Texas School Shooting
A state trooper carries a sign handed to him to be place at a memorial honoring the victims killed in this week's elementary school shooting in Uvalde, Texas Saturday, May 28, 2022. (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)
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[G]un control policies, even if they could be effective, would be little more than a Band-Aid solution. People don’t shoot each other just because there are guns around. The Uvalde shooter wanted to shoot up a classroom full of children — that’s the real problem.

This, ultimately, is the heart of the debate. Why are so many young men being driven to commit such heinous acts of violence? Why do they always seem to have no one in their lives paying attention to the signs of mental instability and aggression? What is wrong with our systems that they keep failing to identify and help people who are desperately in need of an intervention?

Gun policies are just one part of the debate, and they usually only scratch the surface. But it’s easier to focus on firearms than it is to talk about the other cultural factors at play, which we tend to avoid because they reveal difficult truths about our society and the ways in which it has failed.

Why is it, for example, that 75% of the most recent school shooters, including the 18-year-old in Uvalde, were raised in broken homes without fathers? Indeed, this background is so common among perpetrators that criminologists Michael Gottfredson and Travis Hirschi concluded after the Sandy Hook school shooting that the absence of fathers is one of the “most powerful predictors of crimes.”…

The other obvious cultural factor at play is social isolation. We have created a society in which it is extremely easy to feel alone. Fewer and fewer people are attending church; more than one-third of Americans say they’ve never interacted with their neighbors; and the vast majority of young adults say they spend more time online than they do meeting friends in person.

To make matters worse, we’ve spent the past two years discouraging in-person interaction altogether, locking children and teenagers out of communal environments such as schools, and exacerbating the mental health crisis that many of them were already experiencing.

— Kaylee McGhee White in We Must Confront the Cultural Mess That Gave Us Uvalde

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    • only an idiot would suggest to do in other states/cities what has failed already. Typical socialism. They can’t think well because their head is up their ass. Amerika needs guillotines

  1. I suggest that everyone obtain and read a copy of Man’s Search for Meaning by Victor Frankl.

    Most of it was written very, very quickly after he got out of a German concentration camp, an experience no one else in his family survived. It will go quite a ways towards elucidating our current situation.

    I’m unaware of if the musician Marilyn Manson read this book but if he did it’s almost certainly the genesis of his comment that “There’s a hole in our soul that we fill with dope”, for it’s certainly true that the fountainhead of most addiction is a real or perceived lack of meaning in the person’s life.

    • If you subscribe to Audible it is one of the included books, IE; you can listen to it without spending a credit or money.

    • Victor Frankl was a popular subject on the talk radio, I use to listen to. Back in the early 1990s.

    • You are so right about that “filling the hole with dope”. That hole is created because we have young men coming up, still going to school that is a joke. The high school experience for many is just babysitting and busy work. When I think on my grandfather working on his real father’s ranch and earning his own horse(that he trained) at 12 and 13. His stepfather sold his rodeo trained horse and then he beat him (he later died) and got put in the Navy at 14. He married by the time he was 23 and worked his whole life – he was a man at 14. My other grandparents drove (in 1918) from Tulsa to L.A. He was 17 and she was 13, they started life and worked the whole way.
      We do not allow teens to be adults, when many can do so. My 11 year old daughter helped in our business, selling – getting payment – and ordering sometimes $10,000 wholesale. Give them a chance, they can and are people who want the best for themselves. Work with them – not against everything they like. Give them a reason for living – enjoying their labors. Once they understand the real OG – that would be parents or grandparents – maybe they will make better choices.
      Not allowing a 14YO to ride an Ebike around town – not allowing them to drive without a licensed adult in the car just tries to make them children longer when they are ready to get some responsibility.
      Forcing them to stay in school until they are almost or 18 to get a piece of paper that can’t get them a job is nuts. Even ROP classes are not taken seriously by potential employers. Germany has a system in place where they go part time to school and get paid to learn a real job part time. This gives them real experience and they are somebody.
      A job at Wendy’s or McDs is a loser job and these kids know it – help them to have some self respect.

      • Sounds like you’re Kommfornian. In the REAL world (not urban/not progtard) there are HUGE # of jobs OPEN to ute. IF they will show up on time, every day, not high. Damn few takers.

        If modern Germany is your model you’re clueless. A neutered socialist failure. Just somewhat more productive than the rest of Eurp cesspool.

      • A job at Wendy’s or McDonalds is far more financially stable than ranching or farming in today’s economy. The losers are the ones who are killing themselves because their farm went belly up.

        • Seen the bushel price on commodity grains recently?

          I suspect it’s only going to go higher as soon as the lack of grain exports from Ukraine as a result of war becomes more apparent…

        • It’s apparently remarkably easy for folks who have never worked a farm or a ranch, and literally know f***-all about it, to have stupid opinions. You are entitled to yours. And we are entitled to mock it. You are officially too stupid to insult. Welcome to the dacian the stupid, MinorIQ, jsled, and nameless, brainless, d***less troll losers club. They have a daily circle jerk; I’m sure you’d be welcome.

      • I disagree. With the way education is these days, adulthood is deferred until 21 at the earliest, but more realistically 25. Most teenagers are so absorbed by their phones and their social media that they cannot see beyond themselves and cannot be mature adults

      • “Germany has a system in place where they go part time to school and get paid to learn a real job part time. This gives them real experience and they are somebody.“

        Friggin social democracies, I bet they have universal healthcare too!

        And probably they have a lower infant mortality rate than the US, as well as a longer average life span… So what.


        • We don’t have money for that, they spent it all.

          What makes you think it would even work in a multiracial, multicultural empire of 350 million people?

      • “A job at Wendy’s or McDs is a loser job”

        You sir are part of the problem. All private sector work is worthy of respect. Much more so than any government employment.

        • “All private sector work is worthy of respect.”

          Wendy’s and McD’s management disagree with you.

        • Right on, Real Life. Absolutely nothing wrong with working in fast food. To the astute young mind, if they pay attention to how the place is organized and how the work is divided to maximize effort and productivity, they will learn a lot about life.

      • rt66paul,

        I respectfully disagree. During and prior to high school, I worked several “loser” jobs – and was ALWAYS promoted out of the entry level within months, if not weeks. A job is a “dead-end” job, only if you let it be. The couple of bosses I had who were simply unable to promote me (there was nowhere higher to go) gave me kick-ass recommendations. Sure, if you aspire to be a fry cook at McDonalds, and are satisfied with that, it’s a “dead-end job” – but that’s you, not the job. As another commenter said, “All private sector work (done earnestly and well, of course) is worthy of respect”. Mike Rowe would probably agree with me. Always aspire to more, but do your own job better than the guy next to you. Unless you are totally lacking in ambition, and willing to coast, you will progress.

    • “By contrast, mice who were not intellectually challenged and/or whose activities and diets were restricted, were eager to return to the quarters where they had been injected with cocaine for weeks on end.”
      “We know that mice living in deprived conditions show higher levels of drug-seeking behavior than those living in stimulating environments…”

    • “when are you coming back, Jesus?” “such will be as in the days of Noah” “every man doing what is right in his own eyes”.

