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Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton reacted to the shooting in Roanoke by calling for universal background checks and a “time out” for people predisposed to committing firearms-related crimes. Ms. Clinton believes “we are smart enough, compassionate enough to figure out how to balance legitimate Second Amendment rights with preventive measures, and control measures, so that whatever motivated this murderer, who eventually took his own life, we will not see more deaths.” Basically, “we’ve got to do something about gun violence, and I will take it on.” As if you didn’t know.

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  1. “Legitimate 2nd Amendment rights.”

    The problem there being that people that legitimately don’t know a damn thing about firearms are trying to be the arbiters of what’s legitimate and whats not. Consequently they think AR15s and their magazines aren’t legitimate when in fact they’re the most protected firearms there are under the plain wording of the 2nd Amendment.

    I’d also like to know how universal background checks would have prevented this. According to his manifesto, he bought the gun from a gun store.

        • I’m still trying to work out who these “people predisposed to committing firearms-related crimes” are. Anyone want to bet against the definition being, anyone that owns a firearm?

          And, how exactly would you detect a person predisposed to anything? That sentence literally says pre-crime, if you remove all the extra garbage in it!

      • I don’t know why you are thinking that. The right to bear arms, after all, shall not be infringed. There is no right to rape period, unless you live in some ISIS or Sharia law compliant territory. So in other words, one statement was falsely and stupidly trying to legitimize an already illegal act. Clinton’s statement was trying to falsely categorize an already established right.

    • I’d be willing to bet, based on the information we know about him, that he is or was a Democrat voter.
      So the solution is simple.

        • Oh, sure, like wmd’s grow on trees.

          We could pray it’s epidemic, and they self cure but we’ll save the last one for ya.

        • He was a Democrat and Obama supporter. Since you’re a leftie, the truth is a little too hard for you, isn’t it?

        • @swarf

          You are the ignorant asshole by sticking up for the statist.
          Your comment was a nice example of the diseased liberal using emotional logic, instead of listening to Don’s factual statement on who the enemies of the American Constitution are.

      • When you stand outside a polling station doing a report about the presidential election, and you are wearing an Obama button, yeah, it’s pretty clear.

        • If this news reporter had been wearing a firearm around her pretty little waist over that pretty outfit and had trained herself with it she may have one bullet wound and be talking about how she took down a nut case on todays morning news shows . Maybe , never know for sure . Sad , but this is where we are .
          If Hillary had her way , no one would be able to defend themselves except her of coarse and it would do nothing to keep a nut case from going nutty . He could just as easily have dumped a cup of gas on her and threw a match . We are going to have to be a lot more cautious and aware of our surroundings at all times . I carry everywhere I go .
          Pray for the victims friends and families .

      • “I’d be willing to bet, based on the information we know about him, that he is or was a Democrat voter.”

        Well, he was written up by the news station for wearing an Obama sticker at a polling station the night of Obama’s first presidential election.

    • “we are smart enough, compassionate enough to figure out how to balance legitimate Second Amendment rights with preventive measures, and control measures, so that whatever motivated this murderer, who eventually took his own life, we will not see more deaths.”

      She thinks she’s smart enough to see ‘crazy’ before it happens? This hot air is brought to you by Unicorn farts.

  2. I really find it hard to believe anyone who owns a John Deere farming implement would want to hear her flap her pie hole.

        • True….but a dying breed. The “blue dogs” I know have voted red since the 2008 election.

        • Farmers these days are so efficient a small percentage of the American population can farm and feed half the world.

          Were it not for the US senate and two senators from each farm state, I doubt there’d be much welfare for (some) farmers.

    • I can just her the words in Hitlery’s head, “What’s this big green thing I have to stand in front of? It must be important to these simpletons. Oh that’s right, it’s one of those machines the serfs operate, so they can bring food to my table (that costs more than the machine) in my house (that costs more than any four farms put together).

      Rich white woman entitlement really grinds my gears.

  3. According to the nutjob’s manifesto, he passed a background check. You lose again, fascists. Want to stop violence? Stop spreading your sick, twisted ideology and creating monsters.

    Guess it’s Bernie’s turn now. He’ll tack on blaming the rich also, no doubt.

    • Edit timer ran out.

      I also find it legitimately funny that a treasonous criminal who’s committed more illegal acts than every CCW holder in the US combined is calling for the destruction of the 2A. Funny, and fitting, since only anti American villains would be against the 2A.

