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None of the current “solutions” that are being pushed by the gun control industry, the media or politicians would do anything to stop mass shootings in this country. But they already know that. They’re not intended to prevent mass shootings. They’re just more steps along the road to eventually outlawing civilian firearm ownership in America.

This brings us to another ineffective and misguided proposal: a ban on high-capacity magazines. The attacker in Parkland, Florida, killed 17 people with 15 ten-round magazines and not a single high-capacity magazine.

People sometimes ask why anyone would need a magazine with a capacity greater than 10 rounds, but if six brave, well-trained police officers required 58 rounds to stop the shooter in Dayton, it would be unreasonable to think that civilians with less training would need only 10 rounds or less to stop an attacker at their home.

Universal background checks, red flag laws and the so-called assault weapons ban all have two things in common: They won’t stop mass public shootings, and they will infringe on constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens.

By keeping civilians from providing for their own protection and by causing those who need mental health care not to seek it, these laws will only make the current situation worse.

– Reps. Thomas Massie (Ky.) and Jim Jordon (Oh.) in Why red flag laws, background checks and an assault weapons ban won’t stop mass shootings

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  1. People like the arbitrary numbers game.
    Why 30 rounds and not 20, 10, 7, 5 rounds?
    Why a $15 minimum wage and not $20, $30, $40 or $50?
    The only real answer negates the proposal so they avoid giving any answer at all.

    • Because such ideas are the tip.of the wedge. Raising the minimum wage goes against all laws of economics and eventually the very people they pretend to help end up unemployed in a more expensive economy.
      The goal of anti gunners is single shot guns . Then no guns. Their tooled up official employees will have full auto with tanks and helicopters still to make sure we don’t get all uppity

    • Because people far smarter than you have worked it out. 10 rnds is a single stack 9mm in a service to full size weapon.
      $15/hr is a ‘living wage’ meaning average expenses in average place… though since when was minimum wage ever supposed to be a living wage..

      • I’m trying to think of which single stack weapon is 10 rounds? A star model b holds 7, 1911 same. Could you specify a model?

        A living wage ends up chasing its own tail. You raise the minimum wage, employers then raise prices for physical goods and food in order to salvage profits, which also raises the price of rent so landlords can afford those prices, so then the minimum wage is not enough to cover those raised prices, so you have to raise the minimum wage again to cover it, and, to quote the King and I…. etc etc etc.

      • One of the many problems that these geniuses won’t admit is that a living wage won’t do you any good when you can’t find a job. A $15 min wage would absolutely decimate job prospects for low skill workers. Beyond that, there’s this thing called inflation. The people pushing this plan are clueless idiots. Or maybe not. Maybe they say whatever for votes, and realize that they will create even more people dependent on welfare (more future voters.)

        I love how these same people warn about increasing farm product cost if we eliminate illegal immigrant workers, and have to pay American citizens more to do the same job. I thought you wanted to give workers a raise! Wait, so this would cause inflation? Talk about contradicting yourself!

        • quote””””””””””””’One of the many problems that these geniuses won’t admit is that a living wage won’t do you any good when you can’t find a job. A $15 min wage would absolutely decimate job prospects for low skill workers==========quote


          Its about time we see through the Greed Monger Koch Brothers Capitalvanian propaganda and lies and thank god one of the bastard Koch Brothers kicked off this morning, that dirty greedy Capitalvanian bastard did more to destroy working mans unions than any other man in history and in the process made working mans wages stagnate now for over 50 years while that dirty bastard as well as his cronies doubled their wealth in the same time period at the expense and the enslavement of the working man as well as making the working man pay all the taxes to run the country while those cock skers never paid a dime in taxes.

          • Who is more greedy that a democratic politician? They can do wonders with other people money. This is more vile than any capitalist system.

        • Hey Vlad Tepes,
          How’s the medical establishment in this country-USA. For your sake I hope it’s the best in the world. Seems to me you’re going to blow the top of your head off with an aneurysm. Please take a few very slow deep breaths.

        • Vlad, do you think you’ll win people over by yelling? You don’t need to look at other countries. It makes more sense to look at our own cities where this has been implemented. The result is fewer jobs. The line of thinking is we’ll make those greedy corporations take from top executives and shareholders and give more money to the workers. That’s not how it works. They will find ways to keep their same bottom line through a combination more efficiency, fewer workers, and increased prices. The fools railing against the greedy corporations fail to recognize this also effects the small, struggling mom and pop businesses. Then we will end up with more people out of work as well as increased price of goods, and fewer small businesses. That isn’t a recipe for success.

          As for the Kochs, one way they suppress worker pay is through the use and promotion of open borders and low skilled illegal immigrant workers. There’s a reason they didn’t support Trump.

