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“We applaud the many courageous young Americans exercising their First Amendment rights today. Keeping our children safe is a top priority of the President’s, which is why he urged Congress to pass the Fix NICS and STOP School Violence Acts, and signed them into law.

Additionally, on Friday, the Department of Justice issued the rule to ban bump stocks following through on the President’s commitment to ban devices that turn legal weapons into illegal machine guns.”

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  1. I applaud the White House for draining the swamp by spending the time to read the 1200+ page spending bill before signing it into law..oh wait no that didn’t happen. The president showed he’s just another spineless politician when he signed the bill. We will never, ever have meaningful positive change in this country until every elected federal and state office has strict term limits.

    • We won’t have any change until we have a violent revolution.

      Sorry but that is the only way anymore. Voting and writing don’t matter especially after what has been transpiring against gun owners.

      They crossed the line. Now what? Nah we are just gonna sit back and keep thinking the NRA will save us or that voting matters, that will learn them!!

      • Would that be the founders exit clause.

        WHEN in the Course of human Events, it becomes necessary for one People to dissolve the Political Bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the Powers of the Earth, the separate and equal Station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent Respect to the Opinions of Mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the Separation.

        WE hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness—That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed, that whenever any form of Government becomes destructive of these Ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its Foundation on such Principles, and organizing its Powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient Causes; and accordingly all Experience hath shewn, that Mankind are more disposed to suffer, while Evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long Train of Abuses and Usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object, evinces a Design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their Right, it is their Duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future Security.

        • “I don’t disagree. However, I would like to see an attempt at daily mass civil disobedience.

          Gun owners are too cowardly a lot to engage in acts of Civil Disobedience.

        • I hope that you are wrong, anonymous, but I am pessimistic. I remember the early and mid 1990s. So many were organized and trained in earnest. But, as Sam I Am correctly points out, Waco & Ruby Ridge happened. People who had trained and geared up had excuses.

          I see POTG trying to negotiate even though the freight train is obviously much closer than they think. I still hear many gun owners IRL cheering when someone runs afoul of tyrannical infringement. The glee in their stories when they are somehow involved, in reality or imagined, in “taking down” that criminal. I get pissed off. Then I get disgusted. Fools.

        • “Gun owners are too cowardly a lot to engage in acts of Civil Disobedience.”

          “I hope that you are wrong, anonymous, but I am pessimistic.”

          If Wayne LaPierre had any guts and/or integrity, he would commit the same crime that David Gregory committed on live TV — illegal possession in Washington DC of a box with a spring in it. And he should be have doing this at every public and TV appearance within the District of Columbia for the past five years.

          Yes, there is a risk of being arrested for violating the district’s ban. But he could — and should — invoke the David Gregory defense to demonstrate the hypocrisy and selective enforcement of gun-owner control laws.

          Imagine how the current news cycle, and ongoing debate, would be shaped if Wayne LaPierre was arrested for the same crime that David Gregory was not. It would certainly deflect attention away from the Tide-Pod-eating pawns of the gun-owner-control-lobby.

          Instead, we’re told that “We need guns to fight oppressive tyrannical government . . . but we’re not going to commit any act of civil disobedience that subjects us to the possibility of being arrested”. Even though the Washington DC Attorney General is already on the record as stating that “a prosecution would not promote public safety in the District of Columbia nor serve the best interests of the people of the District to whom this office owes its trust“.

          Should the District of Columbia actually decide to pursue charges against Wayne for doing what David Gregory did five years ago, the worst that could happen is “Under D.C. Code Section 7-2507.06, any person convicted of a violation of this Subsection may be imprisoned for not more than one year, fined not more than $1,000.”

          Unlike most of us, Wayne can afford the best legal representation possible. And I’d bet that Wayne LaPierre wouldn’t even have to spend a penny of his $900,000/year salary to receive the finest legal representation available. I’m pretty sure that Rosa Parks wasn’t making $900,000 a year when she committed her famous act of civil disobedience, displaying more courage than Wayne LaPierre ever did.

          In the Declaration of Independence, the Founding Fathers said something about “we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor”. They didn’t just sit around making YouTube videos every time their breakfast beverage was taxed. They very publicly committed an Act of Treason, for which they would have been executed if caught.

          If Wayne isn’t willing to risk a $1,000 fine in his so-called fight for freedom, to demonstrate the pointlessness and hypocrisy of certain gun-owner control laws, what is he willing to risk? And what forms of civil disobedience should gun owners be engaging in?

          If Wayne LaPierre is not willing to put his ass on the line, the NRA needs a leader who is.

    • There are term limits in place at this very moment. They have been there since the Constitution was ratified. Every time you go to the polls you are party to the end of terms for the incumbents who are trying to get reelected. You, I and every American citizen that can vote must do so at every opportunity. Why, because voting is the only way that We the People have to directly control the operation of our country and protect our Constitution from all enemies, both foreign and domestic.

      We MUST pay attention to everything those we have elected say and do while having the authority we have voluntarily given them to act in our behalf managing our country in accordance with the Constitution.

      The Constitution is the most important thing in our lives. We must each do everything, every moment of our lives to insure that nothing happens to water it down, regulate it, minimize its importance, ignore it or disrespect it. It is the most important law set that has ever been written and accepted by those it controls.