  2. “Why are so many young men being driven to commit such heinous acts of violence?”

    And –

    “Why is it, for example, that 75% of the most recent school shooters, including the 18-year-old in Uvalde, were raised in broken homes without fathers?”

    All of this is fallout of the culture of the Left. They are quite proud that they are the drivers of popular culture, and pop culture says a single mother is just as good, (if not better) than a nuclear family.

    And now, we reap the result…

    • A year earlier and you get a song that describes the situation created by what you’re mentioning. Same year as the movie the song was released in, which was pretty damn good.

      • That is one damn good song. That and Lee Marvin’s “Wand’rin’ Star” have always spoken to me. I have moved/left A LOT in my life at great expense. Never bailed on a wife or kid though.

    • Don’t see the tie-in between “I Am Woman” and the nuclear family- the song simply states that women are individuals with the freedom of self-determination and are no different from anyone else.

      I certainly hope that you’re not suggesting you believe that women are somehow “inferior” to men, and that they should “know their place” and “stay in it”. Naw… there couldn’t still be that kind of Neanderthal logic still roaming around in 2022. My bad.

      • Pete, his musical selection is quite revealing.

        It seems clear that he, like many ‘men’, actually betrays his weakness by complaining about assertive women.

        One should ask themselves why they resent confident women.

        And I’ve often found those who mourn “the loss of the nuclear family”, are those who have difficulty maintaining a relationship and always find the fault outside of themselves.

        I can tell you, a child raised by a single mother has a much better situation for growth and learning than a child raised by a nuclear family with a verbally, psychologically or physically abusive father in the household.


        • “It seems clear that he, like many ‘men’, actually betrays his weakness by complaining about assertive women.”

          No, it’s what Strych just said below, ‘minor’.

          How just like you to draw the exact opposite conclusion, based on your poisonous Communist/Marxist ideology, dumbass… 🙂

        • Glorifying single motherhood got us into this mess in the first place. Kids need two good parents. You’re just making our point for us, a single good mother is no better (maybe worse) than a crappy father and mother. We have to stop pretending single moms are adequate

      • I suspect that Geoff’s point here is along the lines of the common four-fold point made about “liberation” of women.

        1. It came with an undercurrent of promoting obviously irresponsible behavior. While this started off as pretty minor, over the decades it’s grown into a real problem with serious social and economic effects.

        2. It depressed real wages by doubling the labor force and therefore halving the bargaining power of labor. The result being, basically, a dependence on two incomes and in many cases still falling behind.

        3. Related to #2, this created a situation where more and more children are effectively wards of the state for eight hours a day, which changed social dynamics for children and young adults, arguably in ways that didn’t benefit the kids or society.

        4. The 1960’s 2nd wave feminism set the stage in certain regards for 3rd and 4th wave feminism due to certain political undercurrents that ran along during the same time frames.

        While it can be argued that early 3rd wave feminism (with focuses such as sexual harassment at work) was a net positive, later stage 3rd wave and essentially all of the 4th wave are simply corrosive bullshit being foisted on the public by grievance hustlers who ran out of real problems to address sometime in the mid to late 1990’s and started inventing things they could swing as a political cudgel.

        By the time you get to recent years you end up with some strange intersections where politically active “feminists” are calling more traditional women’s rights advocates things like “TERF” and suggesting violence against them might be acceptable because 4th wave is more about being an “ally” to other groups than actually doing anything for women. These people are the sort to promote “trans rights” under the banner of biological men competing against biological women in sports.

        There are others points that are made but the general point not being that women should “know their place” but rather that the way some things shook out had unintended consequences that effectively canceled and then outweighed the initial benefits. Particularly in areas where things became hyper political and ended up basically going backwards.

        Even a lot of centrist Democrats believe many of these things. They’re not uncommon points of argument and they are not reflective of a desire to “keep women down”. More of a 20/20 hindsight as to the political evolution of feminism over ~60 years and the consequences thereof.

        • …and you said it far better that I could have, thanks… 🙂

        • “are simply corrosive bullshit being foisted on the public by grievance hustlers who ran out of real problems to address sometime in the mid to late 1990’s and started inventing things they could swing as a political cudgel.”

          Now do “LGBT”…

        • 1. I’m sure you’re not suggesting that it’s the “irresponsible behavior” by women that is the reason for modern serious social problems. That would mean women “have their place” and should “act accordingly”- men being completely blameless and free from responsibility. Oh, yeah- except dereliction of duty for not keeping their womenfolk “in line”.

          2. I have no doubt you’re not suggesting that “allowing” women to have jobs was a huge mistake that only hurt the economy- because women belong at home, barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen, right? Ha- no one’s that backwards and insensitive anymore. Anyone who’d even suggest such a thing would probably argue that women have no business even being educated- that just makes them “harder to control”.

          3. & 4. Related to #’s 1 & 2, the whole idea that women could even be considered remotely as valuable as men was a complete non-starter from the outset. Gosh, was that a boneheaded idea- what were we thinking?! In fact, “allowing” women any freedom at all results in nothing short of the downfall of humanity as we know it. Oh, the humanity!

          Our only hope might simply be to lock up all females and use them as brood mares to populate the world “accordingly”. This solution would allow us to create the world we’ve always known we’ve deserved- but was dashed the minute that bimbo decided to accept a gift of fruit from that snake oil salesman. What a worthless beotch she was- we certainly can’t allow that kind of misbehavior ever again.

          Do it for the menchildren.

        • Peter Gunn, As to the irresponsible behavior of women what would you call the murder of an innocent unborn child? I am sure there are men who are irresponsible as well.
          No one is “trying to lock up all females as ‘brood mares’ to populate the world, it is God’s method of procreation. What we are trying to do is preventing the murder of the unborn for a woman’s convenience. Rather simple, humane and moral.

        • W.E.B. lll, well, the focus of this discussion wasn’t really on abortion, but… my personal opinion is that abortion should be extremely limited after fetal viability- with careful exceptions for the mother’s health, incest, and rape. I would also support the idea of keeping a database of every abortion done before fetal viability, with a DNA sample taken to identify the father. The database would be used to identify “repeat offenders” for purposes of evaluation.

          But this is just my personal opinion- I cannot speak for others, nor would I declare my opinion to be the “right” one and dismiss everyone else’s as being “wrong”. All I can say is if there was legislation that matched my opinion- I’d vote for it.

          Yes- God’s mode of procreation is human sexual intercourse. But the blame for “irresponsible behavior” cannot be laid fully at the feet of women. Every man who has valid concerns about a child of theirs being aborted has the complete and utter power to guarantee it won’t happen- by not donating their sperm to a woman in the first place.

          Women DO NOT get pregnant without a willing man. Yet men continue to place all the blame on women for “killing children”. In human history, MEN have killed exponentially more children than women ever could- it’s simply the nature of men.

