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Take my money! All of it! It’s the right to keep and bear arms, after all.

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    • That is one of those most beautiful things I have ever seen. I love the part at the end as the rounds burst in the clouds like lightening. Damn near pitching a tent over here.

  1. Seen this thing fire many times in Iraq and Afghanistan. What your not seeing is it has a very advanced radar so when incoming is in they sound the alert. This thing literally has saved my life more then once over the years I have spent over in the dirt.

    Once in a while it will fire and for whatever reason there is no loud speaker (Big Voice) that is blaring Take Cover or Incoming and you want to talk about being startled.

    • The search and track radar is not really all that advanced. While there have been improvements over time, it’s basically been around since the early 1980’s.

  2. One big difference between the USN CIWS & Army C-RAM is the Army version has ammo that self-destructs in flight to prevent collateral damage to objects of the ground by spent rounds returning to earth. You can see the rounds in SD mode at the end of the video, in the nighttime shots. Maybe somebody should tell the NYPD about this option?

  3. ” This right here has the ability with a .30-caliber clip to disperse with 30 bullets within half a second. Thirty magazine clip in half a second.”

    See the Ghost gun is real! ?

  4. There was one of those basically right outside my hooch in Iraq. It was quite an eye-opener when the thing would let loose a burst at 0300.

  5. I see it holds 1550 rounds. In practice, how many rockets or mortar rounds can it destroy before that ammo is used up?

    • You’d count on four or five engagements, probably get a few more in practice (it ceases fire once it’s sure the target’s destroyed or no longer engageable – can be 300-400 rounds, can be as few as fifty). Reloading is pretty quick with a good crew, too.

      It’s not intended to defend against a Soviet artillery division in full-on God of War mode, but it can be a very effective protection against harassing fire from insurgents.

  6. On a more serious note: With the threat of rocket and mortar attacks being a concern in some parts, shouldn’t civilian-ownable air defense systems be a thing?

    (granted it would take a lifetime of my lunch money just to pay for the test fire)

  7. I attended a night live fire out at NTC. The video simply cannot capture the coolness of the “burp” sound this thing makes. It was entirely too cool. And we were pretty far away from the fire location. The good ole days when Uncle Sam was feeding my shooting devices with ammo.

  8. Very neat stuff but, as the M163 system, has been recognized for some 30+ years that the round is too small/light weight and short ranged.

  9. I just want the empty brass that these things spit out. Gotta be many thousands of dollars just in scrap value.


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