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Watching the news can be confusing these days. We have troops in Africa who are trained to kill people and blow stuff up now tasked with fighting a virus, while we continue to allow flights from the hot zone into the country on a daily basis. And the same elected officials who couldn’t manage to build an operable web site given three years notice are asking the same people who grope toddlers and strip search granny in her wheelchair to assess whether passengers may be carrying a deadly pathogen. What could possibly go wrong? The UK has stopped flights from west Africa. So have France, Germany, the United Arab Emirates, the Philippines, Zimbabwe and the Bahamas. Yet President Golfcart McFundraiser seems convinced that halting incoming flights would somehow be insensitive. Never mind what could walk across our southern border. And now that we have viral touchdown in Big D and beyond . . .

public confidence futures in our governmental institutions have taken a hit. While a major outbreak of the disease is probably still unlikely, this has all the makings of exactly the kind of thing preppers have been prepping for for years. It all makes the cynic in us wonder what will happen if, as in Sierra Leone, a lengthy curfew is imposed to try to stop the spread.

Sure, you may be equipped with weeks worth of food and other consumables put by. But in a full-blown EHTF (ebola hits the fan) scenario, if those who are less prepared come a-knockin’, looking to appropriate provisions Walking Dead-style, armed deterrence may be required. Given the imperative to avoid contact with bodily fluids, which gun and ammo combination will you choose to minimize, well, splatter?


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  1. I’d like to have a PMR-30 on hand for such purposes, but those things get Feinstein all hot and bothered so I can’t own one here.

      • Nuke to be sure about Ebola or Feinstein? Pretty sure she’s been harping about firearms since the Chinese invented them in the 10th century. Nothing’s stopped her since.

    • Very real question, if you shot someone with Ebola would the blood from the Gunshot Wound not become Airborne and infect able if you are near by/breath it in??

      • Henry- Gunshots might cause blood to splatter in large droplets, but I think producing a mist-like spray with inhalation risk is less likely; neither would be likely to cause harm at longer distances. This is the “airborne” risk of virus-infected biomaterial being spread in a mist/spray and inhaled, absorbed, or internalized through openings of the body. So long as you are a reasonable standoff distance, the likelihood of infection is low.

        The larger problem would be the bloody mess on the ground where you happen to be if this is someone seeking your property or supplies in your house; Ebola is thought to survive in bodily secretions up to several days on hard surfaces. Note the images from Africa of fully-suited burial details.

        Bleach solution (1:10 if memory serves) is the recommended cleaning agent, but then you have to be careful to fully protect yourself, and to allow the bleach to sit on the presumably infected biomaterial for long enough (for small messes, >1 minute).

        (I’ve been a paramedic for a decade, the last six years in a large academic hospital center. Ebola training and preparation has been a major focus of the last couple weeks.)

        • I have a relative who is involved in the top levels of hospital management that I have spent almost 2 months mining ebola info from. That person says the same basic thing you just wrote.

          Another point to consider: UV radiation (sunlight) kills viruses. “Spray” and “splatter” will be better handled if it never makes it inside the house. Where there is no sunlight.

          THIS IS NOT A SUGGESTION. In case anyone was trying to read between those lines. It is simply an observation.

  2. Ammo to use on actual sick people with Ebola need not be real powerful stuff. They are already feverish, have blurred vision, and on their way out. It’s the lazy bums that didn’t prepare in time for themselves and their families and now want your food and water, because the gubmint shut everything down that you are going to have to robustly defend against. And no need to minimize splatter with them.

    • It is not the symptomatic (waiting to die) you need to worry about. It’s the hordes of city dwellers fleeing plague in their city and who are unprepared to be a refugee. The classic prepper scenario. Is Ebola pandemic the catalyst for a panic/collapse? Time will tell.

      • If Katrina showed me anything, it is that those that aren’t prepared stay where they are and wait for help… even if it isn’t likely to come! The “Golden Horde” fleeing from the cities wouldn’t happen because those who aren’t prepared expect the government to help them!

        • Close to 1 million people stuffed themselves into the Superdome after Katrina. First responders arrived, waded through over a foot of sewage to get to the people inside, stayed a few hours and were evacuated because the golden horde that took up residence was threatening their lives.

          * The golden horde was threatening the lives of the people who had the resources necessary to save them. *

          One of the things I learned from Katrina is that major catastrophes have the potential to produce a golden hoarde.

