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We’d heard reports that the producers of Top Shot took a somewhat cavalier attitude about opsec and that safety was regularly compromised on set during filming. But a number of participants subsequently disabused us of the idea that any of the contestants’ safety was compromised in favor of production values. Good enough for us. Here, however, are a few snaps from the latest episode of Stars Earn Their Stripes. In the first, (above) some lucky b-lister rappelled down the side of a building . . .

Here we see “star” Nick Lachey demonstrate that he can be every bit as agile, mobile and hostile as any special forces operator:

And finally, we have someone named Terry Crews tossing his loaded rifle down in frustration.

You have to break a few eggs to make a tasty reality show. We just hope no one actually takes one in the eggs. Just sayin’.

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  1. while the gun handling/pointing is awful, I do believe they are only loaded when its their time to shoot and unloaded for this exact problem all other times. If you watch closely they leave in the charging of the weapon before someone shoots. i was also thinking loudly to myself last night “MUZZLE! MUZZLE!”

    • I do believe they are only loaded when its their time to shoot and unloaded for this exact problem all other times

      Didnt Brandon Lee (Bruce Lee’s son) think the same thing, before he shot himself in the head?

  2. Safety Nazi strikes again. So in the first one, where is the safety violation? The secound one could be a problem is the gun is loaded and chambered, and the third doesn’t look like a problem at all. The first one he is just looking up, no big deal. He is in control of the weapon, and isn’t pointing the gun at anyone. Lachey is running around, but I don’t think the gun is loaded. Terry Crews muzzle is pointed down-range, and looks safe. He probably has the most hands “movie” training of the bunch. In Expendables 1&2, Terminator Salvation, Gamer, and Get Smart he handled M4’s and went through tac training so he is probably as well trained as anyone who isn’t a pro solider or police officer.

    • brings up an interesting point. i’ve never watched this show but i’ve seen a few of those movies. i wonder if crews actually owns or shoots any real world firearms?

  3. Please, let’s keep our reality TV safe.

    I take that back. Let’s make it as unsafe as possible. I mean seriously, who watches this crap? I would watch it if there was a reasonable chance these clowns would remove themselves from the gene pool on national television.

    They need to do a “Stars get their FPS Russia Stripes” show. Give them 500lbs of Tannerite, a few shotguns, no safety glasses, a few metal objects to blow up from 10ft away and lets see some REAL reality television.

    Until then, I’m watching Magnum PI re-runs.

    • I’d be more worried about you owning a gun than them.

      Saying you wish more or less they would put themselves down, simply because you don’t care to watch a TV show?

      Yea… they are the dangerous ones with guns…

      Nothing screams maturity like knee-jerk reactions.

  4. I’ve given a number of these gun shows a shot. But quickly they turn out to be quite boring or intended for the 12 year old market. Or they are populated by morons.

    I did watch the first two episodes of this show solely cause of Todd Palin. Son was in Astan. Seems like a down to earth guy. Also did a couple of things that out shined the vets on the show LOL….when he goes I will too.

  5. Not to be a stickler for terminology or anything, but OpSec has nothing to do with weapons safety. It is Operational Security; i.g. maintaining secrecy of operation details and intelligence.

  6. Other than Top Gear, the history channel, military, and National geographic i dont watch too much tv…everything seems like crap now a days.

  7. I have not watched a single second of this show, the whole premise is revolting to me. I hope no one gets injured, but I would not be surprised if someone is in an avoidable accident.

    • Very unlikely – you can see they try to film around it and use lots of cuts, but it’s clear that when they are running the guns are unloaded. When they are rappelling they have top-belay and other safety measures (although Todd Palin is either crazy-brave or screwed up his heli-rappel because he did hit the safety brake).

  8. People who can’t handle television shows for anything other than face value; television shows are beyond my comprehension.

    I wonder how many people here analyze a cartoon and say, “That can’t be real, its all staged”.

  9. Sorry, I’m an OFWG, and yes this is a reality show. But Huey’s flying around and sh!t blowing up and cool weapons, what’s not to like! It’s better than watching David Carusso or any other cop show where the main characters go in to a building with just their sidearm before the fully equipped SWAT team!

    And if it shows the public the training our brave men and women in uniform go through, even better!

  10. Would it be mean or petty of me to actually root for an ND? I mean, c’mon, be honest. Don’t we all want to see Nick Lachey catch a stray one right in the cojones?

    • I’m warming to him. He actually seemed to pay attention to his mentor. His shooting in this ep was not so good, but he was pretty good last time. And he shot straight when it really counted.

      Now Dean Cain on the other hand . . . .

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