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The situation in Kentucky during a gun rights rally there turned out pretty much the same way it did in Virginia, only on a smaller scale. Peacefully and with zero incidents.

The difference: no bogus state of emergency was declared by Kentucky’s governor and no last-minute ban on carrying firearms inside the capitol was enacted by the legislature.

“Walking into the state capitol completely blew my mind,” the gun-toting protester said. “Being able to walk in completely armed, with guns — I mean, I’m completely armed. And they trust us. I’m not a Kentucky resident. I’m from Virginia. A complete stranger. I walked in, [and security acted like], ‘Cool, come on in. Enjoy the capitol.’”

– Peter Wade in Fully Armed Rally-Goers Enter Kentucky’s Capitol Building With Zero Resistance

Oh and Beto O’Rourke — remember him? — still thinks he’s somehow relevant. Bless his heart.


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  1. Is that really a photo from the Capitol building with guys wearing masks? Or is this some kind of Beto photoshopped thing? I don’t imagine the Capitol police would allow masks inside.

  2. WTF? Wearing masks and holding rifles like that? Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should.

    • I agree. I’m all for these demonstrations, but covering their faces and dressing like jackasses doesn’t help.

        • Uh… are you looking at pictures other than what is posted here? That AK safety is UP, in the safe position. and his finger is securely on the frame. You can actually click the twitter link and enlarge the picture, which you probably should have done before commenting.
          We really are our own worst enemies, aren’t we?

        • LOOK at the pic pf the kid with AK. Probably a millennial mall ninja. Looks 20 ish.

          I have no issue with most of this, but if you are goin to do it, don’t wear masks, and respect Coopers Rules.

        • I don’t care if you wear a mask or not, being trusted is a fab thing. And all you scandalized folk, just as we could all have bet money on, not a damn thing happened. Until just recently, Vermont has not had a single law even mentioning firearms for over 200 years, we don’t need all manner of made-up crap trying to scare us about our neighbors, if they misbehave while wearing masks, just remove the masks from their bodies to check their identity. The only person within a mile who is armed is a reason for fear, even if it’s a cop. If half the population is armed, that one person is not frightening at all.

      • All or nothing.

        I have every right to protect myself from government and corporate reprisal and that means covering my face. The goon squads don’t recognize that right but it exists regardless and I file it under self-preservation.

      • Do they really think this is helpful ? I don’t, and I think this just shows the non gun owning public the worst possible view of gun owners. A bunch of overly (camo) dressed yahoos wired up and with video of themselves acting like ten year olds. What a shame we responsible firearms owners were represented by these “show offs”. Not helping our cause.

        • You’re only represented by them to the extent that you allow yourself to be, by not getting out there and personally taking action to represent yourself. You’ve heard of armchair quarterbacks and keyboard commandos? Well, there are comment board activists, too.

        • Replies like those following my post show how some people think one should act in public. This will only serve to reinforce the grabbers opinions and THEY (the grabbers) write to their congressmen with glowing reports and photos of these “activists” acting like ten year olds. Call me names but I’m not the one acting dumb.

        • They can feel free to represent me, they did not shoot anyone, did not break any laws, while carrying guns. Those here who are claiming to “know” a secret set of “rules” strike me as liars and misfits, probably trolls trying to stir up trouble. Now, in order to do all that in TX, you’d have to have a carry license, and I honestly don’t know if a VA carry license would suffice, but I think so. But feel free to elaborate, just why should anybody need to dress and behave as *YOU* direct, before being allowed to carry his gun? You think you all that?

    • However, to the trained eye, this man is clearly not a threat. The Gucci belt is a dead giveaway.

    • David deplorable said, “Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should.” Well put David. Doing something just because you can doesn’t imply it is the prudent thing to do. We the POTG should be doing things to advance our cause without giving the other side any ammunition. A simple rule is: if an action does not advance a better understanding of the 2A or present a positive image of POTG, then perhaps a particular action is not the proper thing to do at the time. The MSM is already stooping low for any scrap of negative behavior they can either report as fact or imply and POTG should not be helping them. The masks send wrong impressions, period.

