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“Trained people are harder to kill.” – Kayla, Kayla’s Aresenal [sic] AK and OSOE Chest Rig [via James Yeager’s YouTube channel]

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  1. Just what in the blue f**k are these people preparing for?

    Never, in the recent history of civilization has a first world government ever “disappeared” permanently. Even in Antartica there’s a government presence. Granted government may sometimes go “on vacation”-witness Katrina , Argentina’s 2001 crisis, and so forth-but inside of 3 weeks SOMEBODY comes back to restore order.

    Point two: outside of a violent earthquake, nearly every disaster large enough to shut down a government is predictable enough to avoid. Hurricane Sandy wasn’t exactly a surprise. Neither was Katrina, and if there’s going to be a major disaster large enough to destabilize local rule of law, you’re better off packing up and hitting the road.

    Point 3:there will be an aftermath. Just because the government’s out doesn’t mean you can just shoot everyone and not face court afterward. Once order’s restored you’ll have to answer for the bodies you generate-and videos like the above will NOT earn you any friends in court.

    Last point:The number one killer in America isn’t a bullet, but a cheeseburger. If you have tactical gear to prepare for the very remote possibility of WROL, you’d better be hitting the gym too.

    • The number one killer in America isn’t a bullet, but a cheeseburger.

      I looove cheeseburgers, and they taste much better than bullets. Do not ask me how I know this.

      • If you ever go to the northern Chicago suburbs go eat at Hackney’s on Harms Road. Their “Famous Hackneyburger” is legendary and make sure you get the full-order brick of onion rings.

    • “Just what in the blue f**k are these people preparing for?”

      lets see, we have economic/monetary instability, unsustainable living standards based off the presumption of infinite resources on a finite planet, climate change, a continued loss of civil liberties, and shining examples of human behavior when the lights go out.

      people are concerned and they damned well should be. remember, you dont have to be faster than the bear…you have to be faster than the slowest camper. and we have lots of slow campers 😀

    • It’s not like earthquakes are some sort of rare phenomenon. Large parts of the country are subject to them on a regular basis, and significant quakes happen from time to time. Western Washington has the potential to experience a 9.5 magnitude earthquake lasting up to seven minutes. These happen on the order of about every 500 years or so. The last time such a quake happened was about 500 years ago. That kind of quake would not only level everything, but could also cause one or more of the volcanoes in the area to erupt.

      All of that will happen with very little warning and in any case there will be nowhere to go. Recovery will take an extremely long time. That’s going to be a bug-in situation, not a bug-out situation.

      • Bug in to WHAT, exactly?

        Lets assume a 9.5 earthquake hits an urban area you have the misfortune to occupy.There won’t be anything left to bug into as your precious survival stores will be buried under tons of building rubble. In that situation , your worldly goods will be reduced to the clothes on your back and the gun in your carry holster. Accessing food and shelter will therefore require evacuation.

        • Evacuate to where, to access what food and shelter? In the worst-case scenario I’m describing, the whole region will be devastated. So you’re going to take off and walk somewhere and then what?

          If your supplies are buried, you’re screwed anyway. It’s not like walking off in some random direction is going to make that any better. However, if you are lucky enough to retain access to your stores, then you have a chance at survival that you really wouldn’t have wandering off somewhere, hoping to stumble across food and shelter.

          And if the quake isn’t quite as devastating, but knocks things out for a couple weeks, then having supplies on hand and being able to lay low and not have to go out and scrounge is a great way to avoid exposing yourself to danger.

          Lastly, I don’t get your attitude towards this kind of thing generally. I wasn’t the best boy scout ever, but I got the message that you always over prepare for what you expected to face, because life can throw the unexpected at you. If you’re going on a two day hike, take three days of food, because you might get lost or injured. Sure it’s extra weight, but assuming everything is going to go to plan is a dangerous habit. Sure, maybe the situation you find yourself in will be like the other 95% of situations like this, and everything is starting to get stabilized after three weeks. What if you’re not so lucky and you’re in one of the other 5%? Do you just shrug and say “oh well”? If you’re ready for the 5%, you’re ready for the 95% as well, so if you can afford it, why not do it?

    • “Last point:The number one killer in America isn’t a bullet, but a cheeseburger. If you have tactical gear to prepare for the very remote possibility of WROL, you’d better be hitting the gym too.”

      Exactly, with the growing cases of diabetes via obesity. In a WROL or SHTF situation they will all be looking for insulin. Better also look for a tactical refrigerator to store the insulin and remember it has a shelf life so you can’t really stock pile it.

  2. She’s geared up for a war or insurrection not a home defense fight. Armed, trained, and physically fit people in a prolonged combat scenario are harder to kill…unless of course it’s their unlucky day. In an insurrection or in a social unrest event a 10-year-old armed with a bolt-action .22LR could easily put her down as she struggled to walk down a street carrying her gear.

    • Read this in a box match announcer voice:

      In the red corner: weighing in at 140 kilos equipped with 30 kilos of equipment and weapons


      In the blue corner: Scrawny ten-year old weighing in at 30 kilos soaking wet, armed with a Cricket 22lr single shot.

