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I Smart Phoned this picture — hands free of course — while stuck in traffic on my way to The Range At Austin. Something wasn’t right. What?

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  1. “Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black.” – Henry Ford

    It’s not black?

  2. Obviously the SIG sticker — anyone with any self respect would have ripped that off and burned it after the P320 fiasco.

  3. You picked the wrong time of day to go to the range?
    How long have you lived in Austin? Sometimes it’s faster to take South Congress to Slaughter.

  4. I assume you’re not referring to the SIG decal but I don’t know what the other one is. Somehow incongruent with the SIG sticker? Someone with headphones?

  5. If it’s because you’re advertising that you are a gun owner, cut the dude a little slack. There are plenty of people who advertise that on their cars or clothing, nothing wrong with that unless you are one of the anal types who think one needs to be discreet about that 100% of the time

  6. Gun sticker and tinted windows? I would venture to guess that raises the hackles on an officer pulling over car who can’t see inside when approaching.

    • Lots of people down south have tinted windows, what with the sun\heat and all.

      Lots of people down south also own and love guns.

      I’m not saying no cop would have that thought but I doubt it’s particularly wide-spread.

  7. Baby Groot goes to Waco and SIG goes to San Antonio?

    Did you ever tell us what was wrong with the holster commercial? Or are you just playing Kafka?

    • I was going to say that the sun is in the sky and there is no snow … and that would only be strange if you lived in a northern state!

  8. He spent all his money on Sigs and now the best car he can afford is a FORD.

    Sux 2B him.

    Found on road, dead.

  9. I left my ex wife over sh!t like this (among other things) and I won’t hesitate to divorce y’all over it as well! Just friggin tell us already damn we can’t tell you ever so slightly changed the tint of your neon blue hair dye nor can we tell you had 1/84 of an inch trimmed off you friggin cowlick! The only time we notice your damn shoes or toe nails is when you put em behind your ears so just freakin tell us what it is so we can say ” oh that looks nice dear.” Even though we have no effing clue what the hell you’re talking about!!!! Since when is it a friggin crime to wash colors in hot water!?!?

    Uhhh oops sorry guys flashback.

  10. Seeing as how we just went through the whole “Would you carry a gun in your car?” bizness, I’m guessing that Mr. Farago thinks displaying a gun sticker on ones car is a good way to get ones windows busted out and ones weapon removed from the vehicle.

    Or not. Maybe he’s just fucking with us.

  11. I got it!

    You’re on your way to the range, a home away from home. However, it’s cloudy! As we all know, when you’re home on the range, the skies are not cloudy all day!

  12. The driver hasn’t removed the sun shade from the windshield. If you look closely you can see the rear view mirror, but nothing else out the windshield.

    Why do I want to come to Texas in April? We have enough idiot drivers here in Washington state.

  13. It’s off center. The fact that you took it. The fact that you posted it. That’s in order from least to most “wrong.”

  14. Professor Fordney was hunting in the Rockies when informed of a tragedy at one of the camps. Thinking he might be of some help, he went over, and, after introducing himself, Butler, the victim’s companion, told him of the accident.

    ‘When Marshall hadn’t returned to camp at nine o’clock last night, I was a bit worried because he didn’t know these mountains. There wasn’t a star out and it was dark and moonless, so I decided to look around for him. We’re five miles from anyone, you know.

    ‘Putting more wood on the fire, I set out. After searching for an hour, I was coming up the slope of a ravine when I saw a pair of eyes shining out at me in the dark.

    ‘Calling twice, and getting no answer, I fired, thinking it was a mountain lion. Imagine my horror when I reached the spot, struck a match, and saw I had nearly blown the head off Marshall. A terrible experience!

    ‘I carried his body back to camp and then walked to the nearest house to report the accident.’

    ‘How far from camp did you find Marshall?’ asked Fordney.

    ‘About a quarter of a mile.’

    ‘I see your right hand is bandaged. How do you manage to shoot with it?’

    ‘Oh, I use either hand.’

    ‘Mind if I look at the gun?’

    ‘Not at all,’ said Butler, handing it over.

    ‘H’m, European make, I see. Had it long?’

    ‘No, it’s rather new.’

    ‘Why did you deliberately murder Marshall?’ demanded Fordney abruptly … ‘for that’s what you did.’


      • Human eyes *do* reflect light, as anyone whose dealt with red-eye on a photograph taken with a flash can attest!

        On the right path, though.

    • If it was starless and moonless, how would there be any light to reflect into anything’s eyes? (Assuming an hour away from the fire wasn’t just the guy walking in circles!)

    • If you’ve ever shined animals with a flashlight, or photographed them at night with flash, you know that their eyes will look a sort of greenish yellow, while human eyes look red.

      What do I win?

    • It was a dark, starless, moonless night. The nearest habitation was five miles. The eyes of no animal ever shine in the dark unless there is a light by which they can be reflected, and a man’s eyes never shine under any circumstances.

      Therefore, Butler could not possibly have seen any eyes shining at him in the dark. It was clearly murder.

  15. The only thing I can tell is the car is stopped dead and there is a line of cars in front, also stopped dead. Basically an expressway parking lot with the picture framed under a sign. Being from LA originally, nothing new here. All we need are some pan handlers walking by the cars with a bottle of dirty water tying to clean windshields or cardboard signs asking for beer money.

  16. It is kinda of a bad idea for gun owners to be making nests in Austin. It isn’t going to get any less progressive and it ain’t going to stay the same either. SmugglyPuffs are going to kick your asses.

  17. 1. Not a chance you did this ‘hands free’, 2. You get paid for this? Phoning it in like all the other bs sites now?

  18. Rear window tint too dark.If a cop can’t see and count the number of occupants they will stop the car.and look for drugs, illegals. Why give the cops an excuse?

  19. I’ll go with the driver needs to pick a freaking lane. Are they going to San Antonio or Waco? It’s not that hard a decision, but who knows when you’re taking up half of each lane.

  20. What’s wrong is this is some sick, twisted variation on the “Weekend Photo Caption Contest” but nobody gets to win anything.

    Will we at least have an answer by Sunday Night? It better be good.

  21. Left tire at 20 psi. Two grasshoppers having sex on window, radio is playing opera, and the drivers sippin on gin and juice.

  22. And the officer said “I need a 10-27 on a Texas GWV 1027”

    Control responds, “roger, Acknowledged that you need a 10-27 on a Texas GWV and repeat the last 4 positions?” Or what is the name of the Texas GWV?

    Officer: A 10-27 on a Texas GWV 1027
    Control: Who’s on first???


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