          As with most things in society- it comes down to “control”- who has it, and who doesn’t. And the most obvious truth is the one that’s most commonly missed- the ONLY person ANYONE will EVER be able to control is THEMSELVES. That’s where the focus should be- get your own house in order first, and then hold people accountable for their actions.

          If a man fears abortion- keep your sperm to yourself, or limit yourself to only sharing it with a woman that you have enough faith and trust in to not fear her having an abortion. After all- making abortion illegal (even under the penalty of death) will not stop anyone from effectuating an abortion- you know that’s just the truth. Focus on controlling who you can control- you, and suggest to others that they do the same. Set an example, write laws that defend freedom as well as the innocent, educate others on personal responsibility, and hold them accountable- especially YOURSELF.

          And the best place to start is to stop placing the blame on someone else.

        • Peter:

          Your piss poor attempt at wit combined with an utter lack of seriousness are noted.

          A side note for future reference; Adding sarcasm to worn talking points isn’t clever. It’s boring and, generally, reveals the person doing it to have an IQ around room temperature.

          Of course, (so that you’re not left wondering) I’m not suggesting that the last is a reflection on you. I’m actually saying it.

        • “1. It came with an undercurrent of promoting obviously irresponsible behavior. While this started off as pretty minor, over the decades it’s grown into a real problem with serious social and economic effects.“

          Yes, what seemed at first just another expression of manhood, has indeed morphed into toxic masculinity, that over the past several thousand years has led to men being the main progenitors of war, killing and death.

          “2. It depressed real wages by doubling the labor force and therefore halving the bargaining power of labor. The result being, basically, a dependence on two incomes and in many cases still falling behind.“

          Unbelievable, you’re a need to be a member of the he-man woman haters club has led you to a complete failure of reason and logic.

          So you contend that “doubling the labor force and therefore halving the bargaining power of labor”?

          Well obviously, we need to cut the labor force in half, and that will lead to economic prosperity unheard of thus far.

          Yep that’s the idea, smaller labor force will lead to a booming economy for all, less income to the household will increase opportunities for the members of that household.

          I thought you were serious at first, you had me completely taken in.

          Really, there’s no way a sentient being could possibly hold those viewpoints.
          Well played, you sure got me!

        • Peter Gunn, so cutting through all the B/S you put in there, you support abortion. I love it when people try to straddle the fence.

        • MinorIQ,

          Don’t worry, child, NO ONE will ever accuse you of “toxic masculinity”, or any other variety of masculinity. Nor will anyone ever accuse you of rationality, knowledge, or a speaking relationship with reality. That you label YOURSELF a “proud Progressive” (do the name “Woodrow Wilson” strike a familiar note???) is all the evidence needed to prove what a complete stopehead you are. Toddle off back to your circle jerk, MinorIQ.

    • An old Soviet joke:

      Teacher: who is your mother?
      Class: Mother Russia!
      Teacher: who is your father?
      Class: Comrade Stalin!
      Teacher: what do you want to be?
      Class: Orphans!

  3. …oh, and there’s this that just dropped :

    “‘Privacy’ Search Engine DuckDuckGo Smoked Over Hidden Tracking Agreement With Microsoft”

    “DuckDuckGo, the search engine which claims to offer ‘real privacy’ because it doesn’t track searches or store users’ history, has come under fire after a security researcher discovered that the mobile DuckDuckGo browser app contains a third-party tracker from Microsoft.”


      • This has been out for a couple of weeks. ZeroHedge is a bit behind.

        Yes, all of it is compromised. Many people moved exclusively to Brave and Tor because of this.

        In a nutshell, DDG ended up getting caught doing some things that cannot be separated from the user’s IP being sent to certain other parties because the IP is necessarily embedded in the script that’s being run. Mostly this has to do with Microsoft’s Bing services being run as “analytics” on a website but there are some other interesting tidbits about it too which are probably too detailed to mention here.

        But yes, in short, DDG screwed up royally. Probably as a condition of being on the Apple and Android App Stores.

  4. The article fails to ask the question:


    Its not rocket science. Its the guns stupid.

    In the past Britain, Norway, Australia, New Zealand also had mass shootings but being civilized countries they were willing to do something about it. In Capitalvania life is consider cheap and expendable. Even children’s lives.

    All of this simply shows that society in the U.S. is disintegrating just as the Empire of Rome disintegrated.

    Rome fought too many wars of rape, pillage and conquest, and it bankrupted the country.

    Rome took away jobs from people by the corrupt rich who became more wealthy at the expense of the populous.

    Rome raised taxes and the rich and powerful stole all of the taxes giving nothing back to the people or the country.

    The Rich bought up all the farm land and ran it with slave labor and put the people on welfare.

    To placate the working people they gave them bread and circus.

    Divorce skyrocketed.

    Murders escalated.

    Robbery escalated.

    The people hated their own government and refused to serve in the military so Rome was forced to rely on mercenaries who betrayed them.

    DOES ALL OF THE ABOVE SOUND FAMILIAR????? It should because history has once again repeated itself in Capitalvania the most corrupt government on earth.

    Did you know Canada has become so worried about the disintegration of U.S. society that they drew up secret plans to invade the U.S. to restore order. They would probably be doing us a favor if they took over the government and modeled it after their parliamentary system that has true democracy.

    I might add Governor Butt Abbott blamed the last big massacre on a lack of mental health care but the lying bastard (like most Republicans) he actually just cut mental health care by 2.2 billion.

    • You flaming idiot…”weapons of mass destruction” are defined as nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons.

      I defy you to cite one place in America where civilians have “easy access” to such weapons.

    • A great example of the lack of mental health care, right here.
      Dacian the demented.

        • quote————-Crimson. Every comment herr dacian has made here is a work of fiction.————-quote

          Jethro W M you would not know anything about history if history came up and spit it in your face, Mr. High School Drop Out.

        • dacian, the Dunderhead. Nice try. You want to impose your CRT version of “history”. Sorry, but we will stick with what really happened as opposed to your twisted version.

      • One day we will learn the lil d left mommies basement and shot up his Jr High. We will have to admit we knew he/she/it was nuts.

    • Post all the crap you want the answer is still NO!

      Change the Constitution…if you can, until then you should just leave. Take the rest of your ilk with you.

    • Oh gees, the Canadiens, from the way I’m hearing it Canadians are about tired of their leaders too.
      Make a new country, The CanAm States of Freedom.
      Fck Biden
      Fck Trudeau

      • “Make a new country, The CanAm States of Freedom.
        Fck Biden
        Fck Trudeau“

        Now there is a true patriotic American!

        Fck the Constitution, and it’s guarantee of due process, all those pesky articles and such.


        • Says the man that can not understand, ‘Shall not be infringed’. A fascist like miner talking about due process. Now, that is a laugh.

        • Minor MINER49er, He is far more patriotic than you. Why do you want to “fck the Constitution.” It is you Leftists who desecrate the rights we hold dear. Most people are very dissatisfied with your fearless (sic) leader, Sleepy Joe and Canadians are just as fed up with That scuz, Trudeau.
          Combining our two countries under the US Constitution would be great for both countries. Let Freedom Ring!

