White House Reacts to Roanoke Shooting: Calls for More Gun Control [VIDEO]

The White House responded to the shooting in Roanoke by asserting that the killing was “another example of gun violence that is becoming all too common in communities large and small all across the United State.” The President’s Press Secretary called on Congress to “pass common sense things that we know would have a tangible impact on reducing gun violence in this country.” Apparently, Congress could take those steps “in a way that would not infringe on the . . .  Constitutional right of law abiding Americans.” Josh had a had time with that one, and couldn’t quite bring himself to say “keep and bear arms.” I wonder why that is . . .


  1. We went beyond common sense years ago. Does he mean a rollback?

    1. avatar Soccerchainsaw says:

      Here! Here! If “common sense” is the new standard, it’s time to repeal a bunch of gun control laws that make no sense at all….

  2. avatar Silver says:

    Progressive ideology creates a monster, progressive monster kills people with guns, progressive dictators blame real Americans.

    Just another day. Fortunately, anything coming from the White House is like a YouTube cat video these days. Cute in how vapid it is. Also fortunately, the killer’s profile utterly obliterates the MSM and Prog Fascist narrative, so this story won’t be dwelt upon too much.

    Also no surprise how it being a hate crime was totally ignored. Also…since when does the WH comment on a run of the mill double murder? Stay the hell out of our lives for God’s sake, we don’t need your vile, festering maw in our faces every damn day.

    1. avatar ShiningKnight says:

      Amen! I was wondering the same thing. If the unfortunate dead were two everyday Joes who weren’t linked to the media, the WH would not give a flying F$#%.

      1. avatar Silver says:

        I suppose when death can be used to further an evil agenda, even tyrants will lap up a peasant’s blood.

        1. avatar HotandEmpty says:

          “I suppose when death can be used to further an evil agenda, even tyrants will lap up a peasant’s blood.”

          I believe that statement qualifies to “He could have been my son” , said about 17 year old thief.

    2. avatar DisThunder says:

      For what it’s worth, Earnest (ha!) didn’t seem to be able to drum up much “umph” for this particular rah-rah gun control moment. It read off like “blah blah congress, blah blah backround checks, something something common sense, etc. and break for lunch.”
      This whole episode would be absurd if it weren’t for a couple of innocent folks dying. Watching the news sharks and the politicians try to use this one while sidestepping the killer’s race and sexuality is like watching them try and jerk off a rose bush.

    3. avatar Wade says:

      You must not forget civil rights. When whitey kills a black person it is deemed a hate crime. When a crime is deemed a hate crime that means most certainly civil rights were violated. Someone call Al Sharpton it is time to march #whitelivesmatter2.

      1. avatar K-Bizz says:

        We should have a riot! That’ll show ’em how valuable life is! I’m gonna figure out what stores to loot.

  3. avatar NYC2AZ says:

    And with what we currently know about this shooting, and may others that fit into this “high profile” category of murder, what gun control(s) would have prevented these two people from being murdered? Being that the only answer ultimately ends with more bloodshed, gun controllers will only answer the question truthfully when their mask slips.

  4. avatar AnotherOne says:

    The father of the reporter was also on Fox tonight (Kelly file) saying he was going to go on a crusade against guns.

    1. avatar Silver says:

      At least he has the excuse of grief to be an oblivious, blind moron. Millions of other grabbers have no excuse.

      If he really wants to end gun violence, he should go on a crusade against leftism.

      1. avatar Freeheel says:

        ^^^ this

      2. avatar Rambeast says:

        “If he really wants to end gun violence, he should go on a crusade against statism.”


  5. avatar Rusty Chains says:

    I am so tired of being reasonable and calm dealing with these pompous, self righteous, dim bulbs proclaiming that it is the fault of good citizens that some viscous psychopath murders someone. If I and my fellow gun owners would just be more reasonable. Well I am damned sick and tired of responding to these narcissistic fools in a reasonable calm manor, my new response to BS like this is just going to be F.O. and die.

    1. avatar Silver says:

      Attempting to be reasonable with fools and monsters is always the first mistake of good men.

  6. avatar Aaron says:

    I have a commonsense gun control policy: I am in contol of a gun at all times.

  7. avatar mike oregon says:

    Gun control errr safety, the one size fits all answer to whatever question is asked. Sigh.