        • When the boy was a senior in high school, there was a brief period when he was not institutionalized. In a misbegotten impulse to spend some quality time with him, I made one last attempt to teach him how to use a dictionary. It took him half of a day to find the word “fact”. He was outraged when he discovered that he would have to read more words to learn it’s meaning. My time would have been better spent drinking and forgetting.

      • Minimum wage and UBI all share the same fatal flaw.

        Inflation makes both meaningless.

        Give everyone $1000 a month and the economic laws of scarcity and supply and demand make EVERYTHING go up by that same amount.

        The only way to make minimum wage and UBI do what the left wants is to place them in a completely planned economy where government sets prices.

        That is the ultimate goal of the left – it isn’t about a “living wage” it’s about complete and total control over the economy.

      • If one wishes to raise their wage, they merely have to increase their market value to employers and/or customers….

        Your raise is effective when you are.

      • Every person over 30 knows WHY a lower Minimum Wage IS appropriate… WHO is going to pay a High School kid working PART TIME $15 an hour to stock shelves? Bag you groceries? Wash your car? Take your money at the (now) Self Serve gas station? and dozens of other menial jobs that are NOT INTENDED to be carreer’s…. They are places to START… learn HOW to show up on time, make an actual effort, and all the other things that would make you a promotable employee. Only those who FAIL to “make an effort” are demanding that these jobs for “beginners and neer’do wells” should reward them for not accomplishing a good work situation. The GAO crunched numbers on THIS insanity and determined it will ELIMINATE 3.7 MILLION Low-Skilled JOBS. The idiots who WANT it will be Unemployed if it’s passed into LAW. Get a BRAIN….. and USE IT!!

    • Because Leftards being Leftards are against the Constitution,so a Capricious and Arbitrary number and laws are fine .As Leftards they are also against freedom and liberty and thus un American,in their thought and deeds. When they say they are not coming for your arms,Yes that is exactly what they are doing as they have to to attain their goal.

  2. If gun control activists had a solution that prevented weapons from being obtained by criminals, maybe then their agenda would make sense. Meanwhile, they should focus on obtainable things like school and public safety!

    • The agenda still would not make sense. For a smaller/older/weaker/infirmed/wheelchair-bound person a firearm, with many available rounds, is the only equalizer against a more capable opponent…or opponents plural.

  3. The Democrats won’t put money into enforcing laws that already exist, which are chronically violated by firearms Black Marketeers, because their agenda is to disarm all civilians so they can impose their Marxist inspired totalitarianism on everyone.

    Although it is somewhat encouraging to see two Congressmen getting an Opinion piece published that seems to agree with what many of us have been saying for years in anything published by the usatoday network, I have no idea what the “courier journal’s” circulation is or who reads it. So…*very slow clap* and barely audible “huzza”…

  4. If you are in or near PA our state legislature is holding hearings on Tuesday September 24 on red flag/’mental health and Wednesday September 25 on gun laws. Word is Bloomberg/Soros funded groups plan to pack the hearing rooms with the usual bused in paid shills. We are trying to counter them with as many prog gun people as possible.

    Details and planning here

    Please come if you can.

    • Pa is slipping down that slope every year. VA isn’t far behind. Only a slim line separates the two sides in the legislature and once that is crossed it’s game on.

  5. All under the watchful eye of another pro 2nd amendment President. Remember Shakespeare’s cliche, the only thing certain in life is death and taxes. Well you can ad more gun restrictions to that cliche.

    • Yeah because She wouldn’t have done us all in the first 100 days. Take a look at the SCOTUS now and later when Ruthie goes. Imagine Hillary filling those chairs.

    • Quite true. First let’s address the old “Why do you need a gun that shoots xx bullets”?
      There is NO answer you can give that these people will accept. Turn it around with, “It is not an issue of ‘need’, but one of a ‘Right’.
      As a law-abiding citizen & responsible gun owner it is my Right to purchase & use this equipment so long as I do so lawfully & safely.

  6. People that ask why you need more than a 10 round magazine almost always have never trained with a gun. If you actually train with a gun, you know that 10 rounds is a fairly limiting factor. Especially if you have more than one attacker you are shooting at. People don’t always go down in 1-2 shots either. We hear screaming and yelling on climate change, and that we should defer to the experts. Yet, on firearms, the experts are routinely ignored.

    • When liberals say that ask, “Why did Rosa Parks need to sit in the front if the bus?” Stand back and watch their head explode. However, be prepared to be branded a racist, idiot, and all the other personal attack’s liberals use when they lose an argument.

