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    • The point, if this is a gun with the safety off or no safety, is simple. If you are afraid that the person holding the gun [presumably with a finger on the trigger] is too timid to shoot you, just pull the gun forward and down. This pulls the trigger against the trigger finger. Thus, you are ensured of a shot at point blank range into your chest or gut. A very good way to commit suicide.

  1. Well of course you can disarm them all when they wait for you Kung Fu movie style.

    Are these people even TRYING to hold on to the gun?

  2. As someone who’s been taking Krav Maga for just about a year, I can safely say my instructor (let alone my classmates) would bust a gut if someone suggested that for a drill. Then slap ’em. :p

    • +1

      Best thing about Krav Maga and its training methods: They work you to the point of extreme exhaustion and THEN you attempt to execute a combat and defensive maneuver at full speed when your adrenaline is pumping.

      As opposed to this insane maneuver and Candy Land drill.

      This is also the first gun disarm drill that I have ever seen, which involves you staying in the line of sight of the gun barrel.

  3. It is surprising how often ‘martial arts’ schools assume no resistance when practicing hold breaks and stuff like this absurdity…


  4. 1. You should never be that close to an adversary with your pistol out.
    2. If you ARE that close to an adversary, your pistol should never be out at arms length, but as close in to your body as possible.
    3. Due to reasons one and two, this video is just silly.

  5. Self-defense malpractice.
    As Don notes above, many if not most martial arts schools don’t practice their techniques against real opposition. “Opposition” isn’t just resistance, either. Many years ago I went to check out a karate studio, and the head instructor, clearly wanting to impress a prospective student, told me to hold the point of a rubber knife to his throat and to stick him if he moved. His disarm would have worked fine if I had tried to stick him in the throat, but as soon as he moved I pulled the knife back instead and gave him a nice poke under the ribs.


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