    • Lying liar continues to lie:


      Read it and weep, douchebag:


      Got any more lies you want to sell us, dacian the stupid? We’re not buying. Just STFU and go away with your Leftist/fascist indoctrinated lying bulls***. You’re boring, stupid, uneducated, useless, and an oxygen thief. Go back to your circle jerk.

    • What do the countries you cite have in common–Britain, Australia, New Zealand–have in common? They are islands! Obviously it’s easier to ban guns and restrict the inevitable black market smuggling that follows on an island. Now what happens to black marketing smuggling everywhere else? It Thrives! Take a look at Mexico–how good does the gun ban work there? It doesn’t! Why? Criminals can easily smuggle in whatever they want. This is what would happen in America. Prohibition does nothing but aid cartels and crooks. (e.g. War on Drugs, Sex work ban, Alcohol prohibition) I think you know this.

      • The gun “ban” in Australia didn’t work — there are now more guns among the population there than before the 1996 ban.

        And the fact is, they still have mass shootings.

        – 28 JUN 97, Adelaide, 3 dead 2 wounded, pistols
        – 21 OCT 02, Melbourne, 2 dead 5 wounded, six pistols
        – 15 SEP 03, New South Wales, 4 dead, .303 rifle
        – 20 MAR 05, New South Wales, 4 dead, rifle
        – 29 APR 11, Hectorville, 3 dead 3 wounded, shotgun
        – 09 SEP 14, South Wales, 5 dead, shot gun
        – 23 OCT 14, Victoria, 3 dead, rifles
        – 15 DEC 14, New South Wales, 3 dead 1 wounded, shotgun
        – 02 OCT 15, New South Wales, 2 dead, S&W revolver
        – 04 JAN 16, South Australia, 3 dead, rifle
        – 05 JUN 17, Melbourne, 2 dead 3 wounded, shotgun
        – 11 MAY 18, Osmington, 7 dead, rifles
        – 05 JUL 18, New South Wales, 3 dead, rifles
        – 04 JUN 19, Darwin, 4 dead 1 wounded, shotgun
        – 14 APR 19, Melbourne, 2 dead 4 wounded, pistol

        • Klingon you are so ignorant you cannot even interpret your own quotes. Not since Australia passed its gun ban have there ever been a mass killing like the first one of 50 some people. All of your quotes were for 1 to just several people being killed not the 50 some like in the U.S. in Florida, Los Vegas, Sandy Hook, Columbine, Uvalde etc, etc. first mass killing in Australia, first mass killing New Zealand etc. etc.

        • to Klingon

          Nice try on your propaganda
          In the U.S. they define a minimum of three or four victims dead of gun violence (not including the shooter) Which cuts down your list substantially and nowhere on the list was there a large mass murder as occurred in the U.S. of 50 or more from weapons of mass destruction as in Florida (50), Las Vegas(62), and the numerous school shootings that have been 20 or more.

        • DEFINITION:

          A mass shooting is an incident of targeted violence carried out by one or more shooters at one or more public or populated locations. Multiple victims (both injuries and fatalities) are associated with the attack, and both the victims and location(s) are chosen either at random or for their symbolic value.

          — Rockefeller Institute of Government, State University of New York

        • Mass shooting: the discharging of firearms multiple times by one or more parties into a group of unarmed victims. — Segen’s Medical Dictionary, 2012

          Mass shooting: multiple discharging of firearm(s) onto a group of unarmed victims. — McGraw-Hill Concise Dictionary of Modern Medicine, 2002

          NBC defines a mass shooting as a single incident where three or more people other than the shooter have been injured or killed in a public space.

        • Alien, you see dacian, the Dunderhead sees things through the prism of his ideology, It is the goal of Leftist ideology to gain control over the population by any means necessary. An armed citizen is a direct threat to that control.

      • remember, it was Amerika (barry boy obama & eric holder) that allowed guns to be brought into Mexico. One gun ended up killing a border patrol agent.

    • Aaaand you brought politics into it… even after everything you read.
      We have a culture problem not a gun/law problem.

      Anyone who brings politics to the table after these tragedies is an evil opportunist who creates and enables these killers; you, dacian, killed those kids just as well as that creep did.

      • ^ Yep. It’s a culture problem. That isn’t being discussed because we don’t have sincere leaders interested in helping this country. They’re only interested in policies that benefit them. Meanwhile, they’re pushing for the continued degradation of our culture.

      • Careful or we will paddle down there and burn the Whitehouse to the ground. Again.

        • Please! Heck, I’ll pay for your lodging at the Holiday Inn Express. Would be doing us a favor bigtime!

    • Hmmmm… a better argument is that Roman society disintegrated due to the loss of civic-mindedness as the Romans no longer recognized their society, due to expanded citizenship, and increased diversity.

      The barbarians integrated into the empire contributed no more to the betterment of mankind than they did before they met the Romans…

      And yeah, it sounds familiar all right.

    • the SCOTUS didn’t rule that women were inferior in 1858 or 2003. They did rule that way for the inferior (minorities) in Amerika. Stated that affirmative action was necessary because they are inferior, less than, not able to deal with others on a level playing field. Not one savage complained yet

  5. To much time on them damned vidgy games.
    Now get off your ass, get out there and mow the lawn and if you sass back yah wont get no supper.

    • When my son was younger (high school) he would often ask for $20 to go to Chick-fil-A and a movie with his buddies. I would answer, “Just as soon as you finish mowing the grass.” Five minutes later I would hear the mower fire up. Today his alarm goes off at 0530 hrs and he takes all the side work he can find. He makes twice what most what his high school buddies do. He said they often complain of their student loan debt. Hard work never hurt anybody.

      • Gadsden, when I was in high school my dad would give me a quarter for the movie.
        10 cents to enter, popcorn 10 cents and a coke was a nickle. Plus, one could sit in the theater as long as desired and watch the movie again. I use to sit through the movie a 2nd time to see the cartoon again. My how the times and prices have changed.
        BTW, I mowed the grass because it was my job other than the Saturday job I had in a grocery store where I worked from 7 A M to 8 to 9 P M with not official break for lunch and all for the big pay of $5 for the day not an hour. I ate in the store and if a customer came in I had to drop lunch and bag their groceries and take them to their car. Didn’t get many tips and the first time a man gave me a dime, I ask what is this for and he said it was a tip. I had to ask what is a tip………….the story continues but enough for now.

        • I became the sole caretaker of the yard by the age of 11. I had already been helping ever since I can remember. I have two sisters that are one year older. I’ve never seen either one touch a lawn mower or hold a rake. I guess that would be considered sexist.

        • @ neiowa, I failed to mention that we had to walk to school over 3 miles in snow almost waist deep and it was uphill both ways!

  6. The presence and lack of a “sperm donating person” is racist or sexist or something and the piece me too ed church so HANDMAIDS TALE!!!!

