Joe Biden, America's most anti-gun president.
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Gun control activists who have been angered by President Joe Biden’s inaction that he hasn’t done more to “combat gun violence” have forced the president’s hand. Their disappointment with the administration has often spilled over into public media reports.

The president is so desperate to generate some kind of excitement that he caved to their demands and during a White House Rose Garden gun control speech announced the creation of a new federal Office of Gun Violence Prevention. It’s something one of the president’s key voting constituencies has demanded since he first took office.

Vice President Kamala Harris, who seems to be “failing up” in Washington, D.C., has been tapped to lead the office. She’s been criticized as being mostly ineffective during her time as Veep, most notoriously so for her dismal record while “in charge” of securing the southern border.

In addition, several longtime gun control groups – including Everytown of Gun Safety – have garnered key leadership positions in the office. The hypocrisy of the gun control movement’s enthusiasm for the new federal office so closely aligned with the White House is not lost.

They were singing a different tune 20 years ago.

The Announcement

President Biden and Vice President Harris were joined by U.S. Rep. Maxwell Frost (D-Fla.) and dozens of gun control activists and attendees at the White House for their announcement. Exclusive speech excerpts were unsurprisingly given to a supportive mainstream media ahead of time.

Today, the president remarked, “I created by executive order, I’m determined to send a clear message about how important this issue is to me and to the country.” That’s in stark contrast to previous comments the president made, declaring earlier this year, “I have gone the full extent of my executive authority to do, on my own, anything about guns.”

Vice President Harris added, unironically, “President Biden and I believe in the Second Amendment but we also know common sense solutions are at hand.” She said, “The new Office of Gun Violence Prevention will play a critical role in implementing President Biden’s and my efforts to reduce violence to the fullest extent under the law, while also engaging and encouraging Congressional leaders, state and local leaders, and advocates to come together to build upon the meaningful progress that we have made to save lives.”

Shannon Watts, the founder of Moms Demand Action, also chimed in. “If this announcement is, in fact, the creation of a single point of leadership on gun violence in the administration, it’s a very big deal for the movement,” Watts said.

Officials at March For Our Lives also praised the president’s announcement, taking credit for their pressure campaign. “We’ve called for this office for so many years because we know it will be a critical tool in our toolbox to end gun violence.”

Various gun control legislators like U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) and U.S. Rep. Maxwell Frost (D-Fla.) have even pushed for the creation of the office within the Department of Justice. They disregard the fact that a federal agency within the DOJ charged with enforcing laws passed by Congress related to firearms and regulating the firearm industry already exists – it’s called the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF).

Skeptical media reported the president’s “new Office of Gun Violence Prevention will do nothing to save lives.” There was no talk of holding criminals accountable or replacing soft-on-crime prosecutors. The announcement is also being widely viewed as window dressing, as Pres. Biden’s longtime domestic policy advisor – which one would assume includes the president’s gun control agenda – has been tapped as the office’s director. Following his disastrous nomination for director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) and subsequent withdrawal from consideration, it was rumored that gun control lobbyist for Everytown and Giffords David Chipman could likely lead such a federal office, though that never came to be either.

Different Political Party, Different Message

In 2000, when then-Texas Governor George W. Bush was the Republican nominee for president, gun control groups caught wind of a leaked off-handed comment by a high-ranking leader at a prominent pro-Second Amendment group.

“If we win, we’ll have a president where we work out of their office – unbelievably friendly relations,” the National Rifle Association’s Kayne Robinson remarked to at a closed-door meeting.

Gun control groups went bonkers. The Washington Post reported, “Gun control groups say Bush has rarely strayed from NRA orthodoxy” and that the president has “for years aggressively promoted its political platform.”

Handgun Control, Inc. – the forerunner organization of Brady United Against Gun Violence – immediately went to work and featured Robinson’s comments in a nationwide television attack ad campaign.

At the time of the incident, The Guardian reported then-Vice President Al Gore, the Democratic nominee facing Gov. Bush in the election, intended to make the remarks and gun control “a central issue of his campaign.”

At the heights of the campaign, firearm manufacturers were facing numerous frivolous lawsuits brought by city and county governments seeking to blame law-abiding gun makers for the criminal misuse of lawfully sold firearms committed by criminals.

Rolling Stone reported the comment was used as an attack line against Gov. Bush that he “was forced to declare that, no, the NRA would not operate out of the Oval Office.”