    • That’s the thing. They don’t care if he passed a background check. They want to ban (civilian ownership of) guns wholesale. Background checks are merely a stepping stone in that direction.

      • Can’t argue with that. That really is the simple gist of it, which is why any pro 2A stance should lack any semblance of compromise. When a grabber tells you to compromise, ask him which of his natural rights he’s willing to give up in return.

      • Their need to maintain a facade can be of great use to the gun rights side. It makes it much easier to catch them in obvious lies. Then to everyone else it’s “why would you listen to the antis when they have to lie to sound reasonable?”

    • Once they get their UBC passed into law, every single incident where the background check failed will be trumpted as a reason to ban all of some category of guns (doesn’t matter which, any category ban will be a plus in their books).

      Until then, of course, background checks are wonderful and all failures have to be from them being avoided/evaded somehow, because if they admit otherwise it’s hard to support a call for universal background checks.

  4. figure out how to balance legitimate Second Amendment rights with preventive measures, and control measures
    That’s like trying to balance light with dark, or up with down. One side is going to lose, and we don’t have to guess which side she wants to have lose.

  5. My new response to this kind of crap from politicians: F. O. and die! I just wish I could say it to her face.

    • You can try RC. But she’s surrounded by people with……you guessed it, guns. She don’t want you to have what she’s got in droves.

      She’s a beyotch.

      • I know I will never get the chance to tell her what I think of her….by the time the Southern primaries roll around where she would actually come here, well, I expect Warren/Biden to be in and her to be a foot note in the history of her husband’s time in office. And dare I hope, indicted? As my brother who use to have a security clearance because he was in that sort of business says: If I or any of the people I worked with did what has been stipulated (admitted) to by her, I would have been in jail and for a very long time.

  6. She’s coming to my college tomorrow. I think I’ll wear my East German stahlhelm as a show of support for her new Communist (wannabe) regime.

    • That’s why progs love vague, nonspecifics laws. As tyrants by nature, they need free reign to bend any law to their will. Cooling off period? Age 1 to 90 should suffice. It’s also why they like bringing up the mental health thing, since they can define what’s insane and what’s not.

      • Believing that requiring a phone call/email to an underpaid overworked data entry clerk in Moundsville, WV will stop criminals and those with mental issues from getting firearms in a country that

        A. Is just full of them, (Seriously just ask Bloomberg we cant run for milk without tripping over AK-47s and Glocks it’s a nightmare)
        B. Can’t even keep guns (or drugs or cell phones) out of SuperMax prisons.
        C. Has criminals that you know, are willing to commit crime.

        Should be considered a form of insanity and revoke the right of that person to stand for election, own firearms, have a Netflix account or appear on Chicken Noodle, F-tard News or the other one with the whiny Justin Bieber looking thing with the glasses.

    • Chances of her seeing a hour of prison time is almost zero. The only way I see her going to prison is if the Democratic Party decided that Biden or another would make a better candidate and needed a way to shut her up for a few months, then have B.O. parden her as soon as the election is over.

  7. These are the same folks who think they can prevent airplane crashes by suspending the Law of Gravity. The ‘erp’ is strong with this crowd.

  8. I’m sick of being blamed for the actions of their demented progeny.

    I fear though this is the one that they’ll rally behind and get an Aussie style gun grab.

    • Dylan Roof would have been the one for that, or Sandy Hook. This guy is the prog’s and MSM’s worst nightmare, a true representative of their ideology doing what their ideology demands. Can’t have that publicly displayed, not yet anyway. Like Dorner, I don’t suspect a lot of air time with this one.

    • I didn’t know an overweight , homosexual , liberal black man could legally buy a gun . He must have got that evil bang thingy from the hood . Black people do not do this sort of thing unless they are in that 10% minority of crazy conservative right wing black dudes club , you know the one I mean , the tea baggers .

    • What are you talking about man , you don’t mean those boys on the railroad tracks , the girls out of the airplane , the gun runners and drug smugglers and Vince Foster do you ? You don’t believe all that conspiracy crap do you ? You know Bill didn’t have ‘ relations ‘ with those women and Hillary didn’t know our Libyan Embassy
      ( consulate ) was going to be attacked or that Chris Stevens was a pawn in a gun running campaign to Syria and needed taken down because he knew to many details or that Hillary actually attempted to destroy or hide her e-mails regarding the Benghazi debacle .
      Conspiracy nuts .