    Dont you know is strong and liberating for the “birthing person” to be left alone to raise their “non-binary, fluid, queer” offspring alone?

    Expect much more mental illness to come.
    The western world is little more than an open air asylum and for that reason I get the desire to expel anything that could be used as a weapon by the patients however I am not a mentally ill degenerate suffering from a dead soul and empty heart and I will not accept the terms of this asylum that sprung up around me. I had no part in its construction and refuse to accept patient status.

  7. AND- even when parents are there, too many of them are content to hand the kids a smart phone (idiot phone) and let them do their thing, whatever that may be.
    Let’s not forget the prescription drugs that thousands of kids are put on, for whatever reason. Many times it’s because of the urging of the schools, sometimes it’s because the parents want them to be taking something. There is not a prescription drug out there that does not have side effects. Many times those side effects are serious. We can’t look at that possibility though because BIG PHARMA. We can’t do anything that might hurt them.

    • We’re living in the last day’s. I believe the last hours. If you don’t want to believe in JESUS CHRIST that’s your problem. This world is headed straight to hell without HIM…blame whomever. Evil is real.

      • No, current water walker. Unsurprisingly you have it once again exactly backwards. Believing or not believing in something is not a “problem”: it’s a choice. It is bigoted, biased, condescending, arrogant, opinionated, holier and better than thou assholes like you that are the real problem. It is you and your fellow low intelligence quotient type that are straight up just another flavor of fucked up and willfull ignorance trying to drag us all down back into that dark hole of cultish lies, fantasy, superstition, threats, hatred, division and sanctioned persecution where you bottom feeder types feel comfortable and the rest of us are slowly and desperately trying to climb out of. Go the fuck away mr condescending holy gang banger man, far the fuck away, forever, and take your repeatedly ignorant and insulting comments regarding atheists, Canadians, Australians, all of Europe and pretty much everything else in the world except for you and your precious fucking christians, the vast majority being exactly like you, ignorant and abusive, and go straight to your ridiculous notion of eternal damnation for committing your truly multiple sins, you hypocritical prick. You’re not a ‘person of the gun’ or even remotely close to being a stand up guy for Freedom and Liberty. Your just another arrogant and ridiculous fool playing at being a person of character and playing at being religious. Fuck off.

        • Atheists are s0ci@lists Progressive in their political orientation. I have found very few of them actually believe in Liberty. And Responsibilities and consequences that go along with it.

        • Talk about mental illness and hatred. Though I disagree with “red flag” laws, here’s a prime candidate.

      • “This world is headed straight to hell without HIM…blame whomever. Evil is real“

        I don’t really believe in an actual evil with a capital E, as a malevolent force that exists.

        But some do, and have actual religious texts that clearly indicate who is responsible for the creation of evil.

        Isaiah 45:7 in the King James Version reads, “I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.”

        So there’s that.

        On the other hand, I think it’s more of a logic problem.

        “Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent.
        Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent.
        Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil?
        Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?”

        • A world without evil is a world without freedom, which would be the greatest evil of all.

        • God gave us free will. And he also leave us the consequences and responsibilities that go with it. The atheists on the other hand don’t believe in the consequences and responsibilities of free will. They want the government to give them “free stuff”.

        • drednicolson,

          Don’t try to explain Christian theology to MinorIQ; it’s akin to trying to teach calculus to a dog. I don’t know if MinorIQ actually ever read the Bible, or just searches text-searchable versions for quotes, but it is obvious (his last post alone documents that irrefutably) that he never understood anything he read. We know God intended free will; MinorIQ doesn’t understand it because he’s a Leftist/fascist authoritarian, who wants a ‘higher power’ to do all his thinking for him – only in his case, the ‘higher power’ is his beloved, beneficent government. Mock him or ignore him; he’s an @$$clown.

        • “A world without evil“

          We really have no idea what a world without evil would be like.

          The sad reality is, we only have this world and according to the king James version of the holy Bible, Jesus created evil when he made this world.

          Thanks… Thanks a lot.

        • Minor MINER49er Sorry, but I have more BAD NEWS for you. Jesus did not create evil. God the Father created the universe. God did give his created humans something we call “free will”.

  8. I’ve been saying this for years now on TTAG. People don’t want to hear the truth because in the past, they supported the breakup of the traditional family, of one man and one woman. And they also supported the government subsidized the sexual Revolution. Paying a woman to have 5 kids from 5 different men. Never getting married. But living in a government built public housing project. Which those same people made into a “gun-free zone”.

    And that resulted in generations of people believing they were not allowed to have a gun. Because where they grew up they weren’t allowed, by the government, to have a gun.

    The Libertarians, the Liberals, the Left, the atheists, the s0ci@list progressives. The fem!n!st. They all disagreed the Christians who said a father is necessary in the home. And without a father, even one who may have died by accident. Leaves a great void in the lives of the children.

    And those same people who supported the destruction of the traditional family. Are also big supporters of gun control. They worked to remove Rifle Teams and second amendment education in the school system.
    And nearly all the people who advocated this social destruction don’t have children. They’re not interested in having children. But there are very interested in people with Children. Telling them what they can and cannot do as parents.

    They remove the father and replaced him with a government welfare check. And they replaced the Father’s Love and discipline and his guns. With the guns of a big city police department.

    Over 50 years ago children with fathers use to bring their loaded rifles to school with them all the time. And no one was every shot.

    • Yeah, that’s right you bigoted, sanctimonious, lying bag of shit, the atheist did it all! The atheist destroyed the family unit and made the state and Charles fucking Darwin their new god!!! Cast those damn atheists into the pits of hell so they can burn forever and you cultists can gloat and be happy in your little circle jerk of superstitious idiocy. Scientist man bad!! Had enough of assholes like you and the self professed ‘former water walker’ up above. See my well wishes to him as well, asshole, and please do join him on his journey the fuck out of here. Wtf is the matter with you goddamned people. Are you so far gone that you truly cannot hear yourselves and the things you are saying? Once again, how very, very christian of you. Asshole.

      • Again.
        Atheists are s0ci@lists Progressive in their political orientation. I have found very few of them actually believe in Liberty. And Responsibilities and consequences that go along with it.

        • You couldn’t be more wrong and by that I know for a fact that you are just being a typically condescending religious prick. I very much doubt you know any atheists while literally every person I know is an atheist. No one around here subscribes to religious dogma and precisely zero of these people, good country folk all (and I’m the only one I can think of not married and with family) are in any way socialist in nature. All of them well armed too but with plenty of fudd in the mix. This is precisely why you and others like you are complete assholes, Chris in Kentucky: you are hypocritical liars throwing out your unfounded bigotry and bias at every little chance you get while crowing about how upfuckingstanding you personally are, armored against ‘those others’ with the Faith of God on your side. Typical cult behaviour. I should demand an apology from you for slandering me and all those I know but you aren’t man enough to make one from inside your pathetic, hypocritical bubble in your diminishing bible belt or intelligent enough to understand that you owe us all one. So instead you get this you asshole: fuck you and fuck every one like you. Twice. Man of God my ass.

