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With respect to the legal arguments, under whatever level of scrutiny you use, what is happening in New York cannot possibly be consistent with a constitutional right. There are no other constitutional rights for which the government gets to decide, in its own discretion, whether you get to exercise it at all. Even rights that might create challenges or even cause harm, like free speech.

But for some reason with the Second Amendment, New York has total discretion over whether you can possess a firearm at all, anywhere. And all of the problems one would expect with that kind of discretion, in fact, exist.

In New York City, the New York Police Department is the institution that decides whether or not you can lawfully possess a firearm. So, the decision of whether or not you have a constitutional right is left to the unfettered discretion of an incredibly biased police organization. That seems problematic, to say the least.

Unsurprisingly, the result of this structure is that a bunch of people on Staten Island—where a lot of police officers live—have firearm licenses and few other people do. Police officers are able to easily get a firearm license after they retire. And in fact, as a matter of course, they get something called a “good guy letter” so that they can breeze through the application process with pre-approval of being what they call a “good guy.” None of this can possibly be consistent with a constitutional right generally held by everyone.

There are other problems. You have to pay fees in order to get this license. And you have to subject yourself to the government’s eyes. For so many people in New York City, the government is constantly preying on them.

Imagine: the local police precinct’s officers are stopping and harassing you, and frisking you, and all of your friends and your family, every single day of your life. And then, in order to exercise a constitutional right, you have to go to those same officers voluntarily and give them not only your physical presence, but also very sensitive and private information about who you are, where you live and work, and the names of people with whom you associate.

This is a totally prohibitive barrier for a lot of people when they want to exercise a constitutional right. In other contexts, like the First Amendment, we would never stand for such a thing.

Avinash SamarthMichael Thomas, and Christopher Smith in Second Class

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  1. If you support gun control you are a fascist bastard that is involved in crimes against humanity and the violation of civil rights.

    You are the same vermin that would turn dogs and fire hoses on people protesting for their rights to not be violated. You are the same vermin that will load the innocent onto cattle cars.

    If there is any justice in this world we will have Nuremberg trials in this country followed by well deserved hangings.

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        While you are earning all that money, take a good English language course. One that stresses capitalization, punctuation, grammar and spelling.

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    • “You are the same vermin that would turn dogs and fire hoses on people protesting for their rights to not be violated. You are the same vermin that will load the innocent onto cattle cars.”

      not to mention gulags and holodomors and killing fields.

      seriously, don’t mention those. or you’re a fascist. seriously.

      • With a certain little Commissar climbing the ranks on a pile of the corpses and ashes of his victims.

      • It’s not either-or. It’s both-and, as in ALL the totalitarians can feck off and die. None of them belong here. When it comes to fascists and communists, the only good ones are dead ones.

        • “It’s both”

          one group tries to project onto the other. “they’re the problem they’re the problem don’t look at us THEY’RE THE PROBLEM! their nationalism is fascism their nationalism is fascism don’t look at our nationalism THEIR NATIONALISM IS THE PROBLEM!”

          “fascists and communists”

          you don’t get it. here’s the deal. fascism is for insiders – the communism is for you.

        • Ing. I don’t know who is more delusional here, rant7 or duncian.

          Both are evil and a threat to decent people.

        • “Both are evil and a threat to decent people”

          you’re been well-trained.

          don’t worry. one day, you’ll be hearing the same people saying the same things that you’ve heard all your life, not really paying attention – and suddenly you’ll hear what they’ve always said to you.

        • rant7, You bet your posterior that we are “well trained” ( no change that to WELL EDUCATED). We reject your socialist leftist totalitarian ideology.
          Just wait for Nov 2022 when your Socialist buds are thrown out of the Congress and the Senate.

    • To Jethro W.M.

      The Nuremburg trials were for right wing Nazi’s who were just like you Jethro

      Hitler tried to destroy Unions just like you Jethro

      Hitler tried to privatize utility companies just like you Jethro

      Hitler hated minorities and refugees just like you Jethro

      Hitler believed in a one party far right State, Just as you supported Trump and his beer hall putsch of Jan. 6th. Hitler had his in 1923

      Hitler believed liberals should be murdered, just like you just stated Jethro

      Hitler relaxed Germany’s gun control laws (contrary to Right wing ignorance) and he carried a gun concealed just like you do Jethro and you do not believe in Universal Background Checks or safe storage Laws.

      Hitter hated and destroyed the free press just as Trump tried to do and you are one of Trumps great penis suckers and you hate the free press and have stated so many times.

        • “Hitler tried… Hitler hated … Hitler believed… like you Jethro”

          Didn’t you say when you point your finger at someone, three fingers are pointing back at you?

          That makes you dacian, Hitler times 3. Ouch!