  3. It would seem to be a ‘dance with who brung ya’ situation, so I’ll use the AR and G19 Gen 4 already in my posession.

    • Yep. You dance with the girl you brung.

      The same things that are in my home-defense lineup now (a lever-action .30-30 for me, .22 rifles for the wife ‘n kids, plus 9mm pistols for backup) will do the same job no matter who comes looking to take things that aren’t theirs or why they’re coming.

  4. Flamethrower. Minimize blood spray/spatter, presumably does a decent job of disinfecting things as it goes. Also looks really freaking badass.

  5. Now there’s a cruise ship parked off Belizes shore because of one passenger from a Dallas hospital.
    Belize won’t let anyone off load.
    Two friends have put money down on a hunt in Burkina Faso for January. Something tells me it’s going to get cancelled. Ouch

  6. If I were in a situation where I would have to carry a long arm for protection, I would take a lever action chambered in 357. Lightweight, 9 + 1 capacity, 357 has great ballistics out of a long barrel, and much less intimidating to people who don’t know guns than an ar15.

    • I like it.

      And to minimize overpenetration and spray, use 125 grain hollowpoints. They should have a muzzle velocity on the order of 2000 fps and would cause an explosion, rather than penetration, in an attacker. What’s not to like?

    • If waves of the infected are attacking you and need to be put down, you are probably not going to care about whether or not people are frightened by your AR15. Hell, go full mall ninja, maybe they’ll assume your some super special forces dood here to save them, and they’ll listen when you tell them to get out of the way.

      • You really want Ebola to start the zombie apocalypse, don’t you? You might have to get used to being disappointed…

  7. I am more worried about incoming flights from Colorado and California. Have you seen how few are getting vaccines for measles, mumps, whooping cough, etc., etc., in those states? What is it with the correlation between anti-2A states and low vaccination rates? Oh yeah, look at NYC, too.

    The death rates from vaccine-preventable diseases in this country is way higher than the risk from Ebola.

  8. Posts like this do absolutely nothing to further our cause. Hit the forums if you want to play Walter Mitty.

    • A-freaking-men. The content is only slightly better than the headline. An article about guns for a SHTF scenario doesn’t need to look like this.

      And EHTF? Yes, too soon.

    • Ugh… TTAG, Just when I think you have a good check on the pulse of what can sway anti, you jump the shark with an article/title such as this. Maybe it’s Zimmerman- seems to be the quintessential OFWG. Headlines like this hurt our cause, and I for one can’t believe that this made it all the way up the editing chain.

    • My thoughts exactly… posted further down. While TTAG certainly enjoys a bit of satire from time to time, talking about how to kill innocent people that are victims is in extremely poor taste.

      • If there are hordes of people (probably city folk) in full
        blown panic literally pillaging stores and homes, they’re
        not what I would call ‘innocent’. Just sayin’.

        On a more serious note, the shoot-first-ask-later
        approach has been adopted by most countries in west
        Africa when dealing with an Ebola outbreak. Do innocents
        from Liberia get shot trying to sneak into Sierra Leone or
        Nigeria, most likely. But this method could also explain why
        Liberia’s neighbors are virtually Ebola free right now.
        Just something to think about.

  9. On a serious note I am generally considered a right to lifer but in this case Ebola victims who have no hope of recovering ought to be euthanized. The virus is probably minimally contagious until it hits the terminal state and all virus infected bodily fluids are released. If you do that then the infection has far less of a chance to spread.

    The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one.

    • Completely disagree. Keep them quarantined until death, then cremate the body.

      Euthanizing sick people against their will is murder.

      • If Ebola was like the bubonic plague I would agree. But Ebola contagion increases rapidly at the terminal phase as masses of body fluids get released. This is appears to be principle source of infection. This waste has to be dealt with and this when most of the infections occur. The only way to control the release is to terminate life when it crosses a point of no return.

        • And how does anyone ever know precisely when the patient has passed the point of no return?

          Nope, life and death are God’s purview, not ours.

        • There is sufficient clinical data now to know who survives and who doesn’t.

          This is one of those thorny moral issues where you have to ask the question when is it moral to risk other lives.

        • No actually there isn’t. The dumbasses at WHO and CDC only know slightly more than diddly squat about the thing. They don’t know where if came from and aren’t positive of how it is spread. Incubation time ranges widely (more than one strain?).

          Mortality rate is also not certain or if varies based on source of contamination, on treatment, on health of the victim. All unknown.