        • Yeah, I knew it. Replying to your unworthy carcass has of course resulted in Moderation™. Read it when it appears, as you deserve every word.

        • Riderless/ShootOff Canuck, Like most atheists, you ignore what is around you. Atheists refuse to admit that it was God who created what you see before your very eyes. You ignore many historical facts which exist to try to justify your refusal to admit that God is.

        • Listen to me you fucking fool: when superstitious nutbags continuously, for years, pound the drum (traditionally made from human hide from the opposing team but hey, we’re progressing right) against you and yours, the team that stands there scratching their collective and screamingly obviously far fucking higher IQ heads over why they gotta be that way?? then yeah, you little prick, I/we tend to get a little triggered and more than a little sick of it because I know for damn certain none of you would dare speak to me that way in person. Trust me on that one, holy roller.

        • Poor little baby needs a binky and a safe space. Go get a Starbucks soy boy and smoke another joint. You’ll feel better.
          Atheists were the cause of Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, and Red China. Atheists education? Killing people and calling that progress. You can include Margaret Sanger in that mix.
          Atheists? You actually have a religion it’s called Marxism/Communism. Erase God but replace it with a new utopia created by the minds of men. To bad its never worked anywhere. Here’s lesson #1 It discounts human nature.
          Go read a book that wasn’t “A peoples history of the United States.”
          Start with the Bible, you can’t go wrong.

      • LOLOL! The face of Atheism. Projecting his/her own hatefulness and bigotry on others.

        • “The face of Atheism. Projecting his/her own hatefulness and bigotry“

          Just who is the hateful bigot in this situation?

          “Cast those damn atheists into the pits of hell so they can burn forever“

          There it is, eternal damnation in hellfire is the truest expression of Christian love.

          Jesus, I pray you deliver me from your followers, amen.


        • You seem entirely ignorant of the trigger itself, beam. It’s you guys, it’s your constant hypocrisy, constant lies, constant arrogance, all while displaying astonishing amounts of ignorance. It isn’t the face of atheism you are witnessing but its response to constant and entirely unwarranted attack. Being a card carrying club member yourself I don’t expect you to see it, why would an indoctrinated subject see it? I hate three things only; liars, bigots and hypocrisy. And the vast majority of the religious display every one of those traits in fucking spades. You guys are truly so far gone around the bend you aren’t even aware you are doing it.

        • Minor MINER49er Now look who is talking about bigotry. I have never met a socialist yet who wasn’t bigoted against people who believe in the Almighty

      • Riderless/ShootOff Canuck, He happens to be correct. You atheists have desperately tied to take God out of our everyday life. Please get help.

        • Oh fuck, so says the liar. Seek help yourself little man, you actually need it.

        • Riderless/ShootOff Canuck, Sorry, but it is you who needs help most of all. I will pray for your immortal soul.

  9. Democrats Dacian and Miner69er encourage lefty policies, feminism and the destruction of the family, unnatural sexual “rights,” mass immigration of the culturally incompatible, that turn the country into a narcissistic immoral chaotic cesspit, and then wonder why nutters commit violence.

    Or maybe that’s the plan: cause a breakdown in society so government needs to step in. Its’ called the Cloward-Piven strategy. Look it up.

    • The good news is that the progs largely are not reproducing. And if they do typically only have 2 (to save the earth).

      What to piss off a prog? Point out that you have multiple kids (productive, conservative, gun owners).

    • “narcissistic immoral chaotic cesspit“

      I didn’t realize we were talking about Donald Trump.

      But after all, you folks are the ones who elected a triple adulterer who was paying porn stars $10,000 for a piece of ass while his third wife was at home with the new baby.

      Is that what you mean by immoral cesspit?


  10. Gun control I’m sure could have an effect, the problem is that it’s a violation of people’s rights to self-defense and checking the power of the State.

  11. The truth is the democrats (and RINOS) want the middle class and white population disarmed…Disarming those are the two key ingredients to making the WEF/NWO our next form of government…When governments change the people of the middle class are disarmed and either re-educated or killed en masse…They have managed to restrict magazine capacities in many key economic center states and large cities throughout the union…7 to 10 rounds per gun or bans severely limits an offensive or defensive capabilities of a citizen, against a well armed invader or enemy…They want the ability of all citizens in this country to be very handicapped against or federal, other LEO agencies or any military (UN) force…The government does not care if people die in these shootings…THEY JUST WANT DISARMED SCARED DEFENSELESS SHEEPLE BY ANY MEANS…And soon you will see it is both parties…The RINOS will cave soon…BUY NOW OR REGRET LATER….

  12. We are also importing other nations problems. That has to stop. Humans don’t have the right to travel where ever they want to go. Only the Libertarians, Liberals, the Left believe in open borders. The rest of the world does not.

    • You also are NOT entitled to citizenship because mom got across the border then squatted to dump you in the US.

      GO HOME.

      • Even people from other countries like Russia fly over here legally for that specific purpose. It isn’t just people illegally crossing the border.

      • “You also are NOT entitled to citizenship because mom got across the border then squatted to dump you in the US.“

        Praise the Lord, another patriotic American ready to shitcan the United States Constitution whenever it suits their particular purpose, bravo!


        • The Constitution does NOT prescribe automatic natal citizenship. Don’t know if you’re a liar, or just an ignoranus . . . but embrace the healing power of “and”.

  13. Three presidents Carter, Clinton, and Obama, have had their school-age children set to a School building that was itself turned into an armed Fortress. And the school building never looked like a fortress. It didn’t need to be. The armed guards were “totally invisible”. The staff never saw the machine guns they were carrying. Armed, trained teachers and staff, can do the same thing.

    From 2017.

    This is from Amy’s teachers. I was in HS back then. I remember all the news about her public school education. The clintons and Obamas sent their kids to a mostly all white private school. And they have every right to do that. But they don’t have a right to deny trained armed teachers at public schools.

    Or when an armed parent drops their children off at the school.

    “Educating Amy: The incredible history of a D.C. public school that taught a president’s daughter” video 5 min long

    • “Three presidents Carter, Clinton, and Obama… “

      And you don’t think Donald Trump‘s son had a Secret Service detail that protected him at his expensive private school?

      Oh, that’s different, he’s our ‘Chosen One’.

      “The independent school has 580 students in preschool through twelfth grade. It was founded in 1978 and has a student-to-teacher ratio of 7:1. Eleven-year-old Barron is reportedly finishing his fifth grade year at Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School in New York City, so he will likely enter the sixth grade at St. Andrew’s in the fall; tuition for grades six through eight is $38,950.“



      • Aren’t you one of those men who had fantasies about raping Donald Trump’s son Barron? I know a number of Comedians and activists openly called for Barron to be raped. I suppose that’s why this 9 year old boy, is surrounded by well-dressed men carrying machine guns.

  14. Very true but also omitted by the writer of the article is the media contagion effect is very real. If gun companies are merchants of death then the media is certainly the ad agency of death.