      • Dacian the D*nce, how did the Nuremburg trials get brought into this? It seems your buddies in the Soviet Union and the current Russian regime under KGB’s Vladimir Putin (another of your buds) have very strict prohibitions against firearms of any kind. And again, you have forgotten all about your kindred spirits the Nazi’s and the Fascists.(Giovanni Gentile?) Unions are just fine if they do not try to impose your leftist ideology and represent the membership. Today’s unions do aprostolicize your Socialist ideology. I am a union member, but it is an INDEPENDENT union representing the membership.
        Public utilities are privatized in this country although I m sure you would love to have the government taken them over.
        You Socialists have always been against immigration. We Conservatives do not oppose immigration. We oppose ILLEGAL immigration.
        As to minorities, you Socialists have discriminated against minorities since Woodrow Wilson and Margret Sanger and Fania Mindell both known racists.
        You Socialists have been proponents of dictatorship of your socialist masters, like Stalin, Castro, Kruschev, etc. You Socialists have murdered more people than the Nazis ever dreamed. China? Russia? Venezuela, Cuba, etc.
        Your Universal Background checks are a fraud and a joke. What you really want is a list of all the gun owners. The criminal records maintained by the FBI in NIC’s is a joke and very incomplete at best. Most jurisdictions do NOT report dispositions of criminal cases and mental illness by law can’t be included due to HIPPA.
        Free Press? You Socialists do not believe in a free press. You want them to spread your LEFTIST-SOCIALIST propaganda. You people have no comprehension of the words fact or truth.

        • Huntmaster baiter. Get lost we have no found department.
          Read above and you will see I did a typo. Time for you to go back to your crib and suck your thumb.

        • Walter Jed Clampett of the Beverely Hillbillies

          Walt you are an uneducated Hill Jack that is for sure.

          quote————Public utilities are privatized in this country although I m sure you would love to have the government taken them over.———-quote

          I did make an error when I said Public Utilities I meant to say Government Social Programs. The Republicans have been trying to privatize government run programs for decades. Some classic whipping boys are the Postal Service and Social Security Programs.

          quote————You Socialists have always been against immigration. We Conservatives do not oppose immigration. We oppose ILLEGAL immigration.———-quote

          That is a damn bold face lie. Under Trump he reduced LEGAL immigration to its lowest level in the history of the country. Trump the Nazi even banned all Syrian people from even coming here to visit their relatives or to do legal business. Try again Herr Hauptman you just made a lying fool of yourself as usual.

          Quote————–Your Universal Background checks are a fraud and a joke.————quote

          Again you make an absolute fool of yourself. The Brady Bill in just 20 years of its history, not all of its history stopped 2.1 million gun sales which would have resulted in multitudes of felons and nut cases from being able to purchase new guns but it does not prevent them from purchasing second hand guns. Even a Moron can understand why Universal Background checks are needed. Every civilized nation on earth has them. You would think that would light up that dim light bulb in your retarded brain.

          quote————–Free Press? You Socialists do not believe in a free press.————quote

          You really are way out there in la, la, land. Both Trump and Nixon called the press “the enemy”. Trump went out of his way to call all accredited news programs that criticized him “fake news” just as Hitler did when he was running for office in Germany. Every Right Wing Government in the world has muzzled the free press.

          Walter Hill Jack your Right Wing Nazi friends failed in their Hitlerite beer hall putsch on Jan 6th. That should tell everyone what a traitor you and your Right Wing Nut case people are to the American People and their way of life.

        • Dacian, the Socialist, I’ll stack my education against yours any day and twice on Sunday.
          You are damn right we Conservative Republicans want to do away with your socialist welfare programs. Those programs deprive people of their personal initiative to do for themselves, expecting the government do everything for them. But that is really what you want. That way you can maintain your control over the people and further your end of tyranny.
          No, Socialist, immigration is what you people want to use to pad the voter rolls with your fellow uneducated. You are damn right Trump went to limit immigration to those who can help this country better itself. You want lemmings that you can manipulate with you government give-a-ways. Trump sure did ban Syrians from immigrating. And for a very good reason. There was no way to vett them as the Syrian government would not cooperate with our ICE. But then you want more of your terrorist buddies to reek havoc so you can gain more control over the population.
          AGAIN, I REPEAT, your Brady”Bill” is a sad joke. You discount each and every point I raised about your “universal background checks”. Gee, I wonder why. Still think you can control us? Most of those 2.1 mill you claim were rejections turn out to be delays which resulted in the sale going through. You are lying right through your eyeteeth. Again, you ignore the fact that mental illness can’t be included due to the HIPPA law.
          As to the “free press”, Nixon, who was not a real Conservative, was a aberration, Most of the criticism that was leveled at Trump was FAKE NEWS. I can’t count the number of times that your Socialist “media” had to retract their “stories” on all the fingers and toes of thE people here in my town. We want the unvarnished truth, not your left wing propaganda. But you Leftists have not learned how to separate facts and news from opinion.
          As to Jan 6th? Nice try. That was a demonstration which got out of hand spurred on by some of your ANTIFA thugs and some government agents from the FBI (Fat Boys Inc).
          I repeat you are a traitor to the USA and the CONSTITUTION!

        • To Walt

          Trump practiced terrorism on refugees applying for asylum by deliberately stealing the children of refugees much the same as the Nazi’s did in their concentration camps in WWII, Trump ran a from of a modern-day concentration camp.

          Trump ended up INCREASING the trade deficit with China with his idiotic trade war. If the Moron had enlisted the help of our European Allies he might have pulled it off. Many of our small family farms also went out of business and many of the Lobster Fisherman went bankrupt.