      • Hush: The definition of madness is attempting the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. The NRA has tried the method you’re describing for 90 years and our rights have steadily disappeared. Perhaps it’s time to admit that different strategies need to be employed. By the logic you’re advocating, no one should have gone to the VA rally, and especially no one should have been armed. Bullies are less likely to go after someone who looks ready for a fight, and the gun grabbers need to know that there are still people who have no interest in going quietly.

        • De Facto: What you think I implied and what I tried, although failed, to imply are not the same things. My sole and only criticism was relative to the face masks and Not the weapons or whether the POTG should have been there or not. “The masks send wrong impressions, period.” Otherwise I have no further criticisms.
          However, I do standby my other comments and I in no way believe we should do nothing. I never said, nor have I never said, POTG should either not attend rallies/lobbies or carry guns. Had it been possible I would have been in Virginia Jan 20 at the rally/lobby. Sorry I misled you and anyone else.

        • If it is cold outside, or even if it is not, what clothing I wear is none of your business, and I don’t recall giving you a veto over my behavior, you may KMA. Clear enough?

    • @ David deplorable
      Just because you can say your son is a good kid doesn’t mean you should!
      If you don’t like our Constitution, please move to another country, Venezuela comes to mind.

  3. Images like this scare the uninformed. The media will hide their actions if positive and shine a spotlight on any bad apples in the bunch. While I’m happy the rally was uneventful, the uninformed fence sitters are only seeing what the MSM wants them to see. The face masks and rifles. This may push them off the fence into the wrong yard.

    (Note I open carried my sidearm for about 5 years)

    • The whole “Sunday best and politeness” routine has been thoroughly useless for the last decade. Fence-sitters are going to vote anti-gun because they are already scared of fully semi-automatic assault ghost clipazines that fire 30 bullets in half a second. Going to the Capitol dressed like an accountant and trying to explain that half the shit the media says isn’t true doesn’t help. It’s time to show that we are ready for a fight.

      • If you think aggressively challenging the ambivalent folks is more likely to make them “for us” than “against us,” you’re an idiot, full stop. I don’t ask permission when it comes to how I carry myself in public and nor should you, but have enough common sense to know when to not behave like a teenager.

        • Aggressively challenge? Walking around with rifles is not any of the sort. People like you are why gun rights are in the toilet and you lie about carrying openly I guarantee it. There is no way you are any part of the III% movement. Being polite has done nothing but get more gun laws. Yeah if we are just polite politicians and anti gunners will just realize what they are doing is wrong. GTFO another troll and a concern troll at that

        • Hillbilly there’s nothing that says a three percenter needs to look like Antifa. I don’t think anyone here really has an issue with open carry of any type of gun, but doing so while wearing a mask and camo, particularly foreign camo, isn’t a great idea. Had they been carrying Gadsden flags and wearing tricorners, then it would look very different while at the same time triggering the left. The men who founded this nation didn’t wear masks and indeed openly declared their names in a document sent to the king.

        • So sorry I didn’t pass your purity test, Hillbilly. You sure deduced an awful lot about me after reading a two-sentence response to someone else though.

          Getting in the face of someone who is neither for nor against us is simply NOT a recipe for success. If you don’t understand why that is, I’m glad you don’t think I’m part of your crowd, because I’m not. There is a vast difference between being willing and able to fight and creating an unnecessary opportunity, kiddo.

      • @ Jolly Roger…”Fence-sitters are going to vote anti-gun because they are already scared” This proves you don’t know what a fence sitter is. There are still a handful of people that are only a range trip away from joining our side.

    • Hell, I still openly carry the majority of the time, though Winter weather makes concealing far less uncomfortable due to the attire. There’s a time and place for all methods but your mileage may vary.

      The two in masks look more like airsoft dweebs than anything else. I don’t think it’s a good look, however… The carriage of long guns doesn’t bug me much; the rub is that no matter how well behaved everyone involved is, the media will shine them in as poor a light as they can manage. The organizers of this event or the rest of the attendants should have politely asked the tacti-tards to remove the masks and be counted the same as everyone else.