  8. avatar Jeff the Griz says:

    I was surprised as to how most of the msm has been reporting this as “workplace violence” and not completely blaming firearms. The nut job filmed his violent act with a go-pro, so lets ban those too.

    1. avatar ShiningKnight says:

      It was filmed with his mobile phone. Go-Pros don’t film in that fucked up vertical aspect. Only cell phones do that…..if you film holding your phone sideways, the end result is a full screen landscape shot.

      1. avatar Grindstone says:

        He filmed vertical? Truly, we have seen the face of evil.

      2. avatar Jeff the Griz says:

        According to TTAG story a few headlines back it said go pro… ok so ban camera phones!

    2. avatar Marcus (Aurelius) Payne says:

      Woah, what? Are frogs raining from the sky or something? The MSM labels something as workplace violence and it’s actually workplace violence! What the hell is going on?

  9. avatar manny says:

    Hillary Clinton: Va. Shooting Proves Need for Stronger Gun Laws

    EXCLUSIVE: ‘The human tape recorder’ – how TV murderer was criticized by bosses for appalling journalistic standards and reprimanded for wearing an Obama badge to report on elections

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3212142/The-human-tape-recorder-TV-murderer-criticized-bosses-appalling-journalistic-standards-reprimanded-wearing-Obama-badge-report-elections.html#ixzz3jya4QiD7

    Hillary is right, any Obama supporter is not mentally stable enough to posses firearms.

  10. avatar scooter says:

    GUN violence is how they say it. Gun VIOLENCE is the problem… they don’t see a difference. This was an act of destructive violence, and the tool selected was a gun. In other areas if the world it may be a machete, a hammer, or an IED, but we can also cut crops with a machete, build a house with a hammer, or blast for precious resources. It’s the man, not the tool. It’s the carpenter, not the hammer. It’s the killer, not the gun. Again. Still.

    1. avatar Silver says:

      Yeah, but actually tackling the root of violence problems would take hard work, adult thinking, and wrestling with uncomfortable realities. That’s too hard! American Idol is on tonight! Besides, the government says that guns are the problem along with whites and Christians, so let’s just let them handle it. Having to find out for myself is too much of an inconvenience.

      Seriously though, neat little silent pact going on here. The public doesn’t want to think and the government doesn’t want an armed populace, so the government demonizes guns and the lemmings buy into it. It’s worked in every country in the world, except here. I don’t know if we’re a dying breed or not, but liberty minded Americans are truly unique.

  11. avatar OakRiver says:

    So what exactly is being proposed that would have prevented this?

    1. avatar GunGeek says:

      Nothing like a White house comment in lieu of facts. Presumably the gun was properly obtained otherwise that would be a headline. What is the President’s proposal? Prevent black citizens from owning firearms? Gay citizens? Black & gay? Guess that would rule out Michael Sam from ownership. And RuPaul.

  12. avatar Don says:

    If this nutjob had killed his coworkers by beating them to death on live television with a baseball bat, nobody would say boo… I supppose banning Louisville sluggers would be unamerkin? Or a K-bar, or ran over them with his car…. Maroons, all of them.

  13. avatar Matt in Pa says:

    Ok Josh, you libtard pansie.

  14. avatar Fed Up says:

    We have a mental health issue in this country disguised as a gun problem.

    1. avatar Rambeast says:

      We have a philosophy problem disguised as a gun problem. Mental health is subject to the opinion of those that haven’t even scratched the surface of the subject matter. Brain development and function is less well known than the bottom of the ocean, yet you are willing to put your fundamental rights in the hands of those “experts”?

    2. I agree, Fed Up. Most of the mentally ill would seek help were it available. Even so, the big part of the murder rate is the rotten ghetto culture. Society should do more to bring prosperity to those areas but change will take time. We can’t force people to be productive.

  15. avatar Pieslapper says:

    White house sees the sun shining…calls for more gun control.

    Obama misses a birdie putt…calls for more gun control.

    Turks sell out Kurds to al-Qaida…calls for more gun control.

    It’s the statist answer to everything.

    1. avatar Jeff the Griz says:

      Cartels need weapons….skirt gun laws, ISIS wants freedom from Syria…hand out full auto weapons to freedom fighters, American wants firearms… background check, registration and more gun laws. It’s the new American way.