  7. At the end of the day. None of this means a thing. Your 2A Rights cannot be taken away unless You allow them to be taken. Will it require FOA. That is only a choice each person must make. I will leave You with this. “If there must be trouble,let it be in my day,that my child may have peace”. Thomas Paine

    • The most casual observer in modern America will ZERO logic in that Thomas Paine quote.

      Personal crisis build character and shows people what’s important. Do all the suffering for your children and you will end up with horrible little TROLLS for children.

      This type of upbringing also leaves the door WIDE open for the regressive left to hijack their minds, and tell then all those previous generations who delt with adversity went about life all wrong.

      IMHO, that TP quote is a steaming pile of horse manure when it comes to raising well adjusted/non-gullible young adults.

      • The whole quote gives context to the first few clauses. Especially in light of the fact that there will NEVER be zero trouble in the world:

        “If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace; and this single reflection, well applied, is sufficient to awaken every man to duty.”

    • The constitution hasn’t matter to both parties in a very long time. Well, if it ever mattered to them. Look at how little self control our government has when passing rights infringing laws? When was the last time you heard a candidate talk about the concepts of rights, why these rights are important, and why all American’s should aspire to these concepts. Instead politicians pander to emotion. They promise a portion of the governments coffers, just give them your vote. Our founders gave us a nation that could only be maintained by people who understand the concepts of liberty. I remember my parents instilling these concepts in me from a very young age. Schools haven’t been teaching these concepts for a very long time. Notice what “rights” the government champions now. They are ideas that do not challenge the power of the state. Many of them are ideas that lead to dependence on the state.

  8. Do you know why switch blades were banned? Because they scared the bejeezus out of people in 1957 MOVIES! Schrade had been making them since 1904 or and advertised their utility to woodsmen. That how fickle and silly people can be. Their are people like one of my brothers who doesn’t want to educate himself about gun control debate, he just wants somebody to do “something” about it. He lives in a Constitutional Carry state and is fine with that. He just doesn’t want to use the energy necessary to even really become informed much knowledgeable. This is the kind of voter that must be reached, “I don’t know what good something will accomplish or how it will protect the 2nd, but just do something”.

  9. In today’s world logic does not apply.

    The useful fools of the left know only what the media, their teachers/professors, their politicians et al. tell them. They don’t know the Constitution because they have never been taught. Freedom is not a word that has meaning to them, they don’t know.

    This is the world we live in.

    BO said, I will fundamentally transform America. He did.

    He succeeded in creating divides and driving multiple wedges in the fabric of society. We no longer have an “American culture”, we have diversity. Their purpose for “diversity” is to divide and conquer. They have certainly succeeded in dividing. They are working on the conquer part.

    A few weeks ago I was in a very small town in a conservative part of America setting down to eat lunch. Two “older” women walked past and I caught part of what one of them said; “Republicans are just evil.”

    That snippet in that place and time really brought to life the divide in America now. When I was growing up people with differing political views could be friends and have discussions. It is no longer true. The divide is so vast there no communication between the sides. How do you communicate with someone who considers you evil?

    Rome declined over a few hundred years.

    America is failing much faster.

    Be Prepared !

  10. Assault Weapons Bans, Red Flag Laws, as they are known, along with any number of other proposals share several common failings.
    1. They are constitutionally extremely questionable.
    2. They are catch phrases behind which lurk their real intent.
    3. They have 4 chances of achieving their advertised goals. Flat, Slim, Little and No.

  11. quote——————–Universal background checks, red flag laws and the so-called assault weapons ban all have two things in common: They won’t stop mass public shootings, and they will infringe on constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens.————–quote

    Pure ignorance. That statement is about as moronic as saying ” Since laws against murder do not stop “all the people who want to commit murder” why should we have a law against murder if its not effect 100 per cent of the time?

    Fact: Our present background checks only vet new guns not used ones and our current vetting system is not thorough enough. A professional type Japanese or European background check would check criminal records, medical history, interview friends and relatives, conduct a police interview and conduct an interview with a psychiatrist. And the check can take weeks to accomplish if you are a first time gun buyer. That is how professional background checks are done and they have proved far more successful than the half assed background checks the U.S. Government is now doing.

    Red Flag laws.: In reality the cops always could bully a person or terrify him into giving up his guns anytime they wished but the cops then often got sued. With red flag laws the law is on the side of the cops and the gun owner will know that if he threatens people his ass is grassed and he may never get his guns back or be able to sue.

    In the past several weeks since the double mass shootings the cops have finally been getting off their dead asses and swooping in on people making threats and believe me the word is finally getting out that if you threaten people in private or worse on the internet your ass is going to jail in minutes not hours.