  4. The pictures kinda look suspect to me, but if real, I don’t like it only because they really don’t look American. They look like spetznatz. Not that there’s anything inherently wrong with that, but when your going for a photo op in America the politics matter. Even if you must dress tacticool, dress like an American and don’t wear masks. Why even bother with the masks? The activity is perfectly legal.

    Personally if I was organizing this everyone would’ve been in revolutionary war-esque garb.

    • “‘They look like spetznatz”‘

      Yeah, guy on the right is wearing Russian made “tactical sportswear” from Mordor Tac…

  5. Jackoffs just making us look like radicals! This doesnt help our cause it just scares more indecisive people into the anti-gunners ranks. How many time do you think they accidentally pointed a gun at somebody or someone had a finger inside a trigger guard. Do you think that showing these guns scare law makers or help us in anyway? If you do your an idiot. They can use your money, our tax dollars to hire professionals or just bring in more police if they really felt threatened. I praise these guys for showing up but conduct yourselves in the appropriate manner.

    • The sheep are already terrified of the criminals and degenerates the Democrats are pardoning and releasing into their midst. Even if a few of them have the thought “Hey. I can protect myself and my family like they’re doing. I don’t need to wait to file a police report after my family has been kidnapped or murdered” it is progress.

      The rest of the wet-undie crowd who have a sanitary indiscretion every time they see a gun aren’t going to change their minds anyway.

    • If they jump into the wrong yard, they can join the other traitors up against a wall. At some point, the demokkkommies are going to get what’s coming to them.

    • How can you go from safely slung to over your head in a crowd without muzzling someone? Once it’s above your head and pointing sideways, how are you keeping it pointed in a safe direction? When people make these basic mistakes, I question which other basics did they ignore. Are their rifles on safe or condition 3? Are they keeping their fingers out of the trigger guards? They could have made their point while acting like they knew what they were doing instead of being asshats.

      • Completely agree. This picture looks more like an ISIS picture than a pic of pro gun good guys who want to protect their home and rights. I don’t think many people use common sense or understand how people on the outside see us. The anti-gunner politicians shouldn’t be able to use our protest to make us look bad. Antifa looks bad because they are a horrible movement. If we look like them, the ignorant on the outside will view us similarly.

  6. Went to the Twitter link. Majority of posts are negative. They’re not noticing the fact the the two MR’tards in masks are most definitely shopped into the photo. Stupid. The scumbag photographer that posted that photo on the Getty site should get his ass pummeled!
    Enjoy the Game today!

    • Yeah the guy on the right with the AK appears to be standing straight, and looking off into the distance, on a stair well, while the other two a clearly climbing the stairs. That strikes me as quite odd and looks very shopped to me.

    • The photographer’s website is ok enough and he seems like a good dude. Perhaps his work or name was hijacked for the article. Sure looks like someone trying to ruffle a few feathers.

    • The photos are real and not doctored. Watch the videos at the links Dan Zimmerman posted above.

  7. Not a fan of the look, show your face, I know there are personal risks to that, but they need to see us as their fellow citizens/neighbors. They can’t associate the good conduct of an armed man demonstrating at the capital with Fred next door if you are head to toe concealed.

  8. Only thing that seems to happen in NH is that every few years some idiot legislator makes an ass of themselves when their concealed handgun drops on the floor.

  9. Not a blessed thing happened except for the Kentucky capital building was a safe space as long as armed citizens were present.

  10. Open carry of long guns strikes me as unnecessary and counter-productive. Someone tell me what I’m missing.

    • Jim,

      “Open carry of long guns strikes me as unnecessary and counter-productive. Someone tell me what I’m missing.”

      My guess: to show how scary, black long guns do not cause violence. Just a guess.

    • To exercise the right to do so, even if its not an every day occurrence. Stop having small marches through the capital and other locations for several years and expect to lose it.

  11. Masks….cammo… guns…
    Yes, that will attract the cameras and will be the focus of news reports. But, that is how some POTG like to represent themselves. I am not sure why, but, OK, they are our brothers and sisters.