          Trump caused American businessmen millions by refusing to sign on to The ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA) is a trade bloc agreement by the Association of Southeast Asian Nations supporting local trade and manufacturing in all ASEAN countries, and facilitating economic integration with regional and international allies. … AFTA now comprises the ten countries of ASEAN.

          Trump’s trade war with China increased Global warming because China then went to Brazil for foodstuffs and for Brazil to meet the demand they increased global warming by cutting down the rainforest to make more farmland which only lasts 2 years because of the poor jungle soil.

          Trump withdrew from the Paris Climate Accord so the U.S. could continue to pump billions of tons of pollution into the air. Trump did away with Obama’s climate protection orders which poisoned our water and air and led to more cancer deaths in the U.S.

          Trump promoted more coal and oil usage instead of going on board with the “New Green deal” so tons more pollution were poured into the air and water.

          Trump lost the support of our WWII Allies and Britain stop sharing intelligence information with us and Britain has one of the greatest spy networks in the world.

          Trump border wall was a farce. He only repaired a small section of the existing wall and due to the meandering Rio Grande River it is impossible to put up a border wall especially clear across the U.S. It would cost trillions.

          Trump cut off Muslim immigration and all foreign immigration to the lowest level in the counties history but the Moron did not realize it is immigrants who make a country great. Example: The son of a Syrian immigrant invented the cell phone which brought billions of profit to the U.S. yet Racist Trump banned all Syrian immigration to the U.S

          Trump lied about the election being a fraud as Republica overseers were at every voting place and watched the proceedings like hawks.

          Trump took away many voting places in poor districts to implement voter suppression as well as pulling out many mail sorting machines to slow down the mail which created a catastrophe with the U.S. mail and now many seniors are having trouble getting their life saving medications.

          Trump did nothing to lower drug prices and actually increased the number of people who cannot afford a Health Care Plan by weakening the National Health Care Plan and he threw 30 million Americans off its rolls. 150,000 people died last year because of it. Trump and Mitch Mcconnell took thousands in bribes from the crooks in the drug and insurance industries to keep prices high and bankrupt the people.

          Trump because of his rabid racism did nothing about the Daca children who have been here since they were toddlers.

          Trump did nothing about the Covid19 crisis and actually tried to hide it from the American people when he first learned about it and how deadly it was and would be to the American people because he wanted to be reelected and not hurt the stock market.

          Trump passed a tax rape bill that ran up the deficit by 2 trillion dollars and let corporation like Amazon make 2 billion in profit and pay no taxes and not give their workers a livable wage or health benefits or even holidays off.

          Trump was against Universal Background Checks which would have prevented thousands of people from buying second hand guns who were crooks and nut cases.

          Trump was against safe storage laws which would prevent on average 1,300 children being killed with loaded guns laying around the house.

          Trump did not make low cost loans available or Federal educational grants available for students wanting to go to college and not go bankrupt for the rest of their lives.

          Trump did nothing to increase teachers’ salaries as they are one of the lowest paid professions in the U.S. and as a consequence our best and brightest have abandoned the teaching profession resulting in a lowering of our teaching standards.

          Trump did not follow through on infrastructure repair and our roads and bridges continue to be a hazard to the American people. The Gangster Criminal Republicans said that it would cost too much money and that people are expendable.

          Trump rose to power by playing the race card and pitting citizens against not only “legal immigrants” but pitted them against their fellow Americans. He let the Racist Nazi’s out of their sewers of hate and racism became “cool again” with racist Nazi’s openly marching at Charlottesville and Trump called them “nice people”. The racist Nazi’s openly gave him their stiff-armed salute.

          Trump did rescind Obama’s plans for Police Reform which gave bad cops “open season” on black people and the George Floyd murder took place in broad daylight within site of an entire crowd of people begging the Murderous Thug Nazi Cop to stop the murder while he glared and sneered back at them

          Trump tried to take over the Government by force when he lost the election and tried to get the election commission to declare

          the election corrupt.