    • Remember presidential elections are decided by an electoral college not the general election. They can and have screwed the voter in the past, and the areas with the highest density of people and the highest number of electoral votes are typically blue.

  9. “legitimate Second Amendment rights”

    does that mean that the second amendment is legitimate, en toto or that only some application of those rights is legitimate?

  10. Pop Tarts? KFC? Chevrolet? Mercedes? American Airlines. You all recognize these even if you don’t use them. Because television influences peoples behavior! 1 million dollars for a 30 second ad during the Super Bowl proves the media people know it! Mass shootings by mentally ill. Todays shooting in which the shooter filmed it and posted it on the web himself. 24 hour news channels (they used to be 1 hour back in the 60’s). All advertising a way to get famous. When will the media be held accountable?

    • Apparently mentally ill. Ya think? The guy held a grudge for 2 years. The guy murdered 2 people. The guy wrote 23 pages of whatever. The guy posted his crime on social media for fame. This dude would have done the world a favor by taking a swim while wearing winter combat boots and cargo pants with a lot of change in each pocket. Same result with less murder and tax payer money involved.

        • I don’t like to see additional suicide by gun, his death would have been an extra number held by the anti crowd as proof guns are bad.

    • No one wanted to call him out on it because one wants to be called a racist. There will never be an honest conversation about race till the term “racist” or “uncle tom” is stopped being used to cut down another person for something they may say that you disagree with.

      If anyone would have tried to get this man mental health treatment. He would have turned on them calling them these names and getting other like minded to stand behind him in his injustice crusade.

      • Unfortunately, that’s the entire goal…shut down any meaningful talk by throwing around callous labels. After all, if the races really did heal and come together, the Dems would be out of a job. The leftist government’s worst nightmare is a free people who doesn’t need them.

  11. The truth about this is that there is no middle-ground. Every year there are more hammers used as murder weapons than rifles, and nobody thinks that the clerk at Home Depot needs to run a background check on the purchaser. This guy legally bought what looks like a compact Glock pistol and very deliberately planned and executed a murder, and did it on LIVE TV and filmed it himself, even uploaded the video for everyone to see. There is no background check that would have caught this guy.

    An anti-gunner would obviously then conclude that the solution is no guns then, except that it comes down to two things – the first is a numbers game where we know that with more guns going out there there has been a decrease in violent crime.

    The second and most important is because the 2nd Amend has nothing to do with crime or crime prevention, it’s about the average citizenry being able to violently oppose Washington DC tyranny, and newsflash, DC passing gun laws counts as tyranny.

  12. Don’t just sit there, BAN SOMETHING*

    *even ifmit won’t have any impact on the type of crime that precipitated the ban.

  13. Automatically, they assume some law could have stopped this. They perpetuate the myth that guns are easily obtained because of loopholes or lack of regulation, and the general public is brainwashed into thinking “common sense” gun control leads to a violence free utopia.

  14. Where are all those big mouthed “pro-gun demoRATS” at? Come on you phony bastards tell us all how stupid we are for calling you and your political party anti-gun! You left wing scumbags have ZERO ground to stand on when it comes to supporting our 2A rights…

    • Haven’t you heard? They love guns and support gun rights, but exclusively vote in anti gun politicians. Sort of like how Germans really did like their Jewish neighbors, but that Hitler fellow was just so dreamy and progressive.

  15. Hilary Clinton?!?! Has no one told this woman that she and what she wants is irrelevant? Her campaign is over, what she really needs to worry about is keeping her sorry ass out of jail!

  16. Hitlery makes Obama & friends look soft on the American Constitution. This woman’s reaction without the facts and rational thought reveal qualities more aligned with the village idiot than one who proposes they should acquire the position of POTUS.

  17. She should disarm her families security detail first for a few years, then perhaps we can talk.

  18. Hate on haters, just don’t get mis-directed.

    She’s only 1/100th of how bad the prez. is and he got voted in by 113% of the eligible voters in that party, and you spell that (D) bag sh_t:
    P -O -O -P S -T -A -I -N

  19. THIS is serious-more than anything since Newtown-because it’s live and filmed…and those killed(RIP) were part of the MEDIA. The goal is complete disarmament-as in the whole world wondered after the hildeBEAST. The dead killer’s race,gayness and anger will be swept aside too. Honestly I am surprised there aren’t more kill whitey lunatics doing the deed-I’ve heard the most racist shite in the gym working out and being around large angry black men for a lot of years…and don’t dare criticise barry soetoro!

