Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day: Rite as Rain!

Chris Wolfe's everydaycarry.com pocket dump

Well thank GodChris Wolfe’s everydaycarry.com pocket dump puts Field Notes back in the everday carry frame. Well, not Field Notes per se. An $18 Rite in the Rain All-Weather Hard Cover Notebook. I wonder what Mr. Wolfe would write about his Walther PPS M1 in .40 Smith & Wesson, in the rain . . .

“If I can write this florid script in an Oregonian downpour I sure as hell can handle the ‘snappy’ .40 S&W during a defensive gun use.”

Speaking of antiquated adjectives, what up with the pocket watch? Alllll aboard for the .40 cal express train to Caliber Wars? Just so. And in the nick of nine! I mean, time.


  1. avatar Bloving says:

    I spy a sailor!
    I used to carry a pocket watch… I found them more comfortable than a wrist watch as well as giving a nice hipster vibe. After I wore out my last one, I never replaced it. Never did find one that could keep it’s swivel attached after a few seasons.. lost track of how many I broke over the years.
    And what the heck is that curved camo thing in the upper left…. oh! Shades! With a denim crotch in the reflection..

    1. avatar Vic Nighthorse says:

      “A nice hipster vibe”, makes no sense at all;-)

    2. avatar RB says:

      “A nice hipster vibe”…


  2. avatar Flinch says:

    Ahh to be young and not mind snapping off fingernails trying to open a Swiss Army knife.

  3. avatar ironicatbest says:

    I’ve not had much experience with .40 caliber, it seems a viable cartridge, kinda not to big, not to small. I’m still a 1911 fan boy though, in my opinion.45acp is the best s d cartridge for pistols made. I had used a 9mm Luger for about 15 years although it seemed everything I shot and wanted dead took two bullets. The .45 was/is always one shot with good placement……I also use a pocket watch because everytime I had a wrist watch it got broken. The Swiss Army knives used to be not that hard to open, I don’t know what their doing now, but I don’t like having to carry a pry bar to get them to open, ,

    1. avatar RB says:

      Your entire post is ironic, and moronic, at best.

      A: Modern 9mm JHP is literally as effective as 45ACP, but without the magazine capacity limitation of most 45ACP handguns. Shot placement, as always, is a key factor in the effectiveness of any ammunition. Modern 9mm is flatter shooting than 45ACP and offers the shooter faster follow up shots.
      B: Pocket watches are anachronistic at best and a pompous costume accessory at worst.
      C: Anyone that finds that Swiss Army knives are difficult to open, Shirley, they need to start working.

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