        • Dacian, the Dunderhead, Those people you allege that Trump “terrorized”, are criminals. You see they entered the country ILLEGALLY. When you commit a crime, you get separated from your loved ones all the time. TFB!
          AS to your allegations of Trumps “trade war”, it brought your Red Chinese masters to the table. Once the Reds were forced to make a reasonable trade agreement, they released their Red Chinese Virus (aka Covid-19) which in turn practically destroyed the work economy. Did they release it intentionally? We will never know as the Reds refuse to allow a reasonable investigation. Did they perpetuate it once the China Virus was released? You bet. They failed (intentionally) to let the word know about the “accident” (sic). They allowed people from Wuhan to leave the region and travel freely about the word, spreading the disease.
          AS to that Asian trade agreement, Trump and most REAL Americans believe in AMERICA FIRST.
          Red China has NEVER followed through on any agreement they have ever made including “global warming” (sic). As a matter of fact that Paris Accord you Socialists tout gives India an China free reign on releasing “carbon emissions.” That Paris accord is a bad joke. And SCREW your and AOCs “Green New Deal”.
          The border wall? Another sad Socialist lie.
          Allies in Europe? LOL, they are only our allies when it suits their purposes. I would much rather share intelligence with the Israelis then any European. AGAIN, AMERICA FIRST!
          Trump’s cutting off Muslim immigration was in the interest of the American people. Most of the Muslim countries don’t have accurate records of their terrorists and refuse to share that information. Why don’t you adopt one of those Muslims?
          The 2020 election was stolen from Trump. There are thousands of instances of Voter Fraud perpetrated by your Socialist masters. Apparently you haven’t been paying any attention to the arrests in Texas, Wisconsin, Michigan etc. But then you are down with voter fraud to further your socialist goals.
          Trump did what he could to lower drug prices. You see, this country operates on the CAPITALIST system; the government doesn’t have control over prices of anything. He certainly did more than Obuma the Phony.
          DACA? DACA is a bad joke. These people have no right to be here to begin with. Their parents entered this country illegally and in most cases brought their off spring with them. How many of these illegal aliens have you taken into your home to support?
          Trump a “racist”? Another piece of Socialist propaganda. Trump did more for people of all races than you vaulted Obuma the Phony ever dared.
          The Red Chinee Virus that your Red Chinese masters release on the work killing millions? When he took action it was decisive. Due to his Operation Warp Speed a vaccine was developed in RECORD TIME. Get your facts straight.
          AGAIN, your “universal background checks” are a joke. First, NCIC records are incomplete at best and inaccurate many many times, denying people of similar names the right to own a firearm. Mental illnesses which are a danger to the population CAN’T be included due to the HIPPA Law. You bet Trump opposed “universal background checks”. The numbers you touted previously as a bogus as “universal background checks”. Does your beady little mind really think that criminals will go to the gun store and get a “universal background check”? ROFLAMO! That is the epitome of stupidity if you do.
          Trump had NOT a DARN thing to do with teachers’ salaries. Those salaries are governed by the LOCAL SCHOOL DISTRICTS. Considering that poor job your Leftist-Socialist indoctrinators are doing, they don’t deserve the salaries they are getting. Many of our high school grads can’t even read at freshman level or balance a checkbook.
          Infrastructure? Using what definition? Infrastructure is a STATE PROBLEM. Not the Federal Government. You Leftists are great at thinking (sic) that if you throw enough money at a problem that it will solve itself.
          Obuma’s “Police Reform”? ROFLAMOBT! WE do not need “police reform”. We do need criminals put in jail where they belong. We need law enforcement,not codling the criminal element. Who was it that proposed to give criminals money not to use a firearm? ROFLMAOBT!
          There was no insurrection on Jan 6th, like you Socialists claim. That has been proven time and time again.
          Do yourself a favor and can your propaganda.
          Every time I see it here, I am going to counter it with the truth. If you want to think I’m trolling you, then go for it.

        • dacian, Again, more horse pucky!
          The Red Chinese banned movement? Are you trying to kid me? Or are you a member of the Chinese Communist Party? How did all those people who were infected with the Red Chinese Virus get out of Wuhan and spread it world wide? Osmosis?
          Again, the “majority of the world’s scientists”? Please give is a rest. Click the link. https://foginfo.org/freshtake-podcast.php?debunking+climate+change+myths&oid=8887445&gclid=Cj0KCQiA-K2MBhC-ARIsAMtLKRtw17XDXg-HcO9FzL0kYwQkGLr2HqFl-SVUjj2gem3Is6u_J6YxiocaAum_EALw_wcB
          The “global warming” crowd have been working overtime to try to sell their propaganda. First it was “global warming” when it was proven that that was bunk, and that the ice caps were growing, they changed it to “climate change”. RED HOT NEWS FLASH. The climate has been changing since time began. The question is how much of it is caused by man. No one can answer that question. I notice that you ignore my points about India and Red China being given free passes by your beloved “Paris Accord”. Thank God Trump pulled us out.
          You socialists have done more to destroy human life than “global warming”.

        • Dacian, I’ll give you one thing; you are consistent. No, the people who were “applying for asylum” were not doing it legally. Clearly you don’t know the proper procedure. The rules ere established that the asylum seekers had to apply first in their home country. IF they did it by fleeing they had to apply to the country where they were traveling through. For your edification: https://www.uscis.gov/humanitarian/refugees-and-asylum/asylum

          Yep, the importers did raise prices but it also cut back on Red Chinese imports as ultimately the Reds paid the price. It made the Red Chinese product more expensive and fewer people purchased their products. Who would you rather support Americans or Red Chinese? You see there is this thing we call AMERICA FIRST.

      • You’re a bit delusional. And you can’t spell. How ever did you get to here? Mistype a word or click a wrong link?

        You really need (like a leftists) to do some remedial reading of history. Both world and American. Then take a general course in politics and the current state of each factions beliefs and agenda.

        Then buy a gun or two, go to a range, make friends with some real people and then come back here and try to make some sense.

  2. It’s kind of funny that people that willingly choose to live in a totalitarian slave state are shocked when they are treated like slaves or Serfs.

    • Wrong argument man. If you’re in the US, you should be able to live wherever you damn well please, and exercise your natural right to self defense. If we don’t have people willing to stay in locales that don’t respect our natural rights, and fight, then the nonsense of NY and CA will eventually arrive at our doorsteps in other parts of the country as well.