  20. It’s almost more disturbing than the actual shooting, the speed at which the anti-gun, anti-freedom side began gleefully dancing in the blood of the victims, joyous with the opportunity to exploit another tragedy in their ongoing efforts to trample the rights of those that have committed no crime.

    • It’s getting harder and harder for the antis to pretend to be human beings. They’re inhuman monsters at heart.

  21. We should take gun rights away from farmers in Idaho so that nobody in Florida ever gets shot again!

    There…. problem solved.

  22. It’s quite frustrating that all these recent incidents involve perpetrators who passed a background check.
    On the one hand it feels sort of good to be able to say “see, I told they do nothing.” On the other it’s painful to see how when proven ineffective politicians and idiot pundits still shout for more of what doesnt work.

    Like being stuck between a pile of shit and a dumb person.

    • That point does bring in to plain view for everyone what we already know, that the end goal of antis is complete disarmament and slavery. They’re not even pretending to make sense here, calling for universal BGCs when the nutjob passed a BGC. It’s all just pushing the same pile of crap with the same end goal.

      • A couple of my friends from Boston are liberal and are for gun control. They are certainly disagree on the issue, but saying they are for slavery is ridiculous. They just find guns frightening because the only exposure they get is negative; like when someone gets shot.

        Instead of demonizing them, take them to a range.

        • Then it can be argued that they’re not for gun control, they’re just ignorant. There’s a difference between useful idiots and honest-to-Cthulhu gun control supporters. That said, if they’re willing to infringe upon the Constitutional rights of innocent people simply due to their lack of knowledge, one must wonder what they’d support if push comes to shove. It can also be argued that being for gun control automatically makes one pro slavery, since a person unable to defend himself from government control is de facto property of the state. One doesn’t have to wear literal chains and have lash marks on his back to be a slave.

          I also don’t demonize people. They demonize themselves when they support fascism. I just call a rose a rose.

  23. Tool up now, people. Get in while the supply is high and the demand is (relatively) low. I predict a run on MSRs and 30-rd mags in 6-12 months.

  24. What must always be remembered is that balancing gun rights with gun control means infringing the right to keep and bear arms. You don’t balance fundamental rights for this reason.

    • Sure you do. For example, with the 1st Amendment, you can use your inside-voice instead. That way we can say what we want but nobody has to hear it. Common sense solution, right there. /sarc

  25. The real problem is the complete failure of our metal health system. The fact that this guy managed to slip through the cracks for two years without any sort of help is an outrage.
    He could have done this just as easily with a revolver, or a knife for that matter.
    The US isn’t violent because we have a lot of guns. It’s violent because our criminal justice system is asinine, because we glorify mass murderers, and because we leave the outcasts of society to fume until they reach a breaking point.
    In Switzerland, they REQUIRE every adult have an assault rifle and a handgun. Yet their murder rate is the lowest in Europe.
    And you’re one to talk Hillary. What would gang violence be like without the dramatic expansion of the War on Drugs?

    • It’s a matter of perspective. Since it’s her arrow it’s pointing to her left. As in, “anatomical left.”

  26. Ugh…here she comes again. I know a lot of folks on TTAG don’t like it but..there is only one group that she (and the other libtards) reference that fight back this kind of s…Gonna be a run on NRA membership hopefully. If you want to join, I always post this link
    Full disclosure..I’m a life member

    • Oh please.

      The NRA is a weasel-like quisling organization and acts as the ‘Official Govt Approved Gun-Privileges Association’.

      The NRA is provably directly complicit in the slow-sell and wide-spread acceptance of infringements to the fundamental Liberty enumerated in Amendment II as being ‘uninfringeable’.

      They advocate all manner of infringements and advocate for ‘The State’ enforcing those anti-Liberty/anti-Constitution ‘laws’ already on the books. Any thinking man can readily assess that the faux Second Amendment ‘defended’ by the NRA sure as hell ain’t the one enumerated in the Bill of Rights to the Constitution.

      Wake up, please.

      • Without the NRA, we would be worse off today. I’m not saying they’re always right. But there are times when no compromise = total loss where compromise = retain something and the ability to win back what was lost. Your unalienable rights are absolutely subject to the whim of public opinion. No it’s not right, but that’s how it is.

        • You claim…”Without the NRA, we would be worse off today.”

