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Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)
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A town in Michigan has dubbed itself a “Second Amendment Sanctuary” and founded a militia over gun control laws being passed in the state.

Holton Township passed the resolution in response to a Michigan red flag law that would allow courts to remove weapons from those considered to be an extreme risk. According to town leaders, the move is in response to what they believe is an infringement on the Second Amendment right to bear arms.

The militia will be made up of those over 18 who can legally purchase firearms and volunteer. Nobody in the town will be required to join. Members must supply their own firearms, which must be legal by federal standards as of March 27, 2021.

Township supervisor Alan Jager told NewsNation the town created the militia to prevent courts from enforcing the law.

“Being a militia, we have a right to have the ammunition, the guns needed to protect our town, protect our families,” he said. “So if they go to court, take your guns away, you can go in and say I’m in a militia, I need to have these to do the protection that I need to do and give them a fighting chance to get their guns back to due process.”

— Stephanie Whiteside in Town Becomes ‘Sanctuary’ for Second Amendment, Forms Militia

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  1. Commies like Witchmer don’t care.
    They WILL force the issue.

    Gat up, keep yer powder dry.
    Its a comin…

    • Since this is an officially government sanctioned militia, they should be able to acquire fully automatic weapons, artillery, mortars, etc. right?

      Every township or county should have a militia like this. It is what the founders intended, and it is necessary to maintain the security of a free people.

        • Privately own warships were recognized as Constitutional during the war of 1812. But semiautomatic rifles and pistols with special features are now considered as being outside the 2nd Amendment?

  2. When you have to defend your rights from your government, pretty much all is lost!! “Beans, bullets and bandages”!!

  3. Whitmer jailed people mowing their lawns during her COVID-19 lockdown. She, and her DNC financiers, will take this as “gun violence” against Her Supreme Majesty’s Authority to rule her people as she pleases.

    Other than Whitmer being a traitor to her Oath of Office, the saddest part is that she will use the town’s own taxes to fund her ideological war against them.

    • She had the brilliant idea of roping off sections of stores during lockdown season. That forced people to be closer together which is the opposite of what you want with a highly contagious virus on the loose.

      Speaking with Chris Wallace, Whitmer acknowledged that “there were moments where we had to make some decisions that in retrospect don’t make a lot of sense.” For example, her restrictions on gardening supplies. “You could go into the hardware store, but we didn’t want people all congregating around the gardening supplies,” Whitmer said.

      you could buy chalk from Lowe’s but not paint and buy a brand new TV from Walmart but not a couch. “At both stores, home gardening supplies were completely off limits,”

      They impose absurd rules simply because they can. Remember when she told people not to go to the lake for Memorial Day weekend after she lifted restrictions? Then her husband tried to get their boat ready to have in the water by that weekend.

      • Think about it…if you can garden, you can sustain yourself. Being self-sufficient is bad in their eyes. It means they don’t have control over you.

      • Similar „rules“ were rolled out in various nations which points to some sort of playbook being followed.

    • jailed for mowing your yard.
      then the city fines you because your grass is to high
      sounds democrap to me

  4. Congratulations you have now taken the first step. Now the question is, can you handle the heat in the kitchen that will be brought to you. When they turn the temperature up in your life. Because they will do this.

    They will make your life a hell.

    I think we all hope when it comes down to it. We don’t have to use our second amendment rights. For what they were really intended for. And that has nothing to do with hunting.

    • It would be of no surprise should the current brace rule be upheld that the opposite arm/hand used as a brace is deemed unlawful. Yes it is a stretch, but do not underestimate the futility/stupidity of these people.

  5. The “Wicked Witch’s” Crime Against Humanity”, was stopping all hospital procedures during the pandemic, so as to not overwhelm the hospital system. This blank denial of Hospital care for non-Covid-19 patients caused people injury and/or death.

    This is what should be presented as the primary charge at her trial, if any Justice is left in this World. Fingers Crossed.

  6. Never mind whitmer and her Gun Control ilk…the pathetic useful idiots who assume they are doing something good by voting for democRats are the problem.

  7. the threat of the overwhelming use of force
    should be enough
    it worked at bundy ranch
    it should work in holton township too
    the state police aint going to make a move
    against a couple hundred dudes with rifles
    some standing there at the low ready
    and some a couple three hundred yards in the distance with scoped rifles doing overwatch

    • Overwatch is over rated. Underwatch is spider traps and tunnels.
      . giv quit using Rome plows but its still got satellites up there watching.
      A cellular phone is not your friend.
      Unless it’s the trigger for an IED

  8. Update on the dead beautiful 21 year-old woman with her throat slit :

    • I dont think they have to read you the miranda rights anymore?
      Wow, if I was that dad and had my daughter killed two years ago I’m sure I could not talk about it that calmly.

  9. Another perfect example of, You deserve the tyrants and tyranny…You allow. Until POTG wake up and fulfill the responsibility to the 2nd Amendment. That was passed down unto them by the Founding Patriots. These types of tyrants will continue to attack their Rights, until such time as there is no one left to defend them.
    “Freedom is a fragile thing and is never more than one generation away from extinction. It is not our by inheritance, it must be fought for and defended constantly by each generation, for it comes only once to a people. Those who have known freedom and then lost it have never known it again.” Ronald Reagan
    Is this to be the generation that fails to fulfill that obligation? Each citizen must decide what is important to them. Many have fought that battle and won..For now, but the fight is never over. Unless it is refused to be fought.

  10. Illinois ban….The US Supreme Court is considering a cert petition based on federal 14th Amendment due process grounds involving campaign donations made to two justices on the Illinois Supreme Court.

  11. Biden Cancels BILLIONS In Student Loans STEALING From Working Class To BUY 2024 Election, OVERT EVIL.

  12. A Militia that abides by unconstitutional federal gunm laws.
    Have your Wolverines spayed and neutered.
    “I’m in a militia, you cant take my gunms.” – – – –
    Persecution has been rescheduled pending the court locating a judge who doesn’t die from laughter.
    “Texas National Guard and Citezens Militia Protect its Southern Boarder.”
    That would be an invigorating news story.

    • Farmland, owned by communist in America?, oh that’s funny, never happen here.
      I like Smithfield Bacon👍

      • You forget about Bill Gates? He’s much more nefarious than any Communist. At least Communists are open about their intentions. By the way he owns 275,000 acres of prime farmland and wants to stop the raising of farm animals for human consumption.

  13. “…give them a fighting chance to get their guns back to due process.”
    Once they get your guns, they’re not giving them back until it goes all the way to the Supreme Court, if it ever does.

  14. We have a militia.
    Once or twice a year we get together, shoot clays, pop cans, some other reactive targets, crack jokes at each other. Afterwards, we talk guns, drink beer, and have a big ol cook out.
    That is about as close of a militia we have.

    • farm Boy:
      I’m from Michigan, and the b***h isn’t a princess, plastic or otherwise. She’s a w***h (which rhymes with b***h). Anyway, she’s term limited, but that’s small consolation, since she will remain in office until January 1, 2027.

  15. More chest thumping and internet bravado by keyboard commandos. In reality the Feds, the ATF etc would gun down the violators like dogs in the street. Yes they would Waco them.

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