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Next Post “A robber is cornered in a dead-end alley. He turns to face the police officer pursuing him, ready to fight. He pauses. The officer’s left forearm is encased in ballistic nylon, and half a million volts arc menacingly between electrodes on his wrist. A green laser target lands on the robber’s chest. He puts his hands up; it’s a fight he can’t win.”

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  1. That’s a cool looking stungun that would make a fine addition to my collection of assorted stunners.

  2. Why the yellow fuck would we want public servants, cops, to carry this sort of stuff? They’ve got enough toys in their arsenal to harass the citizenry already.

    Privately, awesome. I’ll even use it on the neighborhood strays attacking the schoolkids

  3. The first thing that comes to mind is how awkward it would be pushing that against someone. I watched the video and wondered why he and “Waterworld” Costner there didn’t show it fired up or a demonstration. In using it, being in that close would be the wrong time to find out your suspect is whacked out on PCP or meth. I shot a psychotic once with a taser and he didn’t blink an eye. I quickly had to switch to some high powered pepper/oc spray I carried on my duty belt. I like how the 2 of them said all the modules like GPS that could be put on the sleeve. Drive on, Dick Tracy.

  4. I’m gonna laugh when Officer Bozo electrocutes himself while trying to eat doughnuts with one of these on.

    • Ha! Good one. And the last thing a cop wants is more crap to carry. My duty belt weighed over 30 lbs.

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