          Worst case looks to be +/- 70% mortality. Which means that THIRTY % will survive. But the dumbasses have no idea why. Or if antibodies in the blood of survivors can be used to vaccinate others. So killing off the victims is moronic, uncivilized and immoral.

          EBOLA in America – brought to you by Barack Hussein Obama and the democrat party

      • @Michael B-I agree with you that it is immoral and considered murder to round up sick people and kill them. The scary part is tdinvia who bragged about not losing their government pension will tow the company line an openly recommend other government agencies commit murder in the name of the greater good, that’s not the American way more like mao’s way.These people should never have come to our shores that was the only job of the Fed, and now the CDC is more concerned about Africa’s economy than our People . TTAG come on now you make such a distinction about shooting to stop the threat instead of shooting to kill, and now you are asking readers to explain how and what we would use to kill another human in order to prevent blow back and the nasty sweet cherry smell that accompanies it. Thanks for painting us all us trigger happy tinfoil-hat wearing rubes.

    • That’s disgusting. Truly and utterly disgustingly hypocritical. Even in West Africa, with substandard medical care, the highest estimated rate of mortality is 70% when including people dying in villages, and ones that do get to substandard hospitals it is closer to 50%. Almost certainly the mortality rate is lower in Western hospitals.

      So you’re “pro-life” yet believe in executing LIVING PEOPLE who can SAY NO because they have a 50/50 chance of life or death?

      You truly have no ideological leg to stand on. I get that you’re scared of Ebola, but you’re showing a lot of cognitive dissonance. Seriously, if the good of the many outweighs the needs of the few, then you can make a compelling argument for most abortions, so long as both the prospective mom and dad don’t want the baby, then you have 66% against the life, which is a higher percentage than the mortality figure of Ebola. Seriously, rethink this one, because your two statements are diametrically opposed.

      I don’t normally weigh in here, especially politically, but this comment choked me in the middle of coffee. Seriously, don’t mention pro-life and something about killing adults, ESPECIALLY innocent ones and expect to go unchallenged

      • Barry-Thank you very much for not being a hypocrite, which is one of the most repulsive things on this earth and is exactly why we Americans are in these turbulent times. The disgusting comment that you were forced into responding to out of moral disgust was brought to you by a paid federal employee, and now don’t you feel better we have traded our liberties for security to be administrated by these kinds of folks.

      • It may sound disgusting and it is but so is dying of Ebola. The reason that Ebola is spreading so fast is that most victims, even early on, were treated at home. Entire families have died because they were there at the end when all infected fluids were let loose. This is not an abstract problem right now one man is responsible for at least two case, both which appear to be doing well, and an unknown potential for others who may not be so fortunate. The initial patients are getting the best possible treatment but that can not last if the outbreak is not contained. We will quickly run out of beds, isolation units and equipment. So how do you contain the disease then?

        It easy to sit there and contemplate Ebola as a theoretical exercise but what happens when it stops being theoretical? FYI I was minutes away from a potential encounter with the disease this morning. I don’t mean minutes away in distance, I mean minutes away from a medical appointment where they were bringing in a potential case.

        Here is the question for all you to contemplate. Suppose you had the disease and knew you would not recover. Would you want to hang on the end knowing that you would infect and kill other people? I for one would not. Sometimes the needs of the many outweigh my needs

        • No, I would not, but I would make the choice myself to have the doctors euthanize me to keep from infecting others.

          There has to be a better way than murder. Why not put them in some encapsulated hospital bed or something and then wheel it out when they’re dead for disposal?

          I think you’re being very worldly. Christ did not kill the sick. Neither did early Christians. I heard they were there to help them when the pagan Romans were letting people die in the streets because they were too afraid to get near them.

        • As a Christian man I know that God helps those who help themselves, and that means to take care of yourself so that you can take care of others. If I was infected with a deadly disease it would be a self sanctioned quarantine to guarantee that no other innocent person could get ill and I would pray to God for strength until I died or was better, as any moral person would do. Compared to if I got infected and then get executed by the state as you suggest . Only an evil and ignorant self-centered individual, which we Americans seem to be breeding more and more of, would medically treat an ebola patient and then willingly expose innocent people to the virus out of selfish concerns for oh say a wedding. As for your close encounter avoid stupid people in stupid places doing stupid things, oh wait you can’t because this statement describes pretty much all federal employee’s interactions, except the oath keeping service men and women who actually are still respected by the People.

        • Tdiinva, you must have a different definition of values and convictions than I do. If one dead dude and two sick women is enough to get you to change your mind on executing innocent ADULTS, then your “values” are shallower than the acne I had as a teenager.

