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A man in SoCal was recently found to have 100 guns and some 100,000 rounds of ammunition stored in his home [not shown], and an escape tunnel (for good measure). A post at riffed on the man’s collection. Here’s their take . . . [NOTE: TTAG apologizes for posting this material without attribution in our initial version. We were under the impression that a tipster was sending us original material. If you could help us make amends by clicking here to go to’s home page, we’d be much obliged. Again, we’re sorry for the mistake.]

In Arizona, . .. . he’d be called “an avid gun collector.”

In Texas, . .. . he’d be called “a novice gun collector.”

In Utah, . .. .he’d be called “moderately well prepared,” but they’d probably reserve judgment until they made sure that he had a corresponding quantity of stored food.

In Montana, . .. .he’d be called “The neighborhood ‘Go-To’ guy.”

In Idaho, . . . he’d be called “a likely gubernatorial candidate.”

And . . . in South Dakota, . . . he’d be called “an eligible bachelor.”

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  1. That’s only an average of 1 case of ammo per gun. Seems like his gun collection got ahead of his ammo collection. Must have been that ammo shortage thing!

    • I’d imagine, just like most people i know with 20+ guns, he has a bunch of sks’ and AKs, a bunch of ARs, a cluster of 9mms, amd a gaggle of 45s, etc for a shared ammo pool.

    • I store a lot more 556 than I do 308 or even 9 mm or shotgun shells.
      When I buy my next bolt gun In 6.5 cm I prolly will never have a 1000 rounds on hand.
      Where as for any battle rifle/ar build I would want 5k per rifle.
      Same with 44 mag for a pistol or any other odd loads one may shoot. Sure I might love that 454 catsul revolver but I’m not gonna prep 10k rounds for it( a few hundred sure).
      Now 300 blackout if I do one will be a different story.

  2. Goes to show you how stupid and close minded politicians are when it comes to the people as a whole and our protection against the scum set out to do the every day citizen harm……. Yea I trust politicians with my life like I trust a shark not to attack…….. Jackasses

  3. Would that 72 hour involuntary commitment make him a prohibited person? Granted, an escape tunnel is not a typical feature of a suburban home, but as long as he didn’t break any laws…

  4. I have more omega wristwatches, pocket watches and clocks than I can count. I must be a nut too.

    You should have seen me in my motorcycle phase.

  5. So, 100 guns is too much. The Constitution guarantees having arms (guns), but does not specify quantity. Thus, using the same logic, the First Amendment guarantees the freedom of a word, but saying more than one, certainly a hundred or more, will have you committed to a psychiatric ward. Welcome to Amerika!

  6. The best part of that photo is the li’l pink AR in the center of all those macho tough-guy guns. Because sometimes you gotta get in touch with your sensitive side.

  7. I would call him an investor.

    Those firearms and ammunition will almost certainly increase in value over time as long they are in very-good/excellent condition and he maintains them. They could quite literally be his retirement nest egg.

  8. By the way, if someone had that many firearms and ammunition and word ever got out, they would be a prime robbery target. And with that much in play, I can imagine such robbers would be the types to kill first and ask questions later. As such, I would want to have an escape tunnel as well.

  9. All I can find about this is a series of nearly identical statements popping up on gun-related forums since 2007. No news stories. Something smells. Decent joke, but the source seems fishy.

  10. Is this the guy that was put under a 72-hour psychiatric eval because he owned too many guns and then because he was under the 72-hour psychiatric eval had all his guns confiscated?

  11. In Texas he’d just be a neighbor. We’d probably talk about interconnecting tunnels as part of a neighborhood defense complex.

  12. This is why the mental health angle for gun control is so dangerous.

    They want to disarm anyone who is “mentally ill”…but they also think that anyone too well armed IS “mentally ill”!

  13. Guess it’s a slow news day when 8 year old news items are resurrected. Like Brady, TTAG seems guilty of not letting facts get in the way of a good story in this instance.

    75 – 185 pounds of black powder (different reports give different figures) and unregistered firearms. McKierman was removed on a psych hold because he attempted to reenter his burning house while ammo was exploding and for fighting firefighters & cops who were attempting to prevent his injury or death. “McKiernan, a retired machinist, Vietnam veteran and former Army captain.”

    “Thomas McKiernan, 62, of Norco, admitted to possession of explosives, possession of an assault weapon and resisting arrest in a plea deal Tuesday that saved him from two additional assault-weapons possession charges.”

    “We didn’t prosecute him for having a gun collection. We prosecuted him for storing volatile materials,” Deputy District Attorney Michael Mayman said.”

    AR15 says he was facing 5 years, but released with time served, 3 years probation, and had to relinquish his firearms collection. He failed to register some after a law was passed in 2000. Wife had recently left him and McKiernan was 62 at time of incident.

    My reaction if a neighbor? Sentence was about right. Someone that stores this much explosive material in a residential neighborhood under the described conditions puts my family in danger.


    Google for others

      • Well, that one to be sure!! He exemplifies the “rules for thee, not for me” attitude that seems endemic to today’s politicians. And he’s a slap in the face to the anti-gunners nation wide! Take THAT, you freedom hating hacks. Your ranks are swelled with weenies and criminals.

  14. The best part about the original post at, is that the first comment from 2011 is from a guy named ‘mikeb302000’. I’d almost forgotten about that guy….

  15. I wanted an escape tunnel in my closet as a kid because I thought it was cool. If I had the time and money I would probably make one because I still think escape tunnels are cool!

  16. “What Do You Call A Southern Californian with 100 Guns and 100k Rounds of Ammo?”

    One of about six sane people in that whole putrescent shithole of a state.

  17. OK, let me see if I have this correct. 100 guns and a hundred thousand rounds of ammo. That must weigh a metric shit ton.

    Unless his escape tunnel was big enough for an 18 wheeler, what’s the point?

    • Big enough for a guy who is 6’2″ is big enough.

      If this situation was legit, then I would guess that a guy who has those particular guns would have a few more somewhere else. Live to fight another day.

  18. “What Do You Call A Southern Californian with 100 Guns and 100k Rounds of Ammo?”

    The one person you won’t see in the new TV series, Fear The Walking Dead?

  19. A little light on ammo?

    Seriously, was any part of the collection illegal? This is like that guy in Simi Valley, CA a couple of years ago. They took everything but couldn’t tell us what was actually illegal about it. The news guys went door to door in the neighborhood but none of the neighbors would say anything bad about it. He must have been their “go-to” guy. Actually, this description rather fits his story. I’m now wondering of it’s the same story.

  20. Thanks “For the rest of the story” GunGeek. It’s always good to know the whole truth. Still, in OK we would call him blessed and fortunate, assuming he kept his stuff stored safely. I’m guessing he ran back in the house attempting to save his “collection”? Lots of people run back in to their burning houses trying to save something they love. It is pretty easy to lose your head at times like that, especially considering the stress he was under. Who can blame the guy?

    • Tough to say if owner’s behavior was reasonable or his treatment was sensible based on news reports. Charging him with a 5150 (3 day psych hold) for struggling with firefighters and cops doesn’t seem so on the surface. Imagine a parent trying to rescue a child from a burning home. But they don’t get a 5150 charge.

      Was he babbling incoherently while fighting (news coverage didn’t say)? His wife’s recent departure (she left him). Plus he agreed to psychiatric evaluations as part of the 3 year probation suggests that DA and judge had serious reservations about his balance.

      The man was 62 at the time. Unfortunately, I’ve encountered younger people that are clearly suffering from some type of impairment with anger issues that grow worse over time. Friends and family abandon them as they begin to spiral down.


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