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Far be it for me to suggest that pointing a rifle at someone who is not your enemy is a bad idea, even during training. ‘Cause it seems that Mako Defense teaches “the Israeli Method of fighting exactly as it is taught to the Israeli Special Forces, not the modified version that some companies may offer in the United States.” Modified like . . . not aiming your rifle at fellow students? “Mako Defense instructors have extensive experience as operators and instructors in the most elite Israeli Special Forces units.” So maybe I should keep my mouth shut then, lo?

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  1. This method of training has been working in Israel for 60 years (Special Forces, secret service and security guards all train this way)
    The purpose of training is the get you as close to real life as you can and this Is exactly what we do in Israel and teach here.
    If you think this is wrong, I suggest you go and check statistics of law enforcement personal here in America that while being shot at standing with their gun drown and can’t get themselves to fire!
    My advice to you Mr. Farago is to try to think “out of the box”
    “Ignorance of all things is an evil neither terrible nor excessive, nor yet the greatest of all; but great cleverness and much learning, if they be accompanied by a bad training, are a much greater misfortune” Plato.

  2. All of the rifles used by both instructors and students in that video were cleared, checked by the instructors, disassembled, and had safety rods installed that block the chamber and protrude from the muzzle. When the carbines are re-assembled with safety rods installed there is no possibility that a cartridge can be chambered. They are difficult to see in the video, but at a couple points you can see the orange in front of the muzzles. Muzzle discipline and safety are absolutely taught in these courses.

    Every M4 I was ever issued in the military at some point had MILES gear installed and I aimed it at another soldier. Force on force training is essential.

  3. Mr Farago, considering the fact that that video was taken at my facility when I hosted Mako Defense, I would also like the opportunity to clarify the issue. Again, those weapons were double and triple checked, then made safe via use of rods through the firearm from chamber to muzzle. Each firearm was checked twice, and then checked again.
    If you are going to SERIOUSLY train to shoot a PERSON should you ever have to, you MUST get comfortable pointing REAL guns at REAL people, to think you will fire a gun at a person in a life or death situation if all you ever do is train NOT to point a gun at them is ignorance in it purest form. If you train NOT to point a gun at someone, THAT is precisely what you will do under stress.
    For the record I also trained at the Warrior Conference with a Navy Seal and a PSD professional and we ran the SAME type drills there as well. (See
    Respectfully, Mark Craighead / Owner and Founder: CrossBreed Holsters, CrossBreed Firearms Academy.


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