    If Sandy hook set the precedent that “getting your man card back” is catering to mass shooters a money sucking lawyer would be giddy and ironically MSM companies would easily be next IMO. They just don’t see it yet.

  15. From the linked article;
    “Yet here we are, reading about the 27th school shooting this year.”
    Depends on how you count them. If you are including every time Token Blackkid fired a gun within 1000 feet of a school, or even shot one of his friends or rivals within 1000 feet of a school, then yeah, I would buy 27. 27 might even be low. If you are only counting the times a non black kid actually killed multiple people intentionally, without a specific individual target or two, inside the confines of a school building, well, then there’s been one that I am aware of. You might find one or two more I am not aware of, but given how the antis like to pound on these it is pretty doubtful. No way were there were really 27 actual school shootings this year.

    “The solution is not simply to restrict access to firearms, as gun control advocates like to claim.”
    Let me disabuse you of the notion that such a thing is even physically possible. No one knows how many guns there are in America. Certainly more than there are people. No one knows where they all are or who has them. Cops and the military will be exempted from any new laws, just like they are from the old ones. Criminals will not obey any new laws, just like criminals have always disobeyed the law. But now there is a new factor to consider. Law abiding decent gun owners have had enough. We will not obey any new gun laws and we will defend ourselves, our homes, and our rights with our guns. Do you really think you can overcome that? Solzhenitsyn already told us what to do. What he and his countrymen should have done when they had the chance. We have listened and learned. If you try to enforce any new gun laws in this country then every cop and security operative, when he goes out to make an arrest, will be uncertain whether he will return alive and will have to say good-bye to his family. If there are periods of mass arrests, as for example in the USSR in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, we will not simply sit there in our lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase. We understand that we will have nothing left to lose at that point. We will boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people, not with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else is at hand, but with guns. Lots and lots of guns. Now, if you don’t enact any new gun laws, well, we just keep going to work and paying our taxes. The cops and criminals go on being exempt and ignoring the law. Life goes on without a civil war and a bloodbath. Your call.

    .”I think it is ridiculous, for example, that the 18-year-old Uvalde shooter was able to own a gun legally when he was not considered legally responsible or mature enough to buy a beer.”
    And yet he can vote, arguably a much more dangerous and deadly act than owning a gun. But the left, the people pushing gun control, think he should be able to vote at 16. If he is mature enough to vote then certainly he is mature enough to buy a gun. Or we could raise all of the ages to 21; vote, buy guns, drink, join the military, drive a car, etc. Just make it all one age. Doesn’t matter to me which arbitrary number you pick, but be consistent. Don’t tell me a 16 year old can operate a 3000 pound death machine, but isn’t mature enough for a gun, and don’t tell me that the 3 years between 18 and 21 somehow makes a kid more able to make good decisions on alcohol.

    “And I think certain restrictions, such as narrow and well-defined red flag laws that would allow law enforcement to block a person’s access to firearms if a family member or close friend is able to prove he is mentally unfit to carry one, are a good idea.”
    Well, there are several problems there, and we have seen them play out in states that have enacted red flag laws on the state level.

    First, you have always been able to call the cops on someone who has mental issues and if the cops agree with your assessment then they can take the person for a mental health evaluation. If that person is committed, even for a short period, they then are prohibited from legally buying a gun. You can also get restraining order or protections that automatically make the person prohibited (if reported. In the case of the Sutherland Springs shooter, he should have been prohibited 3 or 4 times. The air force failed to properly share that information). In Uvalde, the cops had multiple interactions with this kid. He posted video of some of them. And yet there is no official record. That means they never arrested him, and never took him for a mental health evaluation.

    Second, in NY, which has a red flag law, the Buffalo shooter was investigated for threatening to shoot up his school about a year ago. Under NY’s red flag law he could have been made a prohibited person and would not have been able to legally buy his rifle. So NY has a red flag law and it was not used.

    Third, in California, which was an early adopter of red flag laws, we have case after case of it being abused. Wives call on their husbands during divorce, and anti gun karens call on their neighbors, and people call on their co workers when there is no evidence of any mental illness or threats or danger.

    Fourth, it will not be narrowly tailored, and the definition of “proof” and “mentally unfit” will be too broad and will be abused by the state and by others. In almost all states that have a red flag law that I am aware of the persons guns are seized immediately and they end up having to prove they are not crazy. Even if they can do that, getting their guns back is often a difficult and expensive process, if it can be accomplished at all. Guilty until proven innocent is not constitutional and is an artifact of Napoleonic law, and not in line with the concepts of old English and Anglo Saxxon Common Law on which our law is based.

    • The Crimson Pirate posted from the linked article, “.”I think it is ridiculous, for example, that the 18-year-old Uvalde shooter was able to own a gun legally when he was not considered legally responsible or mature enough to buy a beer.”
      And yet he can vote, arguably a much more dangerous and deadly act than owning a gun.”

      It is should be noted that at 18 a person can join the military and go into battle and possibly die.
      Seems it they are too immature to have a gun at home then they certainly shouldn’t have one in the military where they are around so many people on a daily basis.

    • Crimson, good responses, good words. Regarding your second paragraph involving the hindsight of Solzhenitsyn; I now live with that in my head daily, under the almost certain knowledge that they will indeed come one day, probably soon, and with the absolute certain knowledge that this can indeed be the only response. If these types of people are not immediately put into the ground when they go full gestapo then we have all lost, probably this time until our civilization meets its end. Me doing my small part up here in Canada and failing (as I almost certainly will) might hasten the day when you must now do your part or it may prolong it, hard to say. What is certain is that if it comes to that in your northern, next door neighbours country, Strong and Free, then you are next, sure as death and taxes. For this reason alone I would like to think that a huge outcry against the injustice being committed up here (as opposed to being constantly suggested down there) would/should be forthcoming from our brothers and sisters down south, yet a bi-weekly article on ttag is all I ever see, with half the comments being sympathetic concern and the other half being rudely insulting. What’s going on down there? Do you guys not see that you are being surrounded by the enemy? Do you not realize you have a large force up here that might not be able to stand on its own but certainly with assistance could prevail in the court of public opinion, or even in ‘the field’ if it comes to that? For all the chest pounding and saber rattling going on down there it seems bizarre and very un Shu-Zhen(?) like to hear zero protest about the crap going on up here on your very porch. Be nice to at least hear a little noise but it’s largely just crickets and derision. Do you maybe know a guy who might know a guy? All I got is two buddies, a buncha moose and some grizzly bears…

    • “don’t tell me that the 3 years between 18 and 21 somehow makes a kid more able to make good decisions on alcohol.”

      I personally think there’s a sizable difference between 18 and 21. The only way 21 as a minimum age for a gun purchase could be justified would be a minimum age of 21 for voting. That would be highly contentious for the Left. Remember they aren’t trying to solve any problems outside of gaining power. There’s no such thing as an honest conversation about policy. That’s why they only want “gun control.” Gun control to them is a never ending slippery slope that ends with bans and confiscation.

