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If there’s one thing I hate more than Fox News’ Uncle Unctuous (a.k.a. Bill O’Reilly) it’s their constant cliff-hangers. “Wait ’til you hear who’s got a sniper rifle aimed at your head.” Here’s another one re: what to do after you’ve shot someone: “[Alan] Korwin’s proposed “Adnarim Statements,” (Miranda backwards, pronounced ad-NAH-rim) are synthesized from numerous sources, and are actually three separate statements. The longest is potentially used on the back of a defense-attorney’s card, reflecting what many lawyers currently do . . .

The second is designed to be used by a defense attorney when phoning a report to 911, while rushing to the scene on behalf of a client-victim after an assault. The third Adnarim Statement, a mere four words, is intended for a person who must call 911 directly to summon aid, establishing that the caller is the victim and helping to ensure protection against self-incrimination.” And those statements are . . .

available in the book After You Shoot: Your gun’s hot. The perp’s not. Now what? That’s pretty damn annoying. Not the rhyming triplet. Nor my use of the paragraph break. Korwin’s refusal to give us even a hint of how to avoid self-incrimination. Still, what do you expect from a self-promoting, self-publisher who founded a group called The Cartridge Family (“Spreading peace and freedom through music . . . and threats if necessary”).

I’ll give the author a buzz for a review copy and spill the beans. I mean, analyze the effectiveness of his legal advice. Meanwhile, I can guess the four-words recommended for self-defense shooters calling 911. “I had no choice.”

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  1. Atually the 4 words are: “I was just attacked”.

    The police and ambulance are now on their way and you did not incriminate yourself on the 911 recording that will be used against you in court later. Good advice…

  2. I’m going to go ahead and buy the book because I personally believe it is not greed to seek compensation and even profit for your hard work and efforts.
    I get paid to fix computers. It’s not hard. Anyone could do it for themselves. 90% of what I do comes from a google search. Am I selfish for wanting to be paid for it?

  3. And what was the point of your article?
    Hey world: Someone wrote a book but apparently I had to buy it to know what was in it, before I could post spoilers on the internet in hopes of baiting a few clicks for ad revenue.

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