      Currently as well as during every administration since Jimmy Carter was elected, those persons in office for more than one term have run amok of the Constitution and must not be allowed to do so longer. We must not reelect anyone that has not kept promises made, honored their Oaths-of-Office, has taken money from lobbyists, puts reelection ahead of the good of the country and our citizens and naturalized citizens.

      Remember, the first ten amendments are called the Bill of Rights. They do not give anyone rights, they limit the power of those acting as our government. How are those limits enforced, at the polls. WE MUST NOT REELECT ANYONE THAT IS NOT ALWAYS HONEST, TRUSTWORTHY, COMMITTED, and a patriot to the bone. You and I are responsible for limiting the terms of everyone we elect based on their performance. We are responsible for knowing everything about anyone we vote for and refusing to vote for anyone that has always demonstrated the most outstanding character, honesty, loyalty and sincerity and dedication to preserving the Constitution and the America we used to have.

      The only laws we have to always protect are those in the Constitution which serve as the foundation for all our System of Laws. If we allow that foundation to be weakened we lose the support upon which our nation and our way of life depend for their existence. We must promote and develop community and togetherness in support of the Constitution as originally written and legally amended in accordance with Article V. thereof.

      Pay Attention, educate others, vote intelligently, never pull a party lever, vote for candidates and incumbents that you know like family and would trust with your life and those of your family (once elected your life is in their hands), and always encourage others to do the same. The lives you save may be your own and those of family members.

    • You want change?

      Pick up a gun and start shooting.

      Otherwise we will eventually be herded into the cattle cars.

      They hate us and want us dead, wake up!!

  2. Pres. Donald “The Asshole” Trump *(R=RINO)*, will go down in history as anothe,r Obamer-type , worse President of the 21th century….A one-term President in my book….Never again……

    • Did you vote for Hillary Clinton and the long planned (20 plus years) demise of freedom which she and her ilk would have replaced with a form of Socialist/Islamic slavery for the benefit of the One Percent who would rule over the World for their own benefit.

      Hillary was trained by a Muslim radical, Huma Abedin, for over 20 years, for her role in destroying freedom and replacing it with quasi-government control. Valerie Jarrett controlled every move Obama made and surely still does. She lived in the Presidents quarters in the White House so he was always under her control. Read up on Jarrett’s history. She should have never been allowed into the White House because she is also Muslim.

      Obama loaded every office that could influence policy with people selected for him that would insure their loyalty to the cause. Obama ignored our laws and the Constitution. He used executive orders to override Congress’s purpose and get his own way. He held secret meetings in the dark of night to create legislation that no-one would have time to read, let alone understand. You want more of that? You complain when Trump does similar things to a much lessor degree.

      Trump hires and fires to fine tune his team an try to develop a cadre of personnel that he can trust and be confident that will behave as they are supposed to behave. As in any power structure, those that could get in the way and disrupt time sensitive agenda cannot be tolerated. We see this happening often. Do they all need watching? Sure they do! That is our job as voters.

      We must limit/terminate the terms of those that do not perform in the most honest and loyal way protecting and preserving the Constitution all the way. We must never reelect anyone that is not honest and aboveboard at all times. There is no room for those that dance to different drummers or are in public service for self gain ahead of the public good and the Constitution. There is no room for political correctness. We must all use our First Amendment ability to speak freely no matter if those to whom we speak like what we say or not. Those so offended must learn to live and let live because we all have the same rights and privileges, no-one deserves to have more than another.

      Stop listening to others run their mouths and do your homework so you are sure you know what you are talking about is true all of the time. Never rely on comments made by others to be truth.

      Vote every s.o.b.out of office that has been screwing us in order to gain fame and fortune for themselves at our expense.

      • Hillary was trained by a Muslim radical, Huma Abedin, for over 20 years, for her role in destroying freedom and replacing it with quasi-government control.
        Geee….all these years I thought Obummer and Hitlery’s instructor was Saul Alinsky.

        • So Hillary was being trained when she was a Wellesley and Yale, by someone whose parents weren’t even born?

          Hillary is her own person, you don’t have to look for evil brown people, she made herself a liberal over a very, very, very, long public life.

      • Republicans would be holding fast against Hillary’s gun control blitz right now, and her new liberal SCOTUS judge wouldn’t even have the opportunity to rule on the laws Trump will soon be signing against us (SCOTUS would also still be refusing to hear gun cases so the lower anti-gun rulings can stand without making as much controversy as a Dred Scott decision that would likely kick off rebellion at this point)

        Frankly, the only difference is Hillary would likely have raised our taxes more, but the impact of Trump’s tariffs probably even edges out that savings, too.

        Remember how Trump got elected because the Democrats formally told working class white males “fuck off we don’t want you any more” and abandoned campaigning in the midwest? Remember how impossibly stupid we all said that strategy was? Trump/GOP just did the exact same thing with gun owners; we’ve been jettisoned from the Republican Party, and will no longer be represented in the platfrom.

  3. All those times I said stuff like this would happen because at heart he’s still a NYC Republicrat…so not shocked.

    • “The last thing you need is a big, shit-eating “I told you so…” but tell you I most certainly did”

      Do you think the Trump voters have learned a single damned thing from all this? LOL

      • Yes. I will not forget the budget horseshit.

        That said, what was my alternative to the Hildebeest being elected and flipping the SCOTUS?

        • Didn’t learn a damn thing. Imagine, if you would, the very next election AFTER Republicans suffer the worst electoral reversal at the federal level in over a century, directly attributed to betraying gun owners.