    • “Guilty until proven innocent is not constitutional”

      Innocent until proven guilty is also not in the United States Constitution.


      • It’s called inference.
        Disingenuosity for the purpose of trying to score points is also a way of life for you.

        • “It’s called inference.”

          Just as the peoples’s right to keep their person secure and retain their reproductive freedom.

          A government that can force a person to give birth can prohibit a person from giving birth.

        • Minor MINER49er A Government that allows one of its citizens to kill a weak defenseless baby in the womb is failing to do its duty to that child.

      • Good catch, MinorIQ . . .

        Now do automatic natal citizenship, and explain to us how Article I, Section 8 authorizes universal federal gun control. You are a pathetic, partisan, ignorant, lying @$$clown, MinorIQ.

  16. On thing is for sure, the current dementia patient in the White House has no ability to even discuss the issues let alone work at them.

    • At best, the Puppet can read off his note cards. He has to have his note cards present for a conversation with other heads of state. When he speaks without them, his handlers, excuse me, administration, has to “clarify” his remarks. Like say, going to war with Russia or China. But it’s totally fine! Otherwise the press would be discussing the 25th amendment like they did every other day under Trump, right? Because the media apparatus is totally sincere and honest.

  17. “They were deprived of the discipline, structure, authoritative role model, and sense of identity that a father is supposed to provide, and they suffered for it.

    Unfortunately, 75% of black children are born into similar situations , along with 61% of Hispanic children and 39% of white children.”

    No way today these sperm donors are going become a WORTHWHILE role model/father. No way.

  18. In Japan a similar deranged person murdered a large number of young artists by chaining the doors shut and pouring gasoline.
    The reason a black rifle appeals is due to Hollywood images of glorious revenge with a blasting gun. If the gun was too hard to get there’s gasoline.
    The perp here was bullied for a stutter and hurting animals. Yet nobody seemed to address that. I expect he chose a school as it resembled a place he felt persecuted.

    • And if they can’t get gasoline, there’s grocery store bleach and the product of their own kidneys. Ammonium chloride is a lung-burning, chemical weapons-grade poison gas.

    • People who (falsely) declare that Australia hasn’t had mass shootings don’t know that some mass killings have been carried out using gasoline and blocking exits.

  19. Diversity always leads to the destruction of culture. All immigration has been bad for America and Americans. We should have slammed the borders shut in 1790.

    • “All immigration has been bad for America and Americans.“

      Wow, that’s just what Geronimo said!

      Now go ahead, self-deport to back up your position.

  20. Interesting the article mentions not once the fact that school shootings seem to be restricted to suburban schools. And that generally, the shooters don’t seem to be POC. Yet, children of POC heritage face the same negative influences, and more, as do children of non-POC heritage.

  21. ” But the Government must do something!!”
    The mantra of the lazy and irresponsible.
    Since the late ’50’s to the mid ’60’s there has been a push for government to play an ever-increasing role in family and daily life. Push the adult male out of the home in order to replace him and his responsibility to provide for his offspring. Drive wages down compared to the cost of living so if there are 2 parents, they both have to work in order to just keep the household together. Add in promoting a materialistic mentality that you need the latest gizzmo or electronic device, as well as the need for ever bigger homes, vehicles, etc. and it’s no wonder kids have no chance of becoming well adjusted, responsible adults.
    None of those pushing for some sort of gun control will ever admit that no law, ban, regulation, permit/license scheme, or other crap will stop the next broken kid, or sick mind from doing something horrible. Nor will any of their proposed solutions stop a single criminal from committing a crime, or stop 1 suicidal person from following through on their plan.
    Until we turn the culture of permissiveness and violence around and promote the traditional values of family first, if you choose to believe, faith, and self reliance, or reliance on local resources, instead of federal programs, or more bureaucracy, nothing is going to change.

  22. Yes, Yes and more yes.

    If ‘ weapons of war’ were the problem as the left likes to say. How is it that Americans were able to buy machine guns, actual weapons of war, 1986 and prior without encountering the plight of ‘mass shootings’ and ‘school shootings’ which began in the 1990s.

    I may not be a rocket scientist but even the laymen can see the entire ‘gun ban’ solution is no solution since the availability of actual ‘weapons of war’ actually decreased before any of these ‘mass shootings’ began.

    Making proposed ‘bans’ moot and to show the idiots who introduce them DO not want to improve the issue but score political points with the lowest common denominator.

    You people pushing for this kind of worthless crap revolt me in your stupidity and selfishness.

    • People who think the AR15 is something new are shocked to learn that it’s been around 60+ years. All of the sudden, the rifle is the problem?

  23. These tragedies have a lot in common:
    Columbine: The killers said they were going to shoot up the school, were sent to counseling, bamboozled the counselor, bragged about bamboozling said counselor, said they were going to shoot up the school, were ignored, and shot up the school.
    Parkland: The shooter said he was going to shoot up the school and BEGGED someone to stop him. No one did and the rest is history.
    Uvalde: the shooter posted on SM that he was going to go shoot up the school.
    Parkland and Uvalde: The police waited outside and did nothing. The Uvalde shooter is reported to have shot 100 or so rounds OUTSIDE before entering the school.

    Actor Steven Seagal pointed out other shootings where all the signs were there and were ignored and said this, “It’s like they’re allowing it to happen to further an agenda.” I think he’s spot on.

  24. Being fatherless’ is a major precursor to crime. Sure. But then so is being an UNWANTED CHILD and the two are not unrelated. So what does Americaa do.?? Make the likelyhood of being both an unwanrted and a fatherless child much more likely by making voluntary abortion ILLEGAL some even suggesting that abortion should carry the DEATH PENALTY.
    Changing the law will NOT stop abortion any more than it has in the past. It’ll just, as it has in the past go underground. Result DEAD or seriously injured WOMEN, even more CRIMINALLITY and even fuller prisons.
    I should add here that I DO NOT SUPPORT ABORTION per.sec. but I do recognise that it is the choice for many women whether I like it or not. The answer of course is more self discip-line responsibility by all concerned including men. There is in this day and age of proven birth control methods no BLOODY NEED to get pregnant in the first place and there lies the male responsibility. .

    • Albert Hall, so you justify the murder of an unborn child because it “wasn’t wanted”? Murder for convenience? If you are old enough to have sexual relations, you are old enough for the consequences. Both participants in the sexual act should be held responsible. But you Leftists don’t believe in personal responsibility, do you.
      You are a liar claiming you “do not support abortion per se”.

    • “No mention anywhere about declining church attendance.”

      Ok, it is true that surveys and polling (whatever they are worth) are being reported that seem to indicate an overall decline church attendance.

      Feel better?

  25. If I give Trump praise they cut me off, but for 30 minutes this pos taunted he was going to and then admitted killing his grandmother! Then put online he was going to hit an elementary school! What more do you need??? They had plenty of time to do what’s right! But when do they care about what’s right?

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