      • Sam Adams had some words that apply:

        “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”

        ― Samuel Adams

        • I’ve always like that quote. Here’s another:

          “The laws that forbid the carrying of arms are laws of such a nature. They disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes…. Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man.”
          – Thomas Jefferson, Commonplace Book (quoting 18th century criminologist Cesare Beccaria), 1774-1776

        • “I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.” – Thomas Jefferson

        • How about his opening shot in the “Natural Rights of the Colonists (1772):
          “Among the natural rights of the colonists are these: First a right to life, secondly to liberty, and thirdly to property; together with the right to defend them in the best manner they can.”

          Pretty clearly stated. And hard to argue against. Written well before the US Constitution and 2nd Amendment.

      • If you want to keep the nonsense of NY and CA from spreading, pass laws that those hostile to freedom would find intolerable to live under. If they aren’t even willing to consider moving to your location because it’s too uncivilized, that’s a win. Though many here decry open carry I find that open carry is a good indicator for how decent a place is to live. The places where no one bats an eyelash at open carry have been much better to live than in the places where open carry has been banned or is effectively banned due to pearlclutching Karens calling the cops on a legal activity.

        I regularly tell refugees (even “conservatives”) from blue states not to vote. “If you came here because this state has a better quality of life, don’t do anything to change it.” Most react to that somewhat reasonably, though a few have taken offense. A “conservative” or “Republican” from Cali is usually a progressive, merely less vocal and jackbooted. Still going to poison the new locality though.

        • “A ‘conservative’ or ‘Republican’ from Cali is usually a progressive, merely less vocal and jackbooted. Still going to poison the new locality though.

          Absolute B.S., and I hate it when ignorant people say such things. Most of my (very conservative) extended family has left CA over the past decade, taking their conservative values with them to benefit other states. I myself – a lifelong Californian who continues the good fight here behind enemy lines – can confidently bet that I’m more conservative than 99% of those outside CA.

          Something for you to consider…if what you cherish comes easy to you and is never endangered, it’s human nature to take it for granted and give it little thought. But when others aggressively attempt to take it from you, you become alert and solidified in your determination to keep it. That is exactly what has been happening to conservative Californian on a large scale. We’ve become galvanized in our values and obstinately determined to fight for them, even though we know we don’t have support from our supposed “brethren” like you who sit on their porches and point their fingers our way in derision.

        • Methinks the lady doth protesteth too much. I’ll stop saying that conservatives in California are usually progressive when it stops being true. I’ve met a lot of Californians relocating to the SE, and none of them were what I’d describe as staunch conservatives. Middle of the road at best, progressive lite more usually, and full blown SJW leftie at worst. California isn’t sending their conservatives. If they were Austin and Asheville wouldn’t have their nasty hippy infestations and hard left political scenes. The Californians I’ve met who have admitted to being “Republican” or thought they were “conservative” were also usually fans of Chris Christie/John McCain/Liz Cheney/John Roberts – in other words, not really conservatives.

          I’ve belonged to several Californian gun rights groups since I got into gun rights actually, though I obviously don’t live there, thank God.

          I’ll stop pointing my finger in derision when California stops sending parasites to shit up my section of the country and you stop being a crotchety old man with an overinflated ego. Looks like we’ll both be here a while.

        • De Facto, On the contrary, the people are not protesting enough. California and New York are a symptom of the real problem The Socialists want to do away with out form of government governed by the Constitution. WE THE PEOPLE have got to stand up and be counted. We do that by writing letters to the editor in your local paper, talking to your neighbors and friends, MOBILZE the people to vote and take down the Socialists who are trying to establish their tyranny. Exercise your rights as enumerated in the Constitution. The Socialists have taken over our education system. We have to take it back at the local school board level. To put it frankly. we and only WE THE PEOPLE can do something about it.

        • To Walter Jed Clampett

          quote————-The Socialists have taken over our education system. We have to take it back at the local school board level. To put it frankly. we and only WE THE PEOPLE can do something about it.———–quote

          In recent times the deliberate admittance of much of U.S. History is finally being corrected including the appalling treatment of minorities in this country and this has enraged the Far Right like yourself who are too ashamed of their ancestors behavior to admit the truth.

        • Dacian, the Socialist, Bolder dash! No, our history is being distorted by you “woke” individuals. Our history has some flaws, to be sure. But the USA has liberated more people in this world than any other country in existence. You can thank the American soldiers and Marines for the liberation of Europe and the Pacific rim. Perfect, no. But this country is better by far than whatever is in second place. It’s Socialist slime like you trying to destroy my country. When are you buying your ticket for Cuba? Venezuela?

        • To Walter Jed Clampett

          Quote————-! No, our history is being distorted by you “woke” individuals————quote

          Its obvious you are an uneducated hillbilly. When you compare history books at the university level to those that were formerly taught in high school only a fool like you would deny that much of U.S. history was sanitized or ignored completely to satisfy the Fanatics on the Far Right so they could represent American History to Students as pure as the new fallen snow and without all the dirty dealings, the overthrow of many legitimately elected governments and the invasions that killed millions of civilians not to mention all the minorities murdered by Law Enforcement and the U.S. Military.

          Give up Hill Jack you are of your league and as usual making a complete fool of yourself.