    I am more curious about the reported dearth of black, Hispanic, and Asian gun owners. They are our there, in Kentucky as in every other state. Are they actually showing up but being ignored by the news media?

    • Yes. The black white nationalists almost always get ignored.

      Because I can say that line with my tongue firmly in my cheek and laugh about it but the lamestream media cannot and the cognitive dissonance caused by a black person (or other oppressed minority) in the midst of what the lamestream media can only conceive of as a white nationalist or white supremacist event is intolerable to them and can only be ignored.

    • Not all of them. Just the ones who chose to look like foreign soldiers. And that’s inexcusable. Imagine someone showing up to a rally in 1775 dressed as a German Hessian or a Conquistador. It would look silly and probably a bit dangerous.

  12. If these DBs want to pretend they’re SF, maybe concentrate on physical fitness first. If you can’t walk a mile let alone run 10, then don’t play dress up.

      • I could run ten when I had a run-a-holic, squadleader. Nevermind that weightlifting and sprinting and general work capacity are more conductive to job performance.

        Three kings in Hawaii; range hill, housing hill, mount KT, run through the dry sand, run the tank trails, get screwed out of breakfast and have to get last minute English muffin fast line.

        Ok, Run five, then shuffle the other five but I excelled at anything load bearing because of gym work.

        • Once upon a time I could run the majority of ten and drag ass the rest of the way too. And it was AFTER I was done with my time as an 11M and was back in civilian life. Running 10 is a pretty unreasonable expectation and the guy popping off above is unlikely to have ever been able to run half of that…

          In a nutshell: 5 is a tall order for the average infantryman, 10 is outrageous

        • 0311 here and the ‘average’ infantry / rifleman was a loaf in the barracks. Thin types that ran on pizza and alcohol. Grunts could probably piss into a generator and it would run.

          Ten is a tall order, didn’t expressly say I agreed with him. Very few were in real shape or took their fitness seriously if memory serves me, I can count them on one hand. UDP in Okinawa was a different matter, so many people were juicing that the chow hall ran out of food. Thankfully, we had a subway on Camp Shwab. GO GO TERIYAKI CHICKEN!

          These days my personal gym is over run with wasp nests and I’ve turned into a fat blob that can barely fit into his flack. HAHA I can still huff a few miles but don’t expect me to be fast about it.

  13. Yeah these tactical super operators are doing far more to hurt our cause than they are to help it. Dressing up like a Russian soldier and masking your face in a state capitol building is not a good look.

    • Yes freedom is scary. China would probably be a safer place for most of you on this site. It amazes me that you still somehow equate security = freedom.

    • Apparently we need adjustment in our judgment of “scary”. If, for 1000 instances, it looks scary but nothing happens, we should adjust to “it’s not scary”. This occurrence is a good example, and a worthwhile beginning.

  14. Wear a Santa suit, silver cowboy boots and carry a gold-plated AK if you want, but leave the mask at home. If you’re not going to show your face, the impression you give is anonymity. That’s an Antifa characteristic.

    • No this is America if you choose to do it so be it. Somehow I don’t see you having an issue with police / military / swat doing the same thing. Double standard much or only as long as you are the kings men? Gun owners seriously are their own worst enemies.

  15. Q; “What Happens When Armed Citizens Are Allowed to Enter a State Capitol Building???”

    A; The chance of a mass shooting drops to a MUCH lower level.
    This is proven by the fact criminals like their victims/targets unarmed.

  16. Lots of news sources on this terrifying incident of mass mayhem where pretty much nothing rude, immoral, illegal, or fattening happened:

    Personally, if I was there, it’d be a rifle slung over my shoulder, a pistol holstered and I’d be pushing a cart full of donuts.

    “Who wants a donut?”

    That’d be my approach.

    I’d need help hauling ten or twenty dozen donuts on a cart up them stairs though …

  17. Wake the frack up Bigtoe. On second thought just fade into Oblivion. We folks in Kentucky don’t need you or your input.