          I utterly disagree. Without the NRA and their status as an ‘American Institution’ to legions of blind-indoctrinated citizens and without their self-claimed status as some sort of ‘oracle of truth’ about individual people’s fundamental rightful Liberty, in this case, a Liberty enumerated specifically in Amendment II, we would have stopped govt dead in its tracks over 80 years ago.

          The NRA has been seeking ‘workable gun control’ since its beginning.

          Go tell your myth and false paradigm to someone still guzzleing the kool-aid and someone who is either dirt-stupid or so willfully ignorant as to willingly support a known enemy. That ain’t me.

          Following is some much needed history of this ‘staunch defender’ of what they claim to be the Second Amendment: Read it and wake up:

          “The NRA supported The Federal Firearms Act of 1938, which regulates interstate and foreign commerce in firearms and pistol, revolver ammunition.

          The NRA supported legislation to amend the “Federal Firearms Act” in regard to handguns when it was introduced in August, 1963.

          In 1965, the NRA continued its support of an expansion of the above legislation to include rifles and shotguns, as well as handguns.

          Additionally the NRA supported the regulation of the movement of handguns in interstate and foreign commerce by:
          1. Requiring a sworn statement, containing certain information,
          from the purchaser to the seller for the receipt of a handgun in
          interstate commerce;
          2. Providing for notification of local police of prospective sales;
          3. Requiring an additional 7-day waiting period by the seller after
          receipt of acknowledgment of notification to local police;
          4. Prescribing a minimum age of 21 for obtaining a license to sell
          firearms and increasing the license fees;
          5. Providing for written notification by manufacturer or dealer to
          carrier that a firearm is being shipped in interstate commerce, and;
          6. Increasing penalties for violation.

          NRA HELPED WRITE the 1986 federal law prohibiting the manufacture and importation of “armor piercing ammunition” adopted standards.”

          The NRA has been hard at work, over the last few years, turning a RIGHT (guaranteed by our constitution) into a revocable PRIVILEGE. Many pro-gun people commend them for this. Others see it for what it really is.

          The second amendment states. “The right of the people to keep and BEAR arms” It doesn’t say “to keep and display arms” or “to keep and hide arms” or “to keep and disassemble and lock up your arms” or “to keep and use arms” it says “to keep and BEAR arms” Look it up in the dictionary. To “bear something” means to CARRY it. Any attempt at “interpreting” the meaning of this, is clearly an anti-gun tactic.

          “Project EXILE” IS the NRA’s very own project. NRA’S project (EXILE) supports ALL UNconstitutional gun laws. Handgun Control Inc. supports it TOO. NRA-ILA Executive Director James Jay Baker commented, “I’m glad that the president has finally agreed with the NRA that enforcing federal firearms laws makes sense. We’ve been pushing for more enforcement of existing laws.

          Schools: Then NRA Executive Vice President Wayne R. LaPierre, Jr., made these damaging statements during his nationally televised speech at the Denver NRA Members Meeting May 1, 1999. “First, we believe in
          absolutely gun-free, zero-tolerance, totally safe schools. That means no guns in America’s schools, period … with the rare exception of law enforcement officers or trained security personnel.

          All across the country, school boards and state legislators started doing precisely what LaPierre suggested: shutting down school riflery programs, prohibiting historical firearms displays, forbidding hunter safety training with unloaded guns, and banning gun possession by teachers and other adults with carry licenses. A
          good example of the long range implications of what LaPierre endorsed back then, is the tragedy at Virginia Tech.

          Making schools a “gun free zone” where lunatics can murder with impunity, was his response to the Columbine shootings? What happened to advocating responsible carry, by responsible citizens???

          LaPierre also blessed gun show background checks by saying: “We will consider instant checks at gun shows when, and only when, this Administration stops (charging for NICS checks) and stops illegally compiling the records of millions of lawful gun buyers.”

          The next day President Charlton Heston flatly said on ABC “This Week” that he was “in favor of” gun show background checks. Within weeks, bills for gun show background checks – and “youth gun access” bans – had been submitted in both houses of Congress!

          First amendment rights? Was it the National Rifle Association that had ONE OF IT’S OWN MEMBERS, a pro-gun activist, ARRESTED at its national convention on, April 27, 2003 in Orlando, Florida for handing out PRO-gun freedom literature from an organization known as the Free State Project, Inc. The unlucky NRA member was Timothy Condon, a Marine Corps Vietnam veteran and Director of Member Services for the
          rapidly growing Free State Project.