        • Dician, the *****, What is really obvious is that you are well indoctrinated. I took more than a few college history courses. For your edification, I debated more than one college “professor” and came out on top on matters of history and politics. You Leftists have added things to “history” that isn’t true. For example you Socialists claim that the land was “stolen” from the Indians. It wasnt stolen at all. While it is true that the US has helped overthrow supposedly “many legitimate elected governments.” There are valid questions as to how those “legitimate elected governments” came to power, i.e.: stuffing at the ballot boxes. Any country we invaded, was invaded using LEGITMATE reasons for the invasion, including, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. Murder by Law Enforcement of minorities? Horse pucky! While there have been some police prosecuted for murder of people, while there have been instances of excessive force by police, those instances are FEW AND FAR BETWEEN. Your Socialist regimes for example, North Vietnam, Laos, Red China, the Union of the Socialist Republics and a host of other Communist regimes, have MURDERED far more than any American police officers or military ever have.
          Give up your perverted stories you claim to be “history.”

        • To Walter Jed Clampett of the Beverly Hillbillies

          quote————For your edification, I debated more than one college “professor” and came out on top on matters of history and politics. ———–quote

          You are so demented I think you actually believe your own bullshit. Tell us another outrageous fantasy. No o ne believes this ranting that is for sure.

          quote————- For example you Socialists claim that the land was “stolen” from the Indians. It wasnt stolen at all. ———quote

          Educated people are both shacking their heads and laughing at you. Then what was it stable genius when you get off of a ship and murder everyone already living there so you can steal their land?????

          quote—————-Any country we invaded, was invaded using LEGITMATE reasons for the invasion,—————quote

          Hitler said the same things, thanks for proving you are one of his most devoted followers

          quoute———— Murder by Law Enforcement of minorities? Horse pucky! ————-quote

          The American people and the entire world would disagree with your nonsense. George Floyd and Mr. Philando Castile come to mind and thousands more just like them.

          quote————- those instances are FEW AND FAR BETWEEN. ———quote

          You idiot we have on average over 1,000 police killings a year compared to Germany who in 2012 killed just 12 and China just 4 compared to the uncivilized U.S. that killed 1,200 that year. Try again stable genius you just made a fool of yourself once again

        • dacian the dunderhead. Please do yourself a favor and don’t think. You will burn out that one remaining brain cell.
          The only people who are laughing are you imbeciles that “think” (LOL) you are “educated.” You aren’t “educated”; you are indoctrinated by your Socialist masters.
          As to the invasions this country has done, I remind your fascist posterior we aren’t Hitler nor Mussolini.
          George Floyd was a criminal who was resisting arrest. The force used by the officer was excessive, but is far from the rule. It’s the exception. Hundreds of thousands of arrests are made every day by officers and there is no “excessive force”. Resist arrest and you get your just and due. Assault a police officer and you get what your hand calls for. If you murder a police officer you deserve the death penalty.
          Germany doesn’t have the right to bear arms. They don’t have the guaranteed freedoms that we have either. If you like Germany so much, we will be glad to pay for your ONE-WAY ticket. If you believe what your Red Chinese masters tell you about the police killings, I have a bridge to sell you. You bring the word imbecile a whole brand new meaning.
          Your parents should be ashamed of you, but I am sure they are just like you. Traitors to the American way of life.

        • to Walt

          quote———–You are (censored) right we Conservative Republicans want to do away with your socialist welfare programs.———-quote

          Yes the far right have been trying to destroy Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, aid to education, Pubic money for educational radio and TV (they cut in half the supporting government funds for NPR because they did not believe in free speech), they tried to destroy the affordable care act which gave 30 million Americans
          health care which they could not afford before because of pre-existing conditions and insurance caps, they are against a government drug review board that would control the outrageous prices the criminals in the drug industry are charging the American people..

          quote———your Brady”Bill” is a sad joke———quote

          So lets do away with it and let criminals and psychopaths buy all the guns they want. Brilliant Idea. Again the Brady Bill stopped 2.1 million sales in just some of its 20 years of existence.

          quote———–As to the “free press”, Nixon, who was not a real Conservative, was a aberration, Most of the criticism that was leveled at Trump was FAKE NEWS.———-quote

          Trump, Hitler and Nixon all used the same attacks on the news media when they exposed them and the illegal things they were doing. Try again stable genius.

          quote————————-As to Jan 6th? Nice try. That was a demonstration which got out of hand spurred on by some of your ANTIFA thugs and some government agents from the FBI (Fat Boys Inc).
          I repeat you are a traitor to the USA and the CONSTITUTION!——-quote

          We have video evidence along with e-mails and phone conversations that prove the republicans supported the insurrection and that the far right nut case groups like the Proud Boys led the insurrection. Indictments have been made and more are in the process of being made for the upcoming trial of Trump and the people who helped him try and overthrow the American Government to institute a one party didctorship. Their own relatives turned many of them in to the FBI.

          One hundred police officers were injured in the insurrection and 5 people died. This will not go unpunished.

          The mob of Trump storm troopers screamed they were going to kill the Congress people and that is on video evidence.

          And remember you continue to support this modern day beer hall putsch to overthrow our American way of life and establish a one party state.