Fast forward two decades and Pres. Biden and the same early gun control proponents of yore are openly celebrating the announcement, that Yes, there will be an official federal office, and Yes, it will openly and proudly coordinate with the most activist gun control organizations in the country. The White House itself, as reported by POLITICO, announced Community Justice Action Fund’s Greg Jackson and Everytown for Gun Safety’s Rob Wilcoxsenior director for federal government affairs, will report to Stefanie Feldman as deputy directors of the new office. They aren’t even trying to be coy.

Already a Track Record

If there’s any doubt about what sort of antigun propaganda the new office will push and to what extent it will step over the bounds of Congressional authority, there’s already a track record in place.

Previous bombshell reporting revealed the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) purposefully omitted defensive-use data sets from an official report after being lobbied by gun control groups. The CDC is the government-funded agency charged with saving lives and protecting people from health threats. The move was the result of months of political arm-twisting by three different gun control groups – Gun Violence Archive, GVPedia and Newtown Action Alliance. Those groups will no doubt have a direct pipeline into the White House’s new office.

Several additional current examples are well-known of the administration overstepping its executive authority at the expense of law-abiding gun owners and the industry that supports the exercise of the Second Amendment.

The president’s announcement is not surprising. The hypocrisy of gun control activists is maddening, if not unexpected. And the administration should know Congressional overseers who revere the Constitution and the right of law-abiding Americans to keep and bear arms will no doubt be watching closely.


Larry Keane is SVP for Government and Public Affairs, Assistant Secretary and General Counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

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  1. I know you’d rather spend money elsewhere, but support 2A civil rights organizations. The courts are, at present, the best way to fight this garbage.

    • No the best way is to ensure that no funding is allowed for such moronic projects. Congress is not on the budget.

      Contact your Congress critters – “no funds may be expended for new federal “Office of Gun Violence Prevention” or similar. In any budget bill or CR.

  2. It’s what Marxists do. If the people are armed, it’s difficult to take their country and freedoms away.

    • Just more ‘Feelz Good’ that accomplishes nothing, to sate Liberal/Progressives constant screaming to ‘Do Something’. Nothing more…Nothing less. Move along nothing to see here.

        • Those swastikas are backwards — and obviously Photoshopped.

          That calls into question the authenticity of the entire video.

        • as a Nazi?

          Or ANYONE who has ever actually studied the Third Reich and their various symbols, badges and structures (it’s called history)…

        • And sacred symbols of the Navajo and Hopis, and Hindus and Buddhists.

          But as Maxx says, I’m a WWII historian and such obvious errors stand out.

          I’m not sure what precipitated the out-of-the-blue ad hominem attack from Darkman; maybe he didn’t like something that I posted and felt the need to use a most vicious slur for an imagined transgression.

  3. Something is odd here. Could you imagine a President issuing an executive order to:
    – combat speech, press, assembly or practice of religion?
    – combat opposition to quartering troops in home against the owner’s will?
    – combat opposition to unreasonable searches and seizures?
    – combat opposition to grand juries, the bar on double jeopardy, right of self-incrimination?
    or any of the other rights guaranteed by our Constitution.

    It’s perfectly clear that this office to combat gun violence will make no effort whatsoever to control those who actually use guns in the commission of crimes. Nor to combat crimes of violence. The sole purpose is to infringe upon the rights of the People to peaceably keep and bear arms.

    If there were an office to combat speech it would surely be draped in superficial rhetoric. For example, to combat “hate speech”. Yet it would be clear to thoughtful voters that the real objective would be to suppress speech that government officials don’t like. An office to combat “false religions” would be used to suppress adherents of religions that government officials deem in opposition to them. The rhetoric “gun violence”, “hate speech”, “false religions” should be seen as what it is.

    • None of this media posturing means anything. We have all the guns and that will never change. And nobody wants to be the first 19 year old deputy sheriff to try and confiscate a lawfully owned weapon.

      • I don’t think kicking in doors is the plan. Good for making examples, but messy and inefficient. Rather, think direct central control of the economy, digital currency, and AI-assisted surveillance to control access to basics like shelter, food, and healthcare.

    • Could you imagine a President issuing an executive order to: control any of the other rights guaranteed by our Constitution?

      Yes, Braindead has determined that he is the ultimate authority and that his EOs actually have the weight of law… Constitution? CONSTITUTION? “He don’t NEED no steenking Constitution” he has the Obribem “pen and phone” and his Master in his office on Marthas Vineyard pulling the strings…

  4. Their institutions and causes are the white hats while ours are the black hats. That’s why government collusion with their orgs is a blessing and government collusion with our orgs is an impeachable offense of the highest order.