          They wouldn’t dare try the same thing ever again. Hell, the shock of it would be so stunning that even the Democrats might finally understand the possibilities in store if they would just stop trying to annihilate us, and soften their stance a little.

          Voting Dem sends the wrong message. Staying home (not literally; just leave the federal spaces blank while supporting local Republicans) is the right message

          If you turn out for Trump, AGAIN, after this betrayal, as well as his Republican co-conspirators, what are they supposed to do but take that as a tacit endorsement of their actions? Cause, and effect,

    • I said in the primaries and every day since, one thing is perfectly clear, Donald J Trump absolutely 100% believes the things he says…until he says the next thing. The consistency is perfect, he absolutely is completely serious whenever he says something, then, when in the next sentence he says the exact opposite, he absolutely 100% believes that, rinse, repeat.

      People said, well once he’s president, he’ll change, be more presidential, whatever that means. Nope, its like he’s a reality TV star and doesn’t really care about anything but the number of headlines or TV News scrolls he gets. Go figure.

    • The real question, is do you? Trump has been obvious on the gun issue, in bright neon letters, from the beginning. We all told you during the primaries that he was a New York Anti-Gunner elitist like Bloomberg and all the others.

      The only hope I held out at all, was that he truly feared the influence of the NRA harming his agenda. Now that he’s got his yuge tax and spending bills (which benefit him & his even yuger than you or I) and he’s obviously not going to run a second time, he no longer needs the NRA, or gun owners.

      He will make a point of fucking over gun owners for the rest of his presidency, humiliating us for ever being stupid enough to put faith in his con game. We also told you he was petty & vindictive as shit to people he was not beholden to, so buckle up, and get ready to be ridden like an ISIS donkey for the next two and a half years. At least when he torpedoes the campaign of the Republican who would replace him (he will), the Democrat this shit heap of a presidency will give rise to will be strongly opposed in carrying the gun control agenda further.

      Nothing is more solid a rock than Republicans when there is a Democrat in power pushing gun control. Nothing so feckless and traitorous as Republicans when they finally get to call the shots. Gun owners should vote split ticket Democrat President, Republican Congress from here on out, until the music finally stops. That’s the only strategy that’s ever worked.

  4. That’s one way to look at it.

    The other way is that the White House is saying “we already did what you wanted.” As in, there won’t be any more, so go sit down now, you’ve been heard, you’ve gotten what you wanted, so shut up. No assault weapons ban, nothing else.

    Right now I’m feeling as disillusioned with the so-called Republicans as I ever have. I looked up who voted for and against that democrat budget bill. I am happy to say that one of my senators, Ted Cruz, voted against it. But the other one, Cornyn, voted for it, and so did my representative. With friends like that, who needs enemies?

    • Rand Paul voted no as well. There were two opportunities for better presidents but we got the yuuuuge one. Greatest one ever. I am just so happy for this county. Couldn’t be in larger hands. Terrific.

    • Not only did John Cornyn vote for it, but Fix NICS was his idea. He’s decided to ignore his constituency, and there will be consequences come election time. Remember him when you cast that ballot.

    • “There will be no more”

      Jesus you people are delusional. So, you think Trump won’t endorse “No Fly No Buy” after the next shooting, or a nation-wide age increase, or the fucking AWB his press secretary has floated some half-dozen times since the Florida shooting?


      Read that line above this one again, and then re-read it, and keep re-reading it until it no longer surprises you. It might take a while, since you’ve been hearing it from those of us who used our eyes and brains for about a year and a half so far, and you STILL don’t believe it.

  5. Fix nics is a bad deal.
    Trump lost all progun supporters for 2020 election and he will lose.
    This next election is going to be very bad i fear.

    • 1.) Long time until Nov 2020
      2.) ANYONE with a brain is going to vote for Crazy Uncle Joe Biden?
      3.) Otherwise sit on ass and allow a win by Uncle Joe Biden?

      • Ever heard the word “primary” before? This constant rehashing of “And what if the opponent is a Democrat?” is getting quite tiresome.

      • Maybe if the rest of the Republican voting base that doesn’t give a shit about our gun rights & civil liberties has to suffer a vengeful hostile administration like we are now, they won’t have their representatives do shit that pisses us off again for a while.

        That’s basically what happened with the Clinton AWB, where the Democrat Party lost gunowners once and for all, which was the only reason the Republican Party managed to gain the white house again for a period of time.

        Maybe if the Dems are in power, the Republicans will actually try to stop them again. Maybe if the Dems are in power, upstart Dems will try to get an advantage on their opponents by courting gun owners again.

        This shit? Electing New Yorkers like Trump to save us? It’s not working.

    • Everyone assumes that he is going to run. Sure he hired a campaign manager but it is possible he will bail out and let Pence run.

      He did say that he would tell his 25 year-old self not to run for president.

      • He’ll hang around as a ‘candidate’ long enough to ensure no Republican challenger can get the momentum needed to beat the Democrat opponent. That’s why he hired that campaign manager & announced he was running *BEFORE* pulling all this Benedict Arnold shit that pisses off the most loyal part of his base.

        • You also swore he would scuttle the gop’s run at the last minute to make hillary a shoe in.

          Forgive me if I don’t trust your advice.

        • I think if anything, subsequent events have shown us that it’s just as likely Trump *tried* to throw the election, and Hillary still couldn’t eke out a win, lol.

