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Ralph’s most excellent Remora holster review submitted a zen koan to our Armed Intelligentsia: “Can you dry fire in the shower?” That’s way above my enlightenment level, but it did get me wondering. How DO you maintain access to your firearm whilst showering? YouTube is my friend—although I’m left wondering how Mr. Magnet resisted the urge to reference The Fast and The Furious. For the wet work, go to 1:44. A full test to follow from TTAG’s resident funny guy. Hear that Ralph? We’ll discuss the photo requirements (i.e.  limitations) later . . .

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  1. Ferrous metal in the presence of a magnet will, over time, itself become magnetized. Does a magnetized firearm or magazine function differently from the unmagnetized versions?

  2. I am thinking the difference in accuracy and reliability would be so miniscule it would not matter but I would like to hear the Rabbi’s opinion.
    For shower duties, I have a friend who likes to leave his FN shotgun mounted high the doorway of the bathroom stall. What could possibly go wrong?
    I gotta be honest, if someone is coming at me in the shower the only line of defense I have is a Bic Flex4 razor. I am going with the ‘I have a kid’ excuse. I usually shower when my wife is home- I hope she has my back and bare ass.

  3. Since I wear coke-bottle glasses, I am defenseless in the shower whether I have a gun or just a bar of soap.
    The gun is on the sink counter next to my glasses. I have to get out of the shower, take two steps, dry my forehead & slick back my hair, open the bathroom door to let the steam escape, put on my glasses, then grab the gun, turn and shoot.
    Now I do have a small chance. My shower is on the 3rd floor and the alarm is on. So I have a (very) few seconds warning.

  4. My self-defense strategy involves exiting the shower nekkid and watching the bad guy run away screaming just like my GF does.

  5. Personally, if I saw a Norman Bates attack as possibility, I’d harden my bathroom door. Or install a bullet-resistant shower door.

    Though some of us may have large recreational restrooms, I’d wager many of us live in the scenario where breaching the door gives a straight/angled shot directly into the shower.

    Ergo, unless the bad guy knocks first, he kicks in the door and starts shooting. No matter where your weapon is, you are dead unless your assassin is legally blind.

  6. I think right2defend missed a good marketing opportunity in their presentation. They should emphasis the angle of having more than one of these things for each firearm so you can secret (not secrete) additional high capacity magazines. Sell them in a ‘two pack’ or something like that.

    Unless you’re trying to get people to buy a magnet for twenty bucks or something like that, in which case you better stick to just one at a time.

  7. Robert, I’m afraid Ralph is not taking this life and death business serious enough. In the video, we heard “all who are serious about self-preservation,…” And all Ralph can do is make nekkid jokes. tsk tsk tsk.

    Actually, your expression, “armed intelligensia” is a bit too flattering. I think people who dream of armed conflict, and prepare for it, when there’s very little possibility of experiencing such a thing, are anything but intelligent. These people are paranoid, insecure and fearful. Yet, those of you who do it all the way, training, abstaining from drink and drugs, physical fittness, the whole bit, pose no danger to others. But that’s not most of you. I’m afraid most of you are slackers in some or all of those areas. You have the arms and the fantasies but because you lack the training or the healthful lifestyle, you pose a danger to yourselves and others.

    One of the things I like about this site is that you try to encourage gun owners to be responsible. But let’s not fool ourselves, your armed intelligensia is rife with less than good examples.

    • I think people who dream of armed conflict, and prepare for it, when there’s very little possibility of experiencing such a thing, are anything but intelligent. These people are paranoid, insecure and fearful.

      How many smoke detectors do you have in your house? CO detectors? Do you have home/health/life/car insurance? A plan for where all the family members will meet up, in case of a fire in the middle of the night, where you will all meet? Do you carry a cell phone, “just in case”? Is your phone marked with that 911 sticker? Have you ever learned first aid and/or CPR? The warning signs of stroke and/or heart attack? The signs of hypothermia? Do you excerise regularly, so as to avoid heart disease? Do you eat well?

      Are planning on having an “accident” if you have/do any of the above? Or are you just fantasizing?


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