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Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul (Seth Perman/AP Photo)
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We loved yesterday’s news about Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton going after five businesses or organizations that ban off-duty cops from carrying on their premises, in violation of Texas state law. Kudos to AG Paxton for not only using common sense, but holding noncompliant feet to the fire.

Anyone who says that your vote doesn’t count clearly doesn’t understand that elections have consequences. Do you think for a moment if someone like Beta Beto O’Rourke would have done the same had he run for and won the Lone Star State’s AG position?

In the real world, we bring you the polar opposite in Illinois: Attorney General Kwame Raoul. A whole lot of pro-gun folks stayed home in the last election and instead of electing renowned civil rights attorney Tom DeVore as our AG, we got Kwame the Clown.

Recently, Raoul’s office released an “informal” opinion in January that retired and off-duty police officers who carry firearms on school property are committing a Class 3 felony. In the “informal” opinion of the Land of Lincoln’s top lawyer, only on-duty police and armed security officers of said school have an exemption to the felony charge on school property.

In layman’s terms, the Land of Lincoln’s criminal-friendly (and cop hating) AG is putting off-duty cops at risk of arrest, loss of their job and a felony conviction that carries a sentence of 5-10 years in prison and a fine of up to $25,000 should they carry on school property.

Accordingly, in the absence of a statutory amendment otherwise providing, a qualified retired law enforcement officer may not carry a concealed firearm in a school or on the real property of a school without potentially violating subsection 24-1 ( c )( 1. 5) of the Criminal Code.

Interestingly, the informal opinion lumps in “qualified law enforcement” with the retired officers at least twice.  And plenty of legal beagles are reading that to suggest the if it’s not “on duty” law enforcement, they get treated the same as retired cops.

Lastly, subsection 24-1 ( a-6) of the Criminal Code provides that subsection 24- 1 ( a)( 4) does not apply to or affect a “qualified current or retired law enforcement officer” qualified under LEOSA. It may be argued that because subsection 24-l(c)(l.5) is defined as a violation of subsection 24-1 (a)( 4) in a school or on the real property of a school, the language of subsection 24-2(a-6) also exempts qualified retired law enforcement officers from subsection 24- l(c)(l .5). However, Illinois courts have held that each “specific location” provision set out in subsection 24-1 ( c )(1.5) is a separate offense from the general offense established by subsection 24-l(a)(4). Chairez, 2018 IL 121417, 118 (because subsection 24-l(c)(l.5) is separate from the sentencing provision set out in subsection 24-1 (b ), “we presume that the General Assembly intended that, if proven at trial, the specific locations enumerated in [sub]section 24-l(c)(l.5) are to be separate offenses that carry their own enhanced sentences different from the prescribed sentences in [sub]section 24-l(b)”); Cunningham, 2019 IL App (1st) 160709, 113 (“our supreme court [in Chairez] recently held that the ‘specific places’ provision of the UUW [ unlawful use of a weapon] statute ( section 24-1 ( c )( 1. 5)) creates separate offenses from the unconstitutional blanket prohibition on the possession of firearms outside the home for selfdefense stated in section 24-l(a)(4)”); Green, 2018 IL App (1st) 143874, 114 (discussing Chairez and concluding that “the offense of ‘UUW within 1000 feet of a school’ is distinct from the offense of UUW, which the Seventh Circuit found unconstitutional in Moore”). 12

Nothing says “pro-law-enforcement” like holding out the potential for felony charges for off-duty cops packing heat, right?

As for retired officers carrying in HR218?  Those ladies and gents can definitely go pound big rocks into little rocks as well. They can expect tender loving from AG Raoul and his merry band of 500ish gun control jihadist and political apparatchik attorneys under him:  five to ten years in the big house.

For the foregoing reasons, qualified retired law enforcement officers qualified under the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act of 2004 who are qualified under the Illinois Retired Officer Concealed Carry program are not permitted to carry a concealed firearm in a school or on property belonging to a school. In the absence of a statutory amendment otherwise providing, a qualified retired law enforcement officer under LEOSA who carries a concealed firearm in a school or on the real property of a school potentially violates subsection 24-1 ( c )(1.5) of the Criminal Code of 2012.

In a state with the most federal corruption convictions several years running, and where you can’t swing a cat in the Illinois General Assembly buildings without hitting at least a couple of potential corruption scandals, Kwame Raoul can’t find any corruption. But if a state cop carries off-duty at his daughter’s softball game (which really happened), he gets to ride a desk for months while his superiors decide whether or not to fire him and ask the local prosecutor to file charges or if they’re going to just let it slide.

Frankly, probably the only thing that saved him this time was a local prosecutor who looked at the report and said, “Are you kidding me?”

So when it comes time to vote, VOTE.

Elections have consequences.  And if you don’t vote, you might get a Soros-loving state attorney general to help make your state more dangerous for the good guys, including you.

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  1. Well if that aint ridiculous…

    So i know how the left runs short of logic many times, but whats the deal here? How is this supposed to help anything? Do they even give a half-assed reason?

    Maybe it’s offensive to have off duty cops around showing their gat? That’s about as half assed as i can figure

    • It’s ILLANNOY Jake. Er AQ. They hate the 2nd amendment & anyone not an obedient Dim. I agree with Boch about voting when it matter’s. Indiana beckons🙄

    • Instead of questioning the choir…Simply e-mail a democRat legislator and tell them you heard History Confirms Gun Control in any shape, matter or form is Rooted in Racism and Genocide. If this is so how can you as a legislator continue to support a racist, nazi based agenda like Gun Control? Please advise.


        • jr…Just cut the chase and say you do not have the balls to e-mail a legislator and ask the question…pathetic little man.

