When Gun Control Activists Are Asked to Promote Actual Gun Safety

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  1. It’s about time we push hard for actual gun safety, teaching young kids what to do if they are visiting a friend’s house and come across an unsecured gun.


    • The problem is that our current teaching institutions have quit teaching and are just indoctrinating at this point.

      Can you imagine the gun safety program biden’s dept. of education would come up with?

      • “Can you imagine the gun safety program biden’s dept. of education would come up with?”

        That’s *why* we need to be the ones getting in front of this… 🙂

        • It’s simple – If they have a problem teaching young kids not to touch guns they happen to come across, they want dead kids.

          Let’s be the ones getting in front of this, or Satan’s personal spawn, Shannon ‘Flat-face’ Watts will… 🙁

      • I think that a white house gun safety program is fertile soil for satire.
        “ what if a man points a gun at you?”
        Answer: First confirm pronouns. Next check your privilege. Offer full equality of your property.( Half or more of your house. )

    • We should absolutely do that. If they can teach kids how to put a condom on a banana in school, they can certainly teach them to not touch a firearm they find.

      There’s currently a revolution going on in school boards across the country, so check with your local school district and get it going.

        • Been there done that. Keeps water/sand etc out of the barrel and you can shoot right through it. Recommend unlubed if you can find them

    • Just spent 8 hours today teaching ACTUAL GUN SAFETY to 11 to 17 year-olds who are members of a large youth organization that encourages and teaches preparedness.
      What did you do today for gun safety? (finished 6 weeks of the same Thursday)

    • That was the one worthwhile thing the NRA spent our dues on in the last 20 years; Eddy the Eagle. Unfortunately, until the last 2-3 years, the only guns the NRA thought we “needed” were Krieghoff trap guns, and repurposed K98s and SMLEs fitted in fine English walnut stocks that fhags like John Wayne Taylor carry to shoot wild cows in Africa to fuel ghey short stories to exclusively be enjoyed while wearing tweed smoking jackets and circle jerking each other about the mystical cow they started hunting before it was born… or some dumb shit like that.

      • “That was the one worthwhile thing the NRA spent our dues on in the last 20 years; Eddy the Eagle.”

        That’s the rough outline to start with… 🙂

      • Cpl, that is absolutely POPPYCOCK! Apparently, you have forgotten about Heller, McDonald, and Bruen and a host of other law suits brought by the NRA.
        If you want to hate the NRA, go right ahead, but at least tell the truth.

  2. Biden Admin “Gun Safety Program” >>>>>>>>>>>> “See a gun, call the cops, run away”…

  3. Show me an “activist” and I’ll show you a moronic, useless, POS. Whatever is the protest subject.

    • Leigh,

      Exactly so. My ‘kinda-sorta’ friend, Rilly (short for Rileigh), used to believe all guns should be be banned. That is until the Bureau of Land Management rioted one street down from his in Minneapolis….burning buildings and all that….oh wait, that was the other BLM….what does it matter?…not much difference. Now, Rilly owns a Benelli Nova in 12 gauge, and a Glock 19. He even took lessons. So, he has moved from being a grabber to being a Fudd. Slow but steady progress…

    • “Most leftists want guns banned…they don’t care about safety…”

      That’s *why* it’s so important to call them out on their own lies, Leigh.

      We demonstrate we are the ones doing something about it, and they *aren’t*, outside of their perpetual fear-monging.

      Guns are now a fact of life in America thanks to ‘Heller and ‘Buen’, that’s why we need to be the leaders on this.

      What are they gonna complain about, telling little kids not to touch them?

      If they do bitch, we point out they obviously want dead kids. Throw their own playbook right back in their hypocritical faces… 🙂

  4. Maybe David Hogg will get behind gun safety now that he has joined a shooting club…LMAO
    He is just trying to infiltrate the enemy.

    • Did you click on the club link?

      His ‘club’ has *5* members, including him, and 2 of them are club officers.

      What’s that tell you?

  5. I’ll invite them to the range and that is usually a big help! I’m also a big supporter of Police Ride-Alongs. Let them experience it first hand and dispel the lies!

  6. Left-wing/liberal elites want guns, but only for them. They are happy to disarm you, but they are not interested in being defenseless themselves.

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