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From the CBS series, Hostages. [h/t TL]



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    • It’s not closed it’s the cap is broken off. I wouldn’t mount my scope like that but to each his own lol

  1. The scope lens covers are still closed… wow he must be super high speed low drag if he can no scope at that distance.

    • During Basic training, had a guy named Chalfont who was a fairly good shot. The drill Sergeants removed his front post completely on qualification day. He still beat me, and I was second high in the Company.When we closed the target pits at the end of the day, I noticed that each target in his lane had a nice group right in the center of the head. We’d fired hundreds of rounds, 160 people quailifed, and many retries. The targets were new when we started. NO proof, but I can’t help but wonder if those groups were his or just a coinkydink.

      • There’s an after market sight from MOJO(I believe) for milsurp rifles. It replaces front and back sights with apertures. Line up and look thru both holes for your target.

        I’m assuming you qualed with the M16. With the front post removed you would look thru the rear aperture and frame it in the protective ears of the front sight mount. It would give a very similar sight picture to the Mojo sights.

  2. Isn’t that Leupold one-piece mount on backwards. Or am I just expecting backwardness because of the ongoing issues with the LEO’s and their EOTechs?

  3. actually the rear flip open scope cover is broke. ask me how i know what one looks like.

    but the scope mount does appear to be on backwards.

    • Broken due to “someone” wearing a baseball cap. First time I did it, then a buddy did. Same rifle both times.

  4. I pointed that out to my wife last night. She says, “why can’t you just enjoy a show?” Cause he’s gonna get an awesome scope cut, and won’t hit squat!

    • I get the same kind of reaction when I watch an action movie with my girlfriend.
      Usually in the form of “must you point that out you jackass?”

      • Heh, I’m a stickler for continuity errors, and blatant product placement. My friends hate it.

        My favorite most obvious product placement was on The Glades. Main character (a detective) gets into his girlfriend’s Kia SUV, looks over his shoulder and says, “Wow, I never noticed the third row back there.” She responds, “Yeah, it’s great for when I pick up [her son] and his buddies from soccer practice! I can get 7 of them in here, no problem.” With that over with, they got on with the actual plot, talking about the latest case he was working on.

        Another one I’ve noticed a LOT recently is people really obviously using tablet computers running Windows 8. Lots of bright, beautiful full-screen Skyping going on. Hawaii Five-O is really bad about that one in particular. The season premier of Elementary the other night had a really obviously placed Windows 8 tablet in a couple scenes. Same show had a scene last season with gratuitous tight sexy shots of a character pulling out the little stand from the back of the tablet, and then flipping it over and snapping on the detachable keyboard.

        I point ’em out, my buddy’s girlfriend punches my shoulder, and the game goes on.

        • Glades did a ton of Kia placement that season. Tons! But not as much as Burn Notice did for Hyundai. It was brutal. Like 10 episodes in a row talked about what kind of a car you need “fast, great handling, etc etc” and discussing why they had their Hyundai Genesis Coupe (which is actually a pretty sick car, if I may say so myself. But the BLATANT plugs are brutal).

  5. Its not an AR-15, so it does not fit the current narrative the media is portraying as a weapon of war on our streets?

    • It’s a “long-range military-style sniper assault rifle.”

      Just wait until someone uses a scoped bolt-action in a murder. That will be the next group of guns they go after, if they ever succeed in banning scary black assault machine guns. I can just hear it now:

      “Nobody NEEDS to shoot a deer past 50 yards! Scopes should be banned!”

  6. No attempt to conceal his position. Nobody in a large city is going to notice a sniper posted up in plain sight on a roofline?

  7. In 2 years, he’ll be hosting a fundraiser for the Brady Campaign and be considered an expert on firearms because he is a Hollywood Sniper.

  8. A lot of good answers above that I agree with. I don’t watch this show so if this guy is a LEO no problem. But if not and he shoots, then I’m an accomplice, ouch! Also he should be shooting from cover not out in the open.

    • I was thinking the same thing. Any sharpshooter with any kind of training would not be leaning out an opening. They would be inside and on a better platform, table etc. This guy needs schooled by Mark Harmon off NCIS. Also, The rifle seems like something I would have minus the choice of scope mount.

  9. That photo is kind of like a metaphor for gun grabbers in general. They think they know about guns but really don’t know jack.

    • Exactly! Only Hollywood liberals would think to put a cantilever mount on a boltie – and put it on backwards at that! and if the dude actually flipped up the lense cap maybe he would realize that he can’t even see through the optic because his ‘cheek weld’ is actually about a quarter inch low. I’d pay 50 bucks to watch that asshat pull the trigger on a live round and cut a nice circular gash around his eye! LOL.

  10. Did not watch the show and don’t even watch see-BS except for some sports coverage. I’ve heard that many actors are not very tall and these pictures seem to confirm it in this case. I think he needs a youth or compact rifle to get a proper cheek weld. A size mismatch would explain why the mount had to be installed backwards. Not sure if Leupold will be happy with that particular product placement.

  11. Whats wrong is that a better actor might notice you cant see through the scope. Makes me think something is funky with the editing.