          You’re right; I was giving Trump, way, way too much credit, when his end goal was far simpler. To that man’s credit, he his publicly honest enough times, that in retrospect you can find him admitting his true intentions –it’s just hard to hash them out at the time is all. No, Trump just saw that the GOP was much less rigid ideologically than the Democrats, that they did not keep all their big names on tight leashes, and realized it was his opening. He said years back that he’d run as a Republican since it’d be easier to get a foot in the door & sweet talk his way into the hearts of idiot voters. I’m naturally more suspicious, so I didn’t buy into him during the primary or general, but was just-this-close to finally coming around when he pulled the chain on gun control.

          Yeah, fool me twice…can’t get fooled again, indeed.

          Never thought I’d see GOP majorities passing gun control, pursuing amnesty, implementing tariffs (i.e. central planning), or trying to keep Obamacare intact either (repeal was always a pipe dream, but to try leaving it as-is was just zany). Oh, or voters who strongly oppose these things justifying continued support for the party pushing them. Trump’s teaching those old party dogs all sorts of new tricks.

          Frankly, I hope that he & most of his other incumbents get thrown out this & the next go-around, even better during the primaries that are still left so the congressional majorities are maintained. That’s the easy solution for making the GOP fear us again. The hard way is to do the same, but endure major Democrat wins, before trying to bring the GOP back to power as a useful force for us.

          If they aren’t useful allies for us, I simply don’t see the point. The Libertarians or Constitution Party don’t win jack shit, but they don’t pass gun control, either (I’m well aware Johnson/Weld were gun grabbers; doesn’t matter since they didn’t win, same as Hillary). Maybe once gun owners realize no one will represent them in government, they will start to take other measures. I am not endorsing any kind of criminal behavior, but if the politicians & soccer moms feared us half as much as they pretend to, they would not push us this way. They don’t push truly threatening groups anywhere near as badly as gun owners, and actually tend to cater to their every insane demand (illegal immigrants, drug dealers, sexual deviants, homeless, mentally ill, radical Islamists, radical communists, gangs, etc)

  6. Fine I’ll give up my ar15 if all smartphones will be surrendered to the govt and regulated by the govt too..no one under 21 can possess a smartphone..does that sound good to ya you little bastards?

  7. 4D chess, bruh! Right Alexander? I guess Trump isn’t slowly giving up America, he is actually winning by giving the Democrats what they ask for.

    • I’m not saying it applies here, but sometimes giving Democrats what they want turns into the most successful strategy to defeat the Democrats in the long run.

      • It’s too much! Please, please… Trump, it’s too much winning, we can’t take it anymore.

        It will change. No more “very stupid” people running America.

    • Hah, so Alex Jones is now anti-Trump? After spending how many hundreds of hours saying how he’s the second coming of Ronald Reagan, or Jesus.

      This was the most easily predicted outcome ever.

  8. We need to have a peaceful Pro 2A rally where we all show up in D.C. with our black rifles and drum mags then make it known that if any rights start to be infringed upon that force will be met with equal force. Hell, 50,000 armed pro 2A supporters marching would be a sight to see….
    I can’t stand to watch these Tide pod eaters flushing our country down the toilet while Ryan and his bitches sit back, get fat and laugh at us for being stuck voting for them…who else do we have? The dems or whoever the allow to run, period. This system is FUCKED…

      • Oh, there is enough pro-gun people to march on Washington; way more than 50K. Getting them to do it is like herding cats. The NRA Annual Meeting draws 80K+.

        Gun owners are the ones typically working and caring for their families with little time for protesting. That’s why they pay the NRA, GOA, SAF, etc. to do the lobbying and litigating.

        There are a lot of gun clubs that have a large contingent of retired OFWGs hanging around. The NRA could organize a march on Washington utilizing the gun clubs by coordinating the march and assisting with charter buses. They’ll be able to get way more than 50K.

        If all of the OFWGs (me included) jumped up and down simultaneously on the Washington Mall, the Washington Monument would probably fall over. ☺

        • I wouldn’t count on the NRA convention numbers. They claimed 75k in Louisville, in a city with Hotel Rooms for 20k within 60 miles, and had about 50% occupancy. A conference with 20k is huge, I’ve been to a lot of them, and was in Louisville, didn’t look that large.

        • As I said, there isn’t enough people willing to show up when needed. There is always an excuse to not show up for the fight. Back in the day people would give their life. Now people won’t even give some of their time.

          You can keep lying to yourself and others, but we see who is winning the war. America started its current decline in the early 1900s, there isn’t much left. Very soon the demographic will change and the few pro liberty youth left will have to give up their lives fighting a futile last stand.

          Look at the UK: right leaning types are being banned from entering their ancestors homeland, a guy was convicted of a crime for making his girlfriend’s dog roman salute. They didn’t progress, they just got worse. As you can see, America is regressing back into their European ways.

        • I can’t disagree, CZJay. However, we have been able to muster 2-3,000 for one of the largest protests I’ve seen in recent years in SW Ohio. If 1,000 or so can be mustered from each state… Could we do it? I really don’t know but I’m pessimistic about it.

          I can’t remember how many (total, all states) we had for the veteran’s march on DC in 2013 but it sure seemed like a lot to me from the ground.

    • If we bother to do that, it might as well not be with peaceful intentions. It wouldn’t stay peaceful for long, in any case. Uncle Sam has this ‘thing’ about armed peasants showing up in DC (see: Bonus Army)

      • Pray for peace. Prepare for War.