  3. I think I’ve seen more supportive comments under the Youtube page. However, it might just be because daddy Yeager is deleting the negative ones? Regardless, we should be happy that there is another female gun owner in the world. Just saying…

    • For the most part Im always happy about female gun owners. I honestly dont have anything negative to say about this video but on youtube you have to take a few things in consideration; horny teenagers, gamers and airsoft weekend warriors. Thoes types generaly dont troll this site, that Im aware of.

      • Just because they are gamers and airsoft players doesn’t mean they wont criticize her for her weight. I feel those demographics would be more critical than most gun owners. Horny teenagers I can understand? Sorta?

        • I didnt bother going to the youtube page for this video but my reference of thoes demographics wasnt so much about her appeal to them. More so how they like to troll gun pages and give feedback even if they clearly dont know what they are talking about.

  4. Chest rig wuddaya gonna go drill fa oil wit cha boobs or sumthin? Take us out ya f*ckin c0ck succas!

    Tssss tssss tsss

  5. Fully ready to get wailed on for this post but here goes…
    Yes, she’s out of shape. I get that, and I get your point about the importance of being in shape: it’s crucial and heart disease is the #1 killer of Americans. But it seems a little bit hypocritical to rag on her about this given the number of OFWG that bolster our community. Do you bring up every out of shape, paramilitary wanna-be and parade them out to be disparaged? No you don’t. The Discovery Channel does that. I mean yeah, she’s out of shape, but who among us is perfect? She’s into guns and she’s gotten training- that’s more than a lot of the dipwads running around with gear these days. If there’s a critique here it’s in the flippancy with which she talks about ‘killing’ but I think that’s just a symptom of people who’ve never been in a kill or be killed situation. Just my thoughts, we should try and be big tent about guns as much as possible and this kind of nit picking strikes me as small tent and it hurts the cause.

    • An OFWG who likes guns and is down to earth about their use is one thing. Its quite another to strap on a 10 mag tactical vest, pick up an AK with a single point sling and brag on a youtube video about “being trained” and “hard to kill”.

      If this woman wants to be “hard to kill”, she should buy a gym membership instead of a tac vest. Cancer and heart disease are greater threats to our collective health than armed combat or government implosion.

  6. im not going to give her a hard time about her gear. its simple, utilitarian, and lightweight. with plate carriers or chest rigs, you can drive or walk if necessary while wearing a oversized shirt, jacket, or blanket (i prefer a poncho myself) in order to avoid the appearance of a tactical ninja loadout. they hold plenty of ammunition and medical supplies and are very ideal for prolonged defense of ones home. I prefer to have ballistic protection, so i opt for a plate carrier, though it makes me laugh to see guys’ SHTF kit colored in UCP (the worst camo out there) with a full IOTV or IBA. the most tactical appearance is a death wish in my opinion.

    fitness is important. Im not going to say “just do what makes you happy” because that is bullshit. If you physiologically can become a crossfit death machine, then do it. if you are out of shape, 15-30 minutes of cardio a day can get you to a level to start really making some gains (even if thats walking). I love discussing fitness and other such subjects because nobody can hide their lack of fitness with guns or gear or other expensive toys LOL.

  7. Unless we the people are all gone our ideas and desired way of life will still be re-achievable. Even if the centralized bits of government go away, we still have farmers growing food, makers making things, teachers teaching things, fixers fixing things, organizing organizing things, etc… you’ll always be able to exchange useful goods and services for same.

    If you want to be able to get society back up off the ground don’t stock up on dried food and tactical flashlights, stock up on useful skills and knowledge and learn to cooperate with people.


  8. Those bagging on her for saying trained people are harder to kill are so full of shit.

    Who is harder to kill an OFWG who is ex-military, ex-special forces, ex-law enforcement, war veteran or a 20 year old completely fit guy with ZERO firearm experience or combat training of any type? She plainly says ‘trained people are harder to kill.’

    Because it seems like a few of you hoople heads are focusing entirely on fitness > training which is IMHO fucking retarded both are important but in an emergency which is more important to you?

    I’d much rather have a fat guy with me who knows how to use a gun, knows muzzle discipline, knows how to reload and shoot, knows how to use a first aid kit, knows what gear to wear etc than a super fit track star that has no idea how to sight in a rifle etc let alone how to clear a malfunction, quick reload and so on. Sure you can teach a fit person all those skills but some of it takes weeks if not months or years to learn.

    Besides how ‘fit’ do you really have to be to defend your property or drive a truck? Could a senior citizen do the same job? If so what does it matter if they are chubby at all at that point?

  9. Girl likes her AK and stuff. In a libtard country people on this forum would have to be insane to even criticize her. My God, you could buy guns, knives, and ammo to you hearts content and she would give you nothing but good lovin’ in return. You people do realize than Nancy Pelosi and Patty Murray are the alternative, right.

    • yup but you are forgetting one little detail: the next generation of young men have a bad case of “european syndrome”. Theyre sterile, androgynous, physically and mentally soft, and prefer discussing utopian dreams over a cup of “fair trade” coffee.

      Needless to say, for a single real yankee man, it is too damned easy.

  10. Mmmmmmmmm…. I likes big women! (said in thickest possible hillbilly accent)
    Seriously, she ain’t going too far carrying all that gear in her physical condition.

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