suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress. But I repeat myself.” –Mark Twain
      And hundreds more like it. Let’s go back another century:
      “In politics stupidity is not a handicap.” – Napoleon Bonaparte
      etc. etc…

  40. That was an absolutely moronic statement by her! How in hell does she think new gun builders and gunsmiths get started? How in HELL does she think the art of building historic antique firearms is preserved? It has to be onset Alzheimers! Judging from her looks and estimated age, it fits! Thousands of people don’t necessarily want to go out and BUY a firearm! They want to build one in the style and caliber they choose. I have built muzzle loading firearms. And there is nothing that equals the pride and joy I got from having one flint lock pistol let me take 3rd in the CT state matches and a Hawken .50 cal. I built take my first deer!

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