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I love French food. The country fully deserves its reputation as the culinary capital of the world. I hate French gun laws. They leave the nation’s citizens virtually defenseless against homicidal attacks by criminals, crazies and terrorists. Meanwhile, the government has extended its post-Paris attack “emergency powers” until May 26 — authorizing warrantless searches and extrajudicial house arrests — while the country’s mainstream media sing the same old song of government protection. C’est la vie, or will Europeans regain their firearms freedom in the face of obvious, relentless violence against innocent life? Watch this space.

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  1. No sudden movements when the authorities arrive! Let the professionals work … you sheep keep your hands high and and heads down … for your own safety!

  2. Everything to know and nothing to stop the murders. Liberty triumphs, blood flows, it’s ok t be the victim. Viva the dead.

    • The contents of the video are the same suggestions in American active shooter resistance training. Getting all hot and bothered about this vid means you clicked on the wrong one. You meant to watch Massad Ayoob’s Surviving a Gunfight.

  3. Ok…..
    I am an active duty Air Force cop. This IS the training provided by the DoD. Minus one aspect. As a last resort if no other means are available – attack the attacker. This training of course assumes that no one is armed to resist. Solid advice – honestly. It doesn’t make any sense to attack an armed assailant if you are unarmed and have an option to escape/barricade yourself in.

  4. I’m at work so I can’t listen (on break of course because I’m not a Muppet) but I guess it could be boiled down to one word.

    “For sale, MAS 36. Low round count, small mark on stock from being dropped once.” [/trollin]

  5. This is so sad. Bonne chance, Francais.

    Somewhat related, I thought that firearms were possible over there. There is a European IPSC champion in France. Laetitia Daguenel. There should be some sort of process, although I am sure that it is very highly restrictive.

  6. This isn’t as stupid as it seems. After all, our own omniscient government told me that in the event of a Russian nuclear attack, I should duck and cover my head with a newspaper. A freaking NEWSPAPER!

      • Looking back, I recall doing those drills in the early 60s at my elementary school. Of course, we were less than 10 miles away from the USAF facility that controlled the bulk of the ICBM force. . .

      • I always figured they taught us kids to hunker under our radiation proof desks so the teachers would have an open run to their cars.

    • “A freaking NEWSPAPER!”

      Not as crazy as it sounds.

      Never seen the images of the Japanese with a-bomb flash burns?

      A thin layer of cloth protected some from flash burns…

    • Yup duck and cover drills were the norm. The girls would cry. We would all be under desks waiting waiting to be fried by the A-Bomb. We figured we were all toast with NORAD, Fort Carson, Peterson Field, Ent AFB and the Air Force Academy in and around Colorado Springs.

  7. “When the gunman finally finds you, don’t panic others with shrieks or screams, think happy thoughts and die quietly…”

    They forgot to add…

    • Not really. They showed a willingness to fight in WWI. In WWII the quick loss wasn’t from a lack of decent weapons and munitions.

      • The French were pretty valiant in WWI. However, the Maginot Line was a case of preparing for the last war. A lot changed between 1918 and 1939. Of course, the aggressor always has the upper hand.

        • Many things changed between WW I and WW II, except for German strategy. Yes, they used the blitzkrieg, but they bypassed the French east border (where the Maginot line was built), violated neutral Belgium, and came into France from the north.

          The French didn’t lose because they couldn’t or wouldn’t fight, they lost because their generals were idiots.

      • Almost anyone would have looked bad against Guderian and the new mobile warfare. It’d be a mistake to think that if the American army had been manning that border it would have gone any better.

  8. That video is so sad and no way to have to try and survive. The Europeans and their laws are just wrong.
    I too can see why they did so badly in both World Wars with that kind of attitude.

  9. No. They won’t. It would require a total reversal in their thinking to believe that they are even capable of defending themselves, let alone want to try. I don’t see how that could possibly happen. My theory is that the terrorist attacks will only lead them further into government dependence. That’s just the vibe that I get from my European friends and others.

  10. So, run and like a rabbit being hunted is their only option. This is why whenever there is any tragedy in Europe they are unable to cope. All they know is to lay down and prepare to die unless you are capable of running.

    Why fight? Why fight for anything. The only time they fight is when someone is taking away some of their welfare. I am surprised that ISIS has not already raised the their flag in Paris.

    When the aliens or zombies come France will; surely the first to go. That is unless Bernie and his pals turn us into France first.

  11. Yeah I see no future for France. Aloha snackbar… I remember the paranoia of the late 50’s /early 60’s. I vividly recall JFK ‘s funeral too. No muslim president playing golf during his endless funeral or disrespecting a SC justice either. I recall DeGaulle cozying up to the Russkies too. Say what you may but the USA is turning into a French nightmare…or Britain,Germany,Sweden,Belgium…

    • The technique in that video is probably fantastic when the rapist is under the age of 9 and acting on a dare. Otherwise, a determined rapist will promptly punch that victim in the face (as many times as necessary) until she is unable to resist.

      That two-handed “push” — as if having power to repel someone with a magical force without even touching them — was the most laughable thing I have ever seen. Someone has been watching too many movies and television shows.

      • I didn’t realize the force had been bestowed upon Finnish women. Pretty impressive how her attacker was pushed back when she cut loose with the wicked two handed force deployment!

      • I think it is generally automatic.

        If you type the full format URL, I believe the photos/videos will embed.

        For example, if you wanted to embed a video of Hickok45 shooting a Krag rifle, you would type it like this (with the real punctuation marks rather than the way that I spelled the name of those punctuation marks in parenthesis … which I added to prevent this blog from automatically embedding the video!):


        And here is the actual embedded video:

  12. I see nothing wrong with this video. This, along with your thinly veiled comments of anti-Muslim sentiment are beginning to be a drag.