  12. It’s Hollywood everything is wrong, scope om backwards, lens covers closed, wrong scope for th firearm, so on. But, what do you expect from people who know nothing about firearms and in fact hate them and us for having them?

  13. Cap is down, mount is backwards, firing pin doesn’t appear to be cocked, and safety is on… Finger on trigger guard but I’ll put that down as good trigger discipline 🙂

  14. I don’t watch the show as I’ve been in Afghanistan for the past 4 yrs. If the guy pictured is a “good guy” other than the closed scope cap, nothing else is wrong.

    I’ve seen plenty of “backwards” mounts adjusted for shooter preference. Finger forward of the trigger guard is just good trigger discipline. Both eyes open is fine until you need to close the other for a precision shot, (try scanning for an hour with an eye closed. Facial muscle fatigue).

    If he’s a “bad” guy, he chose a poor and obvious position to shoot from.

    • There was a lady LEO with NYPD that showed up with an AR when the hostage situation occurred earlier this year when there was a hostage situation in an old building. It turned out that he was using a shotgun even though reports from Commie-O and Bloomer were another type of weapon. At any rate, this officer’s magazine was in backwards. There have also been cases with male officers in NY with the sight on backwards on their AR.

  15. Not only is the rear cover closed/broken but there doesn’t appear to be a cover for the objective. Why protect one lens and not the other?

  16. Besides being backwards that mount is also for an AR. On a “sniper” rifle you wouldn’t want that much elevation, no? All my bolts have the lowest mounts that are practical.

    • “The White Death” in Finland never used a scope on his Mosin because the optics he had available would make him raise his head too high above roof lines etc. He would definitely “flip” over that setup.

  17. I don’t think that gun has a firing pin.

    As Pat noted above, it doesn’t appear to be cocked, but it is on safe. My Remington 700 cannot be safed in the decocked position, so what you see in those photos would be impossible for me to duplicate. Uncocked and safe are mutually exclusive. I can show cocked and be safe, or I can show uncocked (like these photos) and be off safe.

    • . . . so, what we’re looking at here is a ‘prop’ rifle with no striker? That’s about the only way you could have the safety on and no visible cocking piece in the bolt shroud on a 700. If one looks at the top photo, there is simply a black hole where the shiny cocking piece should be.

      This is the ULTIMATE in ‘safe’ guns–no striker, thus no nasty recoil to drive the broken bit of the rear scope cover briskly into the eyebrow due to the scope being mounted backwards.

  18. Eye relief way too close for that position (some call it a backwards mount but I have seen people who like it that close for benchrest stocks), scope cap still engaged (*snicker), stupid finger position for being outside the trigger, and no recessed position to conceal your position from being spotted (not uncommon in movies and tv shows).

  19. Yes you can become a sniper. With the Fast and Furious Supper Sniper Shooting Program. With these 5 easy lessons on sniper shooting you can become a one shot one kill sniper. Just send your check or money order. If you send your payment within the next 30 seconds. As a bonus we will send you to Mexico for OJT. Don’t delay. act now.

  20. Better than that picture of the ‘real’ cop that had his Eotech on backwards… Really, really gotta’ wonder if he ever turned it on, or if it was just handed to him from the armory (which in turn makes you scratch you head even more).

  21. The problem… it’s painting hunting rifles as sniper rifles. Forget the lense cap!!! Up here in Canada we lost our AR’s(can only shoot them at a range) …we lost our handguns (can only shoot them at the range)… why??? Because they are “scary”. Pathetic …I know.

    When we complain to the long-gun guys they turn their noses up, pay us little attention stating what the hell do we need an “Army gun” for??? A handgun? Why would you need that?

    Well folks… next on the list is “Sniper Rifles”… just-like-on-tv.

    And guess what make the rifle is in the photo?

  22. I would actually be willing to bet that the (cinematographer|Director of Photography|Cameraman|Take your pick of hollywood dudes) had them close the scope cap because the the way it framed in the shot, or the glare the glass caused or something like that. Having been on more then a few production sets in my life you’d be surprised at the things they do and how many times they shoot even the most basic scenes. Granted it could still possibly be that everyone there is stupid and just didn’t notice.

  23. He is attempting a 236 yard shot with his scope set for 647 yards. Also, his barrel is plugged with a mud-dauber wasp nest, and it will blow up 3.684″ in front of the chamber when he fires it.

    How do I know? I am a Hollywood director and I just made it up for the script and the cool visual effect.

    Hey, if they can call an AR-15 a “weapon of war” I can make up stuff on their movies.

    • ‘He’ is also a transgender Gulf War vet with PTSD, whose ‘wife’ is sleeping with ‘his’ and ‘her’ boss, and the rifle is a Schnauzer Schadenfreude Tactical M1234A1 in .88mm Magnum, a mighty round indeed. ‘His’ mother was once frightened by a European clown, and ‘his’ adversary is ‘his’ old love interest and mentor/team leader/’boyhood’ friend/hero who only APPEARS have joined the Dark Side but has been just misunderstood and is really fighting for Right, Goodness, and the American Way.

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