    Nut cases because they are nuts usually talk themselves into mass murders by gradually working themselves into a frenzy. It usually is not a spur of the moment thing and they may plan and threaten for months, even years.

    And if we go far enough back in their lives we find they start out by torturing and killing animals and when that gets boring they then move on to killing people. So there often is time for them to get caught long before they commit mass murder its just that in the past the warning signals were always ignored both by the nut cases friends, family and by the police because the guy had really not done anything yet, only shot off his big mouth. Today things are changing as was proven these last few weeks when the cops were swooping in on everyone shooting his big mouth off about killing people.

    As far as banning assault rifles: The public right now is absolutely terrified of them. Lets face facts they were originally designed for war and the mostly non gun owning public know damn well that the worlds big game animals were killed off in Africa and the U.S. (the plains Buffalo) with hunters using either single shots or double barrel rifles and the public knows that assault rifles are not needed for hunting and since they are terrified of them they want them banned along with 100 round drum magazines. Would it stop all mass murders? No, only a better vetting system would help and that would require the type of system that has been in place in Japan and Europe for decades and decades.

    The only real question is, “are we willing to spend the money to implement and run an advanced vetting system for all gun purchases”? With the Republican skin flints, no way, because they will not spend the money and the easy way out is to just start banning guns and lots and lots of different types of them, because it does not cost the skin flint Republicans any money.

    So next time you scream at Democrats its actually the Dems that would delay mass outlawing of hundreds of weapons because professional vetting would indeed cut way down on nut cases getting guns but we would have to vet all gun purchases and to say it would not cut way down on nut cases getting them is to ignore the historical truth and that is it certainly has in done so in foreign countries. Remember Britain’s last school shooting was in the late 1980’s and Australia’s was also in the late 80’s as never again was there a mass slaughter that high in numbers. Germany also had a school shooting several decades ago and moved swiftly to change laws. What all 3 countries did worked and that’s historical fact that even the NRA cannot lie their way out of.

    • You couldn’t that foolish. No one is saying anything about abandoning these laws, only that they don’t work. If they do not work then find something different. First, no guns in Britain so now everyone is getting killed with knives. As for Australia they just had a mass murder committed with a weapon. Oh, the AR was a civilian rifle adapted for the military. Using the term “assault weapon” may make it sound scary but NO infantry would use it one in a combat zone. Stop parroting the moms lines and do some research. Finally, come down from Mount Superior, all you are showing us is your ignorance.
      BTW, attack my character all you want. You are not worth saving. You have been educated. I have done my job, if you choose to remain ignorant that stupidity is on you.

      • quote——————Oh, the AR was a civilian rifle adapted for the military. Using the term “assault weapon” may make it sound scary but NO infantry would use it one in a combat zone——————quote

        Your right back to arguing about semantics.

        Fact: Vietnam vets that survived their tours caught on quickly that by leaving their guns on semi-auto so they did not waist their ammo shooting holes in the sky and by using it in the sem-auto mode killed far more of the enemy and only in extreme desperation of a mass suicide charge (that in Nam rarely happened) did they spray on full auto.

        When you count up the piles of dead bodies in a civilian mass shooting arguing that the weapon was not a true fully automatic assault rifle it makes about as much sense as saying “Thank god all those dead school children died knowing they were not killed by a true assault rifle.”

        See a shrink you have lost touch with reality.

        • And that’s how it starts, it’s semantics. It’s not semantics. The AR was a civilian weapon adapted for the military. The AR overheats quickly the M16 does not. It was known that the point always had the selector switch set to auto. The rest of the patrol had it on semi. But that doesn’t mean a thing, liberals only say it to scare ignorant people.
          The US has a low rate of mass murder with guns when equally compared to the rest of the world. Not that each shooting is not a tragedy because it is. However, it is overwhelmingly a liberal bent on destruction. What is never looked at, by liberals is the life that is saved. That is ignored. Again, you have been schooled. If you choose to remain stupid that is your choice. It is also your choice to have your own opinions. It is not your right to have your own facts.

        • You make absolutely no sense at all. Calm the fuck down kiddo. You can’t even rage type without losing focus. You claim to value human life so much, yet every comment you use degrading remarks and insults at people with differing opinions. You are a fool, and a coward. Just get your killing spree over with, we all know you already have a manifesto written.

        • When the boy was a junior in college, he had to write a research paper on “The design of
          government structure in a utopian society”. The three reference books he used were, “Alice in Wonderland” by Lewis Carroll; “1984” and “Animal Farm” by George Orwell. He mixed the various themes, plots and characters into a mishmash of dark, random ravings. I tried to use the paper as grounds to have him committed again, but his damn “professor” gave him an A. After that he was convinced that he was a political genius.

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