          You are why we have the police state and monitoring network that we have. Why the FBI can say encryption will let TRRISTS and CHILD MOLESTERS and MAFIAS FREE! WE MUST GIVE UP FREEDOM TO BE SAFE.

          Seriously. Nut up. Freedom isn’t free- it means sometimes people die, and it sucks. Those nurses, bless them, were doing their jobs but with inadequate resources/training. Taking PPE off without infection is damn hard, and the PPE makes you sweat, making you itch, which the normal response is to scratch (see Spanish nurse).

          Seriously, watch Shep Smith, on Fox talk about Ebola. This isn’t some left-wing obama-blahdy blah, but a fox news guy.

          Seriously. There’s 1 dead guy, two infected. Does Ebola suck? Yeah. Is it among the worst ways to die I can imagine? Hell yeah. My friends at CDC who ARE free thinkers say it really isn’t that bad compared to other things that have kept me awake at night.

          Look at all the hucksters the right wing has, that want to sell people on panic, fear, and the like- and make bank. Doomsday preppers is one of the most hilarious and sad shows I’ve seen, because people in debt spend $70,000+ to get prepared for TEOTWAWKI. They don’t weigh the risks and costs and benefits, but just blindly react. Ebola sucks. It is horrible. But it’s protein coat means it’s unlikely to become airborne. Seriously, please don’t contribute to the wackadoodle hucksters that have taken part of the GOP. TEOTWAWKI is something that is GOOD to prepare for, but NOT at the expense of the FAR more likely scenario >99% that everything will continue as is and not making a mortgage payment will get you thrown out on the streets.

          Be a man. Drug resistant TB is a far worse vector, especially because it IS widespread, and if people really wanted to they could make it Extensively resistant TB which verges on incurable AND has proven in the past to be a horrible plague. So if you’re going to afix a tin foil hat, choose something at least plausible.

          Grand scheme of things, this is peanuts. If more people die, Ebola goes airborne, then great, panic, consider hard choices. But you sound like a pro-lifer who’d change his mind if he knocked up an underage girl- suddenly driving to an abortion clinic is for the greater good.

        • Now in part this has all been a thought experiment brought on the observation that Duncan’s family seems to be ok despite close personal contact when he was symptomatic but before he started expelling large quantities of body fluids while the medical personnel who caught it because they were with him at the end of life as he produced huge volumes of infected body fluids. You control a communicable disease by eliminating the source. With plague you kill rodents; with cholera you clean up the water. What do you do when the source is the human waste products produced at the terminal phase of the illness?

          But, and there is always a but, I want to hear what you have to say when your neighbors are dying next door. My guess is most of your moralism will be dispensed with. You can’t avoid thinking about how you will prevent a human catastrophe. I don’t know if it will get anywhere near this level but given response so far you cannot exclude this possibility.

        • So, what about people with TB? Did we just open up massive killing fields because it’s people sneezing? Did we eliminate air from areas around the infected and let them suffocate? Ebola sucks, that’s true.

          When my neighbors are dying next door, I clear out while I wait for things to get disinfected. Bleach that sh!t, and give it a week let’s say, and let medical professionals handle it. If I couldn’t, then out of an abundance of caution I grab painters plastic sheets and drape the wall closest to them with it along with their house, and take a couple hundred gallons of water to not use the same water system that they do for that week. If they’re still inside, then I’m going to deliver food along the lines of the joke:

          The doctor came in and told the patient there was good news and bad news.
          “I’m prescribing you a diet of pancakes, pita bread, and pizza.”
          “Oh great, will that cure the disease?”
          “Well, it’s what we can fit under the door…”

          Seriously, leaving your callousness to not getting near and touching people is pretty much all that is necessary. Rather than your fantastical death camps and ACTUAL death panels (lol, as you were probably AGAINST death panels of the ACA that just actually are there to convince old people to not waste money on ineffective and expensive treatment, but are FOR death panels of people who are likely younger and could have productive lives), the callousness necessary is along the lines of how most grade school boys treat girls:
          “Ewww, she has cooties! I’m not touching her!”
          If the reports are to be believed, if Duncan, the dead Liberian, had acted like a 3rd grader and said “eww, girls have cooties” and didn’t touch the pregnant landlords daughter we wouldn’t be talking about this.