  18. These guys are moving the Overton window. After seeing this and nothing happening it is much harder for someone to get upset if they see you in normal clothes with a holstered pistol in the grocery store.

  19. The point is to undermine the anti-gun perspective of scary looking rifles. How can we ‘normalize’ these so-called “assault weapons” if the fence sitters see more things that scare them(masks, military style gear, anonymous groups, etc.)?
    Bring a gun, show your face, dress like normal citizens who are not going to live in fear of their government.

  20. Once upon a time, there wasn’t a fence in front of the White House to keep ordinary people out. That fence went up when FDR got in office.

    • You are incorrect on the FDR thing and the general openness of the White House. Those changes happened a lot earlier. Think Grover Cleveland for the closing to the public, but much earlier for who added the first fence.

      The first barrier around the White House was a low stone wall intended to keep livestock from wandering onto the grounds. It failed.

      In 1808 President Thomas Jefferson had the low stone wall improved with a rail fence, doing better at keeping livestock off the grounds. It was short lived. This being inadequate to protect the garden on the South Lawn, he added an eight-foot wall with a sunken ditch.

      Still in the early 1800’s a wrought iron fence replaced the rail fence. However the gates were routinely left open and it was not very effective at preventing people from entering.

      Various artworks and early photos show wrought iron fences and gates around the White House from 1814 to the current day. At various times with and without armed guards.

      In 1842 a drunken painter ignored the fence, walked thru an open gate and hurled rocks at President John Tyler. His throwing arm was atrocious.

      During the administration of President Grover Cleveland his young daughter and her nanny were on the South Lawn when a group of people wandering the grounds came along and made a scene with the child. Picking her up, coddling and kissing the kid. It was at this point that Mrs Cleveland demanded action and the White House grounds have been closed to the public ever since, other than for events.

      There were still still gaps and lax security for years but that changed dramatically with the arrival of WW2. Gaps were closed, gates sealed, some streets blocked and barriers installed to prevent enemy agents from ramming a truck thru a gate. This was not as far as the Secret Service wanted to go. They wanted to ring the White House with a fifteen foot high sand bag encasement. President Franklin Roosevelt said no to that idea, but did accept adding armed guards every 100 feet around the perimeter of the existing wrought iron fence.

      Current plans are to spend $64 million erecting a 13 foot fence around the grounds, anchored in a stone base. Essentially the current fence, only much taller and the finials at the top will be replaced with very sharp pencil points.

      Edit: Just found this info, which is better than my memory 🙂

  21. That photo of guys coming up the steps is weird. The guy on the right has a strange way of climbing stairs.

  22. I’m a 10 year disabled Desert Storm Veteran, have more guns and ammo than two of the county sheriffs departments, but walking around masked with your hands all over your weapons in a defensive posture already like that is like walking around in a gas tank with an open match trying to light your way, THERE ARE BETTER WAYS TO DO THE SAME THING, is all I’m saying, not cowtowing, giving in or anything. I’m a bigger believer in 2A than ANYONE else I know, those that know me will tell you just that, but Armed up with AK’s, fully loaded down TAC vests and masks is not the way to proudly tell the government they’ve overstepped. That doesn’t say “I’m a citizen using my Constitutional and God given rights” it reads more like “C’MON MFER, I DARE YOU”.

  23. Those guys are a “clear threat” but the kind, humble, assimilated “migrant” on the streets of London, he’s not a threat.

  24. That Twitter feed is instructive.

    Lose the masks, Addias gear and the Belgian style camo and you’ll take away 80% of the negative reactions because most of your detractors only have “dEy l00kz likE Da teRorIsTs”! Remove that and what do they have?

    “Well, I don’t like to see people exercising their rights!” just doesn’t go over as well.

  25. The wannabe Rambo’s,used to be military who dress up in order to show a menacing appearance do nothing but help the cause for restrictions on weapons holders. Now back to the original question, what would politicians do if they knew citizens were carrying firearms, even concealed, in their State House or other State Building where they were meeting? Most would probably piss their pants or not show up followed by a call for banning all weapons in their presence and to be surrounded by security police. Just a bunch of wimps scared to live and work like an average citizen.