    They hate us all and want us in chains or dead. Period.

      • Problem is (for them) the people MOST affected by the current supposed food “shortage” is all those dumbasses in those Dem controlled cities… Country boy is doing just fine…

        • That country boy thing has prevented zero commie takeovers. Good for temporary shortages, and a better place to be, but won’t survive a reset of the core legal system. That said, the no longer useful blue-voting metro dumbasses are definitely toast.

          I think it was Mao that wrote “the Cadre must be suppressed once the dictatorship is established”…

          So how long til we have uniformed Cuban “advisors” in the WH?

        • So how long til we have uniformed Cuban “advisors” in the WH?

          THAT could happen, about fifteen minutes before the REAL American patriots stand up and say “oh HELL no”… For that to happen me, you and my neighbor would have already given up our firearms and I know for a fact that at least 2/3rds of us will tell the government to fuck off if they try that shit… That “Country Boy” thing has prevented ZERO kommie takeovers because they haven’t fucked with the right Country Boy yet…

  5. typical left wing facism move…infringing constitutional rights is fascist plain and simple and that’s exactly what this office of fascism is going to try to do.

  6. “Congressional overseers who revere the Constitution and the right of law-abiding Americans to keep and bear arms will no doubt be watching closely.”

    And do what? This threat has no teeth and the author knows it or, if not, we need to consider it proof that extensive training is needed before a person can be allowed to exercise their 1st amendment rights.

    • Was the ‘Third Reich’ active in feudal Japan, that exercised sword control?

      Answer the question…

      • Since I’m a Nazi, according to Darkman, I could answer the question.

        But then I’d have to send you to a concentration camp. And murder all of your blood relatives. And use slave labor to produce YouTube videos with photoshopped logos, backwards.

        • Getting the camp zoned and permitted is a nightmare…

          Why would you bother with a permit for your concentration camp?

        • actually the picture for the video is the only part that had the photoshop, the video is legit.
          it’s just a bad part of YouTube that one can put a bad crap picture to garner attention to a video.

          oh wait, since dorkman called you a nazi none of that matters.


  7. On a related note, the annual Lehigh Valley Tea Party raffle has begun. The top six prizes are glocks, Smiths, and Sigs. the remaing 14 are cash, food, and entertainment. I purchased 4 tickets. With luck, one of them will turn into a new semi-automatic pistol. But I guess I’d reluctantly settle for the pizza gift certificate

    Yesterday, I purchased two tickets in the Rod and Gun Club raffle. Would not mind winning those 3,000 rounds of 9mm, 115 grain Blazer Brass.

    Kamala, we are not going to stop.

    • . 40,

      That was entertaining! Thank you.

      Can honestly say NONE of those sparkling personalities appear at the days and times I shoot. I have learned.

      The only truely annoying group I have encountered recently insisted on shoot .556 on the rimfire plinking range. But now that all ranges are CCTV monitored, they probably lost their membership. The Board of Directors is unforgiving about destruction of property.

        • Border Crisis Escalates As El Paso In US’ Texas Reaches “Breaking Point” Due To Surge In Migration.

        • Admin just sent 800 (more?) troops to the border. To “facilitate”…

          Yeah, they issued them all wire cutters with orders to open up the razor wire to FACILITATE as many illegals as they can get through there as quickly as possible… Sounds like fucking treason to me…

    • Safety, gay marriage, killing babies etc., according to Dems ALL are Constitutional Rights but they won’t share their copy of the document that contains all of the extra stuff that they claim to be rights…

  8. So let’s sum this all up… Peepads has appointed Kneepads to head up the Department of Redundancy Department, evidently by decree.
    Mmmm, kay…. those Republicans are A-holes.

  9. I listened to her speech about being in charge of the new “guns-r-bad” office. It had to be the single best speech she ever gave. That said, if it was a first year college speech class, I would have to fail her; she said all the words that someone else wrote for her but her delivery was abysmal.

  10. W0rd un!mpressive is a crap product for any gun related website to have to use.

    M0derated Yat again and sick of it!

  11. Sunshine beating on the good times
    Moon light rising from the grave
    Democrats playing worn out propaganda talks
    Pretty young thing goin dancing in the rain.