        • i have varicose epididimys, my balls are huge. while the pretty technician was squirting blue goo and watching the ultrasound display, she asked me if i felt any discomfort. i replied, “on a scale of one to ten this is better than gardening.”

        • “i have varicose epididimys, my balls are huge.”

          Dang, you just melted her mind, she’ll be dreaming of you tonight.

          *Snicker*… 😉

        • tsbhoa.p.jr
          “On a scale of one to ten this is better then gardening.”
          👍that’s funny.

  2. Don’t worry. I understand they’re teaching legal butt sex and drugs to school children nowadays. The children will be too busy being distracted, to notice the bullets flying around them.

    It’s time the voters in these democrat cities and states beheld accountable.

  3. Maybe one day the police will learn to not be the boot infringing upon free citizens rights, for they are inevitably next in the chopping block in any control freak dystopia. Until then, my sympathy is limited and i shall be quoted with “Ha, Ha” and “told you so”.

  4. kram it, qua may. nothing special about this total jagoff. we have no shortage of identitarian race hustlers in and around cook.

    • jr…Grow a pair peewee, find a real democRat legislator, copy and paste my questions and send it to them. And when they reply you let me know, until that happens cease talking out your ignorant behind.

      • i get enough rubber stamp responses from you, but as i said above i already did this. the entire supermajority of the illinois house and senate replied, ah, christ. that deb bra broad again? just tell her to stfu.” quamay told me to give you his number, he says, “dirk sent me.” might mean something to you.

        • ““dirk sent me.” might mean something to you.”

          I’m *pretty sure* Dr. Dirk Diggler was gone from TTAG by the time the dingbat darkened our door with her endless diarrhea of mindless prattle.

          But seriously, can you imagine how Dirk would have dealt with the dingbat, giving her the full Shannon treatment? 😉

  5. It’s called concealed for a reason.

    Also. How ya liking your special carve-outs now FOP??? Thanks for nothin’.

  6. That Texas law is a blatant violation of the Fifth Amendment. Private property owners have a right to keep ANYONE who’s armed off their property if they so choose, unless it’s an active police investigation. Only reason it’s still on the books is no private business has had a legitimate reason to challenge it in court. Or the money to pay the lawyers, of course.

    • There is a chance you are correct but there is less of a chance anyone cares. If you feel strongly about it prepare a brief and/or put up some money to get it challenged.

        • Widdle ‘cgray’ knows all about boot-licking, he gets off on it…

        • Straight to assumptions and unfounded insults well let’s have some fun you corporate fascist shill.

  7. The next time a Democrat politician in Illinois needs the services of law enforcement. The answer should be, No Thank You.

  8. Yes, put them all in jail until we have the same rights they do. Cop and retired cop are civilians, just like the rest of us. They are not a special favored class despite cop protestations that they are.

  9. Easy solution pass a law like Georgia is doing that holds any facility that bans legal carry fully responsible for any result of criminal activity on their property.

    We need a federal law that essentially says if a legal carry (conceal, LEO etc) prohibits a citizen from carry and there is a violent felony committed they will pay an immediate $10,000 payment to any identified conceal carry or LEO that was disarmed by their rules. This in NO way will release them from any additional damage payments.

    And this would apply to ANY person present. SO Imagine the Dorkland Mall. Violent felony is committed and then in the after effect 50 or 60 people (maybe more) identify themselves as present on the property and the Mall insurance cuts a half mil or more in damage checks even before the lawsuits.

  10. “… the Land of Lincoln’s criminal-friendly (and cop hating) AG is putting off-duty cops at risk of arrest, loss of their job and a felony conviction …”

    What I want to know is what cop is going to arrest another cop who happens to be carrying a concealed handgun while off-shift? I don’t see that ever happening–or at least not happening more than once or twice.

    • Good afternoon u_s,

      From the ISP site: “The Illinois State Police is the state police agency of the state of Illinois.”

      Looking at their Oath of Service leads me to believe that they are a modern equivalent to the Stasi. Their Oath is almost to the point of swearing personal fealty to the Governor. Their highest person is called a Director – is this a politically appointed position or is the director a career sworn-LEO official?

      My point is: from reading enforcement activities in Illinois, I conclude that most firearm violations are pursued by the ISP. After all they are the ones who issue and enforce the various FOID cards. The ISP has become a personal army controlled by his most royally puissant Gov. Pr!ckster.

      Yes, the ISP are the Stasi types who would gleefully arrest brother or sister LEO’s for violation of the governor’s edicts.

    • Read the article.
      It already happened once.
      A cop had his concealed weapon at the daughters softball game, and was arrested.
      It was only because the local prosecutor declined prosecution. That he is not in jail right now.

  11. No guns means no guns, this includes off duty Police Officers. Why they think they get a special carve out is beyond me. If they don’t like it they can go somewhere else like everyone else.

    I get real tired of special privileges for the Kings Men.

  12. In a weird way, I agree with PART of what Kwame the Commie is arguing – off-duty or retired LEOs should have EXACTLY the same rights as every other American citizen (not in prison or on parole). If “they” can carry, I should be able to carry, too. “Sensitive places” is a BS excuse to prohibit guns, and the typical formulation requires that you not have a gun within some RADIUS (often 100 yards or more) of the “sensitive place”. I should have bookmarked it (and I didn’t; BAD Lamp, that will cost you a beer!!), but I saw an online article, shortly after the NEW NY “sensitive places” definition was adopted, and it was nearly impossible to go anywhere more than a block or two in any direction without violating the law. And it was obvious that that was entirely intentional.

    Our lawmakers need to understand the phrase “shall not be infringed”.


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