        I was in for the Kokesh march. (All bickering aside on the details.) A stranger that has a body armor company contacted me out of the blue and offered me free body armor. He said that he didn’t agree with the march but didn’t want to see a patriot die. He was the tops. A local pawn shop had a “disposable” weapon ready for me to take to the march. I just happened to mention why I was looking for a firearm and they jumped in with support. Family and friends were preparing to throw together for the costs as they could not attend. The support used to be there. In 2018, I have no idea.

        • We could do worse things with our time than see if the support is still there (I’m betting it is, even more so) and moving forward. The NRA should kick in some of that cash they’ve been collecting all these years and help organize. HAHAHAHA, FAT FUCKING CHANCE! The only money that flows out from that FUDD organization goes to crooked politicians and NRA executive payroll.
          It’s up to us Patriotic Americans to do SOMETHING before it really is too late and this once great country falls to the corruption and greed of the political gangsters ruining this country for their profits and powermadness.

    • What gun control did Obama pass that was worse? Or even try to pass? (Recall that he barely endorsed the AWB, but didn’t force the issue; basically the same as Trump so far on that front)

  9. The more the Obama Youth scream and shout the more gun control Trump demands. Good thing Trump supports the NRA!

  10. I’m thinking that there will be wrath against establishment republicans. The blue wave will be real. Dems will retake the house, and they’ll definitely take the senate. And then trump impeachment is a very real possibility. And then we have President Pence. Two years of absolute stalemate; Pence will veto anything they send him.

    Then Ted Cruz runs in 2020, and this time he’ll have learned from last time. He was last man standing last time, and if he adopts real Trumpian positions, he’ll clear the field and we’ll have a chance at having a real president who will actually do what he says.

    • I would like Ted a lot more if he was a little more of a realist and a hell of a lot less of a religious nut. And this is coming from a devout Christian. But than again , I was a big fan of the Luther and went to a Catholic middle school so a lot of “religious” people scare me.

    • I was a big Cruz delegate thru the Iowa Primaries. Ted’s a good/actual Conservative. BUT the Socialist Republicans (formerly known as RINOs) and MSM hate Cruz every bit as much as they do Trump. The Swamp/MSM would have savage Cruz every bit as much as the have/are Trump.

      Difference between Trump and Cruz is that Cruz cares what the DC Swamp thinks of him. Trump DGAF. Cruz wouldn’t have gotten 1/3 as much done as Trump has accomplished. And if you don’t think he has gotten a LOT of right of center and substantial Conservative stuff done then you are either not awake or no diddly squat about gov’t/political process. Yes our hobby horse/2nd is not his highest priority and it wouldn’t have been for Cruz either.

      • I voted for Cruz in the primary. A more likable alternate would be Mike Lee of Utah.

        I’d like to see Cruz on the SCOTUS, Mike Lee as President, and Louie Gohmert as Vice President.

    • Put down the fucking crack pipe.

      If the Democrats manage to take both chambers in a way that they can actually impeach and convict Trump on bullshit then Pence will be POTUS for all of a week before they impeach and convict him on bogus charges and you can say hello to POTUS Pelosi at that point.

      That’s the game right now. It’s not about your rights or the NRA or any of that shit. It’s about a coup, pure and simple. Maxine Waters has made that very, very clear. She’s even stated that if they take down Trump then Pence is next.

      • That would be a great way for them to lose everything they worked for. They can’t shove, they have to nudge. Shoving will instantly start a fight. They can’t win that fight right now; they need to get some more states on their side first.

      • Let me help you out here. Trump gets impeached. Pence is president, Pence names new VP. Pence gets impeached, VP is president, names new VP.

        You’re thinking about something like continuity of government during a nuke strike or some such, that’s not how impeachment works.

        • If Pence became President upon Trump’s impeachment, his new VP nominee would have to be approved by a majority in both houses of Congress before taking office as VP (25th Amendment). So if the Dems dragged their feet on confirmation and Pence was then impeached before his nominee was approved (with the VP office still officially vacant), then the Speaker of the House would become president.

          That’s my amateur take on it, anyway.

        • You’d have to really management the timing tightly because the Senate’s usual presiding officer, the President of the Senate who is also the Vice President. In theory at least, as President of the Senate, the Vice President could preside over the impeachment of himself, although legal theories suggest that allowing a defendant to be the judge in his own case would be a blatant conflict of interest.

          Realistically there’s zero chance at a Trump impeachment, there’s no possibility that the democrats can get 66 senate votes, they have maybe a 45% chance to take the senate, but no way are they pulling 17 of 35 races, more dems are up in red states. But its going to be a wave, a tsunami in the house, but only a canoe tipper in the senate.

    • I don’t know what it is about Cruz, but if I read something he says, its fine, but when I hear his voice I just want to punch him. I know its my deal, but still a deal.

    • What’s comical is there would have been no Blue Wave if the NRA has simply told Trump to shut the fuck up, had LaPierre & Paul Ryan come out & say “There will be no gun laws voted on in response to this tragedy,” and waited out this astroturf shitstorm. If they had done these three things, and loudly & strongly punished ANY representative who complained with a full-on F-rating, they would have probably held the line.