      1. avatar Rambeast says:

        The state benefits from all of those groups being armed and in the spotlight except for nonviolent peoples. It puts the sheen of legitimacy to their power and money grabs.

  16. avatar Grindstone says:

    Que the laws that would never have stopped this.

  17. avatar Don says:

    Gun violence is decreasing but cameras and sensationalist pedaling of violence is becoming more ubiquitous…

  18. avatar Marcus (Aurelius) Payne says:

    Disgusting human beings appealing to weak human beings. All I hear when gun control is called for in times like this is: “I don’t care how many people actually die, as long as I don’t hear about it and get sad.”

    None of these people care about the lives, they only feed off of the sensation.

    1. avatar Silver says:

      Well said. The myth of the “compassionate” leftist is most obvious here. If they cared about saving lives, they’d see how guns accomplish that. So, leftists are either evil or willfully ignorant. There is no third option.

      I’m talking about the public, of course. Politicians are just pure, disgusting evil, since they know full well what they’re doing.

  19. Another day, another american mass shooting.

    I wonder why this does not happen in europe, australia or japan.

    A country awashed with guns and horrible people who defend the right to murder, kill and terrorize the community in the name of “Freedom”.

    Studies show a gun in the home is 5X more likely to be used to kill you or a loved one than stop a criminal attack.

    1. avatar Silver says:

      Aw, it’s so cute, it thinks it’s people! Look, it’s trying to speak! Poor, stupid thing can never be truly human.

    2. avatar Milsurp Collector says:

      Wait, wait, let me guess. 95% of all privately owned firearms in existence have been used to kill someone too, right Kaiser Willy?

      1. avatar NYC2AZ says:

        It was 98%… Gotta get the meme right 😉

    3. avatar JoshtheViking says:

      Do not feed it!

    4. avatar gsnyder says:

      And another troll. Kinda weak, really not a good job. Your too obvious. You’re not good at all.

    5. avatar JSJ says:

      Isn’t France still a part of Europe, Mr. “White Power” WIlly? Weren’t there two mass shooters over there in the last 8 months?

    6. avatar Marcus (Aurelius) Payne says:

      Um, it just happened in France. No, not the train, the Roma camp, then there was the Charlie Hebdo shooting. What? That was different because it was related to ISIS? No, my friend if you blame the guns, you blame the guns. Japan has a massive suicide rate to offset any life saving their gun laws supposedly provide. The UK is still using the time when guns were legal as their benchmark for having low crime. Australia is still dealing with higher crime, including homicide and even *gun* homicides due to their gun laws.

      From nation to nation study after study finds that there is no correlation between gun ownership and crime rates, or a slight inverse correlation. From John Lott to Harvard.

      The fact is that Crime in the US is as low as it is BECAUSE law abiding citizens can own firearms, and enough choose to believe they are their own first responder.

      It is a FACT in the US that more lives are saved due to the involvement of a firearm than taken.

    7. avatar Marcus (Aurelius) Payne says:

      You are absolute scum. You and your ilk would literally sacrifice more lives, fathers, mothers and children alike so the news would be less sad once in a while. And all because you cannot be bothered to take a step back and ask yourself if you really understand the issue as well as you can.

      You can’t be bothered to look at the data and see the exploding homicide rates in countries, the ones you look up to on this very topic, immediately after passing the laws your support.

      Can’t you grasp that? All of the available data says if you get what you want MORE PEOPLE WILL DIE! People use guns every day to save the lives of themselves and their children. And the most common outcome is that everyone, EVERYONE walks away unharmed, even the criminal. Did you get that? The use of a gun frequently saves the life of the criminal too!

      And your want to incur THOUSANDS of extra deaths annually because hearing about these two people made you sad for 20 minutes? Thousands of extra deaths, as long as they happen such that you will never hear about them.

      Did your ever stop to think that maybe the people here went out and did research before bringing such a huge responsibility into our homes? Did your ever stop to think that maybe, just maybe we went through contortions to make sure we were not basing or research off of NRA material, or from any biased side of this issue to make sure that the conclusion we draw at the end is an honest one? No, you didn’t not for a single fucking second.