          It was NRA PRESIDENT Dr. C.R. (Pink) Gutermuth, who saw “no problem with gun registration,” and was head of the Wildlife Management Institute, who became NRA President in 1973.

          Part of the problem began during the unlamented regime of former Executive Vice President Warren Cassidy. NRA lobbyists under Cassidy stopped opposing gun control bills and started offering NRA-approved versions of the same legislation. The NRA started WRITING ANTI-GUN LEGISLATION.

          Politicians were lobbying their colleagues for the so-called “instant check” These pro-gunners were pushing a gun control bill that the NRA was strongly supporting.

          Jim Baker of the NRA was quoted by USA Today on October 26, 1993 as saying: “We already support 65% of the Brady bill, because it moves to an instant check, which is WHAT WE WANT.”

          NRA spokesman Bill McIntrye said that the instant background check also in the bill “will be a victory for gun owners.

          From NRA Board member Tanya Metaksa. I think this agreement was a victory for those who see flaws in the
          current bill. This is a much different Brady bill. This bill sunsets into what we’ve been supporting for several years [the instant check]. If you look at it in the long range, IT’S OUR BILL in five years.

          Recently the NRA tried to derail a case in Washington DC. The “Parker v. District of Columbia” case. First by trying to have the case consolidated with NRA controlled litigation, which would have drug this case out for YEARS. When that failed, the NRA got behind, and was pushing for the “DC Personal Protection Act” bill, which would, in effect, remove the law that the “Parker v. District of Columbia” case was based upon. Thereby preventing the “Parker v. District of Columbia” case from going before the supreme court.

          Why would they try to derail a case that ultimately DID overturned a gun ban, and potentially settle the long disputed “individual right v. the right of the militia” to keep and bear arms? Because they said it was “too good” and might actually make it before the supreme court? A supreme court (considering the make up of it at present) where we had the best chance of them handing down a favorable ruling, than we have had in decades. With the very real potential, of the democrats gaining control in the next election (thereby giving them the opportunity to choose the next judges) if not now, WHEN?

          Now we come to the Veterans Disarmament Act. H.R. 2640 Just looking at who was sponsoring/co-sponsoring this bill. Why was the NRA siding WITH the Brady bunch, Feinstein, Schumer, Boxer, McCarthy, etc. When every PRO-gun organization was against it, along with veterans organizations. Many members wanted to know WHY.

          To my knowledge, the NRA never did answer these inquires.

          Nevermind the far reaching implications, with the potential of opening a Pandora’s box, concerning the mental health issue regarding veterans, as well as anyone else that has seen some kind of mental issue. (children diagnosed with ADD? etc). You NO LONGER have to have a court judge you adjudicated, now ANY authorized person can take your rights away. Above all, the UNconstitutional NICS check should not be EXPANDED upon, in the first place.

          Lets not forget the NRA BOARD MEMBER (Joaquin Jackson) who indicated that assault rifles should only be in the hands of the military and/or law enforcement. But since they ARE legal for civilians to own, then civilians should be limited to 5 round magazines. And I quote…..
          “I think these assault weapons basically need to be in the hands of the military and they need to be in the hands of the police, but uh, as far as assault weapons to a civilian, it’s alright if you got that magazine capacity down to five.” …..end quote

          Everyone was screaming, “Where is the NRA” when guns were being confiscated. Only AFTER the Second Amendment Foundation filed suit did the NRA jump in. Then after a favorable court decision, the NRA was sure proud of what they did. Follow up announcements from the NRA taking ALL of the credit, they seemed to LEAVE OUT the fact that the Second Amendment Foundation was involved at all. Hmmmm…..

          While reading the following, keep in mind that former NRA board member Russ Howard, RESIGNED from the board. His words, “In the past 5 years I’ve become increasingly concerned over NRA’s penchant for giving UNDESERVED grades to politicians who TRAMPLE on the 2nd Amendment.”

          In California JOAN MILKE FLORES VS JANE HARMAN. 36TH CONGRESSIONAL Flores is an anti-gun Republican who voted FOR the Los Angeles Assault Rifle Ban. Harman is an anti- gun Democrat who got an “A” rating from the NRA. Why an “A” rating? She was ANTI-GUN!!! Who later said that she supports the assault weapon ban.