          You should be ashamed Tdiinva. Go drink alone for a little bit, and stop posting. Seriously, if you have a traceable IP and public presence as a member of the government and are posting that stuff, you should be ashamed. I only hope alex jones and other hucksters can dox you and let your agency deal with you for these statements. You’re not doing much for anyone’s confidence in government, and I’m pretty sure you’re on the GOP side, so I recommend you STFU about your statist anti-liberty pro-murder anti-abortion while sucking the government teat. You are what is destroying the pro-life movement dude.

          Welcome to the mirror. If you’re pro-death penalty, pro-epidemic murder panic, pro-statist, and anti-abortion, all it says is that the war on women is right- you’re just a gender bigot, and not an actually morally consistent person who supports LIFE. Go away before you do yourself harm and greater harm to your party. You belong on the campaign trail, giving gifts to democrats- keep it up, you can be the next Todd Akin. Big government with all the intrusion, but no popular giveaways. Sounds appealing.

  10. I’ll use my Browning BLR in 308 to pick off the swimmers coming in from the Canadian side and my Springfield xd subcompact 9mm for the walkers that come in from the US side of the island.

  11. Question: Zombies.
    Answer: Mossberg.
    I knew there would be a real world use for that meme sooner or later.

  12. How does the administration push for gun control laws based on possibly maybe potentially saving one child’s life despite infringing on Americans’ rights, but won’t stop passengers from ebola-stricken countries from entering US even though possibly maybe potentially one of them might cause an epidemic here? Perhaps because clamping down on citizens of other countries isn’t as much fun as clamping down on your own.

  13. Beats me. Barry Soetoro seems like he’s not on America’s side. If I was ordered to Liberia I would mutiny…sigh.

    • You are right he is not on our side , he was a member of the communist party in Chicago during the 1990’s , just research it yourselves , most of his Czars have a spotty record of previous communist activity research it , quite a few liberals in Congress have very left leaning ideas and agendas , more government control , less freedom for us , gun control so we have no recourse for government take over , more folks on the free handouts so the government can use this to control them and they’re votes , possibly using Ebola as a means to depopulate the world as the UN wants , there is more reasons out there these are but a few . As for the firearms I would use high cap 9mm handgun backed up by two snubby .357 s , and either an AR-15 or an AK caliber 7.62/39 , I would not use a shotgun as it would cause too much spray of infection , also would be wearing a sealed Kyvek type suit to minimize exposure to infection . Be prepared and ready . Keep your powder dry .

  14. A catamount Fury 12g tell them go or else. I got sensors on my property I will know something is there an surprise them.
    May need to get that barb wire fence up soon…
    Where did I leave those claymores at? An anyone else see me plant any bouncing betty’s? Or make those bamboo pits I hid? 😉

  15. Obviously you were going for a little satire here, but why in the world would you post something equating victims of a deadly disease to fictional zombies. You are literally asking what the best weapon would be to use against innocent victims. I consider this article in extremely poor taste. I’d expect this from a 13-yr old on 4chan… but not someone making an attempt at legitimate journalism.

  16. You know, it isn’t an entirely ridiculous question. In any societal collapse scenario, many diseases are likely to be rampant and it could very well be extremely wise to minimize release of bodily fluids. I am thinking the best short range firearm to minimize release of bodily fluids would be a 20 or 12 gauge shotgun shooting birdshot. There is basically zero risk of over penetration. The damage from a few hundred little pieces of shot should promptly incapacitate most attackers — especially weakened attackers. And the wounded attacker wouldn’t leave a lot blood on the ground.

  17. 50 cal bmg….I’ll reach out and say “hello” at my front gate….200 feet from my house

  18. Suppressed Ruger MKI and 10/22…standard velocity .22 for the MKI and HV for the 10/22. It’ll take care of it AND do it quietly. 🙂

  19. You are seriously asking about what guns to kill innocent people with? Isn’t it a bit hypocritical then to condemn the videogame “Hatred”?

    I won’t answer to the question of the post because to be honest that is sick and ten kinds of f***** up.

  20. This article is stupid for all the reasons already listed in the comments. What’s more, it doesn’t even have much content.

    Delete article and pretend it never happened.

  21. Yeah, I wanna take back what I said about .22LR earlier. How about we rephrase the question? Let’s examine what gun and ammo combo has been used on Ebola carriers in Africa, learn from that application and then respond accordingly here….. Since no gun and ammo combo has been used in Africa on Ebola carriers then I guess it is a moot point here. Find me ONE example where a gun was used on an Ebola carrier and I might rethink this question.