        • to walt

          quote————Germany doesn’t have the right to bear arms. They don’t have the guaranteed freedoms that we have either. ———quote

          Studies show that countries like Germany and France have more freedom of the press than we do because of our ability to sue people over comments made.

          German people own multitudes of firearms but they are rigorously vetted before being allowed to be purchased which is exactly how civilized countries keep deadly weapons out of the hands of nut cases and criminals.

          Sorry once again stable genius your lack of education is showing. And remember you claimed you were of a superior intellect to university professors who have degrees in their fields of expertise. Really do you think anyone is believing your rants.

        • Dacian, again, you make a wild accusation about “studies”. What “studies?” “Studies” by whom?
          Youi again make a wile outlandish statement about firearms in Germany. Click on the link: https://www.standard.co.uk/news/world/germany-gun-control-laws-a4366996.html
          You are either lying or have no idea what you are talking about. Being “rigorously vetted”, and according to the article you can “inherit” a firearm but it has to be “blocked”. That means that the gun is made inoperable.
          Your derogatory comments have been reported to Mr Dan Zimmerman.

        • Dacian, What you call destroying social security etc is poppycock. Aid to education? First of all can you tell me where in the Constitution it says the Federal Govt has any authority over education? Please be specific. By “educational radio” are you referring to NPR? Hardly educational; mostly socialist propaganda.
          Can you tell me where in the Constitution it provides for the Federal authority over health care? Again, please be specific.
          As to the Brady Bill, criminals and mentally deficient persons are ALREADY buying firearms. Your Brady law is about as effective as a dam with gigantic holes in it. As to the 2.1 Mill buys you allege were stopped? Please, the buys for the most part were delayed for the statutory three days and then went through.
          You Socialists have been using the media as a propaganda tool just as Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Castro, and a host of other members of your Socialist Cabal. Calling CNN and MSNBC, CBS, NBC, etc fake news happens to be accurate. Try a dose of FOX News and find out about this thing they call “fair and balanced.
          We also have “video evidence” that FBI agents and provatatures egged on the Jan 6th demonstration. I’ve seen no vids of the demonstrators threatening to kill anyone. Me think you protest too much.

      • Glad to see you put it that way. Too many get caught up in the “gun rights” rhetoric.

        It’s not guns that we’re demanding the right to altho it may seem that way. What we’re demanding is the right to defend ourselves and others from attack by others who wish to do us harm. And to do so requires that we be able to have access to the best means to do so. Which in this day and age is a firearm. Altho a short sword could be effective for certain people. Or a set of Nun-Chuks. Or a whip. Or a set of Bolas. But most folks agree that the easiest and most effective way to defend oneself from other wishing to cause you or others bodily harm is the firearm.

        Thus the focus.

    • I think all the decades-long Marxist brainwashing in schools and media finally took hold. The banal forces of nature now rule the critical thinking libertarian-minded reasonably objective Egalitarian motivated value-producing Americans we once strived to develop ourselves into. The progeny now goes directly to the Nanny State after being weened off the Mother.

      If it’s a blatant Marxist Totalitarian complex–like Mark Levin describes in his book– The first thing they must do is disarm the populace to avoid experiencing a pyrrhic victory, which history has shown to always result in an eventual collapse of their despotic socialist systems.

      So what you are describing here in the article is just an example extension of the truth that we are actually experiencing a Communist dictatorship take over because they must also have a dedicated police state enforcement army to effectively disarm everyone who dissents, does not comply as ordered, and resists the take-over. And by the way, they’ve been militarizing the police gradually, for years now, until you can no longer differentiate a Swat Team from a Seal Team in application and appearance. ‘Serve and Protect’ is no longer the motto of legitimate law enforcement. It has virtually been replaced by ‘to search and seize and destroy’.

      And now that they control our Law making process, and therefore the finances of government ‘expenses’, they will stop at nothing to ‘passively’ disarm us by fiat mandates, anti-Constitutional legislation, and any other means to try to bypass door to door search and Confiscations which would doubtless be the tipping point in our American society that would kick the sleeping dog into a serious fighting mode, which would not be conducive to a smooth productive Communist take over. Especially in a country like America where just about every able-bodied citizen has access to enough weapons that would make them ‘armed to the teeth’ and very costly to suppressively engage in organized physical resistance.

      So in the meantime you will see no let-up in their incremental destruction of your rights to bear arms from any and all angles of attack so long as they control the government. Be we can fight back to save our rights on a non-violent level. Virginia juar demonstrated it can be done if enough of us get organized and proactive.

      The ‘bad dog’ in us should wake up NOW and start Politically removing and prosecuting violators of our rights under USCC 18-241-242 deprivation of Rights statute, and get back the government to ultimately repeal All ‘Deprivation of Rights’ illegal Laws!

      Remember, the only bad thing about the American lifestyle is that it facilitates Slatternly behavior and laziness, which fuels the Marxist social paragdigm of Statist dependence.
      So we have to force ourselves to exercise our ‘People Power’ that the Framers created for us.

      Because the Commies are Never Lazy. They are obsessive-compulsive frenzied terrorists if that’s what they need to accomplish their agenda. History proves this. It won’t be easy taking them out of power even politically because a side psychosis of Communist agendas is that they are also nihilists. ‘If they can’t have what they want, then nobody can have anything!’