      But no. They had to play clever with the bump stock gambit, even though Vegas was disappearing from the news cycle almost instantly. Then after the very next mass-shooting –all but perpetrated by liberal government elements who intentionally avoiding clapping Cruz in irons– Trump’s #newyorkvalues on full display AGAIN, fucked up the entire scheme.

      Now the NRA is revealed as a paper tiger who can’t say no to GOP gun control, lest their lobbyists lose their precious seat at that oh-so-productive table. And Trump, who’s just an anti-gun liberal from NYC who won’t be running again, simply doesn’t give a shit any more.

      The GOP is going to lose the House & likely the Senate within two years, in possibly the biggest political collapse in living memory. The most House reps since the 1930’s, the presidency, the senate, a nominally-conservative supreme court, nearly 3/4 of state houses in GOP hands (enough to completely re-write the Constitution in their favor if desired via Article V convention, btw), a huge crop of promising young leadership to carry the momentum into the next decade. The Dems had Bernie, Hillary, Warren, and the likes of Biden, Pelosi, and Feinstein; a bunch of retrograde fossils who have been shutting out the next generation from rivaling their influence in the party, and who were hopelessly out of touch with the 60% of Americans that live outside their urban Utopian hell holes.

      Given those ingredients, we end up with federal gun control.

      • Nah, none of the wave is due to the gun debate, at least from the dem side. Its all about Trump, mostly just about his personality. On the red team, turnout is going to be down because of the personality, and lack of accomplishments.

        This may turn out POTG for the primaries, but I don’t think there really is much of a threat for POTG voters to jump to the blue team.

        • Or let me restate, none of the current odds of the wave, are gun related. Going forward, if the blue team can get 18 year olds to actually show up in a midterm, then maybe the gun control issue will have an effect.

    • In all honesty, it’s really a drop in the bucket as far as gun control (granted, our ‘cake’ is nearly gone at this point)

      What we actually lost, was the only piece of leverage we had to actually make progress on reclaiming our gun rights for the first time in generations. It was given away, for NOTHING.

      And now Trump seems intent on polluting the Republican brand with gun control even more than it already is, shutting our door to redemption once and for all.

  11. Truth be told, do you think that this was gonna be ignored? Of course el Cheeto was going to make a statement.

  12. Looking more and more like the cartridge box will be replacing the ballot box….just hope the citizens win!!!

    • The cartridge box is the only way.

      You can’t negotiate with people who are dishonest and dehumanize you.

      When will we wake up and realize 1776 is the only answer.

      I am sick of this BS circus I want off the ride!!

      • Got any Abrams tanks? How about F ,35,or. F22 fighters? I would love to hear the strategy for defeating the world’s most powerful military.

        • “Got any Abrams tanks? How about F ,35,or. F22 fighters? I would love to hear the strategy for defeating the world’s most powerful military.”

          Become the Irish Republican Army.

          Look, we are not going to be attacking tanks and planes. If it comes to a fight, we are going to kill people in their sleep while they are “safe” in their homes. If tanks and planes show you melt away into a crowd. You won’t be wearing any uniform.

        • The Irish fought with paint cans & ‘digestive biscuits’ made into grenade launchers. Plus, soldiers get to stay on base, but there aren’t that many of them at the end of the day, and police have to go home at night. Soldiers also have to leave the base if they want to actually hold territory.

          You end up with America finally degenerating into a truly 3rd world warzone, with ‘loosely controlled tribal areas’ that are basically left alone by the nominal authorities in the city. A very poor situation for everyone involved, and completely avoidable if urbanites could just be happy in their towering dung heaps instead of spreading them outward to the rest of us.

        • Ask the jihadis. Our military has been unable to secure the sandbox after major invasions, even with all the big guns and high tech toys, because of insurgents with small arms and improvised explosives. Victory isn’t needed in the traditional sense. All an insurgency (which I am not advocating for) needs to do is make any attempted government crackdown too bloody and prolonged an effort to be politically​ tenable for the regime attempting it. That is why the 2A and the militia at large remain a critical impediment to tyranny.

    • Yes, better than Hillary.

      Not much, apparently, but at least a couple of things got done.

      Hell, Hillary floated the idea of putting Barack Obama on the Supreme Court! Would you rather have Obama there, than Gorsuch?

      And I sincerely doubt that Hillary would have put in place the extreme vetting and travel bans that Trump eventually got through.

      And I somehow kind of doubt that Hillary would have signed the tax cut bill.

      As far as the budget bill goes, I don’t think Hillary could have gotten a more democrat-friendly bill than Trump ended up signing, so on that one he’s just as bad. But on the other things, he is somewhat better than Hillary.

      • If Hillary were president, gun control would be staunchly opposed, and no new federal laws would be going to ObamaSCOTUS for review. That’s assuming there wasn’t a violent rebellion already underway (it’s clear that Hillary was just a little too warm for the frog to tolerate, so we get gun control from Trump instead to keep the frog from panicking)

  13. It sure does look like Trump is on the Schwarzenegger trajectory…California voters thought they were getting somebody who at least would try to staunch the red tide sweeping in..instead, he almost immediately joined forces with it. Seems like the same thing is happening with Trump. I was hoping against hope this wouldn’t happen, but it’s starting to look like it is.

    • Hey, guess who also had a track record as a giant anti-gun dbag before wooing idiot GOP voters? Governator Phillanderneger! Maybe they’ll go for Dwayne ‘The Disarmist Rock” Johnson next!