    • “… a quarantined house guarded by soldiers.” Its three paragraphs from the end of the article.

      The soldiers are not keeping people from getting in the house. No one wants to get in the house. The soldiers are there to make sure no one gets out. They are not going to just tackle anyone who tries to scape, either. The victims inside are not guilty of anything, but their escape means the death of numerous others. Therefore, they are quarantined by armed guards. Violating the quarantine means instant execution.

      Of course, the article doesn’t explain all that. But how do you draw any other conclusion?

  22. Time to get a Lapua Mag and brush up on long range skills. Keep em far enough away that a little splatter downrange wont matter to me.

  23. Yes, let’s act like the “gun nuts” that the anti-gunners think we are. Let’s give them something to quote, because you know they are on this site. Let’s propose violating everything this country stands for over a panic about TWO CASES of a disease contracted in this country where both patients are doing well. What about 650,000 deaths due to HIV/AIDS and the 1.1 million active carriers in the US. BTW, it has a statistically higher mortality rate. Oh, right, that’s a disease that only affects THEM, right? .

  24. Frankly, if things get as serious as they’re being talked about here, our biggest worry will be the government. Executive orders already exist which allow government to institute a police state. Fill in the blanks. Once the constitution is suspended, freedom and liberty are dead.

  25. Your prmoting more ignorance and fear concerning a topic that very little people know anything about. Air travel is not being stopped because it would be ‘insensitive’ it isn’t being halted because IT DOES NOT WORK. Not only that it could make things worse. I know you have no faith in the TSA, I don’t either, but that doesn’t matter because they aren’t doing the screening. Do a little research before you promote the out of control nonsense that is ebola panic. US customs are screening passengers, customs tends to do a pretty damn good job at not allowing unwanted things into the country.. That being said, if the US were to stop air travel from west africa it would only delay the inevitable, it would not have the intended effect. It will not prevent West Africans from traveling to other countries and infecting people there who then travel to the U.S. One thing it will do is make it damn near impossible to screen for it at airports at all. The only way travel bans could possibly work is if every country suspended air travel all together or we suspended air travel from every other country and I think the consequences of such a thing for any period of time are obvious. The U.K., France, and Germany HAVE NOT stopped flights from West Africa. Not sure where you get your information from but you should have a little more respect for facts instead of embracing lies and false information to use in ignorant name calling and partisan attacks concerning something you know very little about.

    “British Airways joined Gulf carrier Emirates in scrapping West African routes in response to the deadly Ebola outbreak as most rival operators keep flying with heightened medical checks.”

    A few *airlines* have suspended travel from West Africa. One other point that fear mongers and flight ban advocates seem to miss is that there are no direct flighs from Liberia to the US to begin with.

    As for the military, there is nothing new or odd about certain numbers of troops going to hot zones to assist in enforcing quarantines and sterilization, they also send medical personel. They need to send more to help with these tasks considering that in Liberia the entire medical infrastructure has collapsed. They need to send more because the best way to address the epidemic and its reach here in the U.S. is by stomping it out at the source, it always has been. Not travel bans.

    Now as far as the virus is concerned. Ebola is spread through direct contact with either blood, feces, vomit, saliva, possibly sweat. possibly tears, urine, breast milk, semen (which can remain viral for 60 days after a patient recovers), or eating contaminated meat. Direct contact are the key words. It cannot spread through the air the way the cold and flu does. An infected person would have to stand directly in front of you and sneeze into your mouth, eyes, or an open wound. Regardless, sneezing and coughing are not symptons of an Ebola infection. When a person becomes infected it is near impossible to hide the illness so they will not be stumbling around the streets of America bleeding on everyone. There will be more infections here, it has always been an inevitability, but it is extremely unlikely that there will be a mass outbreak. Because of its means of transmission Ebola does not do well in countries with decent medical infrastructure.

    Now you can be part of the problem by promoting false information and fear as well as using the crisis as a means to get your proverbial political nut off or you could refrain from writing nonsense and try to learn a little before you type.

    Source: 20 years in the fields of epidemiology and pathology.

    • Perhaps you can take it up with the buffoons at CDC. Their is more they don’t know that they know and are clueless incompetents as well.

      You apparently have in all figured out how walls/fences don’t work to keep the undesirable out of your yard.

    • Interesting that Duncan’s relatives, who shared an apartment with him when he was getting very sick, have not gotten sick. I would have thought they’d be the first.