    Review more guns and stop scraping for stories.

    • The element of the video that was wrong is the fact that the video did not, could not say anything about a counter-attack. Any culture or government that tells its people not to fight back against attackers is reprehensible — and won’t last very long.

      As for anti-Muslim sentiment, I am confident that Muslim detractors will stop denouncing Islam and its adherents when all who practice Islam publicly and universally denounce their well-established doctrine and practice of killing infidels and apostates.

      • Furthering my point. We support 1st amendment rights and yet you sit here and tell me we should deny rights to a group as a blanket statement. Your xenophobia and hypocrisy makes me sick.

        • I’ve read uncommon_sense posting.DD. I don’t see where he is saying we should deny muslims in the US their 1st amendment rights.

          You, on the other hand, are accusing him of xenophobia and hypocrisy for simply pointing out that Islam commands their followers to commit jihad, one method which includes terror and mass murder, as was practiced by Muhammad.

          So you are the one actually trying to use the standard method of progressive/statists to shut down debate about these types of issues by accusing people thst disagree with you as being “xenophobes” . The only other word that you didn’t use as standard fare is “racist”. But you, at least, seem to understand that Islam, as a belief system, is followed by many people of many races.

          Bravo for you. Most of the ones that attack people for simply pointing out the historical facts about Islam and their followers just by knee jerk reflex, throw in “racist” as part of their standard response to shut down debate when this comes up as a discussion.

          In other words, you are the one that is trying to deny Uncommon_ sense his first amendment rights to talk about these issues by using shaming tactics to close down debate. Which means you are the hypocrite, not uncommon_sense.

          This is called transferrence, you accuse others what you are actually doing or being.

    • No thinly veiled comments here, DD. Muhammad was a mass murdering religious psychopath. He committed rape, pillage and plunder, and would chop off the head of anyone not willing to convert to Islam or be subjugated.

      Isis and the French Islamic fundumentalists were simply being devout Muslims in emulating how their prophet spread Islam 1400 years ago.

      Islam is one of the only major belief systems, except for communism and all of it’s spawn, where as a person becomes more devout, the more homicidal they become..

  13. If you are a disarmed populace, like the French, the advice in the video is probably the best you can do. Basically, if in your home, make it appear no one is home and otherwise seek the best cover available.
    Don’t forget those instructions one of our Govt Agencies issued that advised finding a pair of scissors to assault the attacker with if it became absolutely necessary. THAT was far more stupid than this.
    The French will not have their RKBA restored anytime soon enough to save French lives future Islamic Terrorists will take. Many Europeans and Scandinavians will likely die, be maimed and/or raped before the Muslim Apocalypse plays out. Hopefully, we can keep that number to an absolute minimum in the US.

  14. What do you mean ‘regain’ in this sentence:

    ‘C’est la vie, or will Europeans regain their firearms freedom in the face of obvious, relentless violence against innocent life?’

    When did we ever have any firearms freedom? In the Middle Ages, I suppose, but that was about it.

  15. I do not think we will see in any of our lifetimes a truly free Europe, though there are some opportunities for smaller states. It is too significant a culture shift from reliance on government to reliance on self, as well as the state allowing behavior vs. the individual being left to his/her own devices.

    Looking back, Britain almost made it. Strongest middle-class in Europe, significant history of individual rights vs. state, and frankly a great history of self-reliance on defense of self and defense of state. But they lost it after WW I and firmly cemented their statist move after WW II. For the rest of Europe, they are still under the shadow of monarchies, which were simply replaced by non-monarchial state power.

    Maybe Czech Republic and some of the other central European states, Slovenia, maybe, Slovakia, etc. Maybe Poland, though hard to tell where the Poles’ heads are at on any given day. Maybe some of them will be able to handle a shift to true freedom, especially those who suffered under the weight of the Soviet Union. For them, the State has a different connotation, as it should.

    I think the thing to remember is that once surrendered, recovering a right takes a HUGE effort and is rarely successful. This we must all keep in mind as our leaders seem to want to take America in that direction. Every fight, every vote, all the resistance we can muster, is worth it, not just for us, but for those who follow us.

    It’s easy to be a subject. It’s hard to be a citizen; it takes effort and responsibility. Getting your personal freedom back once you are a subject generally only happens through violent upheaval. Something I personal want never to see. Though some work days I do ponder a zombie apocalypse as a meaningful distraction.

  16. i couldn’t watch the video but tourniquets are the last thing you should do, and as an untrained civilian can probably lead to more damage than anything short of laughing and taking a picture. muscle and nerve damage, tissue damage, and if removed rapidly could result in a shot of colder than regular temp blood to the heart resulting in failure.

  17. This situation is not my wish nor that of many Europeans. Americans are blessed by the 2nd amendment otherwise they could be in a similar situation.

    I have my collection of handguns, rifles etc but if I tried to defend myself (and I would if it was necessary) I would be tried by the media and judges who are sure to sentence me to a long jail term. I don’t in any way agree with it nor understand it. What would you do if your country forced these conditions on you?

    Only an extreme lot of incidents would provoke a change.

    In Europe there are still a lot of homeowners with guns, not as much as the USA of course.

    Once the rot arrives it is very difficult to get the freedom back. If Clinton wins you’ll see the situation become more difficult for Americans.

    I hope things don’t get to that point of course…

  18. No one is getting out of this life alive. I don’t get the reasoning of attack the shooter as a last resort. It’s terrible game theory, many less would be killed if most run towards not away. Last resort is pre 911 thinking. It should be let’s roll


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