  14. All you that discovered the US political process 2 minutes ago –

    How did your rep (you have ONE) and senators (you have TWO) vote on the measure?

    Do you have their DC phone # saved on your phone. Do you have their email address saved. If the answer is no, you are part of the problem/the swamp.

    Did you contact your rep/senators office before the vote? Did you contact their office after the vote to either thank them voting correctly or to ream (politely) the a new one? If you did not contact then just shut up, you’re full of useless bloviating hot air.

    • Contacted and contacted, unfortunately I have team Nelson and Rubio working together on erpo or gvpos so not much luck there. Rubio thinks he is doing great work for the country selling out lawful gun owners, and thinks the new laws in Florida are awesome too! Glad he isn’t president.

  15. Trump lost me. Between this BS statement on the children’s mob looking to confiscate my guns, and the pork laden Omnibus he just signed, I don’t think the guy stands for anything besides himself.

    There’s nobody in government who represents me or my interests.

    • Hey, that budget only doubled the deficit spending of Obama’s last year. The republicans were perfectly fine opposing everything Obama did, but has no clue how to actually govern. They’re trolls basically, you have to have a philosophy with 1st principles on governing, not fund raising and reelection as your primary goals.

  16. It always amazes me that the majority of you refuse to understand that it is an election year. You’ll go ballistic over a piece of plastic or a partial construction of a wall or a program (fixnics) that is very unlikely to do any harm to your precious rights. Instead you will unseat an entire party and replace it with a party that will absolutely take all of your guns.
    You have no idea what’s gonna happen when Oprah and the internet giants take control of this government. You rant about how things “can’t be any worse…”. You ain’t seen nothing yet. Go ahead and vote out the RINO’s and the other members that you put in congress. Then sit back and watch as they bust down your door. The alt left has a plan and you’re playing right into their hands. You fools.

    • Blood and fire is required. Required. Too late and too far down the rabbit hole to come back. Dems will get us to blood and fire sooner. I’m voting Dem from here on out. Too far gone. They’re all the same. Too late and too far gone. Blood and fire.

    • Last year wasn’t an election year; are you saying that’s when we were supposed to get our “win” at long last (‘pert near 100 years last I checked)? Yeah, well that didn’t happen; Trump and the other Republicans took your votes, and fucked all that time away trying to screw you over on health care, dicking around with an idiotic Russia investigation instead of dismantling the Clinton/Obama crime syndicate as promised, and passing a tax bill that benefits the investor class lobbying for it a hell of a lot more than us tax payers (and doing nothing to “wipe out the debt in four years” as promised). Since that didn’t happen, and wasn’t even attempted (unless farting around with bills in committee until a mass shooting gives cover to table them) it’s time for our supposed ‘allies’ to pay the price.

      So when you we get the win? Never, you say? Well in that case, what the fuck are we voting for as single-issue gun voters?

      Fuck that shit. We need to be feared as a voting bloc again, which means the Republicans who betrayed us need to be completely slaughtered in the upcoming mid terms. Yes, the aftermath with suck badly, probably another AWB since Trump will absolutely collude with the new Dem majorities to pass more gun control. But damn it, if that’s what it takes to get ONE of the two parties to pay attention again, let’s get stinko.

      Best case we get politicians to follow our word again and slowly roll back the restrictions, better case the wheels finally come off for good and gun owners start practicing disobedience en masse; you see, right now we have to be far more well-behaved than the unhinged opposition marching, screaming, and rioting. That’s why no one is listening to us, I’m afraid. Maybe if the liberals feared us rioting like they do their pet minorities, they wouldn’t have the balls to even contemplate banning a hundred millions AR15s.

  17. The people that named this thing have no understanding of History modern or ancient check out the Children’s Crusade. No children actually made it to the Holy Land fortunately our children are going to end up like all of those did but that’s only because those of us who care don’t trust the government. It seems NRA is not worthy of our trust either my own congressman is not worthy of my trust. My congressman is unopposed in the primary I’m going to vote for the Democrat maybe he’ll vote to impeach Trump.

    • I think they’re trying to be clever. I’m starting to hear the term “Cultural Revolution” tossed around casually too, which is quite literally the same as suggesting a “final solution” for some demographic concern.

  18. We are to blame. Our kids are pussies. Most of them don’t even know how to put someone in a headlock. They are easily manipulated and willing to cede their god given rights for faux security. God help us!

  19. Sounded to me like Trump was just congratulating the kids to give lip service to their cause, while knowing it would change nothing beyond what legislation was already done. And he had to sign the budget bill to make sure the military was ready to stand behind his Korea, Iran and Syria negotiations he has in the works. I think way too many of you are way too quick to throw in the towel and say all is lost. Balderdash. What a bunch of babies. Suck it up.

    • Donald J Trump–“Just a few moments ago, I signed a memorandum directing the attorney general to propose regulations to ban all devices that turn legal weapons into machine guns,” Trump said, adding that he expects it to be finalized “very soon.”

    • Yes. Agree. You’d think the ATF was already in full confiscation mode from the comments here. The hysteria at TTAG is almost as bad as the speeches at the children’s fair in D.C. Grow some balls people. Good grief!

  20. By the way…don’t write off the mid-term elections just yet. The same voters that saw through the media lies and elected Trump, also see through the current media attempts to conscript a bunch of kids to disarm the nation and sell our sovereignty to the UN. Don’t give up, there IS no blue wave…it’s all in their heads. Quit listening to the stupid media…you guys know better than that!