  12. WaPo Scrambles After Own Poll Accidentally Shows Trump Crushing Biden

    A new poll from the Washington Post and ABC News accidentally revealed that former President Trump would crush Joe Biden in a hypothetical 2024 matchup, so they cast doubt on their own polling.

    The poll shows Trump leading Biden by 10 percentage points (52% vs. 42%), which the Post immediately noted “does not match other recent polling” and may be “an outlier.”

  13. Biden is now becoming more open about his attempt to overthrow the US and install a Marxist socialism regime. part of that plan is overwhelming the country systems to help the left wing to continue to destabilize the country.

    So an open insecure border is part of the plan.

    that civil war thats been talked about…its probably closer than we think.

  14. The gun industry loves gun control. It sells guns, ammo, and gear. That is why the NSSF was behind last year’s Bi-partisan Safer Communities Act.

    Traitors amongst us.

    Redcoats gonna Redcoat. Collaborators gonna Collaborate.

    • Maybe they should have read the Bill first… Oh, maybe they did, didn’t they team up Bribems “AFT” last year for some kind of “public service” thing?

  15. Strangely, I am slightly conflicted on this one.

    On the one hand, my cynical side is saying, “GREAT!!! Senile, Idiot, Stupid, Incompetent President (who was stupid and incompetent before he became senile), appoints his EVEN MORE stupid, incompetent, idiot VP (she’s not senile; she never had any cognitive ability that could decline) to ‘address our gun violence crisis’.

    A betting man would look at the actual accomplishments of these two idiots (nonexistent), and say, “GREAT! Let’s get the party started! I’ll put on the popcorn, and pop the keg!”

    On the other hand, why are we even having this discussion???? The ONLY ‘gun violence crisis’ in the US is the distinct rise in crime, almost ENTIRELY in “blue” cities, over the last two years. Solution: Stop funding Dimocrat-run cities. Hell, let Kamel-Toe the idiot “address the gun violence epidemic” (like she has the “border crisis”??????? This should be fun; gonna need more popcorn!).

    No, Kamala, there is no “constitutional right to safety”. (Pro tip, Knee-Pads – there are exactly ZERO rights granted, or created, by the Constitution – our RIGHTS are inherent; the Constitution merely tells gummint what it is obligated to keep its hands off of).

    Senile Joe, the serial child-molester, and Kamala “Kneepads” Harris, you two Mensa candidates should TOTES just jump right into this . . . and screw up by the numbers, like you always do. You will do more damage to your cause than you will EVER do to mine.


    • “A betting man would look at the actual accomplishments of these two idiots (nonexistent), and say, “GREAT! Let’s get the party started! I’ll put on the popcorn, and pop the keg!””

      That’s why I don’t see a downside to this. A White House Office of More Talk and No Action — let ’em talk; we don’t have to listen.

      I’d like to see you “pop a keg,” though. Around here, we tap ’em.

      • I’d like to see you “pop a keg,”

        7.62×39 or .300 blackout at 50 yards if you don’t have a tap, just have everyone standing by with glasses, pitchers, jugs, buckets, Tupperware bowls or whatever…

  16. I was somewhat relieved when VP Kami was put in charge! Elections have consequences, in the case of stolen elections they can be dire. I will see about at least doubling my contributions to gun rights organizations and urge those, who can to do the same. I gave up on NRA until Wayne is gone so 2×0=0.

    • If she shows up for these meetings as often as she’s “been to the border” (and Europe) I see no problem here… SCOTUS will slap down anything they come up with… Bribems EO” authority” ended at the formation of this feckless “Ministry of Gun Control”…

  17. And Bribem said…

    On Friday, Biden announced the creation of an executive level gun control office – the Office of Gun Violence Prevention – while speaking from the Rose Garden. During his speech, he called for a ban on “assault weapons” and declared, “If you need 80 shots in a magazine you shouldn’t own a gun.”

  18. Here is an idea, when a Republican takes the WH, walk into the White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention office and plaster pro-2ndA rights posters all over the place. Throw up a few Trump posters even if the president is not Trump. Should trigger most of them into sobbing puddle.
    Then, put NRA, GOA, and other pro-2ndA rights in all the leadership positions except one token position for Moms Demand Action.
    Make once a month, mandatory go to the range, gun safety day.
    And play Jason Aldeen’s Try That In A Small Town on repeat.

    • When Braindead gets kicked out of the Whitehouse ALL those Kommie cronies will be tossed out with him then a simple stroke of the pen nullifies ALL of Bribems bullshit EOs…

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