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Someone shot and killed Immigrations and Customs Enforcement Agent Jaime Zapata [not shown] on a four-lane highway between Mexico City and Monterrey. According to his partner Victor Avila (who survived the assassination), Zapata’s last words were “We’re Americans, we’re diplomats.” After the killing, the Mexican military recovered weapons at the scene. One of which they may have eTraced back to Operation Fast and Furious, the anti-gun smuggling gun smuggling program run by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Of this we’ve heard nothing more . . .

After the killing, the Mexican government claimed they caught Zapata’s killer. Julian Zapata Espinoza said Zapata’s murder was a mistake; his group thought the car belonged to a rival drug cartel. The fact that Espinoza was a member of Los Zetas and that the Mexican military tortures “suspects” should give investigators pause for thought. Wait. What investigators?

No one’s looking into Zapata’s death. And for good reason. The Mexican military is at war with Los Zetas. Not the rival Sinaloa cartel, or the Sinaloa’s allies. Los Zetas. As the U.S. supports the Mexican military with arms and training, Los Zetas are at war with America. Quite what Zapata was doing in Mexico at the time of his murder remains a mystery. The fact that his killers had the motive and means to kill him is beyond doubt.

It would be easy enough to uncover the truth about Zapata’s death. ICE Agent Victor Avila is contactable; a subpoena would help shed some light on this black bag job gone bad. reports that the Zetas jefe in charge of the group who killed Zapata is also in Mexican custody.

El Toto [above] was the Los Zetas head of operations in the state of San Luis Potosi when the attack on ICE agents, in which agent Jaime Zapata was killed, occurred in that state in February of this year.

El Toto was swept up in the dragnet of Zetas from San Luis Potosi after the attack and was arrested in Saltillo, Coahuila.

The only reason the report mentions El Toto: he’s squealing about Los Zetas’ command structure. Leading directly to the assassination of—sorry, a “shootout” between Los Zetas plaza chief in Nuevo Laredo (Jorge de la Peña alias “El Pompín”) and the Mexican military. In which El Pompin met his maker.

In spy movies, it’s called “tying up loose ends.” In fiction, the good guy avoids the bad guys’ hired guns, contacts the chief baddie, exposes the conspiracy and kills the boss of bosses. In reality, there is no good guy escaping from U.S. collusion with Mexican dug thugs. No one seems to give a shit about the exact circumstances of a U.S. federal agent’s death, and the possible role of an extra-legal ATF sting in that killing.

Even if Zapata was an active member of the aforementioned conspiracy, Zapata’s family deserves to know the truth about his murder. And the American people have the right to know what our government is doing in our name. Instead, here’s what we got from Uncle Sam after El Toto’s arrest:

“The president said neither the United States nor Mexico could tolerate violence against those who serve and protect our citizens, as Special Agent Zapata did so selflessly through his own life,” according to the statement.

The arrest came as Calderon announced a visit to Washington to meet with Obama next week.

U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano also welcomed the arrest. She said the United States “will continue to assist the ongoing Mexican investigation with every resource at our disposal and to ensure that all those responsible for Special Agent Zapata’s murder face justice.”

“We will also continue our vigorous and coordinated efforts to defeat the criminal organizations operating in Mexico that seek to exploit our shared border,” she added in a statement.

ICE Director John Morton said in a statement that “we are encouraged by this action and appreciate the efforts by Mexico to bring Special Agent Zapata’s killers to justice.”

Sorry. I just threw up in my mouth a little.

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  1. Why was Agent Zapata killed? How deeply is the ATF involved with the Sinaloa cartel? Why are barns painted red? When will we be out of this f^cking recession?

    We shall never know. What we do know with absolute certainty is that we’re being lied to. And how do we know that? We know that because somewhere in Washington, D.C., at this very moment, somebody’s lips are moving.

    And what’s with those nicknames? El Toto? What is he, a big fat Cairn Terrier? Hey, Toto, you ain’t in Kansas now.

  2. there is no doubt agent zapata was working on drugs like a dea agent. the
    michoacan state is where most of the activity has been going on for awhile.
    the official statement was he was working on human trafficing, probably prostitution and illegals.

    they have la famalia, los zetas, the knights templars, the gulf cartel, other
    cartels right around mexico city. this is a bad area. the government knows. some of the officials have to be involved.

    some of them are involved with the mexican army. they have caught los zetas, kabilies, trained by the united states government there.

    i suspect agent zapata knew something that got him killed.
    it is not a case of mistaken identity.

    i doubt if he was involved with drug dealers he would be dead. he would be a
    valuable asset. someone is putting out bad information about him, trying to stop the
    hell going on in mexico about him and agent victor avila. information has been turned
    in for years about these cartels. someone has to check it out.

    mexico and corruption in the united states tried to discredit kiki camarena. it did not work people came forward, informants that knew the truth.

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