          CHRISTINE REED VS TERRY FREIDMAN (State Assembly) Reed was an anti-gun C-rated Republican Handgun Control Inc. member who had been mayor of Santa Monica. Reed who should have been an “F”. Freidman was an F-rated incumbent Democrat who authored many anti-gun bills

          TRICIA HUNTER: Hunter was state senator whose bid to retain office was based on high-profile attacks on “killer assault rifles”. She was rated “A-” by the NRA.

          Howard Dean got an A+ from the NRA while governor, he supported the assault weapons ban and Brady bill.

          Senator Arlen Specter (R-PA). Did not vote when needed, but was helped by the NRA come re-election.

          Rep. Elton Gallegly (R-CA) voted FOR the brady bill (3 times) then was helped by the NRA come re-election.

          Congressman Elton Gallegly — voted FOR the Brady bill and the assault weapon ban and got an A-, and an endorsement. NRA’s Terry O’Grady said, ‘Gallegly voted against us on Brady and the Crime Bill, but he’s always been with us before. We’ve decided to forgive him, give him an A- and endorse him. SAY WHAT?

          In Virginia, 15 legislators were given A ratings after they voted FOR both the one-gun-a-month ban AND the shotgun ban. 41 legislators who voted for either or both bans got A ratings. 7 got exceptional, “above the call of duty” ratings.

          In North Carolina, some districts have two senators. In the ’94 elections, District 20 was represented by Ted Kaplan and Marvin Ward. Both favored assault weapon bans, handgun registration, and a one-gun-a-month ban. Their challengers were solid pro-gunners Ham Horton and Mark McDaniels (who fought tooth and nail for CCW). Nevertheless, ILA upgraded both anti-gun incumbents to “A” (one was initially a C), endorsed them, and supported them by mailing orange alert cards to NRA members in their district. Kaplan and Ward lost anyway, as incensed local groups like Grass Roots NC broke ranks with ILA and helped elect the pro-gun challengers.

          In NC in 1995, Senator Fountain Odom betrayed the 2nd Amendment by gutting the CCW bill in his subcommittee. The bill had come over in more or less tolerable format from the house. Odom fixed it so that
          only a few police instructors could give the mandatory training. NRA instructors were prohibited. He also worked to move un-permitted CCW from a misdemeanor to a felony, prohibit CCW with any alcohol “remaining” in the body, prohibit CCW in financial institutions, mandate that all training be fully repeated for each renewal, and gut statewide preemption. Limited preemption was restored in the full judiciary committee, but Odom betrayed us again, fixing it so CCW could be prohibited in any “park”. Later on the floor, to give ILA cover, Odom amended the training section to allow NRA instructors to do the training. In 1996, Tanya Metaksa
          gave Odom an A, an endorsement, and an orange ALERT postcard mailing telling NRA members, “Senator Odom has demonstrated his commitment to our right to self-defense…Here’s how you can help re-elect Fountain Odom — a dedicated supporter of your Second Amendment rights. Help the campaign…make a contribution…spread the word to family, friends, and fellow gun owners…
          Tanya K. Metaksa.”

          Odom’s still trampling on our rights. Now he’s pushing for a CCW liability law.

          In Virginia in 1996, extreme “F” rated gun grabber Congressman Jim Moran faced “A” rated, NRA life member John Otey. The American Rifleman carried the following message: “THIS IS YOUR OFFICIAL PRO-GUN BALLOT FOR THE FOLLOWING DISTRICT: VIRGINIA 8, US CONGRESS..NO ENDORSEMENT” NO endorsement for an A rated NRA life member challenging an F-rated gun grabber???

          In Virginia, 3 congressmen who voted many times against gun rights and supported the Lautenberg ban, kept their A+ ratings (part of a large club of turncoat A and A+ politicians). Tom Davis got an A after voicing support for Brady and the assault weapon ban and orchestrating a unanimous vote of support for the one-gun-a-month ban as a Fairfax County Supervisor.

          In Pennsylvania (1993), then Republican Minority Whip Matt Ryan INTRODUCED an assault rifle ban. In 1994, he kept his A+ rating.

          In 2006, the NRA rated Ron Paul (arguably the MOST constitutional representative we have in office) with a “B” because he did not follow along in lock step, when the NRA endorsed (what Ron Paul saw) as an UNconstitutional bill. One that the NRA supported. Instead, they endorsed his UNproved, UNtested, DEMOCRATIC opponent.