      So it’s NOT just patriotic to say Molon Labe. It’s MORE PATRIOTIC, and effective- to fire them politically and/or prosecute them criminally for Violation and Deprivation of our Rights, and then fight against and Repeal all gun laws like the NFA and ’68 GCA.

    • “It’s kind of funny that people that willingly choose to live in a totalitarian slave state are shocked when they are treated like slaves or Serfs”

      not at all. boolshevism harnesses people’s natural envy and jealousy and uses it to drive them to tear down their own nation in search of “justice”, meaning free stuff. so they join the movement thinking THEY are going to be one of the chosen commissars who get the free stuff. then when their nation is destroyed and all power handed over to the central committee so the “freedom fighters” can get what they deserve, the committee puts everyone to work for the committee itself, leaving all the erstwhile “freedom fighters” in the lurch.

  3. C’Mon Man…Law Abiding Citizens having guns takes business away from crooked cops and the democRats running NYC. A criminal smokes a defenseless citizen and the Rats act sad for the camera and go home and eat, hump the other half, go to sleep and forget about it. After all there’s plenty more citizen targets where the last citizen target came from.

    All of it stems from the “Gun Control” that was sugarcoated and sold in NYC to useful idiots over a hundred years ago. “Gun Control Rot” is in neon lights and it does not take courtroom drama to decide that when History already decided it…

    1) The Second Amendment is one thing.

    2) The criminal misuse of firearms, bricks, bats, knives, vehicles, etc. is another thing.

    3) History Confirms Gun Control in any shape, matter or form is a racist and nazi based Thing.

  4. Gun Control is racist. It has always been racist. If you support gun control you are a racist. And there are plenty of people who are gay, straight, different skin colors, and who are smiling supporters of racist gun control.

    President Bush said it best. They have the soft bigotry of low expectations.

    • Chris, it’s real racism, not the fake ‘racism’ being hawked by Leftist Scum…

    • Chris T in KY,

      Strictly speaking: gun control civilian disarmament is class-based rather than race-based.

      Civilian disarmament does not affect/apply to the Ruling Class and their designees. Rather, the Ruling Class directs civilian disarmament at the working class. Thus, civilian disarmament only applies to minorities who are not part of the Ruling Class.

      • From the guy who says “oh, no, it’s race-based” only three lines above.

        If it involves one race reserving power and privilege to itself and denying them to everyone else, it’s racist. And the “boolsheviks” aren’t the only ones who’ve ever wielded that whip.

        Also, this isn’t Europe circa 1938, it’s the USA. It’s not fascists vs. commies here, it’s Americans vs. all the totalitarian bastards. Both/And.

        • “it’s Americans vs. all the totalitarian bastards. Both/And.”

          not to Debbie W. she wants to make sure you look one way and not another. and she’s not the only one, not at all.

          “From the guy who says ‘oh, no, it’s race-based’ only three lines above.”

          from your point of view, it’s not race-based. from their point of view, it’s all about race and nothing but race and always was and will be race. I try to speak to where people are and to their immediate arguments, so it looks like I’m flipping back and forth, but what’s flopping back and forth is the perspective.

        • rant7, regret to inform you that this is AMERICANS v totalitarian bastards like you who want to control us. Your CRT propaganda is a distortion of the true history of this country.
          Tell us how you really feel. Flip-flopping is for politicians.

    • “Hopefully that Supreme Court will settle this question.”

      That was the hope after the Heller and MacDonald decisions, and the Leftist Scum turned right around and said : “No, it didn’t mean that.”.

      We will only get a partial victory. The real battles will be on weapon bans and magazine capacities.

      The good news on weapon bans is that semi-auto weapon bans will be ruled unconstitutional, since Heller declared “weapons in common use” are expressly constitutional…

      • The “semi-auto weapons ban” is not even in consideration in this particular case? Do you know of another filing?

        • “The “semi-auto weapons ban” is not even in consideration in this particular case?”

          Long term, they want that…

      • Let’s not get too depressed about how things are going! It was just pointed out to me that 5 (FIVE!) states passed Constitutional carry in the past year. Shit, folks, in case you don’t recall, there are only 50 states total! If we had only started, we should be done in 9 more years at that rate!

  5. No, no, no. It is all wrong. Constitutional rights depend on feelings. How dare you apply logic to the argument!!!

  6. Well the smart thing to do is become a police officer, sit in your car, watch the world role by for 3 months , quit and keeps your gunms.

  7. The article referenced is well worth the read :

    “The way that this all interfaces with the Second Amendment is that the Second Amendment is a limitation on the government — “shall not be infringed.” Like other constitutional rights, it restrains the government’s ability to bring these horrible forces to bear on an individual person.”

    A simply *stunning* revelation for someone who most likely votes for Leftist Scum.

    I’ll take a victory like that…

  8. ” a constitutional right generally held by everyone”

    Does anyone else have a problem with the “generally” part of this?

    If you are walking amongst the rest of us then all rights exist and must not be restricted in any way. If you served your time for a crime and have been released, do you not have the right to protect yourself? If someone is “deemed” not to be trustworthy with a firearm then why in heavens name are they waling around with the rest of us?

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