      You haven’t put any thought into this beyond “it feels good to believe this.” Why put literally years of ongoing research into our beliefs, from fact checking news stories to getting data from the FBI or CDC, to even doing some research on basic statistics so we can treat the data we get from neutral sources with some modicum of competence when we can just say “fuck that noise, I’m going with what feels good.”

      Well sunshine, truth isn’t a feeling. If your beliefs give you the warm fuzzies then that is your first clue that you’re wrong. Truth hurts, and not even just the unpleasant personal truths we all avoid. All truth tends to be a kick in the guts. The truth is no matter how fast the cops and emts get there, you were already on site before you dialed the 9. The truth is that the cops not only won’t but can’t promise your safety. It’s a logistical impossibility. The truth is that it’s now illegal for a state to try and require their police forces to make any promises in that regard.

      The truth is that if you ever face an invader in your home you will do so alone, no matter how good the police response is where you live. The truth is that you can do this with nothing but your a phone, or you can have a gun and have a 90% or so chance that the person threatening you and your family will simply turn around and run away. Both involve calling the police. One gives you a better chance of surviving until they arrive.

      The truth is that guns are involved more often in preventing murder than committing it.

      And the truth is you don’t care. You’ve made your choice: let them die, but keep it off the news.

  20. avatar Paul53 says:

    Pop Tarts? KFC? Chevrolet? Mercedes? American Airlines. You all recognize these even if you don’t use them. Because television influences peoples behavior! 1 million dollars for a 30 second ad during the Super Bowl proves the media people know it! Mass shootings by mentally ill. Todays shooting in which the shooter filmed it and posted it on the web himself. 24 hour news channels (they used to be 1 hour back in the 60’s). All advertising a way to get famous. When will the media be held accountable?

  21. avatar Mark Lloyd says:

    There was VIDEO! C’mon, you expect Obama and Hildebeast to let a golden opportunity go to waste?
    Extraneous gas was expect from those two blow-hards. It’s just more reason to turn off anything they say, just that much quicker.

  22. avatar gsnyder says:

    Our WH is an embarrassment in its quick response. Rather than do the job, keep the calm and assure The People, what do they do?, they attack the Constitution! You tell me, is this what leadership is supposed to be? Reprehensible behavior.

    1. avatar Silver says:

      Reading the killer’s manifesto, it becomes obvious that the WH created him, as it’s been sowing hate, division, and strife for years, using every opportunity to turn people against each other. Obama and the left created this killer. Why should their behavior stop now?

  23. avatar LP Bob109 says:

    The Obama regime is so full of crap. Read this in your NSA brief, Mr. Obama: I am not giving up my guns so you can be the United State’s first dictator.

  24. avatar Ken in TN says:

    How many Black lives that mattered were murdered today in Chicago and got ZERO mention or care?

  25. avatar bob says:

    I believe “more gun control” is the new “assault rifle”.

    Just a hot phrase being tossed around with no backing and used improperly by cramming it into conversation where it doesn’t belong.

  26. avatar William B. says:

    A lot of ya’ll are missing one of RF’s main points, to wit: the WH can’t even SAY “the right to keep and bear arms.” To them, it’s almost like asking a Christian to renounce Christ. It really is sickening, disgusting and appalling to them that it even exists. These are the people with whom we are dealing.

  27. avatar Wiregrass says:

    “United State” Is that a typo or did he actually let that slip. Not that we didn’t get the message already.

  28. avatar Wade says:

    As an aside I suppose there is some truth to the Glock pistol being more lethal. If this had been a 1911 the results may have been much different. It seems every time someone pulls out a 1911 they feel they must give a history lesson on he weapon and then someone has to ask them if it is Kimber. During that time period would be victims would have a choice to escape or ask what kind of grips those are.

  29. avatar JB Karns says:

    Another collectivist-idiot de-facto advocating for eventually starting civil war.

    Pass all the ‘laws’ you want. I am utterly done debating, defending against or even discussing collectivist-controls and abrogations of fundamental rightful-liberty, relative to guns or otherwise.

    There isn’t a ‘law’ these domestic enemies can pass that I cannot and will not personally nullify, resist and disobey.

    I am done because they will NEVER cease in their efforts, on all fronts, and the fact is that compromise and/or discussion is simply playing their game with their rules and it is naught but a fools errand, destined to fail.

    F*ck you….I will not comply. That is all.

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