          John Dingell?
          The NRA’s Golden Boy? The former NRA Director? The same guy who voted in favor of the 1994 “Assault” weapons ban and then resigned from the Board of Directors the day after the vote? The same Dingell who received the NRA’s Harlon B. Carter Award, despite voting FOR an outright gun BAN? The same Dingell that coined the term “jack-booted thugs” when referring to the BATF? THAT Dingell?

          NRA Board of Directors member Larry Craig, was one of the co-sponsors of this bill, “Our Lady of Peace Act” Which was introduced by Caroline McCarthy, and supported by Chuck Schumer along with the usual band of anti Second Amendment slime like, Ted Kennedy, Blanche Lincoln and Richard Durbin.

          Don’t know what it is/was? Look it up.

          Can’t forget the help we got from the NRA. In the “Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act” Not debating, if setting this kind of precedent with legislation, protecting industries, is right. Not debating whether the industry needed this protection. The point here is, that there was a CLEAN bill (800) on the floor, AT THE
          SAME TIME. Everyone agrees that either bill (397 or 800) would pass through the senate, with no problem. So it depended on the house. There are always more votes than there are co-sponsors of a bill. BS. Bill 800 had over 250 signed on as co-sponsors. MORE than enough to pass it, CLEAN. Why did the NRA CHOOSE to back the anti-gun laden bill, when there was a CLEAN alternative? For a true PRO-gun advocate, this was a no brainer.

          The NRA awarded Assemblyman Rod Wright its “Defender of Freedom” Award. This is the same Rod Wright who supported UNconstitutional limits on firearms purchases and background checks. This is the same Rod Wright who authored a bill to increase licensing fees from $3 to up to $100. Never mind the absurdity of bilking peaceable citizens of hundreds of dollars for making a constitutionally protected purchase. This champion of “freedom” apparently thinks it’s perfectly acceptable to license and charge Americans for exercising their rights. The NRA’s “Defender of Freedom” in 2001 voted against gun owners 62 percent of the time

          Deborah Danuski, a Democrat from Lisbon, was endorsed by the anti-handgun group, while also receiving an “A-” from the NRA on its report card of candidates. As a matter of fact, in Maine, both the NRA and Maine Citizens Against Handgun Violence supported 18 of the same candidates!

          In Colorado, where the NRA supported Senator Wayne Allard for office, and even boosted his pro-gun lobby contributions to $37,000 since 1990, Allard stated flatly that he would support federal legislation requiring gun registration for private gun sales at gun shows. Is a legislator who wants to expand gun registration someone who stands up for the rights of gun owners?

          From Virginia, where the NRA Political Victory Fund touted the pro-gun “accomplishments” of Delegate Jack Rollison. This is the same Rollison who in a press release had the unmitigated gall to paint Gun Owners of America and the Virginia Citizens Defense League, who have endorsed his opponent Jeff Frederick, as extremists and “milita-esque” organizations. This is the same Jack Rollison who wants to ban your right to self-defense in any restaurant that happens to sell liquor. And this is the same Jack Rollison who voted correctly on only two out of eight issues important to Virginia gun owners.

          The NRA also gave their “Defender of Freedom Award” to one Kevin Mannix, who ran for governor here in 2002. In 1999 Mannix was the architect of the worst piece of gun control legislation in 10 years, in the Oregon House.”

          • I’d have been more interested in reading that if you hadn’t called me a willfully ignorant, dirt stupid kool-aid guzzling enemy of freedom. You’ve put enough effort into that response that it would be worth adding citations and sending it to RF as a guest blog entry. Many here agree with you, others might be swayed if your argument were reasoned, supported by other sources, and free of invective.

            “Go tell your myth and false paradigm to someone still guzzleing the kool-aid and someone who is either dirt-stupid or so willfully ignorant as to willingly support a known enemy. That ain’t me.”

  27. Another collectivist-idiot de-facto advocating for an inevitable starting of civil war.

    Pass all the ‘laws’ you want. I am utterly done debating, defending against or even discussing collectivist-controls and abrogations of fundamental rightful-liberty, relative to guns or otherwise.

    There isn’t a ‘law’ these domestic enemies can pass that I cannot and will not personally nullify, resist and disobey.

    I am done because they will NEVER cease in their efforts, on all fronts, and the fact is that compromise and/or discussion is simply playing their game with their rules and it is naught but a fools errand, destined to fail.

    F*ck you….I will not comply. That is all.

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