  26. Yeah, I agree the masked guys look P’shopped in -(SHAME ON YOU, GETTY IMAGES!!!) but even if you discount that, there’s no WAY any security force would let masked people through…just wouldn’t. It DOES strike me as something ANTIFA or other non-gun rights org interested in DIS-INFORMATION would do to smear us. I mean, HELLO! If I’m carrying and ALLOWED IN, then I’d WANT to be recognized for the law-abiding gun-owner I am. Masks only serve to isolate and frighten – and that isn’t what we are about!!!

    • …OH, AND if one looks at the Rolling Stone coverage (which I’d expect to be slanted anti), there’s not ONE person with a mask. Wunner why? It would’ve been to their advantage to find these ‘masked protestors’! I’m sticking with DISinformation…

      • (Addendum after looking through Snopes, Getty and several Web sites): Weird, but Getty Images’ site has numerous photos of these wannabes all tac’ed-up, so maybe they’re not P’Shopped. I want to hear from the KY State House Security, photographer Bryan Woolston and Getty Images as to what these no-good yahoos were about, and WHYthey were allowed in..or did they just ‘mask up’ for the photog?

        And why? to perpetuate the disinformation against the rest of us??? HOPING that something would happen? Please! That’s the epitome of a Logical Fallacy…

        • Your only VALID question would be “did they shoot anybody?”, and given a negative answer you should STFU. Your “feelz” were clearly wrong, so solly please.

  27. Sorry. Two assholes wearing masks walking like they are on patrol is stupid.

    If they were on my street, they would appear to be a threat.

    Sling em and no masks…..

  28. I have never felt compelled to post on these news items before, but this is different. I am, and always have been pro- gun rights, and I carry concealed myself. I am all for vigorously defending the right to bear arms, but dressing like this, and carrying AK-47s and AR-15s into a state capitol building, waving them over their heads is no way to help solidify the cause, or persuade the thinking of people who are unsure about how they feel on the gun rights issue. Think about it. If you see something unusual, like a person, or group of people walking down a city street, or into a government building carrying rifles and looking like that, I would expect a vigilant pro-gun person to notice, and think “whoa, what the hell is going on here?”, and start wondering if something violent is about to happen. In modern times, most people have become attuned to watching out for unusual activity, so that we can avoid, report, or possibly stop something criminal from happening. It is unlikely that anyone is going to recognize right away that “oh, those guys are just marching into the capitol building looking like militia to defend my right to bear arms.” We need to be more intelligent than this in defending our rights, and educating others to do the same.

  29. People wearing masks and carrying guns has historically never had a good outcome in the USA.
    I don’t like it. But Since they behave themselves and are cordial with other people they can do as they please. As I remember the open carriers in the Washington State Capitol were not very cordial at all. And got the carry of guns banned in that state capitol building.

    I open carry all the time in Kentucky in full view of the local police. I’ve never had any problems with them. Or anyone else.
    The culture is simply different in open carry states. Perhaps it’s just a “southern” thing. It’s a culture I agree with coming from Liberal Nazi California.

    Yes I know they open carry in Arizona.

    • @Chris T in KY:
      “The culture is simply different in open carry states.”

      I think you’ve got something there. Culture. For instance, open carry is legal in Michigan, because there has never been a law against it. But I have almost never seen it here, except on working gun shop employees, licensed security guards, and uniformed police officers. (Right now, I can only remember one instance.)

      And you don’t need a Concealed Pistol License (CPL) to open carry in Michigan either, UNLESS you want to open carry while riding in an automobile. That pretty much makes open carry impossible for the vast majority of people who do not have a CPL.

    • Had a pretty good outcome in 1776, as I recall. And I’d bet there have been hundreds, perhaps thousands of instances which we will never hear about, when people with bad intentions discovered that their intended victims looked similar to this, and changed their plans. Meanwhile, they’re not hurting anything, find something actually harmful to bitch about.