      • Yes, but the guy was highly contagious for several days before he returned to the hospital. Everything he touched in that apartment was likely contaminated. Those people were with him the whole time.

    • ” it always has been. Not travel bans.”

      So why is it that Nations around the infect nations that have sealed their borders have not had any infects?

      Why is it nations that have locked down their airspace/ports not had any infection of Ebola?

      Very real question, if you shot someone with Ebola would the blood from the Gunshot Wound not become Airborne and infect able if you are near by/breath it in??

  26. I have bleach and a garden pesticide sprayer to go along with our regular self defense tool protocols.

    Ebola lives three weeks on surfaces…

  27. I’ll play!

    12 gauge w. beanbag/baton rounds.

    It’s spread by body fluids…

    You do not want them bleeding on/around you.

    • That actually sounds like a good idea. Can a civilian get those rounds?

      Pepper spray balls in a paintball gun would work, too- kinda. Except you cant get those in CA, unless LEO.

  28. I’m not sure I can tell the difference between someone with Ebola-like symptoms and someone with flu-like symptoms. Kill them either way? I’ll need a good defense answer at the trial.

    • Suppressed subsonic at as long of range as possible.

      If you don’t like ’em, flechettes tipped with strychnine would be ghastly.

  29. Napalm. Full squadron of B-52’s with a fully belly and all hard points loaded full of Napalm. Gas it up and burn it down!

    Seriously this blog post is lame.

  30. This is the flaw in the whole Zombie A-pock-o-lips defense since movies started portraying them. Shooting spreads the virus by atomizing tissue like a fat man’s fart atomizes shit. You gotta stay up wind so you don’t breathe it in which means they are gonna catch your scent. The only safe way to kill a Zombie is by following CDC protocol . Unfortunately the protocol will not be released because the gubment thinks a Zombies life is more valuable than yours. Best you can do is watch Zombieland until you have the script memorized and don’t make Bill Murray’s mistake. We are all indebted to Woody Harrelson who made Zombieland a true survival guide and shagged it past the NSA censors.

  31. “Watching the news can be confusing these days.”

    You got that right! Considering everything that you got wrong in this post it is obviously confusing to you and you are unable to determine what is reality and what is election time nonsense.. I hear Alex Jones is hiring! Airlines, not countries have suspended air travel which will do nothing to prevent any spread of the virus, only delay it. The ‘groping’ TSA is not performing the checks, US Customs are. The military that were sent to W. Africa are trained specifically to deal with hot zones and outbreaks such as this and they have done it in the past. Don’t be part of the fear mongering problem. Have a little sense and learn about the virus and how its spread. You should probably learn about how diseases are spread despite travel bans from one or two countries as well. This article makes you part of the problem by promoting fear , ignorance, and false information.

    For once the MSM gets it right…

    Shep Smith shows a little journalistic integrity and sets a good example of how to operate within the realm of reality avoiding baseless speculation. Get your head out of your ass! This article makes you part of the problem!

  32. Jeez guys settle down a bit. I’m giving Dan the benefit of the doubt this article was tongue-in-cheek and if you have read much here, you know thats his and RF’s style in a sly way once in awhile.

    I’m not endorsing tdiinva’s brutally frank response, nor am I backing Barry’s moral argument. I think there are a range of responses for every situation, and since this is still all hypothetical, at least here in the US, we can probably explore the intellectual “what if’s” without rushing to judgement about being a bad person.

    Let the Left do that, since they dont have the basic competence to run things at the Federal CDC levels, or Dallas County Commish level, and its becoming clear to the nation, so any rush to react to their hysterical accusations “the GOP did it”, at CNN, or the similar moralizing at Huff PO, et al, are the proof, and you can see them turning on one another too.

    Never interrupt your enemy while they are in the process of eating their own young.

    Lets review what does work- google the Firestrone plantation that took an early and aggressive response, starting with building clinics, isolation of the infected, contact tracing of those near to them, monitoring their health and limiting travel, and education about how-to reduce contamination, hygiene, and proper gear for clean up, at home.

    Most important, limiting access, ie travel bans to a controlled area does work.

    You can do all this in your own neighborhood and home.

    Plenty of good links on best protective gear, some of which you can still buy online or at home depot,
    and how to make your own out of common similar garments. Heck, there was a nurse in Liberia who treated 4 close relatives, using trash bags, carefully wrapped like a gown/hood arrangement, and saved three, without infecting herself, because of careful handling and clean up, with soap and bleach.

    Luck? We dont know- and the most recent analysis of the current strain, via deep genome tracing from gathered samples (by local aides and scientists- tragically, including 5 who died from exposure)

    shows a combination of two strains, at the node of of the witch doctor treating people with native cures/funerals according to local custom- shared cups of last drink at the lips of the corpse…and one science writer was shocked at how fast the virus had evolved- 340 new characteristics. .

    We dont really know if its airborne, but an earlier strain tested in US Army labs DID kill rhesus monkeys when injected as an aerosol spray, and in another lab accident, it spread in such a way so fast amongst the animals in 20 cages, that the researchers concluded it could only have been aerosol…

    So, being around someone sneezing, or spraying vomit and blood off the sidewalk with pressure sprayer, is probably unwise if you are not using a full face respirator, or really careful masking.

    You are just as likely to get body fluid in your eye, under your mask, in a cut on exposed skin, on a mucous membrane, etc, if you arent double gloving and wiping down carefully with a helper to disrobe. So read up on that, and practice at home, if you want to do something useful, with what you have on hand, or can get.

    Its pretty clear the isolation and hygiene procedures at Dallas hospital was not followed according to the published WHO procedures, so we just dont have a good sample size yet, for what works and what doesnt.

    Its also just as likely the virus could mutate to a lower mortality rate, which similar strains have in past.

    I DO agree, that secondary effects from panic and rioting are more dangerous, but that can happen from an earthquake, wildfire, hurricane, or power outage, so being prepared to bug-in for a couple weeks until FEMA and the National Guard can settle in, and herd and keep the sheeple and LIVs fed and watered in a compound, is best tactic for worst case on Ebola and just about anything else that sends hungry people wandering around.

    Lets project a little bit of cool under pressure here- after all, most of us have carefully considered risk and return on gun ownership, and are responsible gun owners- same mindset applies, and your neighbors will need someone who can keep their head together if it gets ugly.

    • I’m curious about the test with aerosolized ebola- never read that. Do you have a link? All I’ve heard about airborne ebola was a test where monkeys were a few feet from pigs that were infected and got it, so it’s possible that pigs can aerosolize, or at the very least are super dirty and shed disease almost like projectiles. The other case I know, of course, is The Hot Zone and the Ebola Reston strain, where the monkeys were infected so randomly the concluded it was airborne- yet they have NOT tested Ebola Reston to conclusively state that position.

      I appreciate your more clinical and less panicky demeanor. What got me about Tdiinva was his hypocrisy, his moral panic, and his abandonment of values- all for what is now, an unnecessary hand-wringing. He clearly doesn’t know what he’s talking about, as he offered Cholera and Bubonic Plague as comparisons- but they’re bacteria, whereas Ebola is a virus, and so my example of Tuberculosis was WAY more apt.

      I totally agree with NOT letting the right make unforced errors, and what I was trying to point out that if the left wing was anywhere close to the right for digging into people, Tdiinva would be facing some consequences for his job very shortly.

      I do have to say we DO know if it’s airborne or not. If it was airborne, the body count would be unimaginably higher, and people on airplanes who shared with the guy who fled to Nigeria, to possibly the second nurse would have exposed countless people. Whether it can BECOME airborne is another question, but it DEFINITELY is not airborne now.

      I’m just saying Ebola is not yet scary enough that plugging people is a rational or proportionate response in any stretch of the imagination. Weaponized smallpox… we can cross that road when we get to it.

  33. PS: My preferred weapon for Ebola eradication is a garden sprayer with a bleach solution.

    To wash down my coveralls, hood, rubber boots and gloves, goggles and painters respirator mask with N95 filters, after I have to clean up a mess from a sick relative, or go help my sick neighbors.

    You can get pool chlorine at the hardware store in double the strength of what you get at the grocery store. Just make sure its ONLY sodium hypocholorite, no other additives.

    The liquid bleach only lasts for a year on the shelf, in a cool dry place. Subject it to too much heat and it turns into salt water.

    A more stable compound is pool SHOCK- again- you want ONLY the calcium hypochlorite version, in granules or tablets.

    Stored carefully in the DRY form it lasts TEN years on the shelf.
    (dont let it get wet it can explode or catch on fire, and will off-gas deadly chlorine gas)

    BTW, One 1 pound bag makes about 10, 000 gal of water, if you need to purify it for drinking.

    Heres some useful info on personal protective gear and how to clean up – you can google a bunch more- WHO pdfs and so on, in various places.

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