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Sr. Diggler forwarded TTAG command an email blast from Americans for Responsible Solutions PAC [copy after the jump]. The Giffords/Kelly civilian disarmament coalition wants money to help fund anti-gun Dems in the forthcoming mid-term elections – and beyond! And here’s news: “Thankfully, a generous supporter has pledged to match – dollar for dollar – every donation we receive between now and June 30.” Who dat? I vaguely remember a Texan filling the ARS holes in their budget. And found this handy chart of anti-gun money flow from August 2013 at Suffice it to say, this was before Moms hit the scene and Mayor Bloomberg’s $50m pledge to destroy your gun rights. And NONE of the anti-gun groups can claim the honest-to-God grass roots support funding the NRA, SAF, GOA and other pro-gun agitators . . .

For decades, the gun lobby’s massive political and lobbying war chest has fostered a culture of fear in the halls of Congress and state capitals across the country.Stand in their way, and there’d be a price to pay.But in 2013, we took the political world by storm. No single campaign or organization raised more money from a larger number of individual contributions than we did. And in that process, we sent an undeniable message that the playing field would soon be level – that politicians seeking change had nothing to fear from the gun lobby because a grassroots movement had their back.Now the trick is doing it again in 2014 – showing Congress that support for responsible solutions to reduce gun violence wasn’t a one-year phenomenon.We have a Federal Election Commission reporting deadline in less then one week, and everyone will be looking to see how we do this year. Thankfully, a generous supporter has pledged to match – dollar for dollar – every donation we receive between now andJune 30.Can Gabby and I count on you to help us challenge the gun lobby in all fifty states with a $5 contribution today? All gifts will be matched by a generous donor, doubling your impact.

In 2012, the gun lobby spent almost $20 million on political ads and lobbying. They never expected this kind of challenge less than two years later.

But it’s about time,

Mark Kelly
Americans for Responsible Solutions

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    • Has anyone asked why Bloomberg – no longer in office – is ostensibly spending his own money to fund disarmament? Regardless of how many billions he has, why is he throwing away millions of his own money on it?

    • One thing I’ve noticed with a lot of these emails asking for contributions: They may be frequent, but they usually do not ask for much. $3 is a common amount and much easier to ask for than the usual $25, $50, or more.

      “Common, it’s ONLY $3… less than a cup of coffee at starbucks!”

      I think people are more prone to make many micro donations of $3 than larger, single donations. And I think it greatly expands the number of people making donations that would not otherwise, or are turned off by the $25 or more donation requests.

  1. Time to use the tax laws against these bastards and either get the dirt from their disclosures or expose them for failing to do so. Shannon, you are on deck

  2. The funny thing is that all gun control grous can be traced back to bloomberg, unlike pro gun groups

  3. As I recall we were outspent something like 7 to 1 last year and were still victorious. And that was with them directly attempting to bribe politicians. In an election year, with many reps and senators struggling to distance themselves from NY politics, they have even less hope of launching this time around. So, as they try to publicly inch away from gun control, the goal should be to highlight what efforts persist, particularly where they concern Bloomberg.

  4. +1 Dirk…and make life a living hell for the bad guys & their ilk. BTW being outspent 7 to 1 is quite telling. In Illinois 3000 people showed up with a few HOURS notice to protest( very loudly!) the anti gun laws proposed by the Illinois legislature last year. You can’t buy PASSION or my vote. Don’t be so sure it’s Bloomie. There are LOTS of suspects…Oprah, Zuckerberg, Gates, Buffett, hell even Bill Cosby. And the Clinton’s are NOW very RICH.

  5. haha, and I was just looking at possibly adopting RemedyForce in a big way as our new ticketing system, but seeing Salesforce on that list above ….means that just got crossed off my list. They think there is no backlash to their decisions? We’re not all losers sitting in our mommie’s basements. They just lost a possible huge contract with one of the top 5 tech companies in the world. (Yeah, maybe you didn’t know that about me…)

    • I wish more individuals with some clout would grow a spine and stand up to these whelps like you did. Bravo! Well done!

      • It will go something like this….

        “Hey, Mr Sales Rep – Thanks for checking in… (babble, babble)… Hey, I saw you guys are big funders of gun control… (babble, babble)…. Yeah, Yeah, very interesting, very interesting….

        …..So Hey Look, we’ve decided to go in a different direction, so thanks for your time. I’ll be sure to reach back out if anything changes… (surprised silence, followed by more babble babble). OK, thanks. Have a nice day!”

        Message Sent.

  6. If it’s anyone overseas, they are aiding and abetting the enemy during a time of war.

    And. . . they smell.

    • If it’s any overseas entity (person or not) contributing to these PACs, the FEC certainly would be interested.

      I wonder if pulling cash from an offshore account would count? That would be fun to watch.

  7. Bloomberg is a snake, but he’s a Johnny Come Lately to the antirights coalition of gungrabbers.

    The real snake in the grass is the Joyce Foundation, which has been dedicated to destroying America since 1972.

    Bloomberg pledged $50 million to crush American rights. The Joyce Foundation has $760 million to spend, and it funds every wingnut you can name.

    Kick over any anti-American rock and you’ll find the Joyce Foundation.

    • Joyce Foundation is the fountain of gun control and is our old nemesis. One thing about every last gun control group is that they are financed by rich statists. I cannot think of one gun control group that is grass roots.

  8. The Texas guy who helps bankroll ARS is Steve Mostyn and his wife Amber. He’s a trial lawyer who’s pissed that TX passed liability reform. That made for fewer Bentleys and Ferraris for the trial lawyers.

    The Mostyns are almost singlehandedly bankrolling the WH-directed effort to turn Texas blue, Battleground Texas. They even formed a fake “conservative” group to fool voters with their endorsements in the GOP primaries, since in many of the state’s races the Dem had no chance.

  9. Ahh……….the craven constellation of civilian disarmament conspirators; rancid and revealed.

  10. This is a short list of billionaires who fund a small contingent of propagandists who are trying ever so hard to create the illusion of a national grass roots movement. They have been at it for decades and they are not going to quit anytime soon. Let them throw away their money. The upcoming elections will prove to be a very hard lesson for these fascists.

  11. .Can Gabby and I count on you to help us challenge the gun lobby in all fifty states with a $5 contribution today? People in hell want ice water too.

  12. For all of the people who talk about not giving dollars to anti-gun companies: Did you see Facebook was on that diagram? Dump Facebook. Your liberty will be happy you did.

  13. Keep in mind that both Obama and his “advisor” Valerie Jarrett have sat on the board of the Joyce foundation.

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