  30. Yes…. they look like idiots… especially the one carrying an AK….. BUT…..
    It’s none of anyone’s business how the fk they dress…. this was about making a point…. if you pu$$y millennials/pigs don’t like it, DON’T LOOK…. YOU ARE STARTING TO SOUND LIKE AN UNEDUCATED LIBERAL….


    • According to Frankford Kentucky’s Ordinance #131.05, No person shall while wearing a hood, mask or device whereby a substantial portion of the face is hidden or covered so as to conceal the identity of the wearer, enter be or appear in any public space within the city.

      These Schmucks were violating the law. End of subject.

      • Bemused Berserker said,
        According to “Frankford” Kentucky’s Ordinance:

        It’s Frankfor(T)… the Capital of Ky is Frankfort… Frankfort, capital (since 1792) of Kentucky, U.S., and seat of Franklin county… If you are looking up rules, laws and ordinances at least take a few seconds to (what the fuk, a grade schooler could tell you the capital of Ky)… Did you also research whether or not any special variances or allowances might have been permitted for those people? Y’all really sound like a bunch of old liberal queens.. Maybe the point was that no matter how scary (or stupid) gun owners CAN look, they can still go out in public and keep their guns on a leash because apparently not one of those ARs, AKs or whatever else they carried went off on its own and started shooting up a school, church, a mall or any other place where groups of people were gathered.. As far as the LAW, how many attendees (masked or otherwise) were arrested? I’m sure there was an adequate police presence to ensure compliance with any state and local laws, so either there was prior permission or the powers that be just didn’t think it was that big of a deal.. Really, the comments on here are WORSE than the bullshit posted by the fukkin liberal snowflakes on the guys twitter feed, no wonder the gun grabbing asssholes think they can get away with the shit they pull if something this stupid can set off a bunch of alleged lawful gun owners against another group of lawful gun owners who are actually out trying to do something for the cause ….

  31. At least they can carry in any form in a state capitol. Here in the soon to be Советская Социалистическая Демократическая Республика Объединенной Южной и Северной Флориды (Soviet Socialist Democratic Republic of Unified South and North Florida) it is illegal to carry in any government meeting place. Whoa! Wait I hear the law was changed. Oh, that was it?! Breaking news, members of the legislature were recently made exempt.

  32. The antis want to see you hanging, don’t help them by seeing how well rope fits around your necks… I’m not sure why I’m writing this and and assuming our masked friends can read..

  33. Come on Kentuckians, lose the masks. If you think that’s in any way, shape or form appropriate to wear to a rally, you’re a part of the problem, not the answer to the problem. Masks to hide your face and identity, are Signature Apparel for the Fascist Antifa Ass Spelunkers. They’re the modern day Stürmabteilung Brown Shirt wannabes Masks are not the proper attire for 2nd Amendment loving, gun toting Patriots. Save that crap for CERT training where it belongs.
    To the organizers of the Patriotic display at the capitol, pull your heads out and use some common sense. You all should have stopped that particular idiocy.

  34. Just looked up Frankford’s Ordinances. Suffice it to say, the diptards were in violation of the city’s Ordinance Law # 131.05.
    In a nutshell, you can’t legally wear a mask to conceal your identity in any public space, which includes State and City buildings.
    So not only was it a moronic stunt to pull, it was an illegal stunt to pull as well.

    • Guess you didn’t feel you made your point in your previous post? 131.05 is a CITY of Frankfort ordinance, those “diptards” as you call them are in the STATE Capitol building where STATE law reigns supreme and the STATE of Kentucky has no rules, regulations, ordinances or laws pertaining to the wearing of facial covering (masks), so those “schmuck, diptard morons” were NOT actually violating the law or pullng an illegal moronic stunt… (Actual END of that subject)

      Bemused Berserker says:
      February 3, 2020 at 04:10
      According to Frankford Kentucky’s Ordinance #131.05, No person shall while wearing a hood, mask or device whereby a substantial portion of the face is hidden or covered so as to conceal the identity of the wearer, enter be or appear in any public space within the city.
      These Schmucks were violating the law. End of subject

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