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The Indonesian Army isn’t the only military outfit that thinks it’s a good idea to shoot real bullets at their troops. Fans of Larry Vickers’ videos will be familiar with Russian special forces’ special fondness for firing rounds at/near each other while shouting “DANCE COMRADE DANCE!” But this video makes it mark at the : 56 mark,when the camera pans to reveal . . .

the instructors aren’t using the AK’s sights to [not] target the troops. That’s all kinds of awesome, and several kinds of stupid. I reckon the odds of an Indonesian lawyer collecting from the army on behalf of a soldier killed by a “stray” bullet are exactly nil. And . . . there you have it. [h/t CC]

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  1. Can someone please do something about the nitwit click-bait that infests this site? I’m sick of having to avert my eyes so as not to see pics of barely dressed twenty somethings full of silicone or steroids.

    • Unfortunately, I have had to turn on my adblocker because of the inappropriate images that I was slammed with.

    • Another good option would be moving TTAG to a platform that allows for some users to pay for an ad-free subscription, like Slash (

    • AdBlockPlus and Ghostery. You’ll never regret installing them after you see all the crap that is being loaded by even those sites that are supposedly ‘safe’.

    • The kinds of ads you see is determined by the cookies these ad programs find on YOUR computer. I get ads for optics, firearms, and outdoor gear. Avert your eyes? Your cookies; the digital markers of where YOU have been surfing on the Internet, and as such, the ads you see, are entirely your own making. Awkward.

      • While I do get ads that relate to my various interests that are clearly cookie related, the tongue/breadstick ads relate to nothing I’ve searched for/clicked on/looked at on the web. Invariably they are random shock photos with captions touting “10 reasons…”

    • I use my iOS devices to serf. I don’t turn on a non-work computer unless I really have to. And I don’t serf on work computers.

    • Agreed! I eventually opted to use ABP to rid this site of the annoying and inappropriate clickbait mess. I’m all for supporting a website through ad revenue, but TTAG is the absolute worst website in this regard.

    • TTAG staff: I am also tired of these ads that range from disturbing to pornographic. What is with that nasty chick eating a hotdog? It really degrades this website. I get that you need ad revenue, but do you not have some control over the types of ads?

      • We are on it right now. We’ve contacted out ad supplier who will tone it down post haste. Sorry for the “clutter.”

  2. Bet the guys in the mud aren’t issued any ammo, since on getting wounded they might just roll over and return the favor.

    • It would do just fine. There’s a lifetime of video out there of people slogging AR’s through the mud that function flawlessly. A wise man once told me, “An M16 is far more reliable and rugged than many give it credit for, while an AK is far more accurate than most others would have you believe.”

    • It’s going to outperform almost everything else, especially the M14. The only guns on par are AKs and they still suffer from the same issues that happen to ARs.

  3. Dang! They out Russianed the Russians! You gotta’ hand it to the shooters-they appear to not hit anyone…

    • Russians doing it is based on foolish bravado masquerading as 100% trust. Indonesians doing it is low intelligence coupled with little value for human lives.

      • No..its not based on stupidity and lil value of human live..its based on crying soldiers when enemy soldiers shoot out on fire training is not only for special forces but for all ground forces of TNI including BRIMOB (police troopers).

  4. Those guys sure seem to be slithering slowly. I do believe if I was getting shot at – mud or no – I’d look like a riverboat stern wheeler paddling my way to the far end of that mudhole!

    • I also noticed how slowly the guys are crawling. I’m guessing they’re fatigued after a long training evolution, or maybe they’re just wounded by stray AK rounds.

  5. Great way to desensitize the troops so they forget to move, take cover and return fire.
    It’s ok to fire at them, but please order them to do the right things.

  6. That wasn’t the low-crawl technique I was taught at Benning back in ’88. Sling rifle over a slightly raised forearm such that the end of the barrel rode on your slightly raised helmet while. Crawling using the other 3 limbs at about a 30 degree angle.

  7. 87 at Benning for me. I didn’t even realize the trainees had weapons until they stood up at the end. Seriously scary shooting from basically the hip. Obviously they have done a great deal of it. I think when your trainers start to do this it is time to get some new ones that aren’t desensitized to the shooting near live targets.

    • Solve that by periodically having the shooters join the crawling grunts.

      Similar to parachute packers being made to join the jump with a randomly selected chute.

  8. Nice uniforms on the instructors, what no addids outlet there? They look like low level charecters from farcry 4.

  9. Sir ….
    that’s an AK-47 assault weapon.
    The preferred weapon of our enemy.
    It makes a very distinctive sound
    when fired at us, sir.

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