What Could Possibly Go Wrong: Phony 911 Gun Call Edition

Robert Curran, a Baltimore city councilman, is advocating his constituents break the law. That’s right, when making a 911 emergency call, Curran told people at a recent community meeting to claim “there’s a gun involved.” Even when there isn’t. But only when they feel threatened…

To say Curran’s comment got the councilman some attention is like saying the Orioles haven’t done well in recent decades. Like saying Ray Lewis hits hard. Given the chance to revise or amend what he said, Curran refused, standing by his advice. “No way do I want to imply the public should lie to the police department…my intent is not to mislead the police in any way.” Perish the thought.

Response time from the BPD has been an issue in Curran’s northeast Baltimore district. “I’ve been getting letters from community folks. They say they call 911, and the police don’t show or show sometimes the next day.”

As you’d expect, Charm City’s boys in blue aren’t amused. Calling Curran irresponsible, police union president Robert Cherry cautions, if the call is for a person armed with a gun… “multiple officers are going to be racing to that scene Code One, going at full speed with their sirens going. What if the officers think that person is armed, come guns drawn and the person only has a cellphone?” Cherry said. “The next thing you know, there is a shooting.”



  1. avatar Rob says:

    “What if the officers think that person is armed, come guns drawn and the person only has a cellphone?” Cherry said. “The next thing you know, there is a shooting.”
    So baltimore PD will shoot you for carrying a cell phone. Thanks for confirming what many people have thought for years.

  2. avatar Derek says:

    So risking your political office and publicly telling people to break the law in response to slow police response times is somehow better than recommending that people take their safety and security into their own hands and buy, and learn how to use, a gun?

    1. avatar 40&2000 says:

      No politician from the Land of Pleasant Living would advocate a citizen owning a firearm for personal protection.

      1. avatar Bob H says:

        You have about as much chance of legally owning a gun in Baltimore as you do of beating Jerry Miculek at a revolver competition. Actually you might have a better chance of beating Miculek, he might step in a hole on course.

        1. avatar Rob says:

          Actually legally owning a handgun in Baltimore is not hard. Getting a carry permit in Maryland is very difficult.

  3. avatar Ralph says:

    Maryland protects its own. Of course, that protection comes at a price. What price? Well, you have to abandon your 2A rights, and the cops will be there to help you within the hour. Or two. Unless you claim that there’s a man with a gun involved, when there isn’t. And then the cops will shoot you right through the cell phone.

  4. avatar ROger.45 says:

    Just because politicians can lie about everything, and get away with it, doesn’t mean that the peasants can do it with impunity.

    Guess what is his party affiliation is… you guessed it even though not mentioned.

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