    • Tell that to Alabama and PA-18, both +20% Republican races. Yeah, a few races have only changed hands, but in 100%, the democrats made HUGE gains, +15-20% in all of them.

      Remember, Trump lost the popular vote, there isn’t an electoral college in play. Close house seats are gone. The best bet is to 100% focus on the senate and those +10% R seats in the house so you limit the Trump damage.

      • Trump only lost the popular vote because of CA. The state where millions of illegals are given sanctuary and CA drivers licenses.

        Without CA the dems and gun control are finished.

  21. Article V Convention is the ONLY option left to us within the agreed-upon legal system. The social contract is hanging by a thread. None of the formal government organs are responding to our demands, but the vast majority of state-level governments are in a somewhat better place, and we can still reach them.

    We either ‘Hail Mary’ a convention and work to ensure that what is ratified out the other side gives us enough protections to be worth being a party to, or we go our own way & deal with the consequences. Like the colonists who finally declared independence from British tyrants after years of unheard pleas for redress, we will be able to honestly say we tried every single last peaceful and legal option available to us before revolting.

    • Kiss the rest of your rights away if we have a convention. The current Constitution is only in place because of a coup that got rid of the much superior Articles of Confederation. The representatives at that convention were only suppose to “tweak” the AoC. Instead they gave us the current monstrosity. The Anti Federalists were right.

      • You do realize that you aren’t bound by either the old or new constitution at that point, right? Whether by removing the RKBA the illegal way, as they are now, or the extra-legal way, via Convention, you are no longer bound by ‘the rules’ since they no longer apply. It’s like Martial Law; all bets are off.

        It’s fucking laughable that ‘patriots’ think that the founding document itself is some kind of barrier to anything. Government is just what we agree to abide by to get along with each other, and the US Constitution is simply the best arrangement that’s been dreamed up so far. That’s all! If they somehow hijack the convention’s nearly 70% red-state delegate attendance like in that shitty dime novel, the folks back home still get to decide whether to ratify it. If things are so far gone that 70% of the delegates vote to end RKBA, and the vast majority of the population agrees to it, we’ve already lost everything (which is why I don’t buy that argument)

        “But what if they change the rules so the states don’t have to ratify, and adopt the Communist Manifesto directly?” What if unicorns shit jellybeans? Why would the states tolerate that result from their delegates, it’s asinine. Would you accept that result, or get in touch with your buddies, and raise hell with your local reps to not accept the changes. Very basic stuff. The Convention is a theoretical bloodless revolution, which the founders obviously felt was preferable to the bloody one they’d just thought, so they wrote it down just in case we ever forgot about that option, during some bad time in the future.

        But no. You read a shitty dime novel full of kinky sex and fantasy hero bullcrap that said it couldn’t be done.

  22. The Whitehouse, ….We don’t need no water let the mother fucker burn, burn mother fucker burn. They be shredding the Constitution they is.

  23. The RNC either primaries mr.president and 80 + % of their party or it’s the end of the Republicrat party,can anyone remember the Whigs.

  24. If so many ignorant fools had not gone along with Trumps hateful lies about Ted Cruz then we could’ve had a President who actually defends our Civil Rights.

    Alas, we had millions of sheep – many among gun site like this – who were bleating “Cruz is the Zodiac killer” … “Cruz is a puppet of Goldman Sachs” etc.

    You all need to go and give to the Cruz campaign right now. It really is the very least you could do!

    I am a regular donor, but otherwise unaffaliated.

  25. This White House message pats the “useful idiot” high school children on the head and points out what POTUS already did that they ‘demanded’ during their “March” today. That will be the end of it.

    We POTG can help ensure that’s the end of it by making our beliefs and concerns clearly known to our elected Representatives, donating to the Pro Gun Rights organizations {whichever one(s) you personally choose} to support legal challenges and lobbying efforts, and exercising our RKBA as often as we can.

    Since nothing that will work has been done, there will be other mass school shootings. The “useful idiots” will march surrounded for their safety by armed Police and possibly National Guard, and still never understand the irony of THAT, or the irony of the useless, idiot ideas they are being used to promote.

    It is sickening and darkly laughable…*wash, rinse, repeat…wash, rinse, repeat…*

    • When you return to whatever shithole country you come from that allows slavery and that seizes political opponents without suspicion of a crime, I’m sure you will be able to do plenty of that, at least until the nation’s thuglord decides to dispose of you as well.

  26. neiowa – In response to your post — Yes, I (we) have our Senators and Representative local & DC numbers on speed dial as well as email addresses. YES, we call and write continuously and said “THANK YOU!” to Senator Cruz for voting against the omnibus spending bill AND informed Senator Cornyn of just the opposite + he can kiss my support good-bye, both financially & at the ballot box in the November election.
    However, I must admit that Cornyn angered me to the greatest extent possible and displayed his true colors when he teamed up with the likes of Dianne Feinstein re: “Fix NICS”. He’s ignored the constituents from the past that elected him to office and here’s hoping that come November, they won’t forget his betrayal.

  27. Of course. Why wouldn’t he support a March for Tyranny.

    Don’t give me this playing chess bullshit, he’s a sellout, and we knew it was coming, we just knew it would be slower than with Clinton, which would have been immediately, and we held out hope that some how we would be wrong about it and he might actually understand and support gun rights, but it is increasingly obvious he just doesn’t give a shit.


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