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“Eight people were shot — one fatally — in a drive-by shooting in which two men fired on a group of people at a home in the Lawndale neighborhood Saturday evening,” reports. “At least one of the shooters used a rifle and casings were recovered at the scene, police said. At least 67 people have been shot across the city since Wednesday afternoon this long holiday weekend, 11 fatally.” [h/t you-know-who] Make the jump for the auto-playing video.

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  1. It says, “DEMAND A PLAN to stop airline deaths!” They need giant helium balloons tied to the wingtips!

    • I’m just curious, who in the f*ck would choose either Shitcago or San Fransisco to visit as a tourist?

  2. So the shooters shot from a black vehicle and one of them used a rifle? Does that strike anyone as somewhat suspicious since all of the reported shootings have been with handguns? And Rahm and his crooks want to ban rifles? Hmmmmmm.

  3. Well, looks like another warm weekend in Chiraq. Funny thing is, the high didn’t even hit 90. I wonder what will happen if we get a heat wave?

  4. I’m pretty sure it means that COMMIEAGO is one of the most dangerous third world slums on earth. You have a better chance of surviving a month in Iraq or one of the other desert hell holes than a single weekend in this worthless slum.

  5. All of the ‘Once Great Citys’ in America, the ones ruled by Crypto-Commie-Democrats have achieved Fox/Piven’s dream of intentional collapse. If the internet remains intact we may discover that cities are no longer needed, what that foretells is anyone’s guess

    • If you’ve not done so, check out Bill Whittle’s “Civilization in Crisis” speech. Your last comment reminded me of it.

  6. Well, Chicago and San Francisco both have incredibly crappy gun laws, which criminals don’t seem to obey.

  7. What we need is common sense measures to reduce the number of plane crashes….two kids died in this crash so if we save just one going forward, it’s worth it.

      • At least the Constitution mentions RKBA but it does not mention anything about the right fly around all over the place. These planes are weapons of war and should be outlawed for citizens.

  8. this means we should ban them dang anti aircraft ar-15s that keep shooting down our planes with their huge 55 grain bullets.

  9. what does it say when a paid spokesman for the Bloomberg – funded** Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research holds up Chicago – yes that Chicago as a model for reducing violence?,0,5691308.story

    ** Bloomberg has given 1.1 billion to Hopkins. Webster is not really a paid spokesman, but i doubt he would have a job if he disagreed with Bloomberg. or O’Malley for that matter.

  10. btw, this crash is being investigated as pilot error. So, does the pilot go to jail? If it were trigger-finger-error, people would be calling for serious jail time.

    • The passengers would have been mugged as they hopped out the emergency escapes.

      “Welcome to Chicago!”

  11. It says millions of dollars will be spent by the Fed to investigate why that Plane crashed, but not one penny (beyond usual Police Investigative costs) will be spent to investigate why a grown man would fire a rifle into a Public Park filled with disarmed neighbors kill one and wound seven others including a 5 year old boy. On the bottom line it says the Mayor, City Council, Police Department and People of Chicago, IL. don’t care about those people’s blood on their hands because they don’t give a rat’s turd if Inner City Minorities wound and kill each other by the dozens.

  12. It says..”I told you them guns was bad things”. But we should ban planes too. They are bad too. Ban those guns, they are bad, bad, bad. There are no people behind the guns to be considered, it’s all the guns. Sounds stupid as hell put like that doesn’t it? Well, that’s how the gun grabbers put and it is stupid as hell.

  13. Some of our brightest minds are devoted to making airplanes safer, while some of our most corrupt politicians are devoted to keeping the status quo in our inner cities.

  14. …and Chicago’s elected leaders and the city’s media stations are worried that the violence might affect tourism. Isn’t it nice to know how much they care?

  15. Isn’t it clear? When engineers are held liable they take their responsibility seriously and make sure the planes minimize deaths. When politicians are excluded from liability they use death to their political ends.

  16. You guys should be proud of yourselves. You yourselves can take credit for that carnage. The loose gun laws in Ohio and Indiana along with the private-sales with no background check, all of which you guys have fought and argued for, successfully so far, are the reasons Chicago is a bloody mess.

    • Chicago and most inner cities are a bloody mess because of 40 odd years of liberal policies that have destroyed the family and public education and put thousands of young black males with no fathers on the streets. You can take credit for that.

      • +1

        Sorry MikeBNumbers . . . . this is all about the destruction of the family. there are some places in America where there are more guns than people .. . we don’t have this problem.

    • Why aren’t Indiana and Ohio awash in blood if the laws are so lax there? This gun violence only seems to happen on this scale in the places that make it difficult for honest people to arm themselves.

      • jwm, first of all Chicago is a city, Ohio and Indiana are states. Secondly, do you really think the victims of gun violence in Chicago are lawful citizens who get hurt because they can’t defend themselves? Sorry, but that’s one of the dumbest comments I’ve seen.

        • Anything that comes out of the mouth of Mikebunchofnumbers qualifies as the dumbest thing ever written.

          As usual your response is a nonsequitor since you can’t come up with a logical rebuttal. The social process by which Chicago became a shooting gallery for gangbangers was a long time in the making. Allowing citizens to arm themselves will not instantly fix 50 years of “Progressive” social policies designed to produce this very result. However, giving citizens the ability to defend themselves will reduce the scope of gang operations that terrorize inner city residents. It also will make your fellow criminals think twice before invading other neighborhoods.

        • tdiinva, nice way to skip over what I said.

          The victims of gun violence in Chicago, just like the perpetrators of it, are gang members and drug dealers. Concealed carry will have exactly zero affect on what’s going on there.

    • This is a standard gun grabber argument that makes no logical sense. If your claim were true then explain why Indiana and Ohio don’t have the level violence that Chicago has? After all it’s much easier to get guns in those two states than in Chicago. The cause of violence in Chicago is the welfare culture nurtured by the corrupt Democrat Party. The Chicago magazine has documented that the gang leadership is part of the Machine. The gangs are there to keep the people poor, ignorant and under the thumb of the Democratic machine.

      If you want to end the violence ban Democrats (and MikeB) not guns.

      • tdiinva, what is it with you guys comparing a city, Chicago, to states, Ohio and Indiana? Don’t you see something wrong with that?

        To answer your question for the umpteenth time, Chicago has the greatest concentration of all the other factors that lead to violence. In spite of your claims to the contrary, we gun control folks do not claim that gun availability is the only factor. But, unlike you, we see that it is a major one and one which we could address better.

        • “In spite of your claims to the contrary, we gun control folks do not claim that gun availability is the only factor.”

          Well, kudos to you gun control folks. Unfortunately, gun availability is the only factor that you put any more than the minimum effort into. The difference in the time and money spent on taking away guns is orders of magnitude greater than the time/money spent on mental health, anti-gang activities, and inner city outreach.

        • Except Ohio and Indiana have cities with less violence than Chicago.

          Let us also compare Chicago to the four Northern Virginia counties adjacent to DC. If incorporated into a single city these four counties would constitute the 5th largest in the US and despite being heavily armed would be the safest city in the United States. Chicago’s problem is not about guns, it is about the criminal organization that runs the city with help and support of gang leadership.

          There are three factors that determine the violent crime in a city. The percentage of fatherless children, the percentage of people on welfare and length of time the city has been controlled by the Democratic Party.

  17. I don’t get it…

    I live in Illinois and it’s illegal to have a loaded magazine readily accessible while transporting a firearm and it must be in a sealed container.

    Didn’t the people doing the drive-by know this? It